Remove My Angry Instinct

Anger Eraser Part II

Please refer this link to read the first article in the series – “Resentment Created an Accident – Anger Eraser Part I”:

Anger about others will hurt us

I had been taking the Bach Flower Remedy WILLOW and sometimes PINE too.

Why Pine? The anger that we have about those outside us, one day will turn inside. This can create accidents – major or minor, and pains – in the form of stomach pain or head ache. Pain means Pine.

Just to give you an example. All of us would have gone through the episode of hurting our own fingers or toes, when we are angry about somebody at office or home.

Mantra for forgiveness

I did forgiveness exercise too (“I Ram forgive you Suresh. Please forgive me and release me’). That did help me to remove the anger whenever I get.

One day I asked Naran, if he could give me a mantra to forgive easily and effortlessly. He said he will think and get back to me.

Meanwhile, I was chanting mantras of Naran and one day I found that the Sreeram mantra helped me to erase anger or deep resentment.

I would say that this mantra removes our angry instinct.

When I shared this with Naran, he said, this mantra does helps us a lot, as it removes our animal instincts.

Why we need to remove animal instincts?

Of course Darwin said that our ancestors are apes. Thus, we carry their instincts with them. It means that their DNA is still inside us and influencing us in some way.

The only way we could erase this instinct from us is the Sree Ram mantra, which goes like this, “SREERAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM”.

Please refer this link to read about the last article in the series – “Please help me to forgive”:


About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hello guru ji …my problem is that i have a lot of pimples and now my skin is becoming tan …how to cure it ..?now its not going ive alredy used a lot of products

  2. archu4,
    use our product also.

  3. Dear Guru,


    We are planning for a family.Undergoing treatment but everytime facing obstacles in some way. then from your site i got this mantra and chanted vallabham, gajananam, ekadantham while sitting in the hospital before meeting doctor. Doctor has adviced to go for a surgery for my husband.I want him to go for surgery and get it naturally.Doctor said that surgery will be a permanent solution to this problem.tried artificial once and not succeded.hence i want him to undergo surgery and find a permanent solution to this. please suggest remedies/mantras to find a permanent solution to his problem and he should do surgery/tablets whole heartedly and get progeny naturally. i want to break the obstacles in this issue. also experiencing that vallabham, gajananam, ekadantham works well.because we are undergoing treatment for some years.but this time only doctor has given the solution to undergo surgery. i want my husband to do it whole heartedly so that my issue would be solved. please help.
    together find divine answer.


  4. Dear Guru,

    Awaiting reply.


  5. Dear Guru,


    Me and my life partner are both working people. We are not in a joint family . came out due to some problems. the problem now is he is spending more time to earning money and helping his family members physically and financially.spending less time and money to me.not worried much about me.i want him to be a total caretaker both physically and financially.spend much time to me (going out to relations house, temple and other entertainment activities etc) and spend more time to me like his family members. my in laws always keeping him in their hands and allowing him to spend less time to me.i am spending more time in office and in return i feel lonely till his return.if child is there it will not be a problem for is also getting delayed. not taking his own decision.all his parents decision.i want him to take care of me and take decisions for our welfare.please help.

  6. mohana,
    chant GORSE MIMULUS 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to him

    • Dear Guru,

      Thanks for your prompt response. I want speak truth to you.Problems raised in money matters and he is taking food, cofee, even water in his mother’s house. we are just one km away from in laws house.He is sharing little amount in rent only.not even paying a single paise for my livelyhood.we are just living like room friends.i am afraid about my family life.official life is settled for me.but iam very much afraid about my family life.they need him even for taking drinking water which is coming once in a week.always needing him and willingly seperating us.i have one brother in law who is in other state living a luxurious and pleasant life.but here i am living like a hermit sacrificying all my happiness in the age of 32. got married in 26.but till date we have not even gone out anywhere.for everything they need him even in sundays. i am praying to lord shiva and keeping fast in monday and shasthi(muruga).but no improvement in him.iam afraid that if this continues my family life will be a question mark.please help you will suggest a divine answer for this problems.


      • Mohana,
        why dont you chant what i said and come back after a week. When i want you to chant some words you have to do it. The same problem in different senteneces. if i give you something else for chanting will be satisfied and do it.Before desiring to change the other person, is it not necessary to change yourself also. Expecting a change in the other person without ourselves chaing even 1% will produce nothing. You will be in the same situation where you are now.
        To make one perfect whole and complete the destiny brings a person exactly opposite to our personality. We have to understand that, and win overour own unwanted traits. till you understand the situation in proper higher perspective sufferings will continue. It is your mental outlook which brings in the suffering of the mind.
        What is your goal now? your husband should behave in a particular manner. write a list under two headings.
        What should I do to achieve this?
        what should I not do to achieve this goal?
        If you think that this goal can be achieved through your own self-pity, or fear or blaming do it.
        Find out what emotions you need, what behavior you need to change your husband.
        come out with this exercise and i suggest something else.
        You are indebted to him. How are you going to repay that?
        By blaming or by thanking? by accusing or by forgiving.

        FORGIVE LOVE THANK is the mantra for you. Then only you be TOGETHER BE DIVINE WITH your husband.

  7. Dear Guru,

    I lost my mother before 3 years after my marraige only.she was facing plenty of troubles in her personal life.reason my grandparents expired when she was at the age of 13.struggled for everything with five sisters, two brothers and came up in life after many harassments.there was plenty of obstacles during my marraige.after many struggles i got married.parents were half hearted during my brother didn’t study well and he is doing our family work (temple pooja).so they were half hearted.because i am a graduate and earning a little.overcoming all these i got married.arranged only.but they were half hearted during my marraige.then i lost her after four years from my marraige life is also not so good.till date no child.undergoing treatment but facing obstacles in it also.i have a feeling that whether my parents would have cursed me.if i was single i could have saved her.i dont know what she was thinking during her last moment.because she was unconscious.still working only and living a mechanical happiness in married life. no children yet.iam feeling now that if i was unmarried i would have saved my mother.just a thinking.always this thought arises in me.but there is no use in it i know it very well.but having the feel that it would have happened like this.just thinking that i have a taken a wrong decision for my marraige. i got married only at the age of 26.earned and helped my parents for 8 years.after finishing my school i started earning.

    please help.

  8. Dear Guru,

    Got this lines from your site. It is really fantastic. Can i use like this (for progeny) because i am undergoing treatment but facing plenty of obstacles in it. not succeeded. got fed up in this matter. but will take steps also. but thought arised like this.faced failures and many hard words from all relations and neighbours. just to console myself.because nobody is ready to console me.

    my coining.
    I need my own child; i will get it in the right time. I align and release this thought to the quantum field (parasakthi).”

    for house you have given
    can i use the same for progeny.

    please clarify.


  9. Dear Guru,

    I will do as per your instructions and will post after one month.



  10. Dear Guruji,

    “violet flame heal so and so”s”

    can this be chanted for somebody’s physical problems or only problems relating to peace, harmony. because i have one problem to my closest relation and need to solved for his welfare. i want to chant it on behalf of him.


    • suchi,
      you can. chant … IS A BEING OF VIOLET FIRE; HE IS THE PURITY OF GOD’S DESIRE. then say violet flame heal ….mention the problem.

  11. Dear Guru,

    Reply awaited for my mail dated july 12, 2012.


    find divine answer

  12. Dear Gurudev,

    My mother side grandparents departed in young age.i.e when my mother was 13.So I have not seen them.But i want to get their blessings.All my relations are blessed with their mother side grandparents.But god has not given me the opportunity.This feeling is there from my childhood.In the age of 32 also iam having the same feeling.i have father side grandparents.but still lagging for mother side grandparents which is not possible.please suggest remedies to get their blessings.


  13. Dear,
    Naran i am having problems with my neighbourhoods , always they are doing something in a way to irritate me & they want me to shift to other home .Despite we remained silent they are doing too much& i am also facing some financial problems ,i dint get job yet. Help me

    • saran,
      do the forgiving exercise. i saran forgive you ….(neighbour’s name). you please forgive me and release me. Mentally say within, as many times as possible.
      In the night “i thank you…. for being nice to me” Say this three times and go to sleep.

      • Dear Guru,

        forgiving exercise.

        i ————–forgive you ….(neighbour’s name). you please forgive me and release me. Mentally say within, as many times as possible.
        In the night “i thank you…. for being nice to me” Say this three times and go to sleep.

        Can I do the same to my relations with whom i have strained relationship.


  14. Dear Guruji,

    I want to make a change in my dressing style in home to get the love and affection of my husband.planning for family.but getting delayed(undergoing treatment also). idea raised why should i not change my dressing style. please suggest remedies to make a change in my dressing style correctly so that it will fulfill my genuine desires and divert my husband’s attention to me.


  15. Dear Guru,

    Facing plenty of problems due to rat/mouse in rented house.first it came inside and spoiled eatables, cloth etc. then also created problems in bathroom it has digged hole near hall.trying to come inside through that hole.everytime we are blocking the hole by cement.but again and again it is making hole in new area.i want to move to new house due to this major problem.but my husband is not willing because sticking to the budjet.please suggest remedies to get rid of rat/mouse problems and also move to a new house.


  16. Dear Guruji,

    Namasthe. When my grandma was alive i did not know her value.but just wondering how she lived after her death.she got everything in life and lived a happy life except money,gold and education.but today i am having money, gold, education and employment.but living a mechanical life like a machine.without happiness which is a basic thing for life. realising it now.i want my life to be as my grandma.any remedies please.


    • inder23,
      chant i open align to resonate with divine grace and rays of joy and happiness 21 TIMES OVER A GLASS OF WATER and drink it.

  17. rashmi,
    chant heather over a glass of water 100 times and drink that water. you will attract the attention not by the dress but by enhancing the listening ability.

  18. Dear Guru,

    Everytime if i open to speak the topic treatment for progeny with my husband we are ending in says that he has problems.but not continuing the treatment/tablets prescribed.taking for some days and stopping it himself.not having interest in married life.not willing to find a permanent solution.diverting his time in some other activities.this story is running from 2005.elders is also supporting him because they need his money.if delayed for us they will be happy.please suggest remedies so that he should willingly go to treatment and follow the prescriptions suggested until getting good result.thousands of barriers/obstacles from the day we started.


  19. saro,
    chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKDHANTHAM as many times as possible.

  20. read the story of karna.he was born to kuntidevi with divine rays of sun god.also seeing that sun is sending solar rays and we are enjoying it in the day time and because of it all works are done correctly.also studied your blog under solar rays.amazing the benefits.please suggest remedies/mantras to get the blessings of sun god to solve many of my personal problems.

  21. Naran Sir,
    Am Hema,recently got married.I have misunderstandings with my husband like he always believes in his mother words but not mine eventhough mine is correct.His mother creating quarrels between us and he strongly believes in his mother sayings.Whatever I do is wrong for them.

    Please help me to have better understanding between me and my husband.
    Hopefully you will respond to this email positively.

    Thanks in Advance


  22. Dear Guru,

    I am also suffering from husband wife relationship problem. My husband is in full control of his dad…and his family..he loves me also. But, he wants to spend his whole time with his family. Infront of his family he doesnt count me. He ignores me totally…i am really getting tensed by his nature…now, i am so tensed that i donot want to see his family and also do not want him to talk to his family.He has so many family problem that his full time gets there only to resolve thier problems. So, he is loosing interest in my. Please help me saving my marraige life. Pleas eprovide amantra which shows mw result soon I would be very thankful to you. Please help.

  23. lovely,
    chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU thinking about your husband

  24. My son has lots of problems with anger. I am blaming myself. I had been very angry with him when he was a child. I wonder sir, if you would be so kind and suggest what to do?

  25. slavka,

  26. Thank you sir for your reply. I just wonder if some Bach flower would work for my son’s anger. I know he would not chant.
    thank you.

  27. Dear Guru
    I have confusion and fear regarding further education as it is unaffordable. As I am eldest, my parents will depend on me in the near future. I was also troubled and kept in solitary confinement by father’s brothers(reason not known) for close to eighteen months when I was studying for internship in college few years back.They did black magic on me, and my health after being released has deteriorated very badly. I have lost myself and I do not recognize myself. I am unable to complete my education or do anything. The black magic included a pot with silver snakes and red cloth with silver snake eggs. They forced me to do some rituals and made me drink some powder in liquid for that confined period.Can you suggest what I have to chant or do.

    • I want my health to be back in order and to be able to complete my education

    • coralcure.
      chant THIRUNEELAKANTAM as many times as possible. Take the flower remedies MUSTARD CRAB APPLE each two pills four times a day. These are flower remedies available in all homeopathy shops. Don’t touch the pills by hand.
      Write THIRUNEELAKANTAM in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  28. Thank you, Naran Guru for your precious advice.
    I am following your blog intently.
    I have come across it when I really needed it, I feel.

  29. Thank you, again, I am listening to chant of SREERAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM right now as I want to just….I can’t control my anger, so this is helping I feel.

  30. Good morning sir.. Sir, i am 23 yr old and i’m skiny thin. I consult with doctor. But,it’s not wok. I have also one problem that till today i have no good friend n every people in the society always try to dominate me.. But i cannot raise voice..i alwayz feel depressed and lonely..plz sir help me by giving mantra..plz sir

  31. Dear Guruji

    my name is sejal and may husband’name sandeep,I am 29 yr old and my husband 35 old,we got married in 2012,before my marriage so many aestrologist told my marriage life wil not going happy,but we are in love so we got married,and real problem start from there ,we face now so much problem we have no baby,i am pcod patient,and i got so much health problem,i am helthy before marriage,i want baby and my healyh again,ple help us guruji,my bith date 1/4/1985 and my husband birth date 21/1/1980

  32. Dear Sir,

    I recently attended an interview for the post of 2d animator at a reputed Company. I am confident that I carried out the interview specifications. I told them clearly as to what I could handle technically and what I could not. but still there is no reply from them . I wish to work there. Please suggest me a switchword or some other remedy so that I can get through there.

  33. Hi sir,
    No peace in the family. my fatheris innocent doesnt know how to behave / react to the socuety. but if my mother does something wrong(not wrong actually, jus according to d society) he hets angry on her. since my childhood no peace ofmind to us. i left my job. i need a job and the boy whom i love. pls suggest me any sw or mantra. I been reading lalitha sahasra namas since 2yrs. dont know what to do.
    Thanks in advance.
    Awaiting reply.

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