Keep the fire under control


Health matters

This mantra reduces the body heat. Thus, it is a good mantra for fever.

The process of oxygen intake and carbon dioxide excretion will take place wonderfully by chanting this mantra.

Every cell will get required oxygen because the mantra will directly activate the lungs and purifies the blood.

OM HREEM TAHA – Taha means cancel.

Anger inside you

Why the body is hot always? That means there is a lot of anger inside.

Heat means red and red signifies anger. When there is suppressed anger, the whole body would be very hot. It tries to escape from the body.

When there is fire atmosphere, when a lot of fighting happens inside your house, keep chanting OM HREEM TAHA and all will calm down.

Incidents of Fire

While watching TV, if you see a fire accident, you can chant OM HREEM TAHA by looking at the TV scene. Then fire will get reduced. This mantra is a real fire extinguisher.

At the time of a volcano eruption you can chant this mantra.

Taha arrests the anger. We will be able to face the anger and win the anger too.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    pls guide can this mantra be recited to reduce the heat in the body during hot summer and any particular mudra.

  2. Sir,
    Is there any mantra to increase body heat during winter?

  3. Hello Naren Guruji,
    Thanks a Lot for the wonderful remedies.

    I have to go with my Husband for 1 month to US on Business Visa, I have to accompany him as I cannot stay alone in Bangalore.Me & Husband stay in Bangalore.

    Now I have joined this xxx company few months back and my Manager is little uncomfortable ..what should I chant before I go and ask for 1 month loss of pay leave so that I & my husband can peacefully go to US.

    My Visa process depends upon my manager approval.

    Please help me.Before April end Visa and tickets needs to be ready so that we both can go.

    Please reply …for the mantra so that I can ask today to my manager.

  4. roopa,
    chant chicory gorse centaury willow pine

  5. Thanx naran sir ji again my 3years old son was suffering frm fever and I chant ths mantra over a glass of water and give him to drink.I got amazing result that his fever was normal infact no fever.then at nyt 3 a.m he got stomach infection snd nobody was at home so I started chant ur mantra om HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA till mor.and he was normal.dr.suggests him medicene for one week and blood test next day because two times when he got infection he was hospitlized every time for ten days or more bt this time I gave him only two time was really a surprised snd blessing to ms.thanx naran sir ji now I daily giving him this mantra water for increasing his immunity power.

  6. Good Morning Naran ji,
    for last three nights i couldnot sleep due to excessive body heat and uneasiness.. even in day time in AC room i get restless.. is it due to emitting of body heat… can i chant this mantra for controlling my body and get to normalcy..


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