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300 CEOs from all over the world were hooked to her speech

Reka is working as a cost accountant in a Pharmaceutical Company in London. She is just establishing herself in the industry, with a few years of experience behind her. She was asked to present a paper in a conference, where from all over the world, 300 CEOs from various international companies were participating.

She has never attended any meeting of such magnitude; she has not given a lecture even in a class room environment. Therefore, for her to deliver and present a paper in front of people from top management is a huge, unimaginable task.

While she was driving her car from her house to the conference hall, she chanted “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” mantra. She was called 12th, to present her paper. She submitted her paper and took about 3.30 hrs to present it. Through out her whole presentation, there was a pin drop silence. She received a great applause after her speech. On top of that, she was given invitations by the CEOs to visit their companies situated in all over the world for a day or two on an advisory capacity. Just this alone will keep her busy doing consulting for the next three years.

Ambika mantra helps students to perform better

A grandmother who wanted help her grandson in his studies, took a glass of water and chanted the mantra, “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” and gave it to him.

He started doing well in the exams.

Therefore, these days, he requests his grandmother to give the mantra-charged water by saying, “Grandma, I write well, if you give me the mantra water”.

The reason being from being a back-bench student, he has shifted gears in his studies and started getting 80 to 90% score.

Hanna never used to get more than 40% in her school exams. Therefore she requested her Aunt, who is a Reiki master, to send her Reiki through distance, during her exams.

Her aunt instead visualized her niece and prayed to the Ambika mantra that the energy of it should be with Hanna for next 24 hrs during the latter’s exams.

She prayed like this, throughout the exams of Hanna. Interestingly this time she scored 2nd rank in the exam.

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