Huge Turnaround in Health Care


The “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA” mantra worked to rapidly heal my family member who was in the hospital. There was a huge turnaround the day after I began using it. He was discharged 4 days later.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I stand by this testimony.

  2. SIr
    I always remain under lots of stress for my problems as well as for problems of my near and near one.please guide.

    • ragini,
      chant WHITECHESTNUT QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. do it two times a day.

  3. Dear guru,

    Pranams.I am conceived.Should give birth to healthy and intelligent child.Actually in my opposite house there is a mentally retarded girl and also hearing that chidren who are born through artificial method are having some problem. I got conceived after 8 years and through artificial method age is husband was attacked by polio and after a surgery he walked at the age of 5.then also he met with accident and again surgery in he is walking and earning.but walking with little slanting.hence having this fear. please suggest remedies to have a healthy and intelligent child without any problems.


  4. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe. Iam afraid of snakes.If i see snakes in television also getting scared.but myself and husband are having naga dosham.he is severely affected by this dosham.i am partially affected.hence astrologer advised to worship snake statues in temple and pray to it and also recite some slokas.friday i started and prayed to snake statue in a temple.but after that i feel that there is lot of arguments between us.having the thought that this happened due to snake statue.please suggest remedies to get rid fear about snakes so that i can do pariharams without fear and get good results.

  5. Dear Guru,

    Greetings.I am writing a competitive exam for government job in November.Preparing for the same.want to be selected because iam the only person earning a moderate salary.all others income are less only.hence trying for a government job.please suggest remedies.


  6. Dear Guruji,

    My father has purchased a land.i have one younger brother.he says after constructing house he will take the house.father is staying with him only. i too have right to claim share in that property.but i want my father to give my share whole heartedly.please suggest remedies.


  7. Swarna,

  8. Dear Guru,

    My house owner is a arragont lady.She is always scolding unnecessarily.I will not speak to anybody unnecessarily in the compound.But she is speaking very bad and loose talks about my personal life.having the intention to fight with me unnecesarily.if she has personal problems reflecting it on me.i am working women and staying less time only in the house.but in that less time and on holidays she wants to fight with me.paying rent, etc., and living a tragedic life in this house.i want to move to a good house within my husband is not co-operating.please help.i am afraid to leave in the current house and my total peace is affected by her.
    please suggest remedies so that my husband himself should vaccate this house and we should go for a new house(filled with peace and divine energy).


    • abi,
      chant I ABI FORGIVE YOU…. (house owner’s name). YOU PLEASE FORGIVE ME AND RELEASE ME. chant this as many times as possible.
      chant BEECH WALNUT CHERRYPLUM 100 times over a glass of water and share this water with your husband. This will create harmony between both of you

  9. Dear Guru,

    My husband is giving only less amount for my basic needs.i need more from save for the future only.but not giving.please suggest remedies so that he gives me sufficient amount for me.


  10. Dear Guru,

    Currently facing plenty of problems in rented house.i need my husband’s share from my in laws to purchase one on our own.please suggest remedies so that in laws should give our share whole heartedly themselves.


  11. Dear Gurudev,

    Namasthe. doctor has suggested a major surgery for my husband but he is postponding due to some reasons(office leave, money and black signal from my mil) he wants the same to cure by tablets which is a temporary solution.permanent solution is surgery.please suggest remedies which i can chant on behalf of him so that he himself willingly do the surgery, get success and the problem is solved permanently.


  12. Naran ji
    I like your blog.In fact I wait for new articles but I feel something to say my aim is not to hurt anyone but when I read something like we want share from in laws to purchase property tell some mantra.
    After taking share —– ? In these times who cares for parents after taking share?
    Sir,how could you know the intention?

    • ABC,
      Very interesting question.
      i need not know the intention. the suggestion of any mantra or bach flower remedies is not to get the share or what one wants. By chanting the mantra or words, one evolves mentally to have a higher perception.

  13. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe.Mantras you give are very simple and effective.Thanks a lot for rendering such a wonderful service.

    My marraige life is not so good.In-laws need my husband for each and every activity.I have one brother in law who is also well financially and central govt.employee living in another state.but in-laws not interested to stay with elder son.we too are pvt.employees and earning a less income only.but sucking our money for all their father in law is a pensioner.but will never withdraw the pension.getting money from us only.saving his pension.we too are running family with this less amount only.staying seperate only.then also demanding money from privacy is affected in all ways because of in-laws. they always like to keep my husband with them. married for 9 years and no happiness in my married life.till date we have not gone out anywhere.he has not stayed even for a single day in my mother’s house in this 9 a mechanical life and no happiness.

    please suggest mantras so that my in-laws to stay with elder son and we too should go out regularly somewhere.(my mother’s house, relatives house, temple, cinema etc.,)


    • bhargavi,
      write ” I thank the divine for spending time with my husband.” for 51 times daily in a notebook.
      do the forgiving exercise for your in laws.

  14. Hi sir, it needs great patience and care to answer to al those people(known and unknown) who come in ur way without expectin anythin from them. Great work sir. Thank u

  15. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe.All topics are so good and very interesting.I am a regular fan of your website.Day to day learning more good things from this site.Patience and tolerance is developing more by chanting the mantras / remedies suggested by you.All are fantastic.which one to mention.Think everybody as human.Treat as human.Then there will be no dispute between husband and wife.simple words but carrying a lot of good meaning in it.usually i used to argue with my husband very often.but nowadays i am treating him as human being and just leaving him to live his own life style.result house has become peaceful.

    studied your site regarding stars.only some are there.please add more.for uniting / remarrying star mirugshirsha is useful.we can do remarraige mentally for couples who fight studied in that sister’s marraige life is not so well.i want to do remarry for them mentally.please suggest remedies for the same.


  16. GSK,
    thank you. You can ask sister to write. or she can chant BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE

  17. Giriji,
    i have 2 daughters 4 and 1 y old. older one is having health problems since birth (20 dec 2008) her problem is lactose intolerance(which seems ti have improved now). recently we visited optician for her squint and we were advised to go fo surgey as its in moderate stage which cannot be cured by exercise. we r very scared fo surgey, plz advise us for improved eye health and general health.

    plz help guruji i am very anxious fo my daughter as she keep suffering form some or other things. as per astrologers also she has a very tough life.

  18. ashmom,
    chant REDCHESTNUT SWEETCHESTNUT daily as many times as possible

  19. Thanks a ton guruji for ur response, have one doubt , should i chant it over a glass of water and give to my daughter as she cannot chant.
    and should i also chant eye mantra (Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Balachandram) suggested by u for eye problems.

  20. Hi Sir,
    I have been following your blogs and would like to thank you for all the mantras and mudras.I have been trying to apply for a masters outside India .I got offer from one university in Ireland but unfortunately they are unable to offer me a clinical placement due to which I might have to decline their offer.Please can you suggest any maantra so that I can do my masters there without any problem

  21. kds,
    chant GORSE FIND DIVINE CLINICAL PLACEMENT as many times as possible

  22. Dear Guruji, By God’s grace My 2nd baby boy was born on may 3rd.. He got hospitalised on may 8th till july 3rd… Underwent a surgery for reflux.. Doctor said he has fluid in middle ears… He has tracheomalacia, weak wind pipe because of which he has noisy fast breathing and he coughs always… He is not drinking milk… I am giving it in g tube a tube placed in stomach… Guruji please help… Please pray for him… Please suggest Manthra for his complete healing and for him to drink milk through mouth… After reading your blog i have been saying Kunjitha Patham Saranam manthra… I thank God for making me read your blog and get your blessings… Hare Krishna…

  23. Mohana,
    i already answered you to continue the same

  24. Thanks Guruji… I’m doing it as per your instruction.

  25. Hello Sir,
    Is there any mantra/switchwords to heal typhoid?

  26. pranam guruji,

    as suggested by u i am chanting redchestnut sweetchestnut for my elder daughter and had also started chanting elm oak chicory hornbeam(got frm ur blog) for my husband improved job performance as there were problems in that area also.

    i have seen very positive imrovement in my husband’s job related issues. thanks a ton guruji. but as far as my daughters health is concerned couldn’s see any improvement and it seems her food allergy probs had resurfaced. regarding squint surgery i had to wait uptil dec and then only i will know.

    even my younger daughte has same food allergy problems.

    i humbly request u to suggest remedies for all my probs ie health probs of my daughters and job related issues of my husband, he really works hard but someone else will take credit,we r also looking to go to abroad as dr said food allergies hv better treatment there.pls suggest something for that also.earlier my husband had many abroad opportunities but we refused as we wanted to stay in india and now when we want to go nothing is coming up.

    life is really tough guruji, pls help and bless my family.


    • ASHMOM,
      write SCLERANTHUS in a notebook for 51 times.
      for allegic situations chant CHAM JAM for your daughters. This will improve circulation.
      Tapping will reduce allergy. Ask the daughters to hold any food item that causes allergy and tap on the tapping points while they say, i accept myself totally.. After finishing 7 rounds with this statement, tap with another statement. CANCEL ALLERGY IMAGES FIND FILL CELL MEMORIES WITH IMAGES OF LOVE AND LIGHT. dO THIS FOR 7 rounds. Do this daily for a minimum period of 21 days.

      • Pranam Guruji,ow to prono

        pls pardon my ignorance , but hv few doubts
        1) how tapping should be done and what are tapping points,like they hv to hold food items and i should tap and say the statements as they r quiet young(3 and 1 yr) to do or speak on there own.
        2) how to pronounce CHAM JAM
        3) For how many days i shall write SCLERANTHUS.

        thx and sorry once again for so many questions

        • asmom,
          visit any site and learn tapping. it is free.
          how do you pronounce cham jam – you write here.
          scleranthus for 42 days.

  27. Respected sir,
    i have pain in chest (left side)did ecg came out normal ,have bloating and burping problem since last 4 days.when ever i eat the pain increases for sometime and then subsides .but is still present.dr says i have GERD and gastritis.any mantra for relief.please help me,iam 31 years old and planning a baby(not yet pregnant).Dont want to be on medication for rest of my life.

  28. anushka,
    dont decide on anything. What you dont want will come to you.
    chant WU CHI JO for 15 minutes after taking food.
    when you have bloating problem be in chin mudra

    • Respected sir,

      Thank you for the mantra,i will definitely do whatever u have told me.Will keep you posted for the same so others can also benefit from it.because as i read other question and answers ,i feel good when they say they are problem free.Thank u guruji a lot.


      • Respected sir,

        Would like to mention that ur mantra “WU CHI JO” has started to show effect(with in 3 days) as i have less bloating and less chest pain,sometimes no bloating at all,i will keep on chanting the mantra.its a huge relief.would like to start eating slowly all the other foods as iam just having curd rice and khichadi for acidity from last 14 days.but iam happy now.thanks to u sir 🙂
        Would continue chanting and iam sure my problems will be solved.:)
        Thanks,thanks a ton 🙂


  29. Naran sir
    I also have same problem wanted to clean house but donot know what stops me.Even cooking for my family sometime looks to me like I have to cook.
    What stops me that I postpone everytime there is no regular routine.
    I will not be able to meet you living outside India.Need your guidance.

  30. Neha,

  31. Respected sir,
    I have already posted this question on one of ur blogs,but the problem is i cant find where i posted it.I don’t know sir u replied to that or not.
    I have few problems and i know u can help me with them.
    My dad has enough money to buy around 3 to 4 flat in good society but will not do so just want to save money ,but my mom feels to have her own house(we have 4 houses in chawl where we cant stay,we have always stayed in govt colony and he is retired)how to change my father’s mind to at least spend on needs and on my mom she is already 60 years.when will she get her own house.he drinks and usually get angry on small things would insult my mom and us in front of other(even if he is not drunk).he does not love us,treats my mom like slave.please advise

    My brother has recently lost his job.they were not paying him well.but he had some loan to pay off so he was stuck to this job.he is already 30 years old.we are searching good girl for him,but now he does not have a job,also he gets very angry,we love him a lot care about him,but he does not care and love us as we do.what can be done to get him good paying and satisfying job.

    I have problem from my in laws they interfere a lot despite of staying away.i don’t have any bad feeling for them.since i got married(3 years) i though they will come around and will except me as a part of their family.but they have straight forward told my husband in front of me that they would never except me.they are in touch with my husband as he is their son .why cant they love me,why cant they trust my husband has started listening to them,i don’t have any one else other than my husband.and he is not at all attracted to me.i just don’t want my husbands love but my family and his family love mother in law has one more problem she talks very rubbish about me to all his relatives.
    please help me with their any mantra for my mother and brother which i can chant.

    please i know it has become long letter kind of thing rather than being a comment.just writing it here makes me feel my half problems are solved:)
    (can i have ur mail id so i can discuss some other problems)

    thanks in advance


  32. anu,
    forgive your in laws, your husband Think about them say, IAM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE daily 1000 times

    • Respected naran sir,

      Thanks a lot for the mantra(i know in my heart it will work wonders).
      As mentioned earlier,is their a way i can help my mother and my brother also,i would be happy to help them.Is their a mantra they can chant for themselves,or i can chant for them.

      Thanks once again(looking forward for ur classes in banaglore)


  33. hi guruji,

    am still wiating for your reply.

    thx again for all u help.


  34. Dear Sir

    I am facing throat problem since one and half years, gone through all the test with lot many doctors but there are no such findings which can give an sure diagnosis. the problem is when i speak after 10 minutes my throat starts paining a lot and my palete in upper part of mouth turns red and i could not speak further. i had taken lot many different medicines but have not recovered yet. please Guide.
    In waiting for your reply

  35. Dear Sir,
    Suggest me some mantra for chanting when we are under tremendous work pressure.

  36. respected Sir … i have been Diagonised with laryngitis reflux ( acid of stomach comes back to throat and causes throat problems)

    Should i continue wih Bum, please suggest
    Heartly regards

    • Manish Luthra
      When you post a question, did you not know the diagnosis?
      only combination of flower remedies which are available at the centre can help you. theat mantra will clear the throat and remove cought also.

  37. please reply sir

  38. Naran Sir
    one of my old parent wanted his son and daughter in law to move to their home or let him reside at their home so they can live as a joint family.but daughter in law wants can it be possible .

  39. gaudily,
    it is not possible. ask him to chant NAMASHIVAYAM

  40. sir,i am 3rd daughter for my mom was worried she didnt have a son to look after her.After my marriage my husband has a good earning but my parents aaked us to be with them in their house.They were cheated by their bothers & sisters,I faced many problems & stood on my parents side & helped financially too.They asked help financially to their business we did.Now their sisters & brothers have joined them.My parents dosent want us to be wirh they r finding fault with us in everything,they doesn’t want my husband family to have in touch with us.We have planned to move to other house with my son but our money is with them,if v talk about it they r fighting with mom is listening to her sis ideas & being cruel to us.please pls answer me what to do.Its gods blessing for me know about this blog in my difficult.

  41. sasy,

  42. Naranji, We have been saving money to buy a land & build a house,but could’nt find a suitable place.Please guide me,tell me some mantras.We need our own house soon.

  43. sasy,
    chant Blue sapphire.

  44. Hello guru Ji..
    My baby is 3 yrs old, she has squint in her left heye, Any mantra for that i can chant to correct her squint & increase her vision. Please suggest the procedure too. I would be great thankful to you.

  45. Hi sir, small surgery was made Te wound was left open to heal it by own.. It’s getting deal to heal… It cause pain ..what mantra shal I chat to heal soon..

  46. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck.

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