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Special Mantras for Internal Organs

In general chant specific mantras only when needed. Special mantras can be done all the time. Mantras mentioned below are organ-specific mantras.

Chant the five mantras together. This set of mantras improves thyroid also, which is responsible for all organs and stimulates all organs. 

Om Hraam Namaha

This is good for heart. It can handle any heart problem. The heart vibrates exactly with this mantra. For BP do the Heart Mudra and chant this Mudra.

Om Hraim Namaha

Pronounce Hraim like crime. It works on our Kidneys and Urinary bladder.

Om Hreem Namaha

This stimulates the lungs. Therefore, this mantra is good for any lung problems. It reduces fever. For fever with cold, chant Om Hreem Namaha and Om Hraim Namaha.

If there is any problem with Ragu planet (if this planet is not in a favourable position) in horoscope keep Arugampul, which reduces ill effects of Ragu.

Om Hroom Namaha

This mantra takes care of Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreas (secretes digestive enzymes), Spleen, Small Intestine and thus works for all digestive organs.  This mantra heals Jaundice and provides us with vital essence. After too much eating chant the Chinese mantra ‘EE Joe’.

Om Hraum Namaha

This mantra heals Constipation and gas problems, and takes care of Large intestine, which eliminates wastage elements.

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