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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Hi Naran ji

    We have found our 20month old daughter has extra fluid in her brain, we found this out from a MRI scan of her brain. She still is not walking/ crawling/ sitting up by herself or standing by herself. She has no other health probs or syndromes. Is there a mantra or remedy or this please. Also she is not talking or saying much, besides mama and dayda. We still not sure if she can fully understand what we are saying, she might have learning difficulties due o the luid in her brain..please suggest a remedy for us.


    • Nick
      give her the flower remedies crab apple gentian chicory. put 5 pills in 200ml water and give that water every one hour in small sips

  2. Namaste Naranji,pls suggest me mantras & prayers while new account for our textiles business.v need ur blessing for profitable growth in our us.

  3. hello sir
    i have lost my engagement ring. please give me some switch word or mantra so that i can get it back as soon as possible.

    • pulse
      chant reach.
      write rockwater chestnutbud Pine(to heal sentimental fears) in a paper and keep it under the bed

  4. Sir,
    I am trying to get a suitable match for my daughter from last two years but could not find so far. My daughter was born at Shimla at 03.41 AM on 19.05.2013. Please suggest me a switch word or mantra so that I could succeed in searching a good suitable match.

  5. because of the trouble that i got from my inlaws and my mother too i have spoken rudely with them in the past although i have said sorry to them for whatever i did, i feel that i am bound by my bad karma and want to desperately free myself from it. if you can suggest a mantra and how many times to chant the same to get the desired remedy i would be really grateful.

    • tejal

      take the flower remedies crab apple pine two pills each four times a day.

  6. Guruji,

    Help me please. Nothing is working out in my life.I had a long relationship which broke.I lost my job.I am not keeping well from almost a year.All marriage proposals job proposals are getting rejected. Everything goes till final and it breaks.I tried to start my own business which is also in vain now.Please help me.Please give me something some mantra so that things start working in my life.

    Thanks a lot

      Write Venkada ramana in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  7. Sir
    I am studying in class 12th and I am facing some problems in my studies(like I am not able to understand some concepts clearly) I can’t buy any remedies and all because my parents don’t know anything about it, so can u tell me some mantra to clear and solve my problems.

    • anu,
      chant MUSTARD OAK 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water before sitting to study. this will make understand the concepts clearly

  8. Sir

    My problem is strange.I am friends with a guy but I dont love him as yet.The guy loves me and wants to marry me and is trying to convince his parents to agree to marriage as soon as possible.
    Though i dont love him but I have no issues in marrying him as we have known each other since long and he’s a friend.
    Please tell me a mantra which can bring my Mr.Right to me and get us married and if this guy is my Mr.Right,the mantra can make his parents agree and get us married.
    I’m utterly confused and upset.Please help

  9. Naranji,v have planned to circumsise for our 4.5 year son.pls suggest mantras for not to be scare, & painless & get strength will surgery.Wish ur blessings be always for him.Thank u.

  10. How many times should I chant this mantra
    Thanks a lot

  11. namaste guruji, myself tejal limaye, i also have thyroid problem. my TSH goes up if i dont take the medicine for keeping it under control and this has led to roughness of hair and skin and weight gain. kindly suggest some remedy to make my thyroid functioning normal again. Hari Om!

  12. Namaste Guruji,
    I am a doctor and want a job in sports team which is my dream job. I am trying from 6-7 months and contacted many teams but nowhere I am getting the job. Plz. Guide me what to do?

  13. I am staying from my child who is in the US. I want to go to him and I want to stop crying as I live alone and am away from my child, do not have a life partner and also unhappy with my job. Please advise

    • Ranjini,
      take the flower remedies REDCHESTNUT RESCUE REMEDY GENTIAN HORNBEAM two pills each one after the other four times a day.

  14. Hari Om Guruji, My son talks in a very harsh and loud voice gets angry very quickly and is terribly restless and he fears small small things and insects particularly what is the remedy i can give him so that he gets cured of all the above. Please help. Regards and Prayers! Tejal Limaye

  15. namasthe naran sir, my sister slipped on steps while climbing down, she is badly suffering from back pain associated with sciatica pain left side of the entire body she is weeping everyday so please give a mantra for her pain please reply soon thanking you sir haritha rao

  16. Guruji me and my husband got married before a year till now he didnt got a job and we tried to do a dog farm business but we had a heavy loss from it. Now we planning to sale it and to get a job but those dogs r not selling and all dogs r getting disease one by one we r losing money only for their treatments and now me and my husband is in two places i have a 6 month baby . we want to live together and work in chennai but situations r separating us . i need my husband and me to be in chennai and get a good job and we need to live a happy life also we want to sell those dogs then only he can come to me pls help me guruji.

    CHANT together change divine order now

  18. Respected Guruji, My sister has a 18 year old son who just got enrolled with a medicine school. She found out through Facebook that her son has started visiting night clubs. There are pictures on the Facebook page and already other people have started commenting and talking. She wants to know how she can stop this, make her son concerntrate in his studies, leave the bad company and get full marks in his assignments and exams.

  19. Sir…its been months i am trying to find job but am not able to find one…all my relatives have started questioning on my education and they make me feel low and undeserved for anything…sir can you please help me by giving your advice as what should i do to get a good job …as soon as possible….
    thanks sir

    • neha,
      take the flower remedies gentian larch crab apple

      • Dear Sir
        Thanks a lot ..i am really thank full as i got the job and its the job i really wanted to do..its all cause of your divine help ….thanks for always being there and always helping …..

  20. I have given a huge sum of money to a friend of mine who probably tricked me with tears and sob stories. Now am not sure if that will be returned. I am also buying a house. Can you pls offer a solutions to my worried mind.. I need the money to buy the house. Also, I want a life partner..pls suggest some remedy

  21. ranjini
    chant together find count divine now

  22. Respected Guruji,

    How can I increase my business income?

  23. Respected Guruji, My brother, his wife and children are in New Zealand on work visa. What can I chant for them so that they can get the New Zealand permanent residency.

  24. Hi Naran,
    My wife and mom always querrels and my wife left my house and is not ready to come and this happens every 2 months and she wants to stay alone with me and doesnt want my mom to stay with us. But i want to stay with both of them and dont want to leave my wife and 10 months old son and my MOM, please suggest a mantra for solving this issue and bringing everything to normal and they both should be happy together so i will be happy.

  25. Sir is there any mantra that helps to increase will power and have mental stability …as i can,t concentrate on one thing and doing one thing i think thinks about other and vice versa…..and therefore cant achieve anything in my life ……

  26. Hi Naran ,

    i am currently working in software company i am not finding any good opportunities here and i have a goal to do my masters at usa and i have to give my exam in may 30 2013 and m very tensed cause how much ever i concentrate on maths am not understanding i have to get on this exam else i cant fly to usa plz tel me how can i acheive well in my exam plz give a remedy

    Thanks and regards

  27. Namrata Chipkar

    Respected Sir, Namaskar! I have been blessed to come across your blog and after following it for sometime, I feel my persistent problems will come an end after seeking guidance from you

    Sir, I had to leave my very good job due off politics in May 12 with Prasad Film Lab, Mumbai and till date have no job or offers.
    My 11 yr old son who was in a residency school has come back for good and for his re-admission i will have to relocate to Thane from Mumbai and this will mean that I will not be able to take a full time job as I have no help to take care of him. During the time I had no job, I took up Salon training in Hair and Make up design assuming that I can have a small setup near home and can manage both home and family.

    I, however feel blocked and cant see any way. I have worked very hard in my life, but success always seem to be far away from me. Sir, pls suggest how things can fall in place for me

  28. i am writing for IAS priliminary examination. please help me through any mantra. and also give how many days i chant this mantra and how much time chanting in a single day?

    • sajeesh,
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      chant SLOW CARE 100 TIMES over a glass of water and drink it.

  29. Vanakam naran ji,
    i chanted gorse larch change divine order in order 2 get promotion n transfer 2 the place i nthg seem 2 b wrking..hw many times should i chant? Plz help me naranji
    thank you

  30. Hi Naren Je, I am in USA . And doing my biomedical . And I also work. I cannot remember people’s face their name . And the worst thing is I don’t remember what ever I study or listen . I have no interest in any particular things. I cannot even concentrate in one thing. Plz help me.

  31. Hi Sir,

    “I Jevan forgive you …… ( ). You please forgive me”. Say it 200 times daily.

    I Have done this last 10 days please help me what should i do.. he have not call me or talk to.. please help me Sir.

  32. hello sir, it’s been about a week. complex where i live has 2 apartment,
    my neighbor is a white girl. After work my boyfriend came home and started drinking beer. he was having a conversation with that white lady, then they hugged and kissed. she was also drunk. she asked him to stop and go to his apartment. he did as she said. after a while she called a cop and filed a case against him. he is a very brillent student . this will ruin his whole life. i am really worried. Is there any mantra or something i can do so that make that lady take case back or solve this problem without effecting his career. he has never done anything like that before and had been good boyfriend of mine. i did requested her but she didn’t listen to me. i am really worried.

    • hello sir, i am desprately waiting for your message.

      • KAALI
        CHANT agrimony willow pine

        • Hello Naran je…Thank you so much …Tt worked..Girl came to us and she said ” everything is ok between us right, i took the case back”. I was so surprise to hear that…I want to thank you for that .

      • Sir i have a problem that somebody has done blackmagic to my husband and is now unable to concentrate on business or earn for the past one and a half years Being highly educated and a builder too somegroup has emotionally blackmailed him and has asked him to leave me otherwise willhave to pay ahuge sum beyond means How do we come out of this problem and he has been emotionally cut from me for past 18 months too Ihave done necessary puja in temples but this is done by a muslim by bringing sand from cemetry and rounding him as well as giving him in drinks and food too my self and my husband were very very close but now this man wanted me to get seperate so kept on doing blackmagic and today we dont go anywhwere together or even talk lovingly I m fed up please tell me a strong remedy as he does not even come home everyday what do ido

  33. Dear Gurudev,

    i got married before 8 years. undergoing treatment for progeny. problem with my hubby. once tried injection with his semen and failed. so we have decided to get semen from donor and try for injection method. my request is should get good one and this time we should get success and give birth to hale and healthy, intelligent / beautiful baby. there should be no barriers in this process. i must tolerate the pain. please help.


  34. helo sir, i am writing the IAS examination 2013. while studying i cant get the concentration. i cant understand anything. this is my last chance of IAS . please give me a valid advice for getting IAS.

  35. Naraji,All is fine in ur blessing & in ur guiding.My husband used to go nearby shiva temple every monday.The priest asked my husband to buy & give a new parrot doll for god meenakshi as the old doll nose is broken.can v give a parrot, if s on which day.

  36. Respected Guruji, I am running my business from a rented property. I pay rent at the rate of $287.50 per month. The Landlord now intends to increase the rent double that amount. I will not be able to meet that. Can I chant something so that the Landlord does not exceed $300.00. The business is down and I will not be able to meet that.

  37. Dear Guru,

    Pranams. I am a woman leaving a bitterful married life. my husband always want to run out from me. he is spending only a little time with me. in that also thousands of obstacles. his relations, my relations all wanted to split us. but i want to live with him. particularly his mother needs him for all. i am in crisis. living a life like a hermid. i am lagging very much for his love and affection. but not getting. please help.

  38. sharmistha shaha

    my father is suffering from chronic kidney desease his creatinine serum level is 6.9 and docters suggested for dialysis. plz give me some mantra which will reduce creatinine and avoid dialysis

  39. sharmistha shaha
    chant all the bija mantras of chakras

  40. Hi Naran,

    We are planning to buy a flat and to raise the funds we need to sell a piece of land in our native. But, we are not finding good buyers and moreover my husbands family members are not supporting in our decision to sell this land(which is of course in my husband’s name). They are resisting our every effort to sell this land and coming up with petty reasons to not to do so. We would be thankful to you, if you could suggest us some chants or remedy to get their support as well as good buyers at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards,


  41. Respected Guruji, My mother aged 74 years, a widow and a past cancer patient {she had her right breast removed} because of the lumps found {18 years ago}. Today I took her to an optician because of her eye complaint. Last year one optician said that the cataract is not yet ripe & no need for operation. Today this new one says that cataract is not ripe but large and causing her problems and needs to be operated. Can I please have mantra which I could chant for my mother. I will encourage her to chant with me. I will be 2 more separate opinion in couple of days.

  42. do
    lalitham lambodaram, lalitham baskaram lalitham balachandram

  43. helo sir, i am writing the IAS examination 2013. while studying i cant get the concentration. i cant understand anything. this is my last chance of IAS . please give me a valid advice for getting IAS.

  44. Dear Guru,

    My younger brother is behaving in a wrong manner to me. myself is married and he is also married. but he is not having that maturity. i have also advised that this is a sin. but he is not ready to listen. he is learning such manners from my cousin brothers. because of this i avoid to go to my father’s house. but how long can i avoid going to my father;s house. please suggest remedies so that he himself changes and behave properly to elders. (particularly to elder/younger sisters).


  45. Dear guruji,

    I am mother if a 9 year old child with learning difficulties. She was diagnosed with seizures when she was a baby. My second pregnancy ended in an abortion in the 5th month due to sever heart ailments in the foetus. I am 38 years now pregnant in my 6th week. I have been having light spotting. I am very worried. Please tell me shlokas so that I have a healthy normal baby.


  46. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe. i am living in a compound house. a mentally retarded girl is living in a portion. we are a newly married couple. awaiting child. my fear now is will any negative vibrations affect us. searching for some other house. not able to find. please suggest remedies so that any negative vibrations should not affect us and should shift to a new house immediately.


    • cbg
      release all your fears.
      convey your good wishes to the child, by chanting, I am sorry, please forgive me, love thanks divine, when you see the child.

  47. Respected Guruji, I am presently chanting Water violet, Rock Water, Holly, Hornbeam, Aspen. I have heard from my clients that Lawyers in my Town are trying to prosecute me. They want to take me to Court. I want to evade going to Court. I have not done anything wrong to the clients. They are laughing at me and are passing bad comments. I get very frightened and start thinking what will happen to me, my office and my dependent mother. All this started since I sent my 2 staff home for good.

  48. > My cousin sis having terrible head pan 1week ago n her bp was high..she was admited yesterday and today under comma . Dr told she having internal bleeding in head n under ICU…
    > Pls help her.

  49. deVI
    CHANT kunchithapadam saranam

  50. Dear Sir,
    My family situation is very tough, I have just lost me father.
    I have two exams next wednesday, and I am going to fail. Because a) i still have not completed portions, b) i am unable to concentrate, c) i am depressed and d) i have zero retention capacity. This is the second time I am repeating my 11th standard exams. PLEASE HELP ME.

  51. Dear Sir,
    I would also like to add that I am skeptical of this and all things in general. After I lost my father who was Very, Very, Very dear to me, my faith in the world seemed to have disappeared. And now, I am in very bad shape for my exams( my last chance to have a future), I simply don’t know what to do.

  52. hi this is gopi.plz help me to get usa visa .plz help to which mantra will helful to get usa visa

  53. hello sir i have USA student visa interview on 6th of this month in Chennai,(may06,2013) plz give me any mantra to get usa student visa
    plz am to-much struggling for abroad.plz help me

    • gopi

      • Thank u so much for u r kind reply Guriji .but unfortunately my visa has been rejected.when going from my room in Chennai for visa interview,.. sneeze sound ( in Telugu meaning Thummulu) comes out from other person.this is a big problem facing every time …..when i think future plan or abroad plan or do some start a new work definitely sneeze(Thummulu) sound i hear from other person guriji this will indicate me that u r work going to smash.the same way work will be smash.plz help me guriji.i think some one enemy doing black magic on me.again am going to USA STUDENT VISA interview in hyderabad this month 22-05-2013 plz give me powerful mantra to get again USA visa.thank u Guriji.

        • gopi

          • Namaskar guruji.again i got usa student visa rejected what should i do seems always my bad luck in my pocket .what happening guruji.plz help me guruji.

  54. Dear sir, my husband is never stable and never satisfied in his jobs…and generally his jobs takes him away from our family..we want to live together but with good job or business (which we dont know) Is is possible to get help from god in knowing which business we should do so that we live together and financial problem is sort out….Please suggest some mantra for these problems

  55. Dear Guruji,

    Pranams. i am living in a rented house with an arragont house owner. she is always shouting like a devil. searching for a new one for the past two years. not able to digest her words. suggest something most powerful so that i get a good/divine house within my budjet immediately.


  56. dear baba,

    pranams. iam going treatment for child. in scan there was two eggs in good position. on seeing it doctor gave some medicines, instructions for pregnant. iam following it. on may 20 come again there will be a test again and i will let you know. until that continue tablets. i want it should be confirmed pregnant and i should give birth to hale and healthy baby.


  57. Guruji,

    I have given an Interview and the company have put me on hold stating that they will call me after 5 days to discuss salary.I already had a discussion with the General Manager regarding this.I have total 1.6 years of exp but they are offering me somewhere near 10k. Please give me any mantra so that I can get at-least 15-18 k. Other people in the organization are getting around 20k and more.

    Thanks in Advance

  58. Guruji,
    I need your help i don’t have job.My inlaws are insulting me always, my husbund not speak single word in front of them.I have 5 year old son.I lost my confidence of getting job.I did B.E.becoz of marriage and family responsibility i can’t continue my job in electronics field.
    Now i want to continue my career please guid me ,i feel alone i don’t have any friend
    I always feeled with fear and insecurity.Give me some SW to come out from this.

    thanks and regards

  59. Respected Guruji, Thank you I am chanting Agrimony Rock Rose. All my work have started to get stuck. There are many departments where the documents go through. I am sensing that documents are getting stuck at places, I am not getting completed works from the registered offices.DO

  60. DC
    add gentian hornbeam

  61. Naranji, My husband has work in diff places.He drives in late night too & due to his work stress he doesnt concentrate in his driving,many time he drives rashly.please tell my some mantras for his safe travel & quit smoking.Thank u.

  62. Respected Guruji, Thank you for the beautiful chants. I want to clean my house compound and the office {the walls, ceilings, trimming of trees, digging and planting of trees} and it seems I am not getting there. It seems I do not have the stamina to commence or feeling lethargic. I need some boost. DC

  63. dc
    chant hornbeam change divine order

  64. Respected Guruji, I am chanting Agrimony Rockrose Gentian Larch, however, my works/documentation are still stuck with the government departments. Clients are harassing me and I am very very frightened of any complaints with the legal departments.

  65. Hello sir Naran,

    I hv been following your site for a few days n I believe it to be very useful n helpful to many.

    I hv the problem of thinning hair on top of my head n greying on the side n back.

    Please recommend a solution to my problem?

    Thank you. God bless.

  66. hello Naran je,
    I have been in USA for more than 5 years. I am in student visa here. There is no chance of getting green card here. either I have to file for asylum or get married with white guy, which I don’t want. I filed an asylum years ago and got rejected. I don’t want to go back to my country. It not that I don’t like my country. I have a family problem, after getting green card here I will be able to call my mum here so I can take care of her. I desperately need green card of here. I was hoping for DV but I was not selected. again DV will open in sep- oct. Is there a way I will get selected.
    thank you.

  67. namste naranji, Past few days i feel very tired.I couldn’t do my regular works & have body pain.i feel restless.pls tell me mantras to chant.

  68. Namashkar Naranji,
    Please guide me to remove all the negative blockages of my life i want to forgive people who have done bad in my life knowingly or unknowingly and want forgiveness from all people whom i have hurt ed knowingly and unknowingly….

    So , that i can move ahead in life with new career… with new beginning
    and start my own business…

    help me

  69. mrs. rathore

  70. Dear guru,

    I need a solution for one of my personal problem. married woman awaiting child for eight years.done iui before 2 years and failed. now again injection was given on 19.05.13. waiting for another on 21.05.13.pregnancy should be confirmed this time. i should give birth to a hale and healthy , intelligent, charming baby.


  71. Dear Guruji,

    A friend has a relapse of breast cancer after seemingly successful chemotherapy.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  72. dear sir,
    i m 27 yr having cancer which is operated and now in radiation treatment. in this treatment period i came to know the infedelity of my husband. i hav 6 month baby. i couldnt bear the problems coming one after th other. pls help me to come out of this stress and depression. help me to fix this.

  73. guruji pranam,

    my boyfriends’s parents rejected me due to caste differences. but we still love each other. we both crossed our limits physically,which is well known to both his and my parents..still his parents are aginst our marriage and emotionally blackmailing him. resulting he is asking me to break up.he is doing his MS in USA and I’m in india doing my graduation final year…
    please suggest me any mantra and number of times the mantra to be chanted which works as a miracle in changing his and his parents minds and gives him the strength to convince them and make our love marriage successful.


  74. Respected Guruji, Thanks for beautiful mantras! Apart from business I do social work & am the President of an international women’s club. I am making the projects focus reports. I want to do a superb presentation on the internet on all our club’s completed projects. Please assist, what shall I chant? Dc

  75. hello Sir,
    Please help me.
    my husband keep watching porn films and nude picture. Although i talk to him to stop, he continues to watch.
    please suggest a remedy so that he stops, as this is affecting both our physical and emotional relationship a lot.
    thanking you.

    • eth

      • hello,
        i was chanting the above switch words given by you everyday. today again i saw my husband continue to watch these films. we had a big argument. he had said he will stop but he didnt.
        i feel he broke my trust again.
        he’s saying he will change but i cannot bring myself to forgive him for watching these films and i cant seem to trust him.
        suggest something for me, please?

  76. Dear Gurudev,

    My husband is not giving me sufficient money to me. he is only giving a part amount to me. if i ask him money ends in quarrel.but money is the basic need.without money what can we achieve.he is not at all understanding.earning well.but giving only a little bit of amount to to other relations.suggest remedies so that he gives the full salary to me so that i can run the family smoothly.

    • user 238,
      chant wildrose chestnutbud slow care together divine over a glass of water and both of you take daily

  77. Dear sir,

    I have worked overseas before but each time not for long. Just less and more than 2 years on each occasion. Is there a mantra or anything I can do to get a job in another country n stay long.

    Thank you.

    W Kiong

  78. Sir, further to my above-mentioned problem, my hair r also getting scanty day by day due to lack of sleep, mental worries n loneliness. My husband loves nice thick long hair…I have a very pretty face with flawless sandalwood complexion by my hair r a problem for my hubby.
    Cud u pls. help me with a peaceful mantra to chant for hair enhancement. Thanx …

  79. Dear Sir,
    Please help us. My husband is very hardworking, doing own business of interior designs and constructions. We get many orders, customers are always happy with our work ,but we are constantly facing payment issues and not receiving money on time and running into debts. Please help us Sir.
    Thanks & regards,

  80. My husband kumar(29.7.73) is civil Engineer, can u suggest color & emblem design for his business card which leds him to growth.

  81. Vanakam naranji..
    I have been chanting gorse larch adjust together change stil i didnt get my promotion 2 d place i want..plz help me

    thanx naranji

    • jey
      Thank the management for promoting you to the required place. do it daily till you get it

  82. Dear Guru,

    Water is getting stuck in my bathroom. Something has been gone inside and it is not running. not getting suitable person to clean it. we have tried many times with stick.but no use.suggest remedies so that we get a suitable person to clean it and water runs smoothly.


  83. Dear Gurudev,

    Namasthe. I have done my IUI two times this month. Also taking the tablets prescribed by doctor. she has instructed to take urine test for pregnancy confirmation next month june07. but now i am afraid whether will i get my periods. i have spended a lot for iui. suggest remedies so that i should not get my periods and pregnancy confirmed.


  84. jkk
    chant gentian Mimulus together divine

  85. Dear Guruji,

    According to astrology Sukra Dasa is currently running for me. it will be for 20 years. please suggest remedies so that i get full fruitful benefits of this dasa.


  86. sangavi,
    pray to sukra

  87. my son starts well and has high aims and scores good marks. he slowly gets disinterested and becomes easy going. i want him to have high drive to reach his goal.

  88. My son has high aim. He starts well but gradually loses interest and end in a mess. Kindly help him to work hard to score high marks and achieve his goals

  89. gopi
    Read vali vadham – The killing episode of vali by Rama daily

  90. hello Naran je,
    you had asked me to chant slow care. and I have been chanting it since you told me. i try to chant it 108 times twice in the day( before i go to bed and after i get up). I have been taking rudraksha mala and siting in meditation position and chanting it since you told me. ( more than one month). when I chant it i cannot focus into the words. I try so hard but again I get out of tract and feels it I have someother things to do as well and try to hurry it. I always try to finish it fast. And also i have no change in my memory. it is the same story, I cannot remember what people say, their name, their face, as well as what I study. I cannot remember the direction as well. When professor tells me something about course material i cannot keep in my head. That’s why I have been trying to keep notes in my schedule. plz help me.

    • kali
      Take the flower remedies vervain chestnutbud scleranthus, hornbeam
      put 5 pills in 200 ml water and have small sips every two hours

  91. Dear Guruji,

    My niece aged 18 ( nov12, 1985) is having scoliosis, S-shaped spine, quite bad. However, she’s living her life quite normally.

    Please help.

    Thank you. God bless.

  92. W.KIONG

  93. my brother divorce is delaying. we want the divorce from the girl because she call girl type girl and her family is very bad .she and her family even try to poison me and my mother to kill us and wanted the property but she failed . she do not love my brother but for the property got married to my brother. she by her self left the home and ask for divorce .we gave her 1.5 lacs rupee and more 1.5lacs are to be given to her . in this month ,in the last week we have to give her the remaining amount .please give me some mantra to chant and so my family well be free from her . my brother do not believe in any mantra .so please give the powerful mantra to me so that i can chant it on his behalf. please help

  94. rk
    WRITE his name and words in a paper . draw a circle around and keeping the paper in hand chant.

  95. Namaste Guruji
    I have eye related problems. They get red and I have pain also. Eyes are puffy. Feel tired and look sleepy. I went to eye specialist. I have eye lids problems. Eye lids are inflammed. I am taking care of my eye lids everyday. But still not cured. Please advise. Thanks

  96. ANGI

  97. hello sir i have completed my b.tec 1st year exams yesterday and what mantra ihave to spell to get good percentage please sir say me from harika devi

  98. Respected Guruji, I have a number of properties to sell. I cannot sell it. I have put advertisement on the newspapers but cannot sell. People come but something happens and all goes astray.DO

  99. i am a girl of 25 and i am being hopeless day by day.depression is ruining me inside.I feel like world is absurd and i am surviving for nothing.when ever i try to do something good i fail and can’t get success.i have been trying for abroad since 2006 but i never got visa and even i am facing obstacles in documentation.i try to find job ,i can’t.i feel like i am good for nothing.i can’t smile.i feel like i have Thanatos psychic in my mind.please i need to know who i am?i used to feel like i got enlightenment before 8 month now i feel i was wrong.I want to go abroad in dependent with my husband but it has been more than 7 years i keep on rejecting .

  100. hi i need your help.i was giving the paper 2 time but im not pass. the exam related to the my nursing .im in america and in here when you need nursing job then you clear the exam(its call licence for nurse)but i ca’nt pass .plzzzz give me mantra for passing exam.

  101. sir iam harika devi i have finished my 1st year exam and what mantra i have to spell to get more than 75% please sir give me powerful mantra and say me how many times i have to spell from harika devi

  102. Respected narayan ji!
    I am jasmine nakarmi.I had an operation of stomach tummer and my health often gives me well as my mother seems unhappy and depressed.even our family condition is slowly getting worse than before.I want to be health and want to get job with good income.I need your help to improve condition of my mother too.

  103. dear sir, my son is in 8th std now. from starting of this year only i want to make him study well so that he gets good grades. but he does not listen to me, wen he is studying he doesnot concentrate, his mind gets diverted soon. he doesnt remember wat he has studied he wants to play always. so please suggest some mantra remedies so that this year atleast he get good grades and study well and under stands it. please help me.

  104. Respected sir ,
    we are searching for a rented house from 3years far we haven’t got any house tat meet our budgetand which is according to vasthu ..please help me by suggesting any mantra to chant to get a good house at the earliest .

  105. dear sir,
    I’m an computer engineering student going give my 4th sem exams from 18th of tis month.
    I’m really very nervous and tensed .I wish to score Atleast distinction as my aggregates are low in so far semesters. kindly help me out sir .

  106. hi dear sir this is jyoti
    i gave 2 time exam but im not clear .its related to medical line .plzzzzzzzzzz sir give me powerful mantra to pass the exame,plzzzzz help me sir

  107. dear sir!
    SIr! my sister has one paper left to pass as she has passed her all other paper of bachelor.
    Because of human resources management she has been able to get certificate of bachelor degree .this is her chance exam..if she fail again she have to repeat all from first year which is impossible she is in depression because of many reasons.anyhow she need to pass it.please help her.
    thanking you

  108. Sir i m very weak in math please give me mantra to improve in it.

  109. Sir give me mantra to master in maths.

  110. Namaste Naranji, My son 5years has sinus problem.please suggest me mantras for him to recover from it completly.Wish ur Blessing for his healthy life.Thank u.

  111. Surindran Subramaniam

    I have debt around me and luck seems not working well for me.Please send me a mantra for wealth and luck

    • Surindran Subramaniam |

      Move freely above the pressure of debts(WINGS) and put an end to the debt(LIMIT), stop being critical of yourself and others(who gave the loan)(PRAISE) close it now, finding a right direction by being focused(POINT),and stop thinking about it(END),thank the divine for finding a solution to the problem(REACH) of debt, by getting money(COUNT now.(NOW).
      Any one who has debt can chant this.

  112. Guru ji i am MBA 2nd sem studen today was my QT paper i tink i will fail on this paper. if i fail the examination can’t get the admission on 3rd sem so please guruji help me. i don’t want to fail and sitting 1 year.

  113. Hello Sir
    I have a friend past two months he is not talking to me at all, if I call him he asks me to leave him alone. He is a very loving kind of a person. Don’t know suddenly what has happened to him. Can you please give me some mantra where, he would start communicating or calling me. Don’t want to loose such a friend.
    Thank U

  114. sir,
    i want to thank you for the angel number 82 because after chanting the number just for one day my sister go the teacher job in the good school ,before the day of chanting the number she went for the interview ,the interview was good she answered very well and also took the lesson but she was rejected since she was not having any reference ,she was very sad because she needed this job the most ( because her husband is not working at all and she is having to kids) so i told her to chant 82 and told her to go to that school again and talk to the principal of the school regarding the job and she did it and the miracle happened she got the call for one more interview and was selected for the teacher job thank you sir

    god bless you.

  115. hi naranji

    my daughter works hard for her exams and is also thru with her exams. She does well in all her exams. But unfortunately all her final exam results are coming out average and below average. And she thinks she is unlucky. Pls suggest me what can I do for her good results.

  116. My cousin’s husband in India collapsed into coma and is on life support. Please pray for him that he regains conciousness and his brain starts functioning again. His name is Bala. They have been married for less than one year. His loss will be unbearable. Please pray for him and include him in your prayers.

  117. Vanakkam sir ,my daughter is studying in 7th std she is little back in concentration please if you kindly help her your valuable advice to score best marks and find a good education in her future.please sir reply me kindly .

  118. sir,

    i cannot complete my animation projects
    please sir need your help please give me chant to overcome all the problem and complete my projects (i have to submit the projects next month in the college but unable to finish it ) please sir reply to my request

    on june 13 2013 have request for the chant but didnot reply please help

  119. Dear Guruji,
    I am going up to my 2nd year in university. I fear that I have not faired well in my last semester examinations and that results woul be very poor. Is there any mantra I can chant that will influence the results and they come out good and if possible I can top my class? Please Sir, please help me. Will really be very greatful.

  120. Sir, i married since 15 yrs. It was happy upto 3yrs before. One of my family friend startd telling she has affair with my husband. I am disturbed with this. My husband loves me and denies this matter. I dont know whether it is true or not. Please help me to get rid of this problem in my life. She is disturbing my husband.

    • kavitha,
      do you believe that or not?

      • Sir,
        I am very much attached with my husband and iam confident with him. Suddenly i get the emotions that might be something happened . My husband is a very good person and giving care and affection to me and my children. He will upset whenever i start this emotions. I always praying for happy family life. Give me mantra which i have to chant.

        • avitha
          play the durga durgam cd daily in the house.
          chant ASPEN REDCHESTNUT CHERRYPLUM to overcome the fear or concern about near and dear

  121. Sir Namaste,
    I have problem with my in-laws. My MIL behaves so pleasantly infront of every one including my husband but will talk to me all the nonsense when I am alone. She is interested in talking and so feels that all she talks is good. But every word of her hurts me a lot. She dominates me in everything to such an extent that now I feel very lonely and homeless. Till now I convinced myself thinking that all my thoughts are wrong and she too deserves love and affection. So I was not paying any attention to those things. Now she started interfering between me and my husband in such a way that i cannot even get a chance to talk to him properly and he totally became biased. He’ll only listen to her and will not believe even if I say the truth. I can forgive or give up anything but i cannot lose my husband. Afterall it is for his love and affection, I am bearing all these things and losing my self respect.
    Now I understood that I cannot stay with them any longer and need some remedy or mantra for staying away from them. We got married last year and never felt that we are recently married because of her.
    I am not angry with her. I used to think that it will be good to stay together but now if relations should last longer with my husband or my in laws, it is better to live seperately.
    Before marriage they told my parents and all of their own relatives that they’ll live seperately and now they forgot that and decided to stay with us permenantly.
    Till date I never complained this to my husband or never spoke a single word harshly to my MIL. I have kept things to myself and now i couldnt hold it any longer.
    Please solve my problem by giving me a mantra that works soon.
    Also all these situations are showing a great impact on my career and I am not able to progress in that. Please suggest a remedy for this as well

  122. Dear Sir

    i have heavy cellulite on my thighs..i hv tried many things but somehow this part stays solid heavy and keeps me totally disfigured .Many tyms i wonder wht is the cause of this ..some past life issue which is not getting solved ..kindly advice me

  123. Dear Naran Sir,
    Please help me.. my boss become so negative about me that whatever he asked me to do, he is so confident that I will make mistake in that work and so it happens even if I really do that work with height of my cautions something happens and he founds something to yell on me, even if spelling mistake or words I am taking.. anything…. While explaining the work to me he is gets so panic and don’t even tell the work properly.. I notice the way he tell others their work; what and how to do and the way he tells me my work or any job.

    Rest all work I do in the office whole day is perfectly and that too without any tension, irritation or mistakes.. why this? Kindly suggest me something…


  124. Dear Guru,

    I got married before 8 years. Awaiting Child Birth. Tried IUI (through injection) two times and failed. again planned to do IUI in August 2013 in another hospital. doctor has said that there is problem for normal hence try through injection. this time i should get a good hospital and also success with less budjet. suggest mantras to recite until i get confirmed pregnancy and also give birth to healthy child.


    • INDRA1
      FOR PREGNANCY visit blog postings on conceiving.
      to get satisfactory treatment from drs. chant GENTIAN WATERVIOLET GORSE CLEMATIS

  125. Dear Naran Ji, Namah Shivay, First I want to appreciate for your guidence and love towards others. I also need your help. I want my body healthy and in perfect beautiful shape, I have tried a lot of things. But there is a problem that is non-consistency. one day i do reiki, another day i do chanting of affirmation or matra or switchword. another day i do meditation, shri vidya , angel meditation, prayers gratitude practices i do a lot of things but not continously, why i cant do one thing continously. I dont feel myself in my control, After learning a lot of things i m not able to use one thing for a particular target, and why can not i acheived it. I m in guilt also. what should i do to use any one technique for achieving my taget and remain stick on it.I find myself most easy and regular only in Mantra chanting because i do it while working. I need your help please help me.

    namah shivay

    • Payal Pankhi
      for one month dont do anything other than REIKI.while doing Reiki, i.e., while doing hands on Reiki chant SLOW CARE in each position

  126. Nsmaste Naranji, My son 5yrs old is suffering from enlarged adenoids, pls suggest mantras n prayers to cure it.

    • sasikumar
      adenoid enlargement is because of quarrel between parents.

      • But Naranji, we don’t have quarrel in between husband never even scold me, he is a sweet person.pls solve this problem.we both r very playful with our kid & very caring to him.

        • sasikumar,
          adenoid means blocking which may interfere with normal breathing and sometimes with hearing.
          Give the child gentian crab apple heather. 2 pills each 3 times a day.
          get drawing pills combined with yellow sapphire to facilitate immunity and breathing.

  127. Sir,
    how reduce leg hair growth in women?
    Regards . . .

  128. Dear Naran Ji,
    I am 25 years old and working as Engineer in Oman. Two months back I’m affected with Rhumatoid Arthritis. I suffered with too much pain. Then I taken the treatment in Chennai. Now I came back to Oman and working normally. my doctor suggested me to take the medicine for 6 months. For that I’m taking some steroid tablets. Because of this I’m getting some harmonal changes. (i.e) I’m noticing some unwanted hair growth in face. What I’ve to do. Also I’m looking like under weight. How I’ve to gain my weight?
    Please give a remedy.

  129. Dear Naran Sir,
    Thank you very much…. For everything…….. Last Saturday I have gone through you forgiveness book ( one of my favorite book now.) and from Sunday I have started the forgiving exercise for my boss, my MIL & my husband. And all of sudden my boss who is actually very angry on me for some misunderstandings started talking to me and appreciating my work.
    I am very happy. Further there are still no changes in my MIL and husband but I am continuing the same as it is only 2 days now I have started forgiving exercise and I can’t expect sudden changes, so early in them but I will continue.

  130. Dear Sir,
    I am jobless from past 3-years. I am a banker by professional and trying my best but no luck. I interviews always move to step 2 for approval but suddebnly every things vanish. Therefore, my married life is totally on edge as she demands seperation. What to do, pls advise the best mantra. Tks

  131. namastey sir, i am ashna gupta from punjab. from past 8 years i am having a relationship with a guy named vikram sharma. but not know due to what reasons there are some problems in communication and in marriage. some times when we go to meet each other we met with accident or some other happening. we both are really sincere to each other. so please tell me remedy or mantra so we both can get marry to each other.
    thankyou so much..

  132. Dear sir, I am Vijaitha. I am preparing for a competitive exam( sept 26- 29), where we need to present & explain things to the examiners & actors- who act as patients. Even if i am well prepared, i cant recollect things, when i get into the situation. i get to stammer making the patient & actor think that i am not at all confident, which is true. I am really stressed, since only 20 in 100 students can pass this exam & the exam is very very expensive. So we need to BE THE BEST IN ALL- presentation, other dummy exercises, explanation & presence of mind, which i lack, when i get tensed. i really believe in you & feel you can help me. after going through this site, i started chanting ambika mantra, which i am finding very helpful, especially when i am stressed. Anything more which can help me to pass this exam. Please help
    Awaiting eagerly for your reply,

    • Take Larch, Mimulus, and rescue Remedy start few days before the exams and continue until the exam is over.

      Larch for self-confidence, Mimulus and Rescue Remedy will remove your tension.

      • Dear sir,
        I have approached you before. I got my result. I lost. I am planning to sit again in Dec. Please suggest me something to achieve success this time. This exam is very expensive in additional to the amount of stress. The passing % is very low like I have mentioned before. According to me the exam had went well. So really getting depressed with my result. So thought of getting help from you.

  133. Respected Guruji,

    My husband is a diabetic and inspite of taking medication, it does not seem to reduce. Can you pl suggest some mantras. thank you

  134. Dear Sir,
    Is there any mantra to chant for deceased parents so that their soul can rest in peace.

    Thanks & Regards

    • smarty
      how do you know that they are not peaceful?

      • Dear sir,
        At the age of 9 I lost my father…my mother struggled a lot after my fathers death to settle our family.. last the age of 28 I lost my I am all alone. I see her many times in my dream in a state of agony. As we all know that parents debt cannot be repaid, If anything I can do from my end is to pray God so that my parents soul rest in peace…that’s what i know.

        Thanks & Regards

  135. Hi Sir. My name is Sanjeev, my wife wants a divorce from me. I also havooe a son who is 3.8 years old. She has moved out of our house 2 months back and has taken my son along. I don’t want a divorce as i love her and my son very much. She has become a stone and is not listening to anyone and isn’t ready to try again. Please advise what mantra should i recite to improve our situation

  136. why we critisize others?Others also critisize us even for small things.How can we handle this?

    • My recent experience.

      I was not happy with a service partner of mine. Usually I would have blasted him for his performance.

      I noticed myself reacting to him differently – asking him about the details of the unwanted situation, instead of criticizing him. The answer justified his actions.

      I wondered how come my reaction was different. I realized that I have the Love symbol (66) in my purse. When I reported to Naran, he said 50 of all our problems will solve if we carry the symbol.

      Try it.

  137. can you share this love symbol with me plz as I need to put this in my husband’s purse as he is very short tempered and ends up in fights most of the time,.

    thank you

  138. Respected Narenji, I have been an ardent follower of your blog and mantras. I am presently without a job. Searching for my dream job which would be the best alternatively have plans to start a new business. But I am in the midst of huge debts hence in a depressed state thinking what is in store for my future. I have several business ideas and not able to choose anything. At the same time, I need some capital to start a new business too. Please advise me with a suitable mantra or flower remedy for me to get into the right track and choose the correct option — the right job or business ?? suitable to my dreams.
    Thank you very much

    With lots of anticipation


  139. sir i posted my problem on july 23 but till now i ddnt get any reply. please reply sir. i am in a big problem…

  140. Respected Guruji,

    Thank you for the beautiful chants. I want something to chant for my brother, his wife and 2 children who have applied for a work visa in New Zealand. I need this urgently since they are in the home country. They have got jobs and school available for children in New Zealand. Documents have been lodged but awaiting reply. For positive results please recommend any chant. DO

  141. Sir I have posted querry about my friend Tracy on 9th Aug Waiting eagerly for your reply

    • for relationship issues chant “together divine”
      write sweetchestnut and rescue remedy and keep it under the pillow.. u can chant also..

  142. Respected Narenji,
    I had written to you earlier. I have been chanting Gentian Wildrose together divine,i had been called for an interview and shortlisted. As I was without a job, I need to take up this. However I need a chanting mantra to reaffirm and to guide me to the right dream job. Please help.

  143. namaste Guruji , i want to win lottery , give me any chant or switch words so that it can be happened really , i purchase many tickets but , no luck…So i come here seeking your help. please help me, i am poor person , and spend my life of me and my family with great difficulty …your kind help is much appreciated .

  144. Sir, I shared my problem with you on August 23. My boyfriend Iqbal has given up and refused to marry me without my father’s consent and said he is unable to fight my father. Plzzz help me so that we can overcome all the obstacles and get married as soon as possible. my parents are already trying to fix my marriage elsewhere.Sir, we truly love each other.. Plzz help us to be united forever.. You are my one and only ray of hope.. I will awaiting eagerly for your blessings..

    • nabanita
      take the flower remedies walnut rockwater 2 pills daily three times
      chant change divine order

  145. nabanita
    Also chant WALNUT ROCKWATER ………….(insert your name and his name)TOGETHER DIVINE

    • Sir.. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I will start chanting right now. But my parents have confined me at home and i am not allowed to go outside. It’s next to impossible for me to get the pills. I have no money either. Will just chanting do?? One more thing sir.. My father will never agree to this relationship. Moreover he has found other guy for me. If he steps forward to this proposal and I marry my lover on my own he will get furious. So plz suggest me some remedy so that my family deny him..

      • Sir.. My lover has stopped communication with me. But his father and brother called me and said that he is very upset and crying all the day coz i am getting married somewhere else. My father has also damaged his business and caused him a huge loss. Sir, how can i prevent this disasters and maintain good relation & communication between us even in this critical situation and overcome all the oobstacles and be together?? He has lost hope but I have complete faith in God as well as you.. Is it possible to get my desired result without pills??

  146. please , may you write a post about vedic astrology? lots love

  147. Sri Naran,

    My Namaskarams to you,

    My son is 17 Years and was doing very good in studies till CBSE X STD. he got 9.8 out of 10 grade in X STD in March 2012.. He has not done well in 1st PUC (11th std) and now he is finding it very difficult to study in 2nd PUC (12th Std). He says he is not understanding, unable to concentrate and don’t remember during exams. He says he wants to study well but unable to do. Sleeps more. We are very much worried and please advice and guide us.

    C V Haribabu

  148. Pranams Naran Sir,
    Pls suggest some switch words for my development delayed daughter who is 26 months to do activities appropriate to her age.

  149. Dear Sir,
    I have seeked your help before. First of all i would like to thank you for your advices. I am chanting ambika mantra & taking rescue remedies, larch & mimulus. I am finding it very useful. My exam is from 8am to 2.30pm on 27th , 28th & 29th of sept 2013. Once we enter the exam center, they wont allow us to take any water with us, because they provide it there. So I was wondering if i take those remedies in a glass of water before entering the center, will that also be effective? These days, I was taking remedies in a bottle of water, and taking it through out the day. Hope you will be able to help me again
    Awaiting your reply
    Kind Regards,

  150. I am having problem of acid reflux, please guide me the mantra for that.
    And my sister is having relationship problem with her husband ,means no compatibility. Please guide for excellent relationship among them.

    Great regards

  151. I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

    • I have spinal muscular atrophy, my spine, right elbow, both knees r not straight. hv teeth, gum, gray hair, acidity, skin burn problem and many bad memories too. please heal me up……

  152. Namaste naranji,
    I have tried many medicines but no cure for me & my son (5yrs)running nose & cough & breathing problem, 2 days v will be fine, then the problem starts again . Please help us . suggest mantras for us.

  153. Sir, i have headache, neck pain and shoulder pain past 3 yrs pls give me a mantra to cure my pains.

    • lakshmi
      is it continuous pain…
      when it is started?
      what are your emotions..?
      is there something annoying..

      chant change divine order like a mad person..

  154. Respected naran ji

    My problem Is my two small children studying in .kg and pre kg, their bus driver and transport. Incharge. Of their school are refusing to drop my daughters at home, they are getting dropped in a four way main road where I have to cross a drainage and cross the 4 way high road and bring children home. It is very risky. Or else if I need a door drop they are sending inmate a very late drop bus where my younger one sleeps out of hunger before she reaches home . Pls suggest me what can I do either flower remedy or mantra I can chant so they my children get dropped in same bus which is dropping now but AT HOME. . Thanks in advance .

  155. Dear Sir,

    On the 26th of Sept, I had gone went as a Model to support my batch mate who was appearing for her International beauty exam for body treatments and esthetics. All the models were suppose to remove their jewellery and leave them in our bags and for this the school had provided us with a room opposite to the performing examination class. At the end of the session, I noticed that my purse containing my money, jewellery, bike keys and other stuff was missing. Assuming that I must have left it on the table of during lunch in the provided room and must have by mistake gone in others bag (as there was lots of things kept there) We checked with every model and student till late that evening.
    Only by next morning after everyone confirmed of not having or seeing the purse did i go and lodge a police complain.
    My question is, when I went to only help a friend, which was voluntary and that too wen I live very far off, why is that only my purse got stolen? No one else’s things were touched. The jewellery I lost was something that I could make only for lifetime. Would there be a possibility to retrieve it??? Pllllsssss help and guide Sir. I am as it is in huge financial trouble and have no job.

    Thank you in advance

  156. Dear Sir,

    In 2 weeks time I will have my exams which count a lot for my futur and I do not want to resit the papers. For long time I have been struggling and am still doing so for a better futur.

    Can you please help me to get through my exams.

    Thanking you in advance

  157. dear naran ji ,

    I’M pregnant now, i’m in 5th month of my pregnancy i stay in USA .The doctor said that i have baby girl but i really prayed for baby boy i’m so upset i want a baby boy so i’m still praying god to change please help me with a solution for this to happen as i have 1 daughter and this is my second baby .

  158. R mohan

    i want to go to live with my parents for few days as its about a year since i’ve met them. But my inlaws & my husband neither allow me to go with my son nor my husband goes with me as they hate my parents & i cant argue with anybody at home.
    pls suggest what to do so that my husband himself takes me to visit my parents & stay there for few days happily

    • One day I had to talk to my parents. I was expecting some arguments, which I wanted to avoid. Therefore, I requested Wolf to go and speak to them on my behalf first, before I reach there.

      When I reached my parents’ house, I was not needed take any extra efforts to convince them. Somehow, they seem to understand my side of the story, without me convincing them in any way.

      So, folks I want you to know that I never handle anything in my life without seeking the help of my pal, the animal spirit guide Wolf.

      In addition, I carry his picture in my purse.

      – from a case history on Wolf

      • i prayed to wolf at first my husband agreed to go to my parents but today he again said no what to do.

        • R mohan

          he agreed to go only for one day. Dont ive the right to stay with my parents for 2-3 days as im visiting them after about a year.He is not agreeing on this & wen i tried to convice he & my inlaws started shouting on me

  159. Can Naran sir do a blog on the quartz pyramid method ? How to use it to continue chanting in our abscence…

  160. I want to find a buyer for my land what mantra can I chant to attract a buyer

  161. R Mohan

    Very urgent help reqd…We are planning to go Delhi next Saturday to attend a wedding. But i dont want to go due to some strong reason.Pls suggest something to chant so that this trip gets cancelled anyhow…pls pls

  162. Naran Sir,

    I am diagnosed with fibroids and have heavy bleeding for 9 days,have been suffering form 3 years . I am taking homeo medicine also ,please suggest me a switchword or remedy for this monthly problem.

    Thanks in advance

  163. Nobody is replying on blogs…..Pls R mohan/m/Naran sir any body reply for the comments

  164. Naran Sir,
    i really appreciate your remedies. Im a girl who is suffering a lot.. indebt with an education loan for engineering.In my last year of graduation..have been preparing for competitive exams for Selection in PSU’s but im very lazy and find myself lost in thoughts n lack in concentration.. I wish to succeed in my career n marry my loved one as everythng depends on my career..
    Kindly suggest me a powerful mantra to succeed in my career. Shall i enchant ambika mantra?.. will it help me to overcome lethargy?

  165. all old comments are deleted

  166. i meant when we post a comment it is now not shown in RECENT COMMENTS

  167. plzz..anyone reply to my query m in need..

  168. Dear sir,
    I have approached you before. I got my result. I lost, even though i have done well. I got my feedback & I got 2 borderline for minor mistakes, which made my result fail. I am planning to sit again in Dec. Please suggest me something to achieve success this time. This exam is very expensive in additional to the amount of stress. The passing % is very low like I have mentioned before. According to me the exam had went well. So really getting depressed with my result. So thought of getting help from you.
    Thanking you,

  169. Hello Naran sir

    im a daily reader of your blogs without missing even a day.But still last few months many people comments are not being replied.Some queries are the old one,the solutions of which are already in blogs but still there are many queries which are new. And it will be more interesting if gain more & more knowledge, Pls sir dont misunderstand me,i love visiting ur site but pls arrange for someone to reply queries……

  170. i got married before 4mnths.he is working in merchant ship in abu dhabi.after marriage he
    gone.but i couldnt go with him.he is finding a job there for me.i have completed btech degree in 2006.i have experience in electrical transmission as substation operation for 6 years.plse help me to get a good job i could get a family life too…… now i am doing pg diploma in personnel managment too…….
    plse suggest me switch word

  171. Namaste naranji.I sometime feel like my kid 5yrs is going get sick & it does happen n iam much worried.what mantra to chant to get rid of it & good health for my kid.pls reply.

  172. Thanks a lot Naranji, V need ur blessing too on this spl day.

  173. Dear sir,
    I have approached you before. I got my result. I lost, even though i have done well. I got my feedback & I got 2 borderline for minor mistakes, which made my result fail. I am planning to sit again in Dec, which is from 5th to 8th dec. Please suggest me something to achieve success this time. This exam is very expensive in additional to the amount of stress. The passing % is very low like I have mentioned before. According to me the exam had went well. So really getting depressed with my result. So thought of getting help from you. Eagerly waiting for you reply sir
    Thanking you,

  174. hi
    my husband has suffered from paralytic attack this july 13 and now he is slowly improving,he is whole right side of the body was affected along with his to get speech clarity and lifting his right hand and fingers is with difficulty.he has to return back to normal.pls suggest a solution for us.

  175. Hi Sir,

    I have dark spots on my lips.
    I have tried ointments but of no use.
    Can you help me with the switch word for this please


  176. I am working in a reputed office since 4 months as an Engineer. I a facing problem with my technical lead. He has awkward nature, he remains alone and wants people under him to be like that. I have friends and sometimes in day I talk to them for 5-10 min and get back to work because I know he doesn’t like it. But then too he’ll tell my manager that I am not doing any work. And big problem is whatever work he gives to me I finished it in one day with which he was surprised and praised me when no one was there. But to my manager he told that all the work is done by him and said that I don’t do any work. I was shocked with this cruelty. Manager don’t know realty about him and if we try to tell manager about him he will praise him and tell us to do work. I am fed up with this person. Please tell me how to handle this situation and let the manager’s mind not to take that person’s word and make him believe in me. That person is actually ruining the project and manager don’t understand that and blames all other employees. Technical lead always plays this game. He make new employees do the work and then torture them to leave the project so that he will get the credit. Please help as soon as possible.

    • shu,

      1)daily give thanks to your office ,your work,your manager,your boss,your colleagues night
      2)chant ” I m sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine” 200 times (thinking about your team lead)
      3)Chant “Holly Mimulus Centaury Pine” as many times as possible
      4)Write “Together Praise Divine ” 51 times…


  177. Dear Naran Sir,
    I m reading your blogs for last 1 year and by this u became a hope for me..I m suffering from mental depression and have forgot what ever i learned through out my life don have confidence any more,my mental vision, lifes charm is gone don have interest in any thing,not able to understand what people are talking to me,my brain rewiring is totally gone..only memories of childhood comes in my mind,not able to learn new thing and have stopped living the outdoor life…becomming physically and mentally very very weak,plz help me if you can help me..

  178. Dear sir
    I am Rachana, my son is 4.5 yr old ,he is calm and sweet id at home, he never hits anyobe, but school is complaining his agressive and arrogand behavour with the teachers andother students.which mantra I should chant.

    • Rachna,

      vine -for beating..and being arrogant and agressive
      Cherry Plum for uncontrolled behavior
      Chicory for demanding

      since when this is happening..?and what exactly he does..

      • Sir

        On 15 nov school called us to change the school of my kid from the next session. Teachers say due to his aggresive behaviour he is not doing well in academics. He do not concentrate in studies and walk here and there in the class,he do not listen his teachers , he has done neck holding for the 4 th time, he push the lunch of other kids. But whenever he is at home he never behave like this,he never do any kind of masti at home, he use to play 2 hrs daily with the neighbour kids but he never hit them,even whosoever met him says that my child is very calm, he never broke anything in m house. I m ot able to uderstand why they are behaving like this to me.

        • Sir
          I m pregnant also so which mantra I should chant for beautiful and intelligent baby.and my son has no intrest in eating food. He kept the food in his mouth and doesn’t chew it.

          • Rachna,
            Give vine ,cherryplum, holly ,chicory to child
            Since when this is happening?

            You said you are pregnant…Is he aware that his brother/sis soon will be part of family ?if yes,ask how he feels?
            Are there any issues in school/teachers/subjects…ask him humbly?

          • Rachna,
            1)All pregnant women can chant “TOGETHER DIVINE”.
            They can write in a paper the Bach Flower Remedies – “ELM, SWEET CHESTNUT, HORNBEAM, WALNUT, RED CHESTNUT” and keep it under the pillow.

            The names of Bach flower remedies can be written in a notebook daily for 21 times.
            By keeping the hands on the Hara Chakra (situated below the belly button), one can chant TOGETHER DIVINE.

            2)And read this ..

            3)Listen bach flower medtitation cd daily throughout the pregnancy.(listen through speaker)
            Get this CD from centre.

            • Sir
              First of all tank u so much for the guidence u have given to me.yes my son knows about new baby, and he is excited .infact school has pointed him from the starting of the session ,what I feel that he is not doing good academically so they dont want to spoil there school name.and if we start finding mistakes in someone so many mistakes can be find out. And this school is only complaning thiskind of behavoiur of my kid.

              Well I ask him did u hit anyone in the school he everytime says no.
              How I have to give
              Vine,cherryplum,holly,chicoy to him.from where I can get this medicine.

              How can I change the attitude of the teachers towards him. Can I write agrimony and kept in his pocket.
              Can u tell me what I can do to make him academically better.
              Can u expalain me the meaning of the bach flower remedy u have written for me

          • Rachna,
            It’s better if you handle one issue at time..
            For your child …you can write all flower remedies on a piece of paper and keep it in his can include agrimony too..
            Also at night keep it under his pillow..

            you can get these remedies from homeopathy can even chant these remedies holding a glass of water and give water to child.

            for studies chant ambika mantra (100 times)holding glass of water,your son can drink that water.

            Now regarding you..go through this link… Naran sir has described everything here..

            Good luck..

  179. Dear sir
    I am sonu and very depressed as my good friends left me..i want to gain love and respect from there any mantra?

  180. dear sir my elder son of 13 yrs age is not concentrating on studies he is very weak in studies what ever he studies he forgets. even in school if teacher gives home work he doesnot do at home he forgets. every time i should tell him to study if i tell also he will not concentrate and study with interest. so tell me some remedy so that he will study at his own with concentrating and will not forget what he has studied

  181. My name is Manish Koshal, residing in New Delhi, India. Male, Born in 1968 and suffered a stroke in October 2010 due to history of high blood pressure. I was rushed to the hospital and operated upon right side hematoma. Post operation, left side paralysed. Was in the ICU and hospital for 15 days and discharged thereafter. Back at home, acupressure and physiotherapy commenced. Till now, I have subjected myself to various treatments like ayurvedic medicines, homeopathic medicines, hydro therapy, MNS stimulations, ayurvedic body massage etc. Have recovered most of the motor movement of hand and leg. I have yet to get any movement in my wrist, fingers, toes and ankle. Plus hand and leg movement to open and function smoothly and to get rid of the stick I use when walking outdoors.

    Pl help me to recover fully from this paralysis once and for all

  182. Dear sir,
    One of my friend who took advice from you has mentioned me to take Larch, Mimulus, and rescue Remedy start few days before the exams and continue until the exam is over, to help me with pass my exam. Now she has gone for a vacation. I got those remedies. Can you pls advice me how to take it? How many drops should i take & how many times a day? I went through this site. Its mentioned about pills. But I am having drops. Please help me.

    • surya,
      Take the liquid.

      Put 2 or 3 drops of each remedy in 200 ml water. If you are going to take only one remedy then put 5 or 6 drops instead.

      Take the water 6 to 7 times in a day.

      Keep the liquid in the fridge. Otherwise, it will evaporate over a period of time.

  183. Hi
    Since last few days im continuously having a dream of bomb blasts happening in some areas,destruction of houses & millitants etc.Im always safe in dreams.What does this indicate.

    • v,
      naran sir can explain meaning of dreams….

      But, are you still angry with MIL and husband..and dislike your house?keep doing forgiveness exercise for them.
      Start liking your house..
      read this..

      • m thanks for not angry with my husband…for him anger is just temporary yes im hurt by him…..but im sorry to say i can never ever forgive my inlaws….the day u asked me to start forgiving exercise i was so much positive & decided to do what u said but the very next morning….my MIL & FIL used a very bad word for me….i was so much angry & cried a lot…..& after that i became busy in 2 marriages so a lot of functions happened & i could get time….every single day they torture me,dominate me discourage me make fun of me…abuse me & my parents…..yesterday also my FIL shouted on my 2 yr old kid so badly.he cried saying mummy & wanted to come to me but he didnt allow him to come & neither allow me to take him…… can i forgive them….im waiting for the time wen my husband gets a good job in some other city & we shift there….but yes i will do the things what u said as i respect u a lot……i wish i could speak to u personally & explain u all my problems….

        • v,
          This text is from Naran sir’s book..”forgiveness why and why”

          “Don’t go by the dictionary meaning of forgiveness.The metaphysical meaning of forgiveness is different.It means ,”I let go the hatred I harbour.”You please help me release my
          hatred.”Please do it .I can’t say more than this .Anger will never help us move forward or get us what we want.It can be done mechanically .Forgiving is not to get rid of anger.
          Rather like anger ,it is another technique used by us to get what we want.
          There are two steps in forgiving.First we need to let go our anger by not resisting.Accept the anger and just say”let go”.Letting go of anger or any emotion gives us the choice to
          communicate and to handle the present better.Thereafter we can do the forgiveness exercise .”

          So start doing…this is the wonderful tool..I have done it many times…even for small reasons also…atleast do for 200 times daily.
          good luck…

          • Ok m i will do all the steps what u gave me ….as now im free from all family functions & as u said “it is another technique used by us to get what we want.” so i will do this forgiveness to get what i want in my life. I will start from today surely & give u the feedback after 15-20 days

          • sorry for typo…
            title of sir’s book is “Forgiveness why and how”
            Now this book is one of my favourite book.

            • sorry to disturb u again i wanted to ask u about past life healing. My parents are having a wonderful married life….my younger sister is also happy in her marriage..y im suffering alone…also want to confess that my past was very bad..i had done many mistakes..l had lied to parents gave them much pain etc…pls suggest

            • v,
              I haven’t practice past life I m not attuned to reiki yet…But I have taken appointment to learn reiki this week only…
              Based on blog….we have to use silver triangle method…search blog.
              may be you can forgive yourself also……..

  184. Sir
    From yesterday I have started giving him medicine. He went for motion 4 times. And today till now 2 times. Is it ok or shall I give him some medicine

    • Rachna,

      I think bach flower remedies have no side effects..If you feel it’s because of remedies ,you can stop it..
      contact centre..
      Rest Naran sir/Mohan sir will confirm…

      you can use pillow method,circle method or chanting over water ……….

  185. i m 26 yrs old guy have done mba,i took drugs for 2 yrs than i stopped taking but was smoking constantly than i started drinking for continiously for last 2 yrs and was a smoker from last 7-8 yrs but i have stop smoking too,now what i m facing…mentally very very depressed,headache,not able to understand any topics,logically totally gone doctor is saying brain fluids are lost due to smoking drinking or it could be migrane as he is also not sure,physically and mentally became very very weak and have pressure to do something in life,but brain sharpness,ability to learn new thing,motives of life everything gone,even i m not able to imagine any!

  186. Sir
    Its now 4 days I m giving him medicine vine,cherry plum,holly,chicory,agrimony.but m not seeing any diffrence in hs behaviour,and with that m doing pillow technique also still when we say anything to him he says u scold me and starts crying without a reason.
    And in his school copies he is repeating the same mistake everytime.he write properly only when I sit infront of him otherwise he keep on siting and see here and there.and in night he do not take deep sleep.
    I m very much depress.

    • Rachna,
      Earlier you asked about your son agressive behaviour in school………those remedies are suggested for that only…..

  187. Sir
    I. Am 5 mnths pregnant. Chanting eshwar and writing 21 times daily,with that I m chanting together divine. From yesterday I . suffreing from cough cold. Tell me some remedy.

  188. sir,

    I am looking for my career growth currently i am working in a tata group but salary is not that much.kindly advice the remedy to put the interview in my favour.

  189. Sir
    Thank u for the guidence, I chanted walnut crab apple, whitechestnut, yellow sapphire. And now I have no cold but little bit cough is still.

    As per ur advice I m keep on giving those remedies to my son.and I don’t want to change my son school.but school don’t want my son to continue next session. Help me I m praying to wolf but no positivs response is coming from school. How can I change the attitude of the teachers toward my son he is just 4.5 yr and teachers are behaving him badly.

    Help me sir I . waiting for ur help

  190. Hi sir,

    My hair is thinning. I have tried medicines,oiling my hair etc.. But my hair still doesn’t seem to grow back.
    Can you please suggest some mantras to reduce my hairfall and help in hair regrowth .. I wish to have thicker and stronger hair .. Please help me.

    Regards ,

  191. Hai sir,
    My husband got pedigree disease ( In whole body top to bottom he affected with biggest pimbles) please give any mantra to chanted by me for cure this problem completely.

  192. Sir
    Thank u so much ur like god to me.
    I am chanting together praise divine with siddhartha. Is it ok.iam planning to meet his teacher on 8 th dec,what shall I do before going.

    My father need ur help, to solve his life biggest problem. He is trying for my sister marraige from last 7 yrs.

    Problems coming in her marraige
    1. Her photo not accepted anywhere, if photo accepted while boy party see her, they reject her.
    2. Two times marraige finalised but cancelled by boy party
    3. Kundali match 1 out of 10
    4. She is anshik manglik, her details are, 7.2.1980, lucknow, 8:30 a.m
    5. As she is over age lack of proposal
    6.she is working but her salary is not good
    7 she is stubborn, not accept her mistake, don’t like to give answer especially to my parents, don’t like to interact with any boy, introvert in nature, don’t like to smile, her nature is very harsh towards my parents
    8 my father is trying to sale land for her marraige, from last two years, but not getting success.
    Plz help my father, he has fed up from all the process of finding match. Tell me how can I help him.

    • Rachna,
      For marriage the mantra is “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKADANTHAM:”

      • Sir
        What are the flower remedies for my sister behaviour, and my father to not lose hope. And the switch word I m chanting for my son is right.

  193. Hai sir,
    My husband got pedigree disease ( In whole body top to bottom he affected with biggest pimbles) please give any mantra to chanted by me for cure this problem completely.

    Please help for me. Please provide any mantra for chant to clear my husbands problem.

  194. Hi Sir,
    I’m Tamizhan, suffering from a genetic disorder Thalassemia intermediate(Blood Transfusion independent Thalassemia – Low HB- Less RBC in Blood) from the age of 7. Now, I’m 24 years old.I’m taking treatment for Thalassemia in CMC, Vellore.
    I’ve taken 150+ Blood transfusion from 1996 to 2009. After June 2009, Hematologist suggested me not to take blood transfusion, I can survive with Hemoglobin percentage of more that 7. Now, My Hemoglobin level is 7.8 %.
    Due to Thalassemia, my bones density is weak and I’m suffering from Osteoporosis. I’m having leg pain If I stand for more than 10 minutes or 1 km walk. My knee joints are looking like swelled. And I find difficult to climb in the steps always and difficult to walk sometimes.
    I want to cure all my health problems. Please help me, by suggesting mantra.
    Kindly reply and please do the needful.

  195. Hello Sir,
    I’m probably worried and stress than ever. My father has degenerative knee cartilage problem and also varicose veins which exploded on his leg, these are causing him a lot of pain, his feet has swollen a lot and very in pain to walk. The doctor has advised for a surgery but we are not able to afford so much money. Please Sir, help me I cant see my dad in so much pain every day, Suggest me some mantra that i chant to heal him and solve our problem.
    Please Reply to my message, this time I’m very helpless.

  196. Hello healer,
    I am 33 yrs and my husband is 39 yrs. Got married at the age of 29 yrs. I am having the problem of thyroid and PCOD and irregular periods. Had lots of medicines(allopathy, siddha and homeopathy). Till date we didn’t found the remedy. Because of not having child I am facing many problems in my family. Please help me with a chant which will help me to get pregnant faster.

  197. hi there…

    my mil has cast a spell on my husband so that he always listens only to her. Can anyone suggest me ideas on how to remove spell cast on my husband…And i am also afraid she might do the same to my child…can anyone help me and i need mantra to protect them from this kind of things..thanx

  198. Hi Naran ji,

    Please please please help me. I was in a relationship for 7 years and then i broke up with him.I am 28 years old female and I have loved him a lot yet i am ok to move ahead and marry someone else. I was not feeling comfortable with any guy as i used to feel with my ex.So we decided to marry but his parents dint agree. he is telling his parents told a stright no and they will never agree.I have been suffering from all these from a long time. I just want to settle down marry a good person but when ever i go with some other guy my ex feels bad and i am also not comfortable. please help me in finding an good guy and get married soon. my parents are also very worried about me.

    Please sir please help me.I feel lost,i m very frustrated, please help.


  199. Pranam

    My daugher is very average in her studies. Her height is also shorter than her peer group.she feels very self conscious about it
    pls advise

  200. Pranams

    thank you very much for the advise
    Is there a way of chanting to help her gain 2/3 inches height

  201. Pranams

    Thanks a lot for the advise

  202. Husband wants divorce due to another woman. 17th is the due to see lawyer.. pls help..

    • sharmila devi,
      what is your mental state and what do you want?

      • I am so depressed n sad.. i want my husband back.. he doesnt want to see my face or speak with me. He has asked for divorce. Pls tell me what to do or how to pray to stop this.. i’m from malaysia…

        • How many times to say “together divine” n can i print in black n white .. write m husband name n do what

      • sharmia devi,
        do the following
        1) keep a Jelly Fish photograph in your purse on internet for picture..
        2)read this and do as instructed
        3)chant concede confess climb crystal
        put five pills of each remedy in common drinking water..these are bach flower can get from homeopath shop..
        or right these remedies name in not notebook 108 times…be in energy field of notebook..means keep notebook near you..

      • sharmis devi,
        sorry for typing mistake.. it not “right” …it’s “write”

  203. sir i already married 15 years andhave 2 children. Recently we got fight for small matter. now the problem become bigger and bigger. please help me. what should i do..

    • balan,
      say “I m sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine” ,thinking about your husband
      and chant “Together Divine” as many time as possible

  204. sharmila devi,
    take colour printout
    look at the symbol and chant “together divine” as many time as possible and as many time as you can..
    One can use them by simply looking at, by keeping it under the pillow or carry it in their pocket.

  205. Respected Naran Ji

    My daughter is studying in 5th Class. She is very playful and not understanding the seriousness of studies. Also she is not able to concentrate for a long hours while studying and also not able to remember what he studies. Kindly help me with a solution, so that she can concentrate and improve her studies. Thanking you in advance.


    • RS,
      give her chestnut bud (for concenteration)
      oak-focus ,not to get bored
      chant Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”100 times holding glass of water ,give that water to child

  206. Pranams
    My Husband is taking medicines for High bP 2 times a day (morning / night) request you to pls advise me switch words – so thhat i can do the chanting on hisbehalf – he is always very busy in office and so stressed out

    thanks a lot

  207. Respected Guruji, My brother came back to his home country in August 2013. He again applied for NZ work permit. Got a negative reply. He was and is confident he should have had got the work visa. He has been writing, appealing, etc with the NZ NZ and they have asked to reapply. What shall he do? Reapply? What guarantee? He has also written to the ombudsman in NZ and waiting for the reply. Can you please suggest something?

  208. Namaskaram guruji,

    my name is santosh from Hyderabad.i completed my PG in computers.since 2 years im trying for a job.I want to settled in IT sector.but I’m unable to get the IT I’m totally depressed and don’t understand what to do?
    please help me out sir.

  209. Thankyou sir.
    what does it means sir.
    shall i chant same as above.

  210. Namaskar, I am frustrated with my husband’s attitude ..his way of doing anything is very slow. He is taking long time to get ready to work or anywhere. And he repeat same jobs many number of times which affect Time management and he is not ready to accept . Because family life is getting affected and my mental well being too. In short overvall life getting affected. I read long time back on internet is the person doin like this is going through Obsessive compulsive disorder. I am confused. Please help to bring positive changes in our life. Thankyou.

  211. Hi naran je, my mom is almost 63 years. According to her she has never been so healthy by physical and mental since she married to my dad. My dad never listen to her and never help her in any thing. I have two elder sister and one younger sister. My first elder sister had one son who died due to his heart problem. since then they have been trying to have baby but they have not succeed. Even she wants me to get married and my boyfriend keeps on making excuse. My younger sister finished her master but she acts so childish that she is also not so established. There is no single happiness in my mom’s life. she keeps on getting sick and we have talked to different doctors. some says she has thyroid and some says she has nerves problem. some says it is all due to all tension. one doctor said we have to reduce her tension otherwise she will be no more. I am in america and not even established. we all daughter loves our mom so much. is there a way i can heal her physical and mental pain and tension.
    thank you

  212. My daughter is suffering from asthma pls tell how could i heal her chakras
    I live in delhi pls help …she is tired of taking medicines for a long time

    • Jas for asthma ..Naran sir suggested someone to
      “you can chant chinese numbers. SAHN SAHN JO LEW BHA YOW WU”

  213. Hello sir
    Pls tell mantra for epilepsy
    I live in delhi
    Pls help me

  214. I m greatful to u sir for relpy
    pls tell how should i chant this chinese mantra for asthma , how many times,and for how many days
    Could you pls suggest any vedic mantra for asthma
    I m worried about my daughters health
    if i chant beej mantra for her along with these mantra would it be effective?
    From Om lum namah to…om hum namah
    Thank u very much

  215. naran sir pls help me with sw or mantra for my son to become a good musician.. thank u.

  216. hi,

    i am having a problem. i have been asked to pay a car loan amount which not been applied by myself. have seek the bank and inform but they refuse to admit its a forgery. pls help me with sw or mantra to clear my name from the loan.

  217. Sir,My Husband is a very hard worker ( sincere, smart and dedidcated to his work and company) and was doing good professionally but past year has not been good. He did not get any promotion or a salary hike ( which he deserved ) and has been depressed about it. He has finally quit the job but has not got any job. There have been couple of interviews which went on well but the job offer is not materialising because of some reasons. Please let me know some chants where I can help him to come of this crisis and let him have peace and stabilty both professionally and personally. Thank you Sir for taking time to help us out.

  218. Dear Naren Sir,

    My Husband is a very hard worker and was doing good professionally but past year has not been good. He did not get any promotion or a salary hike and has been depressed about it. He has finally quit the job but has not got any job. There have been couple of interviews which went on well but the job offer is not materialising because of some reasons. Please let me know some chants so he can stabilise in his career

    • Sir,
      The bank he is working in has offered him a good position but he is not getting the offer letter due to some reasons. The offer is getting delayed due to some reasons. Please give us some chanting for him to get the letter at the earliest. He has lot of hopes on this one.

      • take a printout Hibiscus flower with this color only (Hawaii Hibiscus flower) .Ask your husband to meditate on it.
        Have a look at the picture of the Hibiscus flower. You are blessed if you just get an opportunity to see it. Both the picture and pills of the flowers are available in the centre. The original flower is from Hawaii. Outside of the flower will be in yellowish orange, while its inside is red in color.

        • m i searched in google & found a flower of this type namely Hibiscus kokio
          which is yellowish orange in colour. is this the same what u r saying & what is its basic use

          • v,
            I think it will be better if we get picture of this flower from centre…as I am not confirmed which flower(picture) we have to use.

            When can you use this flower?

            For any obstacle or hindrance
            If there is a delay, obstruction, opposition or restriction, for example, if there is a delay in getting the offer. What can you do then? You can take the picture and meditate upon it.
            Just look at it for a while, if the project or something else is delayed. Let us say, marriage is delayed.
            If there is a stumbling block in your way, say a person is hindering, sabotaging or preventing you from doing anything…
            You are stopped from getting a promotion…“Let this girl need not get a job, a colleague might work towards it”

            These can be categorized as obstruction, prevention and sabotage. In all these areas of problems, the Hibiscus flower can be used as a beautiful remedy.

  219. I start crying before even I talk especially to boss or when talking to an outsider. I get a lump in the troth. I want to get rid of this habit more because I am applying for new job and want to get a good job. please let me know what I should do.

  220. Namaste sir
    I came to know about bach remedies through ur website . In delhi these remedies r available . Sir pls tell which medicines should i bought for asthma and pimples or i should bought whole kit .and for how many days i should give this medicine for a problem.can i myself read the book and give my family member bach remedy is it safe pls tell

  221. hi i am troubled with noisy neighbors. They start playing loud music during ungodly hours i.e 11-12. Though i have won this situation by using “Please forgive me i love you thanks divine” and ” Change Divine Order” and it really helps. Which i am so thankful about. But once in a while these don’t work and they spoil my night’s sleep. I have to get up early in the morning and loosing night sleep leave me stressful. Is there anything else i can do please.

  222. Sir,
    I m chanting gorse impatiens scleranthus and 520 from one week but still my son has not get admission. Help me What to do.
    But I m finding crow is cawing on my balcony from last 2 – 3 days

  223. m im so happy site is working now

  224. m still 2 blogs are not opening- DARE TO DO & MULTIDIMENSIONAL HEALING

  225. i gave my CA exams in nov 13
    i put in a lot of hard work in them and i still failed ..i dont know why …i havent done this kind of hard work in my whole life..i was sure that i’ll pass but i did not
    i have a friend who passed the exams ..he never used to attend the classes…was too casual towards CA…i’m not jealous of him..its just that i put in so alot of hard work and i still failed…
    i used to chant ..’aspen, gentian, wild rose’ and ‘mustard oak goarse honeysuckle’ around 100 times for 4 months…
    please help..i’m really tensed…i dont know why my hard work didnt show results…
    i really have to pass the exams next time
    ..please help..

  226. Greetings Sir
    Life can be best described as a slip between lip and cup till now .Desperation to have fortunate life marked with success, love ,wealth and love have made me reach out to several learned men who for a high fee and prescribed rituals claim to help me improve my fortune, remove malefic effects of my date of birth unfortunately none has worked so far .As on date life is shadow of grief ,loneliness, struggle to achieve wealth, stagnating career with low monetary returns , .Born on 17-dec-1978……….i am still unmarried,despite having worked for 12 years i am at starting position and earning 1/3rd of most people started with me .
    Sir i seek your help with lot of hope.Please help me with some guidance.To change my Karma to transform my condition .To fill my life with abundance of Love,good fortune ,martial luck and serve others


  227. Sir,
    The bank he is working in has offered him a good position but he is not getting the offer letter due to some reasons. The offer is getting delayed due to some reasons. Please give us some chanting for him to get the letter at the earliest. He has lot of hopes on this one.

  228. hi

    My mother is suffering from severe knee pain for the past 1 week – she tried many doctors but no help – she is almost in tears daily – unable to sleep
    i feel very helpless looking at her

    can you pls suggest chant mantras which i can do on her behalf and to make her feel better and pain free

  229. naran sir am really depressed as one of my friend left me because of some feeling lonely so please give me some sw to get him back.

  230. Hello,

    Is there any remedy to gain popularity and success..being very talented and learned I’m not able to attract people…I’m conducting various creativity classes but not able to establish myself thus don’t have much I’m losing my confidence and getting depressed..any way which I can prove my worth and get more students…

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