Be Mr. Right to Find Ms. Right

R Mohan

My friend Suri, a mechanical engineer, wanted a mantra to get married soon. I suggested him to chant, ‘VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKHA THANDHAM’, based on the experiences of several students of Naran.

He bought a CD from Naran that plays that mantra (running time one hour). He was listening to the CD on a regular basis and was chanting the mantra during all his waking hours (silently). He became so much attached to that mantra that he doesn’t even want to try any other remedies or mantras suggested in the blogs of Naran.

First, he got a job of his liking

He was doing an average job until then. Within three months of chanting, he found a job of his liking. It suited his potential. He got a 100% hike too.

Secondly, his looks changed

He continued listening to the mantra as well as chanting it as much as he can.

Earlier he used to have some rashes on his head. His hair lines were thinner and looking weak too. Within 6 months of chanting, he looked better as his skin tone improved and his hair lines became finer and stronger.

Thirdly, he got a promotion

He continued his chanting of the Vallabam mantra. During his first appraisal, after completing one year in the company, he was given a promotion. He got a 75% hike.

We met one day. He was worried that he is not yet married. I asked him to wait patiently and instead enjoy his current stability and a growth that has taken him to the next level.

Finally, he found his Ms. Right

His body language changed. He looked better. He was making five times more money than he was getting before he started chanting the mantra.

Then one day, after two years of chanting the mantra he found and got married to his Ms. Right.

Thus, Vallabam mantra changed Suri from being an average person (in the eyes of the world and not for me as he is always Mr. Right) to become Mr. Right in order to find his Ms. Right.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Congrats to Suri. Good post.

  2. I do this Back Pain mantra every day for my back in the morning (I repeat about 40 times), it is very helpful. I kind of feel it gives a cooling effect to the back. Thanks Mr. Balakumar.

  3. hi sir,
    Before a few days I had asked for increasing problem of cockroaches in kitchen of my home.I sprayed water chanting mimulus over it as you had suggested .Also I prayed ,”Mimulus,plz be active in my kitchen and help me to get rid of cockroaches But still cockroaches aren;t disappearing n its very irritating as they are in kitchen

    My mom will call pest control and again my thousands of rupees wil go down the drain as cockroaches come back in 15-20 days.

    Please help me out of this situation.

  4. abhi,
    find out natural ways for keeping cockroaches away, through internet. There are so many.

  5. namaste guruji..
    your blog is like blessing.
    1) Pls suggest me a Mantra which can make me active person in life as m very lazy..i just cant get up up early in the morning.. i start my day late and end late which i want to stop and start a good healthy life by early ACTIVE Riser..

    2) how to become a good cook??m very upset..i put so much efforts to cook tasty but dont know what goes wrong .which makes my HUSBAND embrase front of my inlaws..PLEASE i want to become a great cook and make my husband proud…
    THANKS .

    • aru,
      chant HORNBEAM WILDROSEON . in the morning let your thumbs of both the hands touch the tips of index finger and middle finger. be in this mudra for 10 minutes and chant the above words.

  6. VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKHA THANDHAM’ does this mantra will help for girls also to find mr.right?

  7. Sreelakshmi Rajesh


    We are in Qatar. My husband got a new job here. According to the labor laws, we are supposed to get an NOC from the previous company to join a new company. The present company is having talks to be taken over by another company. So, the GM has told that he would give the NOC if the other company doesn’t take over. He hasn’t given an outright “no” when my husband asked for the NOC, but he hasn’t given a “yes” either. Please advise some mantra to help us with this dilemma.


  8. Sree,

  9. Sir your blog is amazing as solutions for any problem can be asked.
    First time i have gone through such beautiful blog.
    You are doing a NOBLE job Sir by helping people solve their issues..

    Sir i just want to know . can two mantra be chanted together at one time??
    Example –
    can be chanted as…

    Also what number of times????


  10. Sir Good Evening.

    I am in a big problem sir.
    i m a working mother. my daughter in 1 1/2 yr old. i am having a fultime Maid with me who stays with us and take good care of my Daughter and household work.

    she is trustwothy and loves my kid like hers.

    Now she is getting married in December and will leave job.
    Please help me with a Strong Mantra by which i can get a new maid soon before she leaves job, who should be TRUSTWORTHY, LOVE & TK CARE OF MY KID AND HOUSEHOLD WORK ALSO SHOULD’NT LEAVE MY JOB..I m already paying good salary to her and she is happy with us..
    i cant afford sitting at home sir as housing loan and other responsibilities are on head..
    also my daughter started going to play school but not comfortable at all and keeps crying.. i want her to be happy and go to school.

    pls pls pls help me Sir.

    thanks and regards.

  11. Roopa,
    call wolf and say this.
    chant adjust change as many times as possible

  12. Hello sir,

    i m jobless since 2 years and also love a guy ..i need a good job with good salary in the aviation industry ..also want a marriage proposal from my lover n want to marry him n lead a happy n peaceful life with him ..please help sir

    • Bageshri,
      If he does not propose you propose. write in a paper GENTIAN HONEYSUCKLE and keep it with you. then ask him

  13. Guruji, due to my impulsive behavior and impatience to hear what other person has to say…. i lost a loving relationship… i hurt a loving person, It was my overconfidence that separation wouldnt come our way… (took for granted) and I shouted at that person. Even though i aplogized instantly my sorry then was not intent, thinking that Im always correct, since I didnt want to lose him. While leaving he promised that he wld come back when Im settled and ready to listen patiently to what he actually wanted to tell. Maybe I assumed more than what had actually happend with him. After 15days of not communicating, I started to realize my problem, its my wrong attitude, i was obsessive, and over confident, over concerned.

    Above all, I dont speak my heart out, jus assume things and worry, wen somebody doesnt pick my call, I assume they are busy and wont even try to redial, assuming that wld be disturbing their work. And this has constantly been a complain abt me, and I speak before listeninig to what he says. I want to apologize sincerely, as im able to think of the circumstances now better than before. Jus Took life easy.

    Hes jus a phone call away, but I dnt have that courage to call him and talk to him, cuz he had excused me earlier too, but I blindly took his words for granted, where he was seriuos. And now it seeems for the first time…. such a long gap has come in betweeen now. Please guide me to settle this issue and I really love him soo much, who i know that really loves me. My wrong attitude put me into solitude. I shld have been a lil more patient and lend a ear. I just kept ranting that I loved u so much, spprted u so much but u fooled me. I am worried whether he would come back or not, but atleast I want to say that Im really sorry, and release me from this pain of guilt, and let watever be the consequences, I shall accept. Not to lose him, I jus need one chance to reconcile. Please help me Sir, Thank u

    • jeesla
      do the forgivine exercise within the mind I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU. Do this for two days and talk to him.
      daily take the flower remedies AGRIMONY BEECH WALNUT IMPATIENS CHERRYPLUM

      • Thank u so much Guruji. I’ll do my best

        • Dear Guruji,
          Thank u for the help, I did chant and speak to him, he responded very well, jus like he did always but….. I think i was too late…. he actually wanted to tell me was, that he has moved on to somebody else. And thats the lifetime punishment I got. Im still unable to believe as he never hid anything from me, unexpected… this came as a shock, didnt even get a chance to rectify my mistake. But I still blindly wish what he told me was a lie. Sir can i chant any SW to find out whether its true or not? Because earlier he used to play these pranks. Please one more last hope, Sir

          • jesseka,
            chant mustard you will know the truth

            • Thank U Guruji, I started chanting. Please Bless Us

              • Dear Guruji,
                Thank you for the help. I chanted mustard, and he told the truth,
                Its true that theres another girl in his life. And said just be my friend and well wisher…. theres something i need to tell u and help me in a decision, he was drunk and i didnt speak to him again. Now wen i called him to know wat was the matter, he said tht time has gone, you shldve asked me that day itself, now the girl came to know abt u and is making my life mess at home. I jus quit. Thanks for the help sir. atleast i came to know the truth. Wonder how 3yrs of relationship or frndship that he calls it, turned sour in matter of 2months. Thanku, bye, God Bless

  14. Dear Sir,

    I have sent a mail twice Sir…I am waiting for your reply plz plz plz reply

    I had asked your guidance for business recently had sent you mail.
    I need help and guidance for my personal issue ..
    6 yrs before i have married him his parents and my parents also know about our relation including his wife unfortunately now she is creating problem suddenly after 6+ yrs . She and her brother is harassing him that they will go give complaint to police …etc ….They should not harass him mainly giving complaint he is undergoing lot of pressure ….
    We run a business together because of all this we are finding very difficult…lot of tension, fear and scared that something wrong should not happen . Please help me how can we get rid of them …so that she also stay happily and we also stay happily ….Neither me nor he wants to harm them or anyone jus need a happy ending…
    We are also aware of the fact that second wife cant have strong support here in India ….Even if she go legally for good or bad here in India settlement takes long years end up with no solution to anyone….mental harassement . trauma we should undergo hurting our loved ones and our parents ….I cant discuss this with my mom as she is single parent cant give her tension coz of me. I have messaged you with great hope that i will get positive reply and solution from you… I cant discuss this to anyone very personal things …Please help me what can be done…Waiting for your positive reply. Thanks in Advance

  15. Mega,
    Have a picture fox under the pillow.

  16. Dear Naranji,
    I need a help from you,i need a good paying job for to pay debts,which was a loan of my friend,i was.but she has cheated to me.she didnot give even a interest for that me to get a money from my friend.
    Help me to get a right job with a good salary.

  17. sangeetha,
    chant willow find divine job count now and and thank your father daily for what he did to you.

  18. Hi Naran sir,

    There are few ppl whom i want to avoid totally in my life. They are my in-laws. They are very very selfish and cheated me and my husband in money matters. They used him to satisfy their greediness and never respected him. We both are now abroad and now my husband has understood everything about them. Now I’m preparing for an exam here. But even if i have to speak with my mother-in-law only once in a while, i feel irritated, tensed and angry. My heart starts beating fast just at the thought of speaking with such a worst person. But my main problem is that i’m scared if these feelings will become an obstacle for me to succeed in my exams. please help me to feel relieved of this tension.

  19. Hi Sir,

    I am loving a guy so much, and he also loves me a lot. But, there are so many problems between.
    . our horoscope not matching for marriage.
    . our both parents are not agreeing.
    . Once in every week, we are getting conflicts on phone call like as though we will never talk each other. But, we both again become normal after a day of conflicts.
    . Near about 4-5 astrologers told his parents that not to do marriage with me as I am having mangal dosha more. If i will marry him, he will die within 1-2 years itseems.

    We both not able to leave each other. I am reciting hanuman chalisa every day atleast once.

    As I saw your suggestions to many people, I felt to share my problems and need help from you sir.

    I want to get away from conflicts with my lover. I want to marry him only but with both our parents approval also. Please provide me your suggestions, what mantra I have to recite..

  20. Dear Naran,

    I am 28 year old, divorced girl and I had really hard time past 4 years. Now I am revealed from all my past worries and break up…! When I think about my future then i feel there is a need for a partner. Like wise I found a guy from matrimony site felt interesting and we are chatting since 5 month and also met twice in between. Now I had a doubt weather the guy is really inserted to me or not …as he never told me his point of view. I never know what is running in his mind. I am confused! But i feel the guy is decent and good person and will be glad if he accepts me as his partner. My thoughts are running towards making relationship with him but afraid to express as he may reject me. Please suggest me what should I do?

  21. Hello sir,
    I am searching a good match since 2007, I got few proposals too but sooner or later I find that they were having serious health issues or they are lying about their education or their behavior was not good, something or other thing happened when either I have to quit the proposal or I don’t get positive reply from one I liked…even after they like my profile n picture as they said…somehow things are not getting final..pls help sir.. I don’t know what should I do..sometimes I think if someone has cursed me for bad…my career is also stuck i am not progressing.. I am not happy personally and professionally… Pls help me sir

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