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What are the Bija mantras?

They are: Om Lum Namaha, Om Vum Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, Om Hum Namaha

All these five Bija mantras are chanted in the order mentioned. They go to the source of problems. Sometime even after taking so many different medicines a disease will not be cured. At that time, if the Bija mantras are chanted in this order continuously, they will heal the issue.

How can we use Bija Mantras

The mantras can be chanted over a glass of water, say about 100 times and can be given to the person who has a problem.

If we want to balance this centre (or your house) we can chant these mantras.

For us, to balance our chakras this mantra will be helpful.

Bija mantras activate our chakras

The chakras have petals. Basic chakra has 4 petals, the Hara chakra has 6, solar plexus has 10, heart chakra has 12, and throat chakra has 16 petals. When we chant Bija mantras, the petals of chakras open up to receive the energy. So we can chant the mantras any number of times.

Chakras are connected to our body organs

Each and every chakra is connected to the organs/glands and some life issues attached to them. When you chant these Bija mantras continuously the organs, glands and life issues are healed. Do not chant them separately because all these Bija mantras form a cycle.

It is better to chant them together in the right order. Because the moment you chant Lum, immediately the next chakra (Hara) readies itself for its mantra as it expects that its own mantra (Vum) will be chanted next.

In addition, the moment one chakra is activated simultaneously the other chakras are also activated too. In the same way, if one chakra has a problem then all the other chakras will also have problems too. So it is better to chant all the Bija mantras in the order mentioned.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Very nice post

  2. Naranji …plz clear us 1thing that woman should chant fm OM HUM OR OM LUM……As in a blog u wrote that our energy start fm heart chakra?plz I want to do it.thanks

  3. Suparna

    The order u r saying is used for relationships. And for clearing chakras above order should be chanted

  4. hi naran sir,

    I am 4 months pregnant.Ther is going to be function in the 5 th month (baby shower).
    My mother in law wants function to be in a function hall.My mother and me want it to happen in the home which is spacious enough and affordable.

    Since beginning only ter are clashes between my parents and in laws. And my husband is influenced by my mother in law ,in spite my parents love my husband so much he never cares for my parents and disrespects them.
    Tel me a solution where my husbands treats my parents with love and my parents and in laws should be closer .No more fights between them.
    Due to which I get tension and scared it will affect my baby.
    And everyon has expectation of baby boy from me.As we already have two gals,my sister in laws daughters .So I also want a baby (brother)for those two lil gals.

    Please tel me something sir.
    Its a request.

  5. I love a boy and he loves me too. We have expressed our feelings to our families. My family was ready and boy’s parents were also ready. But the problem is that our kundli is not matching and panditji is saying that if they will get married either the boy will die or they will get separated any way. So. now both the families are not agreeing to pursue this relationship. Please help me to solve this problem. I too believe in Kundli matching and I am afraid of marrying him as I will be responsible for everything if something wrong happens in future. Please give me some mantra so that we can get married and can live a long and happy life. Its very urgent. We both don’t want lose our love because of this.

  6. Naran ji,

    I sincerely love a guy and now he has also said he likes me but he says he is in a situation where he cant accept our relationship now because of some issues.He is not willing to share that problem with me.But i cant accept someone else in my life.Please help me with this.

    I am looking out for a job for quite a long time and still havent found one.I am also going through terrible mood swings because of all this.

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