Treatment for Renal Failure


I have a brother who is on renal failure and is a dialysis patient. A mantra to heal his kidneys

Please could you help him with a mantra to help get his life back on track with a bit of happiness? I had lost hope but after reading some of your articles I am changing my outlook to life and getting closer to god as well.


  1. Keep the hands on the patient’s kidney area.
  2. Say OM 7 times
  3. Say the following statement once, “Activate neural path to cell memory images of LOVE AND LIGHT replacing renal failure images.”
  4. After finishing the statement, chant OM, for as many times as possible.

Do this daily two times.

5.       You can also write the statement,”OM! Activate the neural path to cell memory images of LOVE AND LIGHT replacing renal failure images.”

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I am very weak in studies.i cant be able to concentrate in my studies.i get bored when i start learning. plz help me by giving the mantra or any other solution…

  2. surbhi
    chant HORNBEAM SLOW CARE 100 times over a glass of water before studying and have small sips every half an hour.

  3. my mum is 78 years old her kidney is failure, did peritoneal dialysis 5 times got herself discharge from hospital now lying at bed at home and also she is suffering with skin itchiness , its hurts to see her on bed like this, please help to heal her pain , she has lost hope on god, appetite and crying everday , please help me

  4. saraswathy
    give her the flower remedy mustard Rescue Remedy sweetchestnut. Put 6 to 7 pills in a tumbler of water and give that water in small sips.
    dont say that i dont know anything about flower remedies. visit and know about them

  5. Please heal my kidneys which have failed and now on dialysis for the past 9 months, Can
    some kind person heal the kidneys by prayers and flower remedy.Name Nundgopaul Naidu
    Born on 17-04-1949 in Durban South Africa. e -mail cell 27828986392

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