Remain happy irrespective of obstacles in life


I am from a religious Hindu Brahmin family. I got married before 8 years. The problem now I am facing is my husband is too religious and this is affecting my personal life. He is much attached to his family members. Not to me. Not showing interest in married life, but showing more interest in all other things.

I am facing plenty of obstacles in all aspects of life. Even in treatment for progeny. I am much confused. I will not separate even a lid from the container. Because I have the thought, pairs should not be separated.

But all are waiting in line to separate my pair from me. Whom shall I blame? Everybody, including his closest relations. One more son is there for my in-laws.but expecting my husband for all. Not disturbing elder for anything. Both financially and physically and spoiling my life only.




Thanks a lot for your immediate response. Gone through your site and read all your mantras, Bach flower remedies, switch words, animal spirit.  All are fantastic and excellent.

Chanted “VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKA THANTHAM” in crisis and experienced the results. All are working well.

The main change in me before chanting is if anything gets postponed, I will get angry and expose it. But now anything gets postponed, I am not getting angry and mind is getting convinced itself as everything is in divine order and it is for good only. I am able to experience it.

Thanks a lot once again for all the services rendered to human kind and helping people suffering like me. I will start chanting BASKARAM PRABODHAM. Can you explain the meaning of the above because I am having the anxiety to know?


THANK YOU. I am happy that you are using most of the techniques.

We can remain happy without having anything. When we remain happy, we attract what is good and anything bad is repelled. Our happiness should not depend on anything outside.

Baskaram Prabodham will keep you in a happy state whatever the situation is outside.

Best of Baskaran’s (the sun-god) grace!


About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. What is a switchword to chant when needing something to arrive quick and on time.

  2. Dear Guru,

    Pranams. Iam reguarly visiting your site.All topics are so good and interesting.Thanks for the service rendered.I have a general question about ladies problem.For some important family occasions we have to postponed the monthly cycle by taking tablets/injection.please suggest remedies so that we can postponed it naturally without tablets/injection.


  3. I am not getting a job still trying still not attaining it .will i ever get it as humans dominate you if you dont have a job ,you are treated a dogs in this society if you dont earn.any solution for this.

  4. sree,
    when you think you are a dog, people will treat you so. With so much of anger, resentment coupled with low esteem how will you get the job?

  5. Naran sir
    My son is good in studies but sometimes he becomes stressed so much due to homework,tests,quizzes that he wants to drop one subject.if I feel his stress then he should drop that subject but if I see it as career wise it is important to pass that subject within same year.he is in 12 grade.please tell me some water energized mantra so without taking any stress he can complete these all subjects and remain calm and happy.

  6. Pawan,
    give him the flwoer remedies ELM OAK HORNBEAM RESCUE REMEDY put 6 pills of each in 200 ml water and give that water six times in a day.

  7. Naran,
    I was involved in an online program that turned out to be a ponzi.This was my only source of income and now I may have to payback the thousands I earned.I haven’t a penny to my name and need about $20,000 as soon as possible.What switchwords can I chant if it is my goal to make atleast 10 sales everyday selling a product or service to earn the money I need?

  8. Hello sir,


    Accidently I got chance to see your mantra.
    I am facing plenty of obstacles in all aspects of life. Having problem with husband. He is much attached to his family members. Not to me. Not showing interest in married life.
    before some time he misbehaved with me in front of my mother in low. I was upset, ask for help from his mamaji. Now He doesn’t want to talk to me. He is using Silence as weapon. I love him. i want him. I want good relation with him. he is my life. i accept him as he is.
    pl guide me

    thank you

  9. Sir,

    My family is really facing issues.. My brother earns quite an amount ..however my parents have to beg for the money.. my bhabhi will unknowingly or knowingly make life difficult for my mother..My brother has no respect for parents..I dont know how to make him realise what his parents have sacrificed for him.. its even difficult to explain it to you.. i am really troubled now..I cant see my parents especially my mother going through so much.. and my brother is a estranged person now..there is no relation existing.. they live their own life inside the same house.. its very frustrating to see all parents dont take my money..even if i insist .. I AM TIRED.. time and again..there are fights arising.. my parents arent happy..bhabhi is also not happy.. I am sure she wants to live separately.. she once told my parents to move out of this house..

    Why doesn’t my brother understand????

    I want to take my parents and move out of this house..(but.. for this ..there is no resource) parents want wants neither of them will budge.

    When I try and tell my brother what is right.. my mother thinks I am the one responsible for fights.. coz I bring out the issues..

    I feel helpless and rotten.. I try and see things being ‘unattached’ to the world.. but i cant ..when it comes to my parents.. my blood boils..

    Give me some advice.. please.

    Also I have been chanting ‘vallabham gajanan ekdantham’ .. around 50-100 times a day.. somedays I feel good.. office life has been sorted out.. but family still a problem.. it has all started after my brother got married.. with all due respect to my bhabhi.. she comes from a rich she has different values.

    And my marriage is still a big question mark.

    Indebted to you always,

  10. Radhika,
    your intense desire to change your brother and the events happening will produce opposite results.
    Pray and prayer only can help. Instead of desiring what to happen, you thank your brother for respecting your parents. Take a list of what you want for your parents. Say i thank the divine for………..
    Daily do this. mantras and switch words will work when we surrender and accept the divine order only. You cannot change anything with your will. Your will and divine will should unite. The link ithe surrendering attitude. Surrendering is samarpanam. Samarpanam is keeping all our words,prayers and actions at the feet of Divine with the intention to accept whatever he offers.
    chant NAMASHIVAYAM . This will help you understand how to detach from the result

    • Thank you sir..I realised..its not others..I am being too adamant and asking things to follow a rule.. whereas..this universe is infinite..and has its own set of directions.. I realise… I have to give in and surrender to Somebody up there..

      Thank you so much for this precious advice.. You are a great guide to life : )


  11. Respected Sir,
    Can you please give me any switch word to win court case.

  12. pooja,

  13. Naran sir,
    i completed my degree 2 years ago.but i still not recieved certificates from the university.they gave year wise memos but not giving final certificates.what to do.please help.

  14. venkat,
    chant waterviolet rockwater gorse and contact the university

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