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Could you please give me mantra or switch words so I could sleep at 10 pm and get up at 6 am. If I go to bed early then also I can’t sleep. I just waste time on bed for 3 to 4 hours. I am sleeping at 2 or 3 pm and getting up at 11 am.


While in the bed, chant the mantra RAMA 63 times.

Counting is very important. You should do not do less than 63 or more than 63.

3 cycles of 63 is one count.

You can do Minimum 3 cycles or multiples of three cycles e.g., 3, 6, 9, 12 and so on. Do the counting till you get sleep.

You can also buy the SLEEP INDUCTION CD from Naran or SLEEP WELL Bach flower remedies combination. Both are available at the centre.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Naran SIr,

    Last November my brother’s marriage was there. And my father was in tension for money. He was not getting his money….and later we came to know that, those money he will not get now….(later he will get it) everybody was sad. Suddenly i remembered ur page and animal spirit guide..i chanted wolf and squirrel both…as i was confused whom to call actually. then also…money came to my Deuta( father is called as deuta in Assam) from all our sources…it was a very good feeling sir…thank you very much….

  2. SIr,

    which are the magic switch words for success in business ? my brother is a beginner in contract industry( buildings and all). i want to help him.

  3. Respected Sir,
    Your pages are all useful to us. where ever i go i chant Lalitham lambodharam. i am getting success. Thank you very much for your kindness and guidance to all. i pray to the almighty to shower his holy blessings on you for ever………….
    Mrs. Geetharanga, chennai

  4. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. I studied your topic Why a person is not married? From that I came to know that if parents have the thought of being single it will affect the children. My mother used to say frequently that she is not happy with children.(two) myself and one younger brother. she will be saying that better to see the face of people who are not having children. Father fulfilled her expectations but she was not grandma had ten children.but she dead at the age of 40.grandpa was a doubtful she was not happy even after having ten children.

    My problems are:
    I am married but not having a happy married life.
    husband is less affectionate to me.
    undergoing treatment for progeny for the past five years.problem with my husband. but he is co-operating less only.i.e. meeting doctor but delaying everything.

    is the thought which came from my mother / grandmother or curse of previous karma? please clarify and suggest a suitable remedy for this.


  5. kalyani,

  6. Namaste Naran Sir,
    My daughter is 1yr 7 mths..I stay in a joint family..i need help related to my a mother I can’t hv food if my daughter is not full or don’t eat properly..m very very upset and searching for solution..pls help me with a mantra or switch word which can help me solve my below mention problem-
    1) my daughter should eat everything I cook and give her..(if i make anything different for her my mother in law insist me to give her what v have)
    2) she should sit at one place with me and have food nicely ..(as I can’t run behind her whole day this makes my household work pending and every1 shout at me that m spoiling her by doing all this )
    3) she should stop a bad habit of sucking her Thumb..
    4) she should listen to what I say and spend good time by playing with her toys,listen rhymes ,play herself..(I don’t have time to play with her also no good neibhour atall)
    Sir ur help will improve my kids health and also solve my problem..

    • sandy
      Take the flower remedies cherryplum impatiens redchestnut daily two pills one after the other for four times a day.
      dont touch the pills by hand

      • Namaste Naran Sir,
        Thanks for ur reply.
        Would like to ask few questions..
        Is this medicine for me or my kid???(m confuse)
        Can I get it from local shop ???
        Thanks ..

        • Its for you. You can get them from the local homeopathy shop

          • Namaste Naran Sir,
            Just two more question..
            1) for how many months I should have this remedy..
            2) it will also work for my daughter to stop THUMB sucking habit..
            Thanks ..

            • Sandy,
              by taking these remedies children will understand that you are correcting them with the positive intention.
              This is what is to be achieved when we advise the children.
              Thumb sucking in a child is happening because of fear; by sucking the thumb the child gets consolation.
              Take these remedies for a month and then i will suggest some remedies for the child.
              one should understand the priority of others and respect others’ views also – whether the opposite person is child or adult

  7. Dear Guru,

    Getting bad dreams in night often.

    Please suggest some remedies to have a peaceful sleep with good dreams.


  8. Dear Guruji,

    Pranams. I am facing plenty of problems in my current rent house. By persons, birds, insects, animals etc., want to move to a good divine house on urgent basis. searching but nothing is coming in my budjet. please help me as iam losing mental peace in current house. suggest mantras to get a divine, good and a peaceful house immediately within my budjet. house creating a big problem in my daily routine. iam in crisis please help me.


    • user578,
      Thank everything that gives your disturbance. thank your house.
      Daily Fill the house, birds insects animals that come to your house with pink energy and then search.
      chant mimulus find diviine new house now

  9. Dear guru,

    Namaskar. I am a lady lagging to give birth to child. Married before eight years. Child birth is getting delayed by many reasons. Hubby is having problem and taking treatment. even treatment is getting delayed. suggest remedies to speed up the treatment and become mother soon. having cute baby photos and also have named my unborn child.


  10. saras,
    hang a picture of rabbit in the bed room

  11. Dear Guruji,

    My sleep is affected in night. sometimes i wake up at midnight without unknowing reason. again it takes more time to sleep. plenty of sorrows are coming in mind at that time and i am crying. because of this not able to wake up in the morning and my daily routines are affected resulting in tension while getting ready to office. suggest remedies to have a good sleep and wake up early in the morning.


  12. RAAGA
    buy the flower remedies whitechestnut walnut crab apple rescue remedy. Put 5 pills of each in a cup of water and take that remedied water before going to sleep.

  13. Dear Guruji,

    A guy who was a government employee was supposed to marry me. but at the last moment it was stopped due to dowry and other financial problems. the event was running for 15 months. after that I got married with another person. arranged marriage only. now i have no connection with the old guy.

    my problem now is i want to forget his mobile no. which i am not able to forget. i want to completely forget the scars happened in my life due to old guy.

    so that i can live a happy married life life long. please help me.


  14. Dear Guru,

    I have one younger brother who is married. He discontinued studies due to not interest in it. he is doing temple work only. I completed my graduation after thousands of obstacles. now i am also married and working in a pvt. concern. in week ends i used to go to my father’s house since iam near to my father’s house. my brother is getting jealousy on me that iam studied and working. his behaviour is also not good. last week a big dispute arised and he beated me with stick, pulled my hairs. iam not able to tolerate this. iam elder and that too married. i felt ashamed of this and cried a lot. my mother is not alive. father is supporting to him only because he is the only son. now i dont want to see his face also and not hear his voice. he didn’t even felt sorry for behaving like this to me. i am hating to see my father, brother and also avoiding to go there. since they are not respecting me. i want to forget this unforgattable incident in my life. please help.


    • kumudha,
      by hating a person one cannot forget the incident. do the forgiving exercise. i kumudha forgive you …. (borther’s name). you please forgive me and release me. say this within your mind daily for 200 times.

  15. Lupe_in_California

    hi Naran, greetings, I live in California, please guide me to control “dark spots” on face due to melasma or sun damage, I use bleaching cream HQ hydroquinone 4% no success, if you can recommnend any back flower, color therapy, reiki , music or mantras, please give me the chance. thankyou. Lupe

  16. Lupe,
    you can take the flower remedies mustard crab apple

  17. dear guruji, for mentally and physically weak person what type of CD will help? Pls give me suggestion. where to get and how to get them?

    • gita
      who is mentally physically weak? why/ what are the circumstances that made him weak

      • Pranam guruji, One of my relative is mentally and physically weak. He was found having suspected cancer in some areas like lungs,brain etc. With the help of your blog, we chanted KUNJITHA PATHAM SARANAM. Now he is recovering and taking tabs. ‘Cos of tabs physically so weak. He is jobless too. So he is mentally weak.We want to make him happy and cheerful. We will be happy to help him if you give suggestion about CD. Thank you.
        We really appreciate your kind service and your mantra KUNJITHA PATHAM SARANAM. Thanks Love Divine.

  18. i am facing problem with my daughter shivani who is studying in ninth std , she is not passing in her maths exams at school for the past 3 years, she goes to tution ,she studies but in exam she cannot perform and pass, she did not pass in her ixth std final exam which happened last month in her school and they are asking her to rewrite maths exam and pass and only then she will be promoted to xth
    if she does not pass they will ask her to leave the school pls help her, she has to pass this exam scheduled on monday and should pass in all the exams in tenth and board

    • sunaina,

      Give your daughter MUSTARD OAK HORNBEAM each two pills three times a day. this combination will make her understand maths well and pass the exam.
      Dont say that i dont bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  19. Namaste Naranji!
    I have been living a single and litterally lonely life for more than 5years now.
    This has brought me in a constant unhappy nature and disrespect for social mannerisms.
    In recent past i have misbehaved in such a way that none of my neighbours like me.
    There is almost no interaction. A sense of guilt fills me for most of the time.
    Also, i aspire to get married in near future. And i am now feared of how my neighbours would treat my family in such case.
    I am badly in need of guidance. do you see any hopes?

  20. essebeev,
    Take the flower remedy pine mimulus each two pills three times a day.
    chant change divine order.
    Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  21. Dear Mr Naranji,
    I daily get bad dream and end up howling and shouting at night disturbing everyone in the house, Can you please suggest a remedy for the above problem Thanks Dayakar

    • Naran Sir,
      My husband is taking drink for the last many years. He believes in fighting for nothing and spoils the atmosphere every week and mentally torture to whole of the family. He has no sympathy with anyone. Children are at grown up stage. They do not like their ill behaviour. How to get rid of this problem.

      • Anita
        Give Harmony pills to the entire family. When there is a drunkard in the house, the other persons only have to be healed.
        meet me in person

    • Dayakar,
      Everyday night before sleep, take 5 pills of Aspen and 5 pills of whitechestnut – bach flower remedies – for a month

  22. Sir Swetha here can u please help me regarding my financial problems

  23. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

  24. Since my childhood there are somany problems at our home due to innocence of my father n misunderstandings in between them.but they hav so much of love on eachother. since my childhood i do not get good sleep.always i think of something. pls suggest me any sw or mantra to get sound sleep.
    Thank you in advance.

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