A brief on Mantras

Significance of Mantras

What are the values for the mantras chanting?

If we go on chant mantras continuously, as the power of sound is more than the power of light, we will reap lots of benefits.

Chanting Mantras

The mantras can be chanted innumerable number of times and there is no limit for chanting.

When you do it for a specific purpose you can stop the chanting after achieving the result.

It can be chanted within oneself within your mind but at least in the class chant louder.

If you chant loudly it is definitely effective but if we chant loudly other people will make fun of us.

However, Let us be mad persons in the eyes of others.

Effectiveness of Mantras

Mantras which are effective in the body means they are effective in the mind also.

If any mantra is effective in the mind then spiritual elevation would be there too.

Thus, mantras have a prominent role in our lives.

Don’t attach Religion to Mantras

There is no religion attached to Mantras.

They are only words which has got a sympathetic resonance with the body.

So people from any religion/caste like Christians or Muslims can also chant them.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran:
    My boss is very worried about her sister because she hadn’t slept since two weeks ago even with pills from naturist products and medicine too,but she hadn’t could slept.Can you give us aremedy from Bach flowers please to help her? Thank you very much…God bless you..please ask her as soon is posible..thanks..

  2. hi Angie
    if she is not getting sleep due to worry or recurring thoughts about her sister ..she can take white chestnut(Bach Flower).walnut to break the pattern/change the pattern..your boss has to surrender to the divine saying all is perfect and happening according to the divine will…She can thank divine for the good sleep in advance..
    All the best..
    Together Divine.

    • Hello Haripriya:
      Thank you very much for your help,I told them about your information,but I couldn’t answer you at the moment because I was so busy..so thanks a lot for your help..God bless you..now I’m looking for a flower that let me have confidence in the surgery of obe of my sons,but in this case my son has a little heart affection and I need switchwords to be sure that everything is going to be right..he is not scared and he wants the surgery…thanks blessings..

  3. My nephew ( 19 yrs old) is very aggressive. He does not take interest in studies or any work. Beats his younger brother whenever he is angry, can not control his anger. He is not responsibel at all. Other family members are really very disturbed with all this. I live abroad. Can I help them by chanting some mantra from a distance?

  4. namasthe guruji, guruji my sisters colegue is suffering from lung cancer she is 4o years when i heard about this i just remembered your chants andi gave her om lum,vum,rum,yum, and hum namaha, kindly let me no what i did is correct or no and i wants to give some more chants can i ,becnause i got good experience from your chants for my son . now another boy met with accident before my son that is last year october ,now he is not able to walk even today where as my son is going to college kindly give him some chants so that i can give him thank u guruji.

  5. guruji thank u for reply, guruji can i chant all lalitham, and some other chant of ur while doing pooja can i chant all of them at a time, while standing, sitting sleeping travelling i recite all of them ,is it good on no kidly let me no guruji.

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