You inherit not just your ancestral property


My younger brother got into the habit of taking loans with big interest rates. We sold a lot of our properties to get him out of that rut. Now, my elder brother who helped my younger brother get rid of his debt problems is getting much bigger loans. His actions reflect the same behavior of my younger brother. He doesn’t seem to listen to our warnings. What shall I do?


Is your father used to take loans?


No. He was a government servant. The only loans he will take from his office – to build our house and other such loans the government staff generally take. I never saw it as a harmful behavior. However, my mother used to pledge her jewels on a regular basis.


Both are loans. Loans are loans in whatever form they might be. So chant the mantra, “LALITHAM SREEDHARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM SUDHARSANAM” projecting it on them by seeing them in your mind.

Visualize that they have so much money that they help a lot of people in distress, providing food to the poor, paying fees to their children and so on.

What’s the advantage of this method? By changing their past, you are changing their future – even if both of them are not alive now.

Thus, you are securing a bright future (lifetimes) for them. Isn’t great gift for them? The advantage here is without any advice your brother will stop taking loans and you will never fall into that trap either.

We inherit our parents’ behaviors. Let us make use of their good ones and nullify their bad ones.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. My husband is giving only a less amount to me for running family.I need more from well to his parents.but less for me.please suggest remedies so that he himself gives sufficient amount to me.


  2. Namasthe Guruji,

    I had a lot of believeness towards my Husband, Mother in law, Brohter in law & Sister in law and other family members from My Husband Family and i do give lot of respect and care to them, But when the days are left then i realised that no one is not the same person what they behaved wth me before my marriage……

    I was really surprised with every situation and litrally i got lot of pain with their behaviour and words and lying about me infront of all my relatives, its such a big mischieviousness which i cannot bear every time when i say little matters about this to my parents they cry like anything i don’t want to do so……… please guruji tell me what i have to do? My Husband is really good but he has got lot of temper but also i Love him, so many times he shouted on me and made me cry even though i forgive him because this is life we have to live so i forgot so many things in my life But, Guruji why this is happening everytime with me from my childhood days knowingly i have not hurted anybody before my marriage also i faced so many problems with my study life, i have been adjusted with so many situations but now really i can’t, day by day it is searching a new way for issues which i don’t like to happen that, but it is out of control Guruji, tell me what i have to do……… Guriji finally i want my husband to take out of that family, because he also sacrificed his life to that family but the members now also they are scolding to my Husband…. he also tired a lot by all this…. but still he wants to live with them ….. please help me with this and some times my Husband acts with me as if i am nothing for him, and sometimes he says that i am everything to him…. i don’t know how to leave with dual nature person? please help me guruji…. i strucked with this life………………


  3. Mdhulatha,
    chant TOGETHER CHANGE NOW as many times as possible.
    Write Willow Honeysuckle in a notebook for 51 times.
    Download a picture of Pink Tourmaline and keep it under the pillow

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