Inexplicable Joy

Mantras Discussed during the workshop held on April 20th 2013

Pranava Roopini, Hreengara Roopini, Surya Mandala Vasini, Sachitananda Roopini! Nithyam Namaamyaham

Pranava Roopini Mantra is so powerful that it can make the ozone layer whole, closing the hole.

It is to improve the greenery atmosphere. To create a green atmosphere, chant the Pranava Roopini mantra.

Hreengara has HREEM inside in it, which was discussed in the earlier blog.

Ozone layer is nothing but the Surya (Sun) Mandalam (solar field).

Pranava is the energy behind creation.

Sachitananda Roopini means an ever happy (person). So the same energy will come to you.

You will find inexplicable joy. 

The need for the mantra Durga Durgama

All healers should play the Durga Durgama CD and drink the water energized by the mantra.

Especially after visiting a Death house or a condolence meeting, take bath with that water. By drinking the water, both your aura and the chakras gets cleansed.

Let us say you go to a Mall, a place where thousands of people come. We will pick some negative energy from them unknowingly. When you come back from the Mall, wash your face, hands with the energized water and drink it as well.

Keep the energized water in the NE corner of the house, Next day throw the water on the open ground, so that it evaporates in the sun. Don’t throw it away in the wash basin or in the sink. Or you may throw it in the garden.  It will be helpful to it like the mantra Pranava Roopini.

Keep the water near the speaker where the CD is played. If you want the energy to go to a particular person, paste the photo of the person on the speaker.

Using glass or ceramic is better to keep the water.

It is good to sip throughout the day.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Since we do not have the CD Durgama can we chant over a glass of water drink and sprinkle the whole house.



    • Dear Guruji,
      Even we show our affection and love, some people always in jealous and have negative feelings against us. Is these things damage our aura, health and peace of mind ? I experienced that even after decades some people have the same negative feelings and jealous. How to escape from this ? How to heal them ? Why should we suffer people like this without our fault ?

    • CJ
      if you dont have buy. you can download from

  2. Hi sir. My husband is again havin left shoulder pain. As told by u i told him tat tis is an indication of his failure to collect his dues. Previously wen he got pain i told him to take necessary steps and at tat time if took a few steps and got back some money but then stopped. He has to receive money from many sides. 1)His step brother has to return 2 laks. 2) he has to receive 5 laks from a buyin office. 3)he has to receive a tot of 6 lak from dyein companies. Those units were closed due to pollution control board. 4)he has to receive 3 lak from a court case.the court has issued warrant to his opponent before a year but stil no steps had been taken from my husband’s side to get the money or arrest him. I am not sayin tat he is not earning enough . But instead of collectin his dues to run the business he is gettin loan from other sources . Wat is the use in earnin money and payin it inter form of int wen he has to receive it from others. I get frustrated whenever i think of tis. I use to argue wid him on tis matter and each time i pacify myself sayin tat this money should not affect the love between us and tat v r happy without it too. But i wil b in tis state only for a few daysand same repeats. Sometimes i find him takin a few steps bt he wilnot go til the end sayin tat he has his current business to be taken care of. I had tried chantin i let go of my desire to change him or control him a few times wen ever i get angry on him. Sir plz suggest some remedies my husband and me.

  3. sir can we use plastic bottles or stell utensils filled with water near speaker ..or we have use only glass or ceramic,..

  4. Dear Mr. Naran,

    I am going to attend a travel writing course next month. As this is the first time I am attending such
    a course and will be amongst those more professional in this field, I would some help as to
    enable me to confidently compete with the experienced writers without embarrasing moments.

    Also, I would be grateful if you could give me some guidance on what to recite or do so that whatever
    I write is accepted easily and I have a successful writing career.

    Could you also tell me if there is a book on Angel numbers and if so, how and where I can purchase it?

    Please continue with your website sir as it is of great help to everyone.

    Thanking you very much

    Yours truly,


  5. gk

  6. sir,
    good evening.
    i want a better job in abroad. Also want t have a child soon. Wife got 2 miscarriages before. Please help sir. i really need some career uplifting. i have very good knowledge in my technical things. i am not a very open person…i just cannot talk very much. anyways i request u for a “upay” (Advice) for going abroad + A Baby

    Rajib Prasad Sarma

  7. Dear Naran sir,

    Due to this summer heat my daughter is getting fever. Kindly suggest me how to protect her from this heat rays. We are in the house only not going out also. but still getting effected.

    She is getting pus/ mucus kind in motions. Kindly suggest any remedy to heal her for this sir. we took her to Dr he gave her medicine but now again she went like that only. Kindly suggest some remedy sir. I am worried about her.

    When ever she is getting fever my hands and legs are shivering and i am becoming very nervous , as when she was small she use to allow us to do sponging now she is crying shivering and not allowing us to do sponging which is inturn increasing her fever. Kindly suggest me some remedy to take to be strong and be attentive and alert sir.

    I am ever greatful to you sir. Kindly bless my daughter Sharanya within 10days she is suffering 2nd time with fever. help me sir.

    Please stand for me sir and my daughter sir

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