Find Overall Well-being – Mental and Physical Strength


Last Shardiya Navratri, (Oct 2011) after going through your blog accidentally, I started reciting Namashivayam and have at least stopped indulging in loans though the business remains precarious. 

Thank you for the mantra Namashivayam. 

I was doing Om Namashivaya every Shravana about a Lakh or so + Hawan et al) and otherwise too.

 But Namashivayam seems to have unlocked a few blockages.  My meditation is better. I am in a smiling mode despite the surrounding ruins and remain generally hopeful.

Personally, I have done Vedic Sadhanas of 1.25 Lakh count, tarpan, marjan and Homam of various mantras including Om Namashivaya (during Shravana).

Yet, the Namashivayam brought in speedy movements and overall well-being, more on my mental and physical strength to cope with adversities. And I am amazed too, at the simple remedial measures.

What is the difference between Namashivaya and Namashivayam?


Is it Namashivaya or Namashivayam? What is difference between both?


When you chant NAMASHIVAYAM, it activates your right brain, the part of the brain that stores memories in images only. The connection to the Divine immediately happens. Right inspiration will happen as per the words.

In all the mantras I suggested, “M” is added.

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi ,thanks for wonder information, im need ur help im in love relation ship with 53 yr old person im 30 yr unmarried girl , first thing im not getting married almost try everything but no use .now 1 yr back he fall in love with me but now not behaving well with me ,i wann him back desperately pl help me to get him back i love him so much ,my life incomplete without him

  2. dew,
    download a picture of coral and keep it under the pillow. chant om ram namaha as many times as possible. forget this infatuation.

    • Thanks a lot sir, its coral gem picture or only sea coral? N im using kingfisher picture for money,also chanting valllabham gajananam ekdhantam,shri ram jay ram jay jay ram,lalita mantra,guru guhan kodi kodi lavanyam,crab apple,n other switch word together divine love hole bliss,emrald,520etc so should i quit all these things? N i wann to marry Mr perfect soon then only i can forget my love?pl help me

  3. dew,
    i am happy you are reading the posts of this blog. But when you pose q a question to me you should tell what chanting you are doing. After giving the reply you list out the chanting you have been doing. What was the reply. follow the reply. coral gem picture will remove your infatuation

    • Thanks a lot sir, simply ur helping like god:-) sorry but not only that im trying astro mantra, all upay,puja, fasting, all measure allmost everything since last 4years n dont know why my life like this,ok OM RAM NAMHA chant will help me to get married soon? because i stopped everything n follow only ur given instruction,so pl tell me should i need other chant for marriage problem?

  4. I am a fashion designer and enterpreuner, I do make new collections after 6 months and participate in the exhibitions for selling my collection, my buisness is not so great. Now I am quite famous but still people are not coming to buy at my home. I have given this option that any body can visit me any time by appointment, I can stitch their clothes aswell with their order, but very little buisness is happening. I have asked boutiques also to sell my products, but nothing is working, could you please recommend what should I do to attract more customers and grow my buisness.
    Thanks and regards

    • vandana
      chant GENTIAN CITRINE FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY. you write this in a paper and keep it with you. chant this as many times as possible. keep the paper under pillow while sleeping

  5. Sir, I feel very lonely even though I have people around me. I have started to avoid people and friends because of one problem in my life. I am highly depressed and burdened.
    My husband is not working anymore since five years. He fought with his father and his father sold the business my husband and he were running together almost five years ago. I have not been able to talk about this to anyone. My husband is very short tempered and I am afraid of him. Now he is jobless since those five years. Everytime I suggest a new job or business, he says ”I DO NOT WANT ANY RESPONSIBILITY”
    Infact, he does not want any children and we both are celibate from the time of marriage too because of him. I can live that in some ways but it’s like being dead, no love, no emotion, it’s a lonely marriage.It’s ten years living alone and eating dust every day with his bad attitude and manners. I am not a bad person, I do not deserve this.

    I keep seeing these numbers 33, 333 in many places and at many times throughout the days since past two years, is it significant?

    I just don’t like his laid back attitude towards life. He does not make any money. It’s not about money alone but he just sits and does nothing all day. I feel like we have no future. He always tells me, why do you have to worry when you are anyway going to die eventually. I am only 30. I think about death only now a days because there is no meaning to this life when i live with him.My friends, parents, sisters no one knows he is jobless as I have hid this from everyone as it is embarassing and it will create conflict between families. Please help me and guide me what has to be done. I tried many things for so many years, nothing is helping. I cry every day. I feel I made a big mistake by marrying him. It’s eleven years since marriage but i am extremely unhappy. I know deep down he must be unhappy too.
    My future is ruined. I try to come out of this sorrow with positive thinking but again I fall back into depression again.

  6. prasanna,
    one has to learn to live as per one’s highest will. Hiding is the biggest problem in your life. What did you get because of hiding. Hiding is nothing bus masking. Why do you wear the mask? What prevents you from being open? Release everything that keeps you away from others. Unmask yourself. Be true to yourself. Are you not responsible for your life situation?
    Think what do you want in your life. There is always a divine purpose behind everybody’s birth. Think how can you change your life and make a life for yourself.
    Removing the mask is very essential. chant Agrimony, gentian cherryplum 200 times holding a glass of water and drink that water daily. do this two times.
    chant set free, break, open align with Divine Order as many times as possible.

    • Dearest Naran sir
      Everything you say is for my good. I know that if I ask you something you will tell me the highest truth and I am able to take it.Fear is preventing me from being open, I can’t face the fear.That is my biggest problem in life.
      Yes, I am responsible completely for my life situation, I am totally responsible for it.
      I shall think about everything you said.
      I will remove the mask, it is very painful.But I will.
      Thank you so much for the switch words and advice as always sir. God bless you and I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      Thank you so so so so so much, Sir

  7. I had a love marriage with my husband.We were ok but during the time of my pregnancy he is having affair with a Dance Bar girl.When I confront he just deni it.Now I am staying separated from Him.He doesn’t care for me either or my 1year old daughter.I am working female and he has taken loan in my name for his business as well as money from my family people.he is denying that and is not paying me to settle this loan.I am very depress and highly worried as I have no source to pay this loan.He has even sold all my gold ornaments and right now I have nothing with me.I have started feeling very lonely and depress.I have sacrificed so much in my life and now every thing has gone invain.I feel veryused and abused.Please help

    • arpana,
      Take the flower remedies CENTAURY MUSTARD WILLOW CHERRYPLUM each two pills three times a day.
      chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU. daily 500 to 600 times

      • Sir,
        I am taking bach flower remedies and it has helped me a lot.Right now I am facing problem for money and my job.My organisation is going through financial problems and hence we are not receiving our salary.I am looking for job as marketing manager but not getting anywhere.Please give me some mantra to get good job and money as I need desparately for me and my daughter.Please guide sir

  8. Thanks a lot sir, simply ur helping like god:-) sorry but not only that im trying astro mantra, all upay,puja, fasting, all measure allmost everything since last 4years n dont know why my life like this,ok OM RAM NAMHA chant will help me to get married soon? because i stopped everything n follow only ur given instruction,so pl tell me should i need other chant for marriage problem?

  9. dew,
    did i give you specifically for marriage?

    • Ya its big problem becoz im from orthodox family n in our caste its hard to get well educated guy n my choice is like more expectation becoz i deserve it, so how can i solve this problem that i wann perfect guy of same caste? Im not getting any way so trying everything for 2-4 hrs daily since last 4yrs leaving job, so i need divine help, pl help me

  10. sir,I am regularly following ur blog.My 4 year old son(mirugasishum) is active & was healthy,but last 1 month he is suffering from cold (sometime running nose or stuffed nose & hard to breath) & has leg pain.Suggest me some mantras & prayers.

  11. sasy,
    gem rmedies ruby and pearl will help the child

  12. hello Naran Sir,
    Is their any mantra for weight reduction ??

  13. hello sir ,while chanting mustard diamond ,my mouth get dried so can i chant this mentally n how many other chants at a time i could chant?

  14. dew,
    chanting is repeating the words within one’s mind only

  15. please help me sir
    im really suffering a ot without money.Im a doctor but due to some one had cast black magic on me.Im recovering but every single day im crying due to terrible financial crisis.Im still in medical leave and im having my marriage nect year.Please help sir,even if ii win lottery i could solve some of money problems.Please help me sir.

  16. shi,
    chant MUSTARD CHERRYPLUM as many times as possible.
    Write green tourmaline together count now in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  17. thank you sir ,i really wish this would really help me.its almost a year im being on medical leave plus i have been possessed before7 years back i was studyin in overseas and i just came bck last year to my home and lots of disaster happened in my mom gone to paralysw,my dad lost his bussines and i got possesed was about to die cause someone had cast black magic on me and i even had the im in the stage of recovering but i lost my job,im not able t o work in the hospital anymore,i receive lots bad name in my working place,my relative has gone far from me,i lost my friends and now i dont even have a single penny n my purse.i studies for medicine and all this while i wished to be a researcher but nw i feel end up in rubish.only my fiance is helping me all the while.even he is facing financial problem too.i even have my personal loan around 200k to be paid marriage is next year january and this is my birthday month but i felt like killing myself.everyday im praying to god seeking for help.i even read lots of mantras.i dont have anybody to help me in financial wise.even my fiance is geting deppressed thinking of in situation where i need to cancel my wedding if i dont have anough going to be 27 this month,all thsi while i never had done any bad to people or even beings curse them.i really dont deserve my life to be in hell sir.i grow up in a poor family and all this happen when my dad started to make money,but even now he is suffering from financial crisis.even no whe is crying with me thinking of all this money problems.both of us even have thought to suicide together sir..tat is why i really need money badly and ask for at least to win lottery.thanks for the chant sir.i really hope that it would help me to pay off all my debts and to held my wedding without any problems.and ill promise i will help others in needs when i became stable in life.i really wish to live in brightness after all this while i was being in the darkness.almost months i had locked myself in the room sir,im still young sir,there are soo many things for me to see in my life sir.i want to have a beautiful life with my future husband and i wanted to help my parents too.

  18. Sir my son is 10 year old and my daughter is 4 years ols. We have taught them gayathri mantra which they recite daily. Is there any mantra which they can reciete daily for peace and happiness and also for concentration in studies.
    Thank you very much sir .

  19. Anushka,
    what do you mean by peace for children? are thy are not peaceful?
    children are always happy. we only teach them fear worry.

  20. hello sir
    im very sorry to trouble.
    im going through a very bad situation,im going to get engage with register end of this and my fiance are really in fnancial crisis till he gone to very bad depression mode until wanted to stop the engagement,.and im not geting my salary for past 4 months alredy and even whn i applied for transfer im not geting any feedback from them yet.i dont even have anough money to do my engagement plus even my dad dont have money to help me totally helpless!!!sir my problem now is money sir. and i need a very huge amount of money where i need to settlle my debts and also for engagement.i really dont know what to do sir when i dont have much time sir.i really hope that i can win lottery…please give me any effectivemantra at least for me to win lottery sir….reply me asap

  21. pls sir i really need ur help

  22. I’m wearing green aventurine with 15 eyes DZI as bracelet and tiger’s eye as locket. I really need luck in my life for everything, especially financial wise.

    Is there any spell or mantra that I really can activate for what I’m wearing now. I went through hell all this while.

    • RIma,
      if they have not brought any luck, remove them.
      take the flower remedies gentian larch two pills each four times a day.
      Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies.
      Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

      • No the stones are working. I can see little bit of changes for me but I just wanted to know is there any spells or mantra to activate the green aventurine for faster effects?

        • rima,
          once in a week, put the stones in water containing bach flower remedies whitechestnut walnut crab apple. Keep the stones in the water for 24 hours and then take out for use.

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