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I am speechless!

My friend Murugan from Madurai had a paralytic attack in 2008. He is neither able to speak nor move his hands and body. He is tied up to his bed for the last 18 months, with very little hope for recovery – at least from her wife’s point of view. He needs the support of her to do everything.

Based on one of Naran’s lecture, I suggested to Murugan’s wife to chant, “Madavam Madavan”. But she didn’t want to, as she thought, it’s against her religious belief. I tried to explain to her that mantras were created, even before Hinduism came into existence. She wasn’t sure. So I asked her to inform her husband to chant.  

Murugan did it silently – as he can’t speak.

Within two days, I received an SMS from Murugan’s wife’s mobile, “I am doing well. How’s your sister Kala and brother Natarajan. Please convey my regards to them”. I was surprised as Murugan’s wife had never met my sister or brother. I called her up. What she told me took me by surprise.

She had left her mobile in Murugan’s bed and went to the kitchen. In her absence, Murugan had taken the mobile, typed the message and had sent it to me. He had done the same for five more of his friends. The interesting thing here is that this is his first act, after 18 months of his paralytic attack.

Only thing I can say here is, “I am speechless”.

– R Mohan

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