No pains No sorrows


I have severe shoulder pain both sides.

Now, I searched your posts. I found “GHAM’ mantra. I just chanted it for few minutes. My pain is gone really.

Thank you very much.


I was reading some article. Then felt the pain in my right hand wrist as well as near the wrist.

I searched Naran’s blogs for right wrist pain and got the mantra “GHAM”.

I chanted for few minutes and the pain is almost gone…thank you.


Simple Meditation(s)

Remaining silent is meditation

Meditation is an experience that no body can teach you. Neither can we go to deep into meditation suddenly as it’s a practice and a habit that is formed over a period of time.

Meditation means, to remain silent. Though, thoughts keep appearing. If any thought is present then it’s not meditation.

How to remain thoughtless? How to remain silent in spite of thoughts? Mind can cling to picture or a mantra.

Do we have a mantra for silence? There is no mantra for silence.

However, there is a technique to create silence.

The technique is as follows…

  • When a thought comes don’t resist it. Say inside you, ‘this is my thought’. Thus, you disassociate yourself from the thought.
  • Then ask the question to yourself, ‘Can I let go this thought?’ It will go. You can also say “release”. Then it will go. Now there will be at least a one second gap between two thoughts. This is equivalent to one hour of meditation. In general, we never have a gap between thoughts as we might have ten thoughts in one second.
  • If you do not want the “let go” step, then form your own mantra or word. When we say that mantra, we create a gap between the thoughts.
  • When a thought comes, interrupt it with the mantra and you will become silent. When another thought comes, say the mantra once again.

The silence thus formed in between chanting the mantra is meditation.

Pranic and physical bodies has to be in coordination

Our pranic body and physical body have to be in coordination. Otherwise, we can’t meditate.

If we regulate our breathing pattern or do pranayama then they will be in coordination. This is because both breathing and prana have the same origin. When breathing is regulated, prana is regulated too.

Pranic body has to be clear of impurities

When the pranic body is clean, then the meditation can be done successfully.

Why so much impurities in the Pranic field?  It’s due to the mind. Our own sadness and worries create these impurities.

With the help of pranayama, one can clear these impurities.

How to acquire a good breathing pattern?

  • When you meditate, place the index finger at the base of the thumb on both the hands. Breathing will get deeper and you could meditate properly, as shallow breathing spoils the meditation.
  • Don’t take the index finger straight away move your finger to the base of the thumb. First touch the tip of thumb with the index finger. Then after some time, move the index finger to the middle of the thumb, and finally to the base of the thumb.
  • Don’t do it mechanically. Feel the breath with a conscious awareness.
  • Observing your breathing is also a good way to meditate. This is part of meditation known as Vipasana meditation.

Do the space meditation now

  • After learning to breathe well, do the space meditation.
  • Be aware of the space between the chair you are sitting and the wall in front of you. Don’t look at the wall. Instead look at the space between you and the wall.
  • This is known as ‘Space Meditation’.
  • Keep the eyes open throughout.

Bach Flower Remedies as Aids to Meditation

  • The Bach flower remedy WHITE CHESTNUT helps to remove our thoughts
  • CHESTNUT BUD not to have any distractions
  • WILLOW if you think one person or the other is bothering you

Chanting mantra during meditation

It’s nature of our mind to cling to something. You can choose a mantra to do that. After sometime you should be able to say goodbye to it. Mantra by itself is not divine.

Chanting means constantly thinking about a word, which is a mantra. Ultimately that also should go.

When it will go? We don’t know. May be, it’s not in this Janma. 

A brief on Mantras

Significance of Mantras

What are the values for the mantras chanting?

If we go on chant mantras continuously, as the power of sound is more than the power of light, we will reap lots of benefits.

Chanting Mantras

The mantras can be chanted innumerable number of times and there is no limit for chanting.

When you do it for a specific purpose you can stop the chanting after achieving the result.

It can be chanted within oneself within your mind but at least in the class chant louder.

If you chant loudly it is definitely effective but if we chant loudly other people will make fun of us.

However, Let us be mad persons in the eyes of others.

Effectiveness of Mantras

Mantras which are effective in the body means they are effective in the mind also.

If any mantra is effective in the mind then spiritual elevation would be there too.

Thus, mantras have a prominent role in our lives.

Don’t attach Religion to Mantras

There is no religion attached to Mantras.

They are only words which has got a sympathetic resonance with the body.

So people from any religion/caste like Christians or Muslims can also chant them.

I don‘t want to be on medication


I have pain in chest (left side), did ECG, which came out normal.

I have bloating and burping problem since last 4 days. Whenever I eat, the pain increases for some time and then subsides, but is still present.

Dr. says I have GERD and gastritis. Is there is any mantra for relief?

I am 31 years old and planning for a baby (not yet pregnant).

Don‘t want to be on medication for rest of my life.


Don’t decide on anything. What you don’t want will come to you.

Chant “WU CHI JO” for 15 minutes after taking food.

When you have bloating problem be in Chin Mudra.

ANUSHKA (after 10 days)

I would like to mention that your mantra “WU CHI JO” has started to show effect (within 3 days) as I have less bloating, less chest pain, and sometimes no bloating at all.

I will keep on chanting the mantra. It’s a huge relief.

Solution Finder

Even after chanting OM HAM NAMAHA for a week, if there is no improvement or there is no movement, then to come out of the problem, chant HOOM KSHAM.

You can also chant this mantra with breathing. When you say HOOM exhale and inhale while chanting SHAM.

When you say HOOM the darkness will go out, that is the one that is surrounding the problem.

Sham means light, and the light should come to the third eye (Buddhi – intelligence). SHAM is the Bija mantra for third eye.

When the darkness goes out, light comes in or when the light comes in darkness goes out.

This is a solution finder.

In this usage of HOOM KSHAM mantra, the only disadvantage is that we do not know what solution will come.

The solution will come but since we could not identify the same because either we carelessly leave or simply neglect it.

The divine ways are different. We may think that the solution may not be so simple and therefore we may neglect.

Unfortunately, the one which you may neglect be the right solution for you. Therefore, we have to be careful when you get the solution by chanting this mantra.

In addition, we always think that the problem is insurmountable.

Therefore, we must observe keenly and particularly and work on what is simple.

Mind Control

Even after that solution is not visible, there is no progress and the problem is still there. At that time what we have to do? At that time only surrender will work.

AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA ASWAROODA APARAJITHA – We have to chant this with full love. Ambika is the universal mother. When you call the universal mother there should be love from the heart.

Anadhinidhana means clearing or solving all types of obstacles or problems. When you go in the spiritual path there will be a lot of obstacles.

Ashwaroodaa – Aswa means a horse. Mind is not a monkey but it is a horse. You cannot channelize the mind or control as it moves so fast like a horse. One who controls this horse is Ashwaroodaa.

One who controls the mind or one who wins the mind is invincible.  Nobody can win him, but that is Aparaajithaa.

When you want success the mind should not be there. So the mind should die. When will the mind die? That is only when you surrender.

Till I find the solution I will fight. But when I am not able to solve the problem I will surrender, the mind dies and then the Divine will start acting.

Till such time you surrender, the Divine will be silent. When you surrender as you cannot endure any more, then the Divine will wake up. When mind is active, the Divine is inactive and when the Mind in inactive, the Divine is active.

It is very difficult to understand the life. One who wins the mind can understand the life better.

Even after this, it is not happening means then what you desire is not for you and therefore, you can give up. 

Master of Death and Truth


I will give 8 Namas (names) of Yama, the Lord of death:

Dharmaraajam Namamyaham

Samanam Namamyaham

Krudhantham Namamyaham

Dhanda-dharam Namamyaham (the one who gives punishment)

Kaalam Namamyaham

Yamam Namamyaham

Punyamitram Namamyaham

Easam Namamyaham

The benefits of chanting the Mantra are:

  1. If you chant these daily, fear of death will not be there.
  2. The additional benefit is that, there won’t be any fire accident. Even if there is fire, no one will die. Everyone will be safe and alive.
  3. This can be told to Children and for those who tell a lot of lies. For those who are getting spoilt in bad company.  We can chant this for them. They will be brought back to good books. This mantra will help and be useful – not to fall into bad company and not to do bad deeds.

What does Kaalam mean?

Kaalam means time.

When time comes, he (Dharmaraja/Time) will give the end. He will not wait for anyone. Time and tide waits for none.

So, if we keep prostrating to him, then he will wait 🙂

Salute to the Divine Mother


I got the Durgama CD from Shobana.

Few days back I attended a funeral. Usually, I would feel sick after doing so. This time, I didn’t want to be in such a state.

So, I played the Durgama CD. I kept a bottle of water next to the speaker and sipped that water throughout the day. This time I didn’t fall sick. To make sure I didn’t fall sick during the next few days, I followed the same procedure.

After four days, I realized I had stopped listening to other CDs (usually I listen to minimum of 3 or 4 CDs a day) and didn’t bother to take the pills either, which I was taking regularly.

I got a clean chit

Something else happened too. I had a difference of opinion with one of my close family members. During normal circumstances, it would have ended up in a fight. Surprisingly, when I disagreed with him, he didn’t say anything bad, but accepted my ‘no’, even though my decision was not favorable to him.

Similar incident happened at work. I disagreed with my associates on their approach to complete the audit we were doing for one of our clients. Instead of usual arguments we might have had, they simply agreed to my way of approach, as though I am speaking from a clean heart.


Quoting from the “Introduction to Durga Durgama CD”

“Prostrations again and again to Divine Durga – the source of the universe. Durga the divine Shakti (energy), who only can destroy the unwanted and unrequired energy forms from our memory, actions, from our chakras, aura, and from our environment, transform everyone to light and love”.

Total Acceptance

This mantra helps us to accept our life situations totally.

It also improves our communications, so that the opposite person understands where we are coming from.

As it also shows our honest nature, it is a good mantra for all court cases, so that the judge would believe our words.

Let us all salute to the Divine Mother Ma Kali (also called as Durga) on the mother’s day. Let us all pray to her to kill our inner demons – our worries and anger.

How to open up your third-eye


I am chanting bija mantras to clear my chakras, in the order: “OM HUM NAMAHA, OM YAM NAMAHA, OM RAM NAMAHA, OM VAM NAMAHA, OM LAM NAMAHA”.

But what should i chant for the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. From where should I start it from Mooladhara or from crown?


Don’t chant anything separately for the third eye and crown.

Unless your lower chakras are in order, your third eye and crown will not work. You need not work on them separately.

When you cleanse, energize and harmonise lower chakras, the third eye will start its own work. I mean you will have higher perception.

You will never have higher perception till you put your lower chakras in order. Work on them.

Think and act as if you were always safe and secured. When you feel insecure, your basic chakra will be imbalanced.

If you think you are not loved enough or if you have a dissatisfactory love life then your sex chakra (Hara) will be imbalanced.

If you are controlled, trying to change or control others/events in life and not accepting your life events then your solar plexus chakra will be imbalanced.

If you lack gratitude, then your heart chakra is imbalanced.

When any one of these chakras is imbalanced, your throat chakra is affected – your communication becomes poor and you cannot realise your inner potential.

When throat chakra is closed or imbalanced, your spiritual progress cannot happen. Live life well.

Inexplicable Joy

Mantras Discussed during the workshop held on April 20th 2013

Pranava Roopini, Hreengara Roopini, Surya Mandala Vasini, Sachitananda Roopini! Nithyam Namaamyaham

Pranava Roopini Mantra is so powerful that it can make the ozone layer whole, closing the hole.

It is to improve the greenery atmosphere. To create a green atmosphere, chant the Pranava Roopini mantra.

Hreengara has HREEM inside in it, which was discussed in the earlier blog.

Ozone layer is nothing but the Surya (Sun) Mandalam (solar field).

Pranava is the energy behind creation.

Sachitananda Roopini means an ever happy (person). So the same energy will come to you.

You will find inexplicable joy. 

The need for the mantra Durga Durgama

All healers should play the Durga Durgama CD and drink the water energized by the mantra.

Especially after visiting a Death house or a condolence meeting, take bath with that water. By drinking the water, both your aura and the chakras gets cleansed.

Let us say you go to a Mall, a place where thousands of people come. We will pick some negative energy from them unknowingly. When you come back from the Mall, wash your face, hands with the energized water and drink it as well.

Keep the energized water in the NE corner of the house, Next day throw the water on the open ground, so that it evaporates in the sun. Don’t throw it away in the wash basin or in the sink. Or you may throw it in the garden.  It will be helpful to it like the mantra Pranava Roopini.

Keep the water near the speaker where the CD is played. If you want the energy to go to a particular person, paste the photo of the person on the speaker.

Using glass or ceramic is better to keep the water.

It is good to sip throughout the day.

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