Ramam Rama Badram Rama Chandram


Some children have fears and insecurities like fear of talking to somebody, not able to taking major decisions, managing time and so on.

All of them indicate low self-esteem. It is not low self-confidence. They will have reluctance in going about their life.

Who will have more of this problem? Those who have failed in life many times will feel so. Mind will become weak.

Mind means Solar Plexus (Chakra). If you strengthen it, high self-esteem will come. Without any hesitation, if you think you are right, then you should do it – RAMAM.

More you say Ramam then RAMA BADRAM will come. Badram means comfortable. So you will lead a comfortable life.

RAMA CHANDRAM means you will get life. It will get brighter.

From victim state it will help us to come out. We keep struggling so much. Then we will start feeling dejected. Then this mantra will help you to come out of it.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. A divine service for those dejected inlife. You are injecting a new hope for them.
    May Lord Rama give you all the prospects for the New Year (Year of Horses)

  2. May I chant for my son he is 26 male he is an animator he is depressed for not getting a job and reacting negatively I am chanting find divine job give count now on Also asking divine flower mustard to be active and heal his mind I also called wolf , please guide me will chant looking at his picture i am oversees in peru and my son is in Los Angeles California USA Thank you for your guidance

  3. Dear Sir,

    a colleague of mine asked for my horoscope details. I Initially declined but later gave him the birth date and time. He calculated using some software and told me a few things.
    But since that day(for 1 week), things are going worse for me. I get into unnecessary trouble at Office, and there is some fear.

    I feel some black magic or some energy lock has been placed by this person on me/my horoscope. Please give me a remedy to break this spell/lock so that I can regain my original state.

    Also I need to stay away from this person.


  4. aashish
    chant “i am a being of violet fire. i am the purity of god’s desire”as many times as possible
    also say this:-
    “I thank you (name of the person) for keeping away from me” three times daily

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