Chant what is LITTER’ALLY thrown at you


Is it ok if I choose to chant TOGETHER DIVINE or other switch words or mantra, or is it required I chant any word that crosses my path thrown at me.


Chant any word that crosses my path and thrown at me.


I have been doing this on 2/3 words last week and finding a lot of clarity emerging!! It is amazing!!

And more funnily it reminded me of something similar I used to do when I was a student/teen that I had completely forgotten. I wondered when and why I stopped it and am now thinking about how to revive it.

Thank you for your guidance and wisdom.


Let me tell you a story about Swami Ram Das.

As a person who has given up worldly life, he is supposed to beg for food.

One day, while he was standing in front of a door waiting for somebody to give food, an angry lady threw a dirty cloth at him.

He accepted it gracefully, went home and washed it clean.

Then he tore the clothes and made them as threads to burn a lamp.

Keeping the lady in mind, he then prayed, “Oh Lord, I saw the unhappiness in lady’s angry face. I saw her poverty as she could give me only a dirty cloth. Please alleviate her unhappiness and poverty and make her prosperous”.

What a positive frame of mind the Sage Ram Das had!!!

Like him, whatever is thrown at us, should be used to convert the darkness in our heart with light and love.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Just the initials match Sir, 🙂 I am no saint or aspire to be one, just looking to solving daily life problems. 🙂 It is a beautiful story!

  2. Sir,i looks nt very preety but by divine grace good and i behave wel with mostly boys get impressed and they cross friendship to propose.but i love one and honest with that so have to refuse others which is a result i loose their friendship also.but my issue is nt that,its that i feel guilt when i unknowingly hurt someone.i always pray for their happiness.plz give Sw so that they stay as friend and nt get hurted.and one thing plz tel me is this add to my bad karma as i feel i am having difficulties with my love one because of this reason.u trust me i am not bad or proudy.

  3. Madhu,
    i know you are a good person with good heart

    • Thank u soo much to hear this from u sir.but though i feel bad when a person get hurted from me and feel that may be for this reason me too loose harmony from my loved one.thanks for ur reply.

  4. Dear naran sir nameste not only this story bt ur every word u speak is like a blessing in our life.this is very insipiring story.thanx naran sir

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