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Burn your worries away


I want to get my husband’s affection. His mother has separated us .now I am alone at my mom’s house. Due to his mom he is not caring our 8 months baby also. I am not happy at all for past 1 yr. my in-laws are demons sir. I am in distress. Could you please help me out?


  1. Do the forgiving exercise for your husband and MIL: “I Vidya forgive you …… (insert your husband’s name). You please forgive me”. Say it 200 times daily.
  2. Repeat this for you MIL too.
  3. Write in a piece of paper “WATER VIOLET, JELLY FISH, WILLOW, WALNUT” and see this paper often and keep it under your pillow while sleeping.
  4. Chant the mantra “HAM YAM RAM VAM LAM” daily while sleeping. Chant this continuously till you sleep.
  5. Pour all your complaints and emotions in a sheet of paper and without reading it burn it once you complete one full A4 page. The second day, pour again your feelings and thoughts about MIL etc and burn it. Do it till you feel that there is no more to write.

Come back after 10 days and tell me what happened.


One more request sir. My in-laws should be taught a lesson sir. For that my husband should listen to me only because that much I have been killed by them every second from the day of my marriage. Kindly say a remedy for this.


Do that first. Then I will tell you some technique by which you can change your thinking.

Vengeful thoughts and actions will never help us. Instead we will attract the same type of people.


Achieve Stability in Life and Health

Stop the overflow

For too much of emotions – like sadness, and for diseases like diarrhea, bleeding, excess bleeding, and watering of eyes, we can chant OM LUM NAMAHA.

The mantra activates the earth element in us. When there is flow of water, we stop it by putting mud on that place to stop the flow. Like that internally also, we can activate the earth element by chanting OM LUM NAMAHA and stop the bleeding, watering etc.

Have a good sleep

This mantra will induce sleep also. We go our home to sleep (earth element).

Like that, when you are not able to sleep, it means your earth element is imbalanced. By chanting this mantra you are balancing your earth element.

Achieve stability

It will stabilize you also. When you are feeling dizziness, or when you have vertigo problem, you can chant this mantra and you will become stable.

Find Overall Well-being – Mental and Physical Strength


Last Shardiya Navratri, (Oct 2011) after going through your blog accidentally, I started reciting Namashivayam and have at least stopped indulging in loans though the business remains precarious. 

Thank you for the mantra Namashivayam. 

I was doing Om Namashivaya every Shravana about a Lakh or so + Hawan et al) and otherwise too.

 But Namashivayam seems to have unlocked a few blockages.  My meditation is better. I am in a smiling mode despite the surrounding ruins and remain generally hopeful.

Personally, I have done Vedic Sadhanas of 1.25 Lakh count, tarpan, marjan and Homam of various mantras including Om Namashivaya (during Shravana).

Yet, the Namashivayam brought in speedy movements and overall well-being, more on my mental and physical strength to cope with adversities. And I am amazed too, at the simple remedial measures.

What is the difference between Namashivaya and Namashivayam?


Is it Namashivaya or Namashivayam? What is difference between both?


When you chant NAMASHIVAYAM, it activates your right brain, the part of the brain that stores memories in images only. The connection to the Divine immediately happens. Right inspiration will happen as per the words.

In all the mantras I suggested, “M” is added.

Blogs on Namashivayam

The happiness mantra:

Problems in Thyroid Glands:


Buying and Selling Property

If you want to buy a house you have to chant, “LALITHAM SADASHIVAM LALITHAM CHANDRASEKARAM”.

To sell a property, first find out the reason why it is not being sold, if it is not getting the required price.

You have to chant the switch words, “RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE Rupees Fifty Lakhs GIVE HOUSE”.  You can also chant this by rotating the Basic Chakra, at an optimal speed and clock wise (just make an intention to do so).

 If one person is creating problem in the family for signing the property document chant “RELEASE RESISTANCE (name of the person) Sign” and then stop cursing him and instead thank him.

Making others believe you


I have completed many projects to a quite a few of my clients and many underway. Unfortunately, either they don’t pay the money in full or sometimes they delay the payment and for too long. I don’t know how to fix this situation.


You would have told many lies in the past – might be in child-hood days, in college days, or would have cheated your friends and relatives in some way.  There might have been situations in which you did not speak the truth. This has corrupted the energy field of your throat chakra, which stands for truth.

On the contrary, these days you may be truthful, by all means. However, your clients are not able to comprehend it. Instead of trying to fix your past, let me tell you a solution that will solve your current financial situation.

Chant “OM HUM NAMAH” as many times as possible. This will clear the congestion in your throat chakra. Then, your clients will start believing you.

I am peaceful at last


People on my current job and boss too are so aggressive and full of covert hostility. At some moments, I used to cry or even being nasty too.

But, as I am reading your sites all the time I have found mantras. I just want to say that I am European and have difficulties to understand the thing with mantras. Anyhow I gave a try.

Guess what! I have chanted OM HUM NAMAHA, while on work. I was peaceful, and even happy, although I was given lower-ranked job that night.


“Om hum Namaha” will activate the throat chakra, which stands for truth. When that chakra is activated, you are exhibiting the energy of truth.

What is truth?

When our actions match our intentions or words Truth (divine order) is exhibited. By chanting Om hum Namaha, a mistaken view of the situation or a person is changed.

For Reiki Practitioners: draw the Reiki Symbol “Sei he ki” on the throat. Go on drawing. All untruths will clear off.

Be Mr. Right to Find Ms. Right

R Mohan

My friend Suri, a mechanical engineer, wanted a mantra to get married soon. I suggested him to chant, ‘VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKHA THANDHAM’, based on the experiences of several students of Naran.

He bought a CD from Naran that plays that mantra (running time one hour). He was listening to the CD on a regular basis and was chanting the mantra during all his waking hours (silently). He became so much attached to that mantra that he doesn’t even want to try any other remedies or mantras suggested in the blogs of Naran.

First, he got a job of his liking

He was doing an average job until then. Within three months of chanting, he found a job of his liking. It suited his potential. He got a 100% hike too.

Secondly, his looks changed

He continued listening to the mantra as well as chanting it as much as he can.

Earlier he used to have some rashes on his head. His hair lines were thinner and looking weak too. Within 6 months of chanting, he looked better as his skin tone improved and his hair lines became finer and stronger.

Thirdly, he got a promotion

He continued his chanting of the Vallabam mantra. During his first appraisal, after completing one year in the company, he was given a promotion. He got a 75% hike.

We met one day. He was worried that he is not yet married. I asked him to wait patiently and instead enjoy his current stability and a growth that has taken him to the next level.

Finally, he found his Ms. Right

His body language changed. He looked better. He was making five times more money than he was getting before he started chanting the mantra.

Then one day, after two years of chanting the mantra he found and got married to his Ms. Right.

Thus, Vallabam mantra changed Suri from being an average person (in the eyes of the world and not for me as he is always Mr. Right) to become Mr. Right in order to find his Ms. Right.

Treatment for Renal Failure


I have a brother who is on renal failure and is a dialysis patient. A mantra to heal his kidneys

Please could you help him with a mantra to help get his life back on track with a bit of happiness? I had lost hope but after reading some of your articles I am changing my outlook to life and getting closer to god as well.


  1. Keep the hands on the patient’s kidney area.
  2. Say OM 7 times
  3. Say the following statement once, “Activate neural path to cell memory images of LOVE AND LIGHT replacing renal failure images.”
  4. After finishing the statement, chant OM, for as many times as possible.

Do this daily two times.

5.       You can also write the statement,”OM! Activate the neural path to cell memory images of LOVE AND LIGHT replacing renal failure images.”

Remain happy irrespective of obstacles in life


I am from a religious Hindu Brahmin family. I got married before 8 years. The problem now I am facing is my husband is too religious and this is affecting my personal life. He is much attached to his family members. Not to me. Not showing interest in married life, but showing more interest in all other things.

I am facing plenty of obstacles in all aspects of life. Even in treatment for progeny. I am much confused. I will not separate even a lid from the container. Because I have the thought, pairs should not be separated.

But all are waiting in line to separate my pair from me. Whom shall I blame? Everybody, including his closest relations. One more son is there for my in-laws.but expecting my husband for all. Not disturbing elder for anything. Both financially and physically and spoiling my life only.




Thanks a lot for your immediate response. Gone through your site and read all your mantras, Bach flower remedies, switch words, animal spirit.  All are fantastic and excellent.

Chanted “VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKA THANTHAM” in crisis and experienced the results. All are working well.

The main change in me before chanting is if anything gets postponed, I will get angry and expose it. But now anything gets postponed, I am not getting angry and mind is getting convinced itself as everything is in divine order and it is for good only. I am able to experience it.

Thanks a lot once again for all the services rendered to human kind and helping people suffering like me. I will start chanting BASKARAM PRABODHAM. Can you explain the meaning of the above because I am having the anxiety to know?


THANK YOU. I am happy that you are using most of the techniques.

We can remain happy without having anything. When we remain happy, we attract what is good and anything bad is repelled. Our happiness should not depend on anything outside.

Baskaram Prabodham will keep you in a happy state whatever the situation is outside.

Best of Baskaran’s (the sun-god) grace!

You inherit not just your ancestral property


My younger brother got into the habit of taking loans with big interest rates. We sold a lot of our properties to get him out of that rut. Now, my elder brother who helped my younger brother get rid of his debt problems is getting much bigger loans. His actions reflect the same behavior of my younger brother. He doesn’t seem to listen to our warnings. What shall I do?


Is your father used to take loans?


No. He was a government servant. The only loans he will take from his office – to build our house and other such loans the government staff generally take. I never saw it as a harmful behavior. However, my mother used to pledge her jewels on a regular basis.


Both are loans. Loans are loans in whatever form they might be. So chant the mantra, “LALITHAM SREEDHARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM SUDHARSANAM” projecting it on them by seeing them in your mind.

Visualize that they have so much money that they help a lot of people in distress, providing food to the poor, paying fees to their children and so on.

What’s the advantage of this method? By changing their past, you are changing their future – even if both of them are not alive now.

Thus, you are securing a bright future (lifetimes) for them. Isn’t great gift for them? The advantage here is without any advice your brother will stop taking loans and you will never fall into that trap either.

We inherit our parents’ behaviors. Let us make use of their good ones and nullify their bad ones.

Millions Thanks to Hassle-Free Mantras


Just want remedies or any mantras for following:-

a)      Success in his education (will be doing MS in health care management in USA)

b)      To get 100%scholarship for his education

c)       To get a part-time job in his campus only, so that he can save time and money in commuting to all places

d)      to get a good/divine place to stay, which will be nearer to his campus

e)      To protect himself from any hurdles, negativity or calamities or problems (from people, circumstances etc.)


  1. Chant “RED CHESTNUT” as many times as possible, whenever anxiety about your son comes in order to overcome your concern for him.
  2. Daily in the morning pray to flowers requesting them to protect him. “WATER VIOLET, WALNUT, SWEET CHESTNUT, STAR OF BETHLEHEM and ROCK ROSE! Be active around him for the next 24 hours and heal him”. Do it once a day.
  3. Call Wolf to be beside him always. Just Say, “Wolf” and say whatever you want it do for your son. Wolf is for help. It will do the needful.
  4. Pray OM ARUNAAYA NAMAHA (say three times) and request, “Lord Aruna! Protect my son from anything unwanted.”
  5. Then “The Mother Bhuvaneshwari, protect the limbs of my son, from all the ten directions”. Do it once.
  6. Call St. Michael the arch angel and say “Please keep your blue flaming sword around him and allow divine light and love only to enter”. Do it three times.
  7. “Violet flame! Give umbrella protection to my son wherever he is”. Do this prayer once.


My son reached US safely, without any customs issues (London /Dallas /St. Louis). Also he got a good apartment for rent and even his roommates are good.

I told my son to chant “Find Divine” throughout the journey, and his journey from Mumbai to US was hassle free.  

Millions thanks to hassle free mantras.

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