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My Aunt is having cancer in her uterus. She got operated and her uterus was removed. Can you please advice some switch phrase that will help cure her cancer and intolerable pain?


Life is fundamentally management. Don’t ask for cure. Chant “ACHUTHA GOVINDHA KRISHNA” as many times as possible over a glass of water and give that water to her, in small sips.


I have got the same mantra from my Guruji. I will try them and let you know.


If you try ACHUTHA GOVINDHA KRISHNA, you come back here. If you say what is given to you by your guru then please don’t share it here.


I have shared the above mantra just because it is the same as the one which you gave me, merely an extension of it. But if we know something extra and if it is helpful for others, then we should share it. It is the same case where I shared my experience when I chanted the switch words and I got a job.

But you are saying that I should not share it here.


Thank you for venting out. When any mantra is given here, it goes by different meaning. What you gave has a different meaning. So many people are guiding so many people because of divine will. I respect everybody.

When I said, “don’t bring others’ suggestions here” I did not mean to hurt anybody. My healing path is different.

If you mention any others’ suggestion here, there will be a lot of questions – “Can I use that or this? or Can I use both”, “What is the meaning of ‘THAT”, which was mentioned by Kishor” and so on.

Thus, my whole time will be spent on explaining to others, when I entertain others’ suggestion here. People who visit this site are already confused. They would have gone to various sites and tried so many techniques.

I want to give a simple easy method, whereby everybody is benefited. Simply uttering the Nama of the Divine – ACHUTHA GOVINDHA KRISHNA – will enrich one’s mind.

I don’t restrict anybody to know more. I want to avoid discussing about anybody here.

Do you know every day; I am bombarded with so much information from so many people. When they meet me, they give me books or when they mail (personally) me, they give links to various sites. I have not restricted anybody.


Ok Naranji! I understand your efforts and dedication in helping others. I respect the work done by you. Also, we get to learn many things helpful in some or the other way.

So, I will go forward according to this blog to avoid any confusion. Looking forward to learn more from you!!!

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Guru,

    My father killed a snake and put it in fire when we were living in a rent house before 15 years. at that time i didn’t consider this as a big issue. i was just 19 at that time. but iam 32 and brother is 30 years old. mother expired before four years. now iam having some thoughts regarding snakes. if we kill a snake it will give curse.heard and studied in some magazines. he killed because it came to bite us.but at this time no body is happy in our family. personal life is not happy for anybody in our family. till date progeny is getting delayed for both myself and my brother.my inner heart says that it will be due to curse from a snake.please suggest remedy for this.


  2. GOWRI,
    CHANT srinivasa aravindalochana over a glass. of water and every one in the family can drink. This will remove any curse, if any.

  3. Pranams,

    I am V. Ramakrishnan. I just heard about this blog from my friend couple of days ago who started to witness good changes in life as he is searching a good horoscope for his marriage. I have a piece of land in chennai which i wanted to sell of to see off my huge debts. Everytime i receive a call from someone, people enquire and then there is no reply. Can you help me in selling off my plot for a good price..


    • Pranams,

      I just wanted to say a Big “Thank you” for your blessings. Its just Unbelievable. My plot is ready for sale this month ( April/May) as the owner who sold my plot spoke to me last week and asked for a price. Just now confirmed on a price which I hardly negotiated. Just cannot believe it still on the power of words suggested by you..

      May God bless you to bless humanity….

      Pranams again,

  5. Naran ji
    Accept my regards

    Feeling severe neck pain and lower back head portion.two three month ago X-ray was taken but everything was ok. From almost 10 days it is happening again,a kind of stiffness is also there. Sometime it goes away but usually it remains.
    As I read all of your blog ,I would like to mention that I have lots of tensions in my life especially my kids health and my parental family.
    I want to be physically fit I have lots of responsibility and also I want to do lots for others.

  6. Sir
    This is my second question.
    We have a residential property.recently we got an issue regarding unacceptable activities there by tenants. This only came in knowledge to us through management letter.we do not want any such type of issue.please advice.
    And second if we decide to sell that property(yet not decided because we are confused on this issue) we should be able to sell on very good profit and with less effort because we live in other city and it is very inconvenient to go again and again there.

  7. rameshwari,

  8. Pranams
    My husband has high cholesterol.Can I write his name in inner circle and crab apple,oak and vine in outer circle.also following diet change.

  9. Roopa,
    get the cholesterol remedy from the centre and give

  10. Dear Sir,
    I’m Working the same company for past 6+ years. Neither have grown in my position nor in my earning. This time am expecting a big change in my life. If not my life becomes miserable as my earning will not help me to sustain. Even my dialy life will be affected with the current economy. Please help me out…………


  11. I got my exam results today. I came here just to thank you Naran. I chanted “ASPEN GENTIAN WILD ROSE” and I cleared all of my subjects with a good percentage that too without any coaching classes.

    I’m very happy today. Now I want to study very hard to achieve my goal. Anything u can suggest me that can make me work harder?

  12. Sir
    I go to coching classes 6 days in a week accompanied by my school classes and at the end of the day I loose all of my energy and stamina….neither I am can revise after classes(which is really imp. For me)…so I want a mantra that can boost my energy and my concentration and memorisation.

  13. Hello sir,

    As per your suggestion i chanted forgiving mantra , now i feel peace in me and i have overcome the situation, not that i have forgot him, but i have lot of peace in me. thank you very much sir for you help.
    now my parents are looking a match for me, pls suggest me some mantra to get a suitable match for me in bangalore itself, so that i can continue working even after my marriage.

    Thank you very much for you help sir.

  14. aa,
    chant sweet chestnut walnut hornbeam

  15. Respected Sir,
    I have committed malpractice and mistake in my job, I have also admitted the same to my boss and have borrowed time to settle the same. But my boss has taken signatures of me and family members on blank stamp papers, I regret and repent my actions, but at the same time worried that we are being black mailed.
    Please help me with your advice to face the same


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