Enhance your happiness skills-set

When we try to control, we lose control

In our lives, we have so much of likes and dislikes.

We have so much of desires too – desire to control the event, desire to change the other person etc.

Why there is always disharmony in us?

It is because we always have the desire to control or change other person.

There is desire for approval too.

We are leading our lives for the sake of others.

Even though we are fully secured, we want to save money. There is no limit for needs and desires.

If I like I will move with that person and if I do not like that person I will move away from him.

Whatever event comes to me then I decide that it should happen in a certain way and try to frame that event.

I always resist what is given to me.

I am afraid that I will be joyful and happy

Can we be without these desires?

Whatever the course the life takes let it take.

Can I watch my life myself like I watch the waves of the sea? Why I am not able to do this?

What is preventing me from observing my own life?

Because I fear that I may get back joy and innocence. Whatever the joy and innocence I had when I was five years old, I fear that I might get that back.

Though we are seekers of joy and happiness, we are not the seekers of innocence.

Is it possible to get childlike happiness?

For that there is a mantra. That is NAMASHIVAYAM.

This should be chanted in sets of five.

As I chant this mantra continuously all my desires turn into ashes.

The fear of death or the feeling of insecurity will go off.

I will come to know that I am nothing but Shiva, the ever-happy person.

Shiva means Mangalam, the person who is truly happy.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naranji,
    What do you mean by chanting in sets of 5?

    Could you also give some powerful RAMA mantras for tomorrows Rama Navami and which mudra while chanting them for getting blessings & protection of Lord Ram.

    Thanking You,

  2. Dear Naranji.
    Thank you for the Rama mantra. Would have been nice if you could explained its significance/meaning/purpose as it is the first time we have heard this mantra.

    Also tomorrow is Hanuman Jayanti and would request you to guide us about some special powerful mantra to seek Lord Hanuman’s Blessings & Grace.

    May Lord Rama & Hanuman Bless You health & Happiness

    Thanking You,

  3. Mamta
    By chanting rama mantra only, hanuman will be pleased. Chanting of rama increases the energy of hanuman in you – how to talk nicely, inteliigently and with the purpose. hanuman is the manifestation of silence. That is why his deeds are so powerful and cannot be equalled.

  4. Naran sir ji nameste I regulary chant and hear namashivayam.wat u told in this article that we shud b happy like a child no expectation no complaints but why these negative thoughts comes agsin and again

    • anuradha
      Thoughts come and go. they will not stick to the mind even for a second. just observe without doing anything. every thought will exit

  5. Naranji, My son is 5yrs he is kind hearted & friendly to all his classmates r also friendly to him but when i talked to him he said he likes everybody but no one liles him & gets sad.This makes his study slow.pls suggest me mantras for his confidence & success.Thank u.

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