Achieve Stability in Life and Health

Stop the overflow

For too much of emotions – like sadness, and for diseases like diarrhea, bleeding, excess bleeding, and watering of eyes, we can chant OM LUM NAMAHA.

The mantra activates the earth element in us. When there is flow of water, we stop it by putting mud on that place to stop the flow. Like that internally also, we can activate the earth element by chanting OM LUM NAMAHA and stop the bleeding, watering etc.

Have a good sleep

This mantra will induce sleep also. We go our home to sleep (earth element).

Like that, when you are not able to sleep, it means your earth element is imbalanced. By chanting this mantra you are balancing your earth element.

Achieve stability

It will stabilize you also. When you are feeling dizziness, or when you have vertigo problem, you can chant this mantra and you will become stable.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this as this will help me in aspects that you have mentioned and my father as well since he has a vertigo problem…thank you so much

  2. thank you so much, it will help my father too as he also has similar problem.

  3. thank you so much, Naran sir, for your amazing posts, they are so useful to me.

  4. respected naran sir,
    I am 28yrs old. and I have no job, no peace in my life.
    I am basically from computer science field and have completed my MCA. I worked in corporate job but now I am trying for govt job(a big decision that I took one year ago). I prepared for govt jobs exams, I really worked very hard, either their results are delaying or coz of corruption seats are given to candidates who have money for bribery. I am from a middle class family and I am trying my best. I am studying on my own. but its appearing like all doors are closing for me. my parents are always in tension coz of me. I have become very pessimistic person sir. and want to come out of this phase now.

    sir there are so many members in my family who depend on me. my father who is at the verge of retirement (but not taking it coz of me). my mother, my 4 elder sisters. sir plz help me.

    sir I have read many of your blogs. you are doing a noble job sir. you show bright path in life of many ppl.

    with due respect sir, it is my humble request, plz guide me also.
    plz suggest me some chanting mantras or SW that can remove the hurdles from my life sir. so that I can get good job sir. so that I can earn well to take over the responsibilities of my family.

    for me sir you are the only ray of hope. plz guide me sir. plz help.

  5. Respected naran sir,
    plz reply.

  6. Respected Naran Sir

    please reply.

  7. Hello Sir,
    For how long does one chant the chakra healing and purification mantras, everyday and how many days to continue with the same.
    I express heart felt gratitude to you and to everyone for such good information and knowledge that is shared here.
    Love and Regards

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