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Remove the darkness of your life


I read the story of Karna. He was born to Kunti Devi with divine rays of sun-god.

Also, seeing that sun is sending solar rays, we are enjoying it in the day time and because of it all work is done correctly.

I also studied your blog under solar rays and its amazing benefits.

Please suggest remedies/mantras to get the blessings of sun-god to solve many of my personal problems.



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Solar Colour Energy Meditation CD:

Stable success:

Inexplicable Joy

Mantras Discussed during the workshop held on April 20th 2013

Pranava Roopini, Hreengara Roopini, Surya Mandala Vasini, Sachitananda Roopini! Nithyam Namaamyaham

Pranava Roopini Mantra is so powerful that it can make the ozone layer whole, closing the hole.

It is to improve the greenery atmosphere. To create a green atmosphere, chant the Pranava Roopini mantra.

Hreengara has HREEM inside in it, which was discussed in the earlier blog.

Ozone layer is nothing but the Surya (Sun) Mandalam (solar field).

Pranava is the energy behind creation.

Sachitananda Roopini means an ever happy (person). So the same energy will come to you.

You will find inexplicable joy. 

The need for the mantra Durga Durgama

All healers should play the Durga Durgama CD and drink the water energized by the mantra.

Especially after visiting a Death house or a condolence meeting, take bath with that water. By drinking the water, both your aura and the chakras gets cleansed.

Let us say you go to a Mall, a place where thousands of people come. We will pick some negative energy from them unknowingly. When you come back from the Mall, wash your face, hands with the energized water and drink it as well.

Keep the energized water in the NE corner of the house, Next day throw the water on the open ground, so that it evaporates in the sun. Don’t throw it away in the wash basin or in the sink. Or you may throw it in the garden.  It will be helpful to it like the mantra Pranava Roopini.

Keep the water near the speaker where the CD is played. If you want the energy to go to a particular person, paste the photo of the person on the speaker.

Using glass or ceramic is better to keep the water.

It is good to sip throughout the day.

Sleep Well


Could you please give me mantra or switch words so I could sleep at 10 pm and get up at 6 am. If I go to bed early then also I can’t sleep. I just waste time on bed for 3 to 4 hours. I am sleeping at 2 or 3 pm and getting up at 11 am.


While in the bed, chant the mantra RAMA 63 times.

Counting is very important. You should do not do less than 63 or more than 63.

3 cycles of 63 is one count.

You can do Minimum 3 cycles or multiples of three cycles e.g., 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on. Do the counting till you get sleep.

You can also buy the SLEEP INDUCTION CD from Naran or SLEEP WELL Bach flower remedies combination. Both are available at the centre.

Alpha Inducing Meditation CD

Experiences and Benefits of listening to them

When The Mind is at Peace, The World is at Peace!

Understanding Meditation

Week One Experience

As you go through the meditation you may get distracted easily having multitude of thoughts.

  • Just observe and release those thoughts.
  • Say “Release” as and when a thought arises.

Week Two Experience

After a week of meditation, you experience moments of concentration, instead of distraction.

Week Three and Four Experiences

  • You start feeling engrossed in keeping quite and silent.
  • All your plans and fears go off.
  • A state of equilibrium will set in and a feeling of satiation will be there.
  • No wanting or desiring while meditating.
  • You start experiencing freedom.

The Buddhist Monks and Meditation

When Buddhist Monks were observed during meditation, using latest technologies, the left prefrontal lobes of their brains were greatly active. This area of the brain is said to be the centre of peace and acceptance.

To understand meditation, we need to understand different types of brain waves

It is important to understand types of brain waves that each one generates throughout his life time.

1.      Beta Waves

When one is active, the brain generates Beta waves.

2.      Alpha Waves

When one is relaxed and calm, the brain produces Alpha waves.

3.      Theta Waves

When one is more creative, Theta waves are generated.  To access creative part of the mind one should be in Theta state.

4.      Delta Waves

Delta has the longest frequency.  During the deep sleep, Delta waves are produced by the brain.

Benefits of listening to Meditation CD

While listening to Naran’s series of meditation CD, your brain will generate Alpha waves, which is a relaxed state.

  1. The research shows that when this area of the brain is active consistently and regularly then we are highly motivated with positives emotions.
  2. Through regular meditation, the left prefrontal lobes become more active. The regular meditators will be more enthusiastic, relaxed and feel content.
  3. The regular meditation which increases the alpha waves – the research indicates – improves immunity. Patients also heal four times faster if they meditate.
  4. With regular Alpha meditation, a positive outlook is natural. Health and well – being will follow.

Of course you are interested to go deeper into Theta and Delta

The good news is Naran will be releasing CDs, starting from Alpha level 1 and then going deeper up to Delta level 3. There will be eight levels of meditation CD – each level going deeper and deeper than the previous level.

We need to listen to the CD for a month at each level – starting from level one, before going to the next level.

This will definitely take you to places you had never been – both inside and outside (world) you.

Spirtually Elevating Mantras

Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram

  • Repeated recitation of this mantra will destroy mental sufferings
  • You can cross any (troubled) waters
  • For fulfilment and accomplishment
  • Takes care of your next lifetime

Om Hreem Taha

  • Mantra to curb violence anywhere
  • A mantra for world peace

Om Hreem Padhma Nande(y)shwara Hoom

  • Liberates you from the unwanted karmic influences from past lifetimes
  • Protects one from any accident
  • To build enormous wealth or to amass wealth, one has to chant this mantra day and night

Srinivasa Aravindhalochana

  • To help one come out of legal entanglements or confinement

Kadgam Saranam, Sangam Saranam, Saarngam Saranam

  • To channelize anger or hurt

Pasupadhim Mahaadevam

  • To come out of temptation, craving, addictions, and infatuation


To take decision as per the divine will

Vajreswari Vaamadevi Vayo Avastha Vivarjitha

  • You will become compassionate and everybody will start loving you.
  • Your physical heart becomes stronger.
  • You will always be youthful.
  • We will die naturally, at the same time not be bed ridden.
  • To have balance in the body.

Refer the blog for a detailed explanation on the mantra:

Wung R Hong

  • Improves portal circulation as well as Brain Circulation
  • Because we are standing up all through the day, very little blood goes to brain. This is taken care by the sound R. This mantra activates the nervous system too.
  • To align the frequency of the Astral body with our Physical body apply this mantra. Bring the hands together to Hara chakra without any physical effort while chanting it continuously. Your left hand should come first and then the right hand.

The pronunciation rendering of mantras is provided in the CDs. Contact Shobana (98843 01634) if you are in Chennai to buy the CDs. The set of two CDs costs 200/-.

For those, outside Chennai, shipping charges based on the location will be added extra. Please send an email to to know about the charges. Transfer the money online to the following bank account:

Standard chartered bank,

59, G.N. Chetty Road, T.Nagar, Chennai- 600017

S. Balakumar, S.B.A/c. No. 436-1-005392-7 SWIFT:SCBLINBB XXX

Solar Colour Energy Meditation CD

Benefits Reported Using the CD

I get extraordinary energy after a long and hard day at work – Rajesh

My mind gets peaceful if I feel stressed out. It is thus a good de-stressor tool for me. When I feel lethargic in the morning, it gives me the required to energy for me to get up and do my day’s work without any problem – Tom.

Before any class, this CD simply rejuvenates and prepares the students to get ready for the class, especially for a Reiki class – Shobana

My sinus gets increased if I am emotionally upset. Thanks to the CD I could handle my cold without any medication. I guess it clears up any congestion in my Chakras – Harish

(To buy the CD contact  Shobana at 9884301634 (Chennai, India) or please send an email to REACHNARAN@GMAIL.COM)


Colours Effect on Chakras

Colour can offset negative stuff/situations. For example during Ragu Kalam (time) – the time when Ragu has a bad effect on us, if you wear a green dress then it can’t affect you.

Any problem in life indicates that one or more of our seven Chakras are imbalanced. Each of these Chakras emits certain colour and when there is a problem, the colour that is emitted from the Chakra will be less. This shows that the Chakra has less energy.

Let us see an example. A person weak who is weak willed and less assertive will have less energy in his Solar Plexus Chakra. If he prays to Sun God, to get the required colour Yellow and inhale it – visualizing the colour from Sun, then he can develop a strong will power.

Please refer to know on Colours effect on Chakras and Benefits Derived:

How do I know which Chakra is affected?

My life is in doldrums and how do I know which Chakra is imbalanced? You don’t have to know. Listen to the Solar Energy Meditation CD. It heals all the Chakras with least effort from your side.

How do Colour Meditation Heals the Chakras?

The relevant colour for each Chakra is generated by doing the solar energy meditation. The Chakras then gets stimulated, activated, expanded (then they can receive more energy) and balanced.

The CD is programmed to generate alpha waves to the listener. So you will go into a deep meditation automatically. Though, you need to concentrate on the words uttered in the guided meditation.

The affirmations in the CD prepare the Chakras to get ready to receive the healing energies from Sun God. You will get the colour you require for the need of the hour.

The Chakras are stimulated. Therefore, they are activated and will start performing to the optimum. Relevant colour prana is increased for each Chakra. The Chakras gets totally and fully energized. You will feel refreshed in the end.

How should I listen to the CD?

You don’t have to do anything. Sit and just listen to the CD. Your subconscious mind will follow the instructions provided in the CD.

When do I need the Colour Meditation CD?

If you are not a morning person

You get tired in the evenings

You stress out easily

You are emotional and have stress related diseases like cold, fatigue syndrome and heart disease.

You want to balance your Chakras.

You feel tired after so many night outs or night shifts and sleep during the day, but you feel lethargic.

Meditation on Bach Flowers

This narration by Mangala Ayre explains how the Meditation CD on Bach Flowers, created by Naran S. Balakumar, had a calming effect on a three-year old child suffering from love pangs, due to separation from his grand-parents.

Mangala Ayre

I am a teacher in a Kindergarten. I have been a student of Naran S. Balakumar, for the past 10 years. A few months back, a three-year old child, who is generally quite cheerful, became withdrawn. He had sudden bouts of crying and was looking very forlorn.

On speaking to his mother, I came to know that his grandparents, who had been with them since the child was born, had moved out of the house. The child was missing them so much. He was not sleeping well and refused to eat.

I spoke to her about flower remedies. She agreed to try anything to make her child happy again. We began with Star of Bethlehem, Chicory, Walnut and Honey Suckle.

After a few days we found some improvement in his attitude, but the outbursts of crying were still on. We gave him Cherry Plum, and White Chestnut. Then his mother remarked that very soon her son would have tried all the 38 Bach Flowers Remedies. That did it!

I remembered the CD which Naran S. Balakumar had given to me. It’s a meditation CD on Bach Flowers. I gave it to her and asked her to play it at night, while her son was sleeping.

The very next day she came to me excitedly to say “what a peaceful night we all had”.  Thank the CD I replied. Please thank the flowers and Naran for gifting them to us in such an easy package.

After a few days, when she came to school to drop him off, she said “Sister, I have to share this with you. Last night, as I was getting my son ready for bed, he said mother! Please play the CD for me. The flowers talk to me and make me feel so happy!”

I suggest that parents with young children, teenagers, sick patients, those with disturbed minds, people with insomnia and healers, go to bed with this CD playing on! The flowers may communicate some very powerful messages, which could be life changing!


The Bach Flower Medicine CD is a wonderful tool for visualization. It really sounds serene.  Many times, I went off to sleep when I was trying hard to concentrate. I hope that I am able to make good use of what you have given me.

Do you have a written copy of the message of what you have spoken in the CD.?  I could also repeat the relevant remedy and the content and get the benefits of the flowers.

 This CD is a multi track with Alpha Waves. It is available for sale.

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