My Health Has Improved a Lot



After chanting “THIRUNEELAKNATAM” min. of 200 times a day for the past 3 months or so, my husband has decreased the no. of times using Pan Parag packets. I am still continuing it.


 At the same time, “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKA THANDHEM” has become my first mantra in the morning as I am working professional. The TIME literally stands still. This is really gorgeous.

I have also asked my sister to do this and she has also faced the same. Apart from this, I wrote this mantra and put it under the sleeping bed. It has taken care of my health, my husband’s health immensely.


It has solved multiple problems. My spiritual connection has increased. I have changed my attitude, my behavior with lot of calmness, patience, feeling safe and secure. Also, I have written the mantra and kept it under my bed.

I have no worries, and no fear – almost to ZERO.

Forgiving exercise

Though I am still not able to forgive one person in my life, I have seen lot of changes within myself.

Naran, I know no bounds to the happiness that you have showered on the “MANKIND” on this earth. Hope, we have more and more classes conducted all around the world so that more and more people get to know about it and start working towards it.

Thanks is the only word we can give you n PRAY for long life for you and Shobana madam.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir, I am very happy by using your mantras, it is very very useful. I need one more help. Now we are in Germany for official project work. we are desparatly expecting for extending of our project, kindly advise what needs to do ?

  2. jaya,
    chant WALNUT CLEMATIS. write these names of flowers in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping

  3. Respected Naran Sir,
    i have been reading a lot about your fantastic service to mankind.god bless you .one advice i seek which would help not only me but many others who read this,”SOLAR ECLIPSE” is approaching, anything special to be done during that time for overall improvement
    thanking you in advance

  4. Hi
    Are there any swtichwords that will help oneself give up arrogance and become more humble?

    • jeena,
      for you ? if it is for you i wil give you.

      • Hi thanks for the switchwords for arrogance. Yes it is for me. I sometimes feel that I get arrogant and have low tolerance for people. I want to change that.
        Leg pain has been there for now almost 4-5 years. No medical condition has been detected. I live Pune hence cannot meet your personally 😦
        Thanks however for the concern and consideration.
        Do you hold classes in Pune or Mumbai also? I would to learn from you.

  5. I have this unexplainable pain in both my legs..entire legs hurt, thigh, knees, calves, shin, ankle & heel. It is a constant pain. Intensity various day to day. what will help?

  6. Dear Sir,

    Water scarcity is a big problem in this summer season. Kindly suggest remedies to get sufficient water for basic needs and to get frequent rain during this season.


  7. REUKA,

  8. sir, i am suffering with osteoporosis arthritis i my ankle and knee and pain. Please help me with some mantras or sw………thanks

  9. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. I have gone through your block and lalitham mantras are fantastic and working well. My kuladevata is Lord Muruga. For this can I chant “Lalitham Subramaniam/LalithamKumaraam/Lalitham shanmugam” M has the power to go in easily read from your site only. hence this idea has aroused to me. Please clarify.



      your coining is wonderful. I think Lord Muruga is suggesting this through your question. whenever we want to have anything for us, we also should think in what way it can be useful others.Through your coining of words, i am asked by the divine to explain.

      Lalitham makes us always secured. Kumaram (kumaaram) protects us like THE MOTHER. in other words, when our mother is there beside us, we feel safe and we are confident and we are assured to get what we need, (it is not “what we want”)The one beauty with this combination is You can chant this at any time and surrender intending “He knows when to fulfil anything at the right time.

      Shanmugam is strengthening our link with the mother earth. “Gam” is steady abundance; when it is coined with “sha” your receiving capacity will increase.
      “SUBRAMANYAM”- (DONT SAY MANIAM. sAY MANYAM) iT acts both on manipuraka and heart chakras, releasing your ego replacing with Love.
      When all the three “Lalitham Subramanyam/LalithamKumaaraam/Lalitham shanmugam”
      what will happen ?
      You will get the feeling that you are the child of God. What else we need in this life?
      Best of luck

  10. Dear Naran Sir,

    Here is what I have to say.

    A month before, the temperature in Bangalore was above 43. As usual there is a scarcity of water all over the world. I was really troubled and wondered how could we put up our life in this situation, in this big city. NO RAINS, NO WATER.

    I had read in one of your blogs about no rains in Chennai and the prayers that you all had put together. I had noted a few notes on the BACH FLOWER REMEDIES.

    AND LO, I started chnating those FLOWER NAMES sitting in the bus one evening.

    After 3 days of chanting for 108 times, slight gloomy weather started. Almost after 5-6 days, it started raining heavily, down pouring in Bangalore, other places of Karnataka. I was so excited that Ithanked GOD for listening to my prayers.

    Just hope that we get good rains, good crops to live a moderate and happy life.

    At the same time pray to the all the living beings of this world to make the PROPER USAGE of the NATURE’S PRODUCTS.

    Thanks to NARAN SIR n SHOBANA MADAM once again.

  11. Dear Sir,

    Today is Guru Peyarchi. Please suggest some mantras switch words etc., to get the blessings of Guru.


  12. madhangi,
    OM KLEEM KRISHNAYA NAMHA. Start reading atleast one sloka (meaning) from BHAGAVAD GITA Daily

  13. saraswathipriya

    Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. I have gone through all topics in your site. Fantastic and wonderful. Thanks for your service rendered. To get married dress as getting married like putting flower garlands in neck and pray to god to get mangalyam soon. read from your site. I am married. but waiting for child. can i apply this technique and wear plenty of colourful glass bangles like valaikappu. because i am lagging for the same. expecting valaikappu soon in my life because iam already 32 years. also suggest some mantras while wearing bangles to get it done soon in real life. awaiting your reply.


    • Saraswathipriya,
      Very good do this.

      Read the story of yasodha and krishna daily and think that you are yasodha, while reading the story. do this daily.

      Write SWEET CHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow of both you and your husband.

      best of luck

  14. Dear Guru,


    We are undergoing treatment for child birth. everything is normal. but child birth is getting delayed. Can i chant the mantra
    Kunjitha Padam Saranam
    this is related to which god can you explain. i want to know the full meaning before chanting. please help and awaiting your reply.


    • aruna,
      read the story of yasodha and krishna daily and think that you are yasodha, while reading the story. do this daily.
      Write SWEET CHESTNUT WALNUT HORNBEAM in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow of both you and your husband.
      Hang a picture of rabbit in the bed room
      best of luck

  15. Dear Sir,

    I want to improve my handwriting. please suggest remedies for the same.


  16. veena,
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE while writing.

  17. Dear Gurudev,
    My married life is like hostel life. we two are living like room mets only. he is taking food, bathing all in his mother’s home only. coming only in the late evening after finishing all his routines and not willing to come out with me. we two are working and problem in money matters. in laws also wanted to keep him with them at all times. he is the third son. all others in family are well attached to their families blessed with all boons and children. but i am living like sanyasi and no children after seven years. not all co-operating for small things also. undergoing treatment and that too not successful till date. born in a poor temple archagar’s family and after many struggles/hardwork completed graduation and earning a small income monthly. but in laws needs my money fully and problem created there and we came seperately. after that also they are bugging money from my husband. he is believing them and not trusting me. iam doing thinking everything for our welfare only. but not understanding me. not coming out with me. but willing to go with others. i am working from my young age. so i don’t want to quit the job and be idle. but if in joint family i have to give all money to them. we are seperate now but my life is like a sanyasi life. all my relations are coming with their pair. but i am going alone to all functions. he is not all willing to come out with me. gone through your site and all mantras are well,good and useful. i am a devotee of shirdi sai baba and i trust the reply given by you is the remedy given by guru shirdi sai. jai sairam. sainath maharaj ki jai.

  18. Expecting your reply

    • someshwari,
      Throughout our life, we hunt for love, needing caring and affection from others. When we dont get, we fail to understand that we are demanding more and more from a person who does not have what we want. Instead, we hang on to him. Our demand annoys him and he distances himself away. The paradox is he married you with the intention that you would give love. There is an unconscious decision is your life before birth that you will always give love to your husband without any expectation. Now instead of giving you want to receive . That is why you are not getting.
      Instead of trying to get become a giver. that is why you are SOMESHWARI.
      Give love even when there is no giving. Giving love without expecting to receive will make you magnanimous. thank every person every event in your life daily. Meditate on Sai baba, reminding yourself of his anecdotes of Divine love and visualise his love filling up your heart. Then from your heart let his love flow through your hands to your husband and his family. do this daily. Thank them. pray for them.
      Chant the following:
      CHICORY CHERRYPLUM TOGETHER FIND DIVINE LOVE WITH. Chant this as many times as possible. Write this in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  19. Dear Guruji,

    Good evening. Ganesh mantras are excellent. Undergoing treatment and doctor advised to go through injection method. tried once and failed. advised to try second time after six months. but i want it naturally. hence Chanted Vallabham, Ekadantham, Gajananam while waiting in hospital for doctor. she has instructed for one more test. chanting continously for natural child birth. i really thanked to lord ganesh and you. according to jadagam we two were instructed to pray and surrender to lord ganesha since ketu is not a good place for us. our marriage life also is not good.

    many vinayaka mantras are there but i coined one mantra myself as follows after going through your site and also my own thoughts:
    lalitham lambodaram, lalitham vallabham, lalitham gajananam, lalitham ekadantham, lalitham vinayagam, lalitham ganapathim, lalitham mookshiga vaganam.

    is it ok. please explain in brief.


    • savithri,
      even though i appreciate and thank your enthusiasm, i want to say that vallabham gajaananam ekadhantham has encompassed all you have coined.
      That one can do miracles in everybody’s life.
      But one should have endurance and faith

  20. Dear Gurudev,

    Facing many problems in house/land matters from childhood. working from young age but till date living in rented house. currently living in a rented house and planned to vacate it before july. faced tremendous problems in the current house by arragont houseowner for the past two years. my life long dream is own house no problem if it is a second hand/lease. but my house problem should be solved. please help and suggest remedies.


  21. saraswathidevi

    Dear Guruji,


    I am conceived after 7 years and also continuing my job. I am continuing because i am from a middle class family. hence do want to be idle. please suggest mantras to give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby and also not affected by the tensions created in office/home or while traveling in bus and other outside people.


  22. saraswathidevi,
    Write SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT ROCKROSE CHICORY CHERRYPLUM in a piece of pape and keep it under the pillow, while sleeping.

  23. Dear Guru,


    Currently staying in my mother’s house due to water problem. husband is staying in his mother’s house. water, house has seperated us temporaily. searching for a good house. but not yet find. i want my husband to stay near my mother’s house. but he and in-laws are not co-operating.

    please suggest remedies
    1. to change my husband/inlaws attitude and stay near my mother’s house (whole heartedly). because water problem is less in that area.
    facilities more in that area compared to one which i am staying. rent is also nominal compared to the one where i am staying.

    2. to get a good house with water, nice location, and nice people as early as possible.


  24. Namaste,
    I am truly thankful to you as I have found marg darshan to solve many of my problems through your help.
    I am going through a phase where I am facing acute obstacles in all aspects of life – be in financial, professional, personal. All this along with obstacles and harm from other people is plaguing me.
    Can u please help me so that I can atleast win the heart of the people around me – and avoid any obstacles posed from their negativity.
    Yours sincerely,

  25. Sir,

    I had a clear skin few years back..all of a sudden I get pimples and because I lack patience I start picking on them.This had left real bad scars on my face..My complexion has darkened too ..and there is a stark difference between the face and other parts of the body.I know it is very superficial of me to chase beauty.. but it really gets embarassing to go out in public now.I have never been to the parlours and done what other women do.I believe nature’s way is the best way..I used quite a few natural therapies like sandalwood.. but the scars refuse to go.I am really hoping if you can help me out.

    Owe you a lot,

  26. Radhika
    you have to purchase one liquid from me. and Crab apple flower remedy.

  27. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Guruji

    I need your advise and help Mr.Naran,

    I am Sathappan living in UAE ,i am 37 and not yrt married ,as per my chart everybody says that GURU is hided so it will be a late marrraige ,can you suggest any mantras for this.

    Whereever i go for work ,i am not gettting full facilities ,everybody using my knowledge and they ae coming up ,i was cornered ..its around 14 yrs like this ,even friends also like that ,i am fed up of that and now i decide to be alone always.

    In office also ,everybody cheating me ,just use and throw ,again and again i fall to their false talkings .(infront of me they are nice after i go they will false report about me to top level management )..manytimes i expereinced but again i could not change my helping hands to them.

    pls provide me some mantras to ovecome .

    even though i am in mangerial position ,i am like rat here .no one will consider me or i am powerless but every body will ask me about the doubts ,they will get their work done by my ideas and credit goes to them …i am working here for 3 + yrs ,sofar i am not getting any increment or rise ..rather everybody here is jealous and they are working for so that i should not get any benifits ..

    lots of strggle please hellp me with some mantras. to over come all these.

    wherever i go i am not getting the facilities or allowanses as others getting ….always i ahve to longing for everything …

    even i treid changing name also
    birth name : K.sathappan
    changed to : sksathapan

    now : sksathhappan

    pls advise.

    • Kasi Sathappan
      chant CENTAURY PINE ROCKWATER WATERVIOLET ROCKROSE 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
      Write this in a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket and chant these names whenever you find time.
      write TOGETHER DIVINE in another piece of paper and keep it under your pillow

  28. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Guruji

    One of my sister got married 6 yrs before and sofar they dont have any kids ,But when tested both reports are good there is no problem at all .please give any mantra for that.

    • Kasi Sathappan
      ask her to hang a picture of rabbit in her bed room.
      Ask her to chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT CHERRYPLUM HORNBEAM over a glass of water and drink. Ask her to share that water with her husband

  29. I also wanted to say..I tried using EFT tapping for the same problem..and it has made quite a difference so happy I became aware of the technique from this blog..Thank you so much!

  30. Radhika,
    continue. continue

    • Sir,

      My skin has improved a lot after using crab apple! 🙂 Thank you so much for helping me out.. I am grateful to you and your help.


  31. I have a constant itch in both my ears and also get ear infections very often. The itch is on the skin inside the ears. Have tried several treatments but this has been there for years now.

    ALso had written to you about the constant pain in my legs, primarly knees, ankle, calves. Sometimes it is unbearable and other times bearable but it is always there. Now all my joints have started paining, elbows and fingers also. But the leg pain makes me feel tired all the time.

    I will try and visit you in Chennai sometime. But would really appreciate if you can help resovle the above two issues of ear and legs. Thanking you in advance, regards Jeena

    • JEENA,
      chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE daily 300 times, on waking up.
      before going to sleep, chant this over a cup of water 200 times and drink that water.

      • All my joints have started paining terribly, including the ones in my fingers and toes. My knees are the most painful also my elbows. I can barely walk past three days. I am doing the chant you have told me. Is there anything else I can do? Please help. The pain is becoming unbearable. Regards Jeena

        • jeena,
          chant CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS MAG.PHOS CALC.PHOS KALI PHOS 50 times over a glass of water and drink this water.
          do this three times daily

          • Sir,
            My 11 month old was diagonised with hearing loss. Please pray for him.. I believe he will be cured completely by God. What should I do for that?? Please tell me. Also he is still tube fed. Not eating through mouth. Please help Sir.

  32. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Sir,

    some 4 yrs before i had back pain and when tested MRI it shows L3 slightly bulged ,so i got right side leg(backside) pain ,then as per Doctor’s advise i started doing exercise .but still i have the pain sometimes if i did not sit straight or when taking lugggage(weight) like that is there is any mantra for getting complete relief.

    i would like to meet you in person when i come to india ,pls advise me regarding this also

    After seeing your Blog websites ,i started to chant many mantras daily while traveling in the bus ,walking ,sitting .

    its very effective and i can feeel the power of “EEJOE “,i am happy ,my question is ,Is that a correct way of chanting mantras when we are in foot wears while traveling or chanting (chappels or shoes)
    pls clarify.

  33. kasi sathappan,
    you can do.
    for you back pain chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKADHANTHAM over a glass of water 200 times and drink that water. dip a cotton on a portion of that mantra water and apply on your back.

  34. Dear Sir,
    My husband 45yr is also facing back pain and shoulder pain and leg pain(calf muscles).It aggravates in winter or rainy season.Can i also chant on behalf of my husband VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM EKADHANTHAM over a glass of water 200 times and give him to drink .My husband does not believe in chanting mantras so can i do on his behalf..Do clear my problem.He is in lot of tension and stress.
    Thanking you for your support and advise

  35. geetha prabhu,
    yes you can do. In addition chant MAG.PHOS CALC.PHOS KALI PHOS over a glass of water and give him that. This should be done separately

  36. Dear Guruji, By God’s grace My 2nd baby boy was born on may 3rd.. He got hospitalised on may 8th till july 3rd… Underwent a surgery for reflux.. Doctor said he has fluid in middle ears… He has tracheomalacia, weak wind pipe because of which he has noisy fast breathing and he coughs always… He is not drinking milk… I am giving it in g tube a tube placed in stomach… Guruji please help… Please pray for him… Please suggest Manthra for his complete healing and for him to drink milk through mouth… After reading your blog i have been saying Kunjitha Patham Saranam manthra… I thank God for making me read your blog and get your blessings… Hare Krishna…

      Write rescue remedy scleranthus walnut in a piece of paper and tie it around the baby. or chant rescue remedy scleranthus walnut 50 times over a cup of water and keep it near the baby you can bathe the baby with this water.

  37. sir pls help me.Im going through lots of problems in my life.Im facing financial crisis.Someone had done black magic to me and i had possesed before.Im a doctor and now im not able to work still in medical leave,the government had withold my salary saying that waiting for approval for my medcal leave.I need to wait to get the approval till then im not being paid,for past 2 months im not being and i got to pay my personal loan and for my salary.Futhermore im having my marriage next month.Pls help me sir to solve my problem.At least if i win lottery i could solve my money problem.Im in vey bad situation,everyday i cant stop crying thinking of it sir.pls help me sir.

  38. shi,

  39. My financial situation is getting worse by the day. I have too many loans and liabilities and not enough income to match the same. And every month some new expense comes up. I am feelings numb now with stress and worry. Not able to find a new job which will pay more. Now I am feeling so low and helpless. Dont know what to do to get out of this situation and be at a place of financial abundance…or atleast where I dont have to worry about how to pay my rents, meet my parents’ medical expenses, food etc. 😦 Pls help

  40. jeena
    chant blue sapphire green turmalin

  41. Mohana Balaji
    give him rescue remedy holly beech

  42. Pranams
    request you to help
    My daugher is very average in her studies
    pls advise

  43. Pranams
    Her height is also 2/3 inches smaller than her age group – is there a way to increase her height


  45. Hello Guruji,

    My sisiter is suffering from paraplegia, she cant walk due to some doctor mistake she is suffering this

    Its been 4 years she is not recovering can you please let me know what to do for her so that she will fine soon

    Thank you

  46. Sir, we live in Europe now, we want to settle here, but there is someone is coming in my husband position. Kindly advise how to avoid that and what to do to settle here?

  47. Guruji,
    My father is suffering from multiple sclerosis and doctors said there is no cure.he is bedridden.
    What can I chant on his behalf to cure him ?

  48. Tamil mantras for good handwriting.

  49. Tamil mantras for good handwriting

  50. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website He will not reply your questions here. Naran answers your questions on REACHNARAN.COM. Best of luck.

  51. what is the method of chanting mantra “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKA THANDHEM”

  52. suffering from herpes on genitals with some issue around the anus also, Can you please help me for curing this disease by mantras & dont get this transmitted to my life partner.

  53. i am suffering from neck,shoulder & chest pain(left) ,my left side muscles are in saver pain please give me mantra

  54. my mother rajashree rajaram jadhav is suffering from Rheumotoid arthrities from last 13 years ,her fingers are totally bend ,she had lots of acidity problem , she takes medicines but no cure in the disease. please give montra for recovery.

  55. Sir pls help. My husband has somany extra maritual affairs. What can i do

  56. My father suffering from pancreatitis.. recently he had an operation in subduoral hematoma of brain.. pls help me that how we recover from this problem and which mantra I chant…

  57. Hello sir,
    I am ajay and I want to ask that if someone write “kunjitha padam saranam ” on a paper along the person’s name. and after curing what should I do with that paper, should I keep it with me or not or whatever I want.. doesn’t matter….!

  58. Hello Sir,
    My 7 yr old son is diagnosed with bone cysts in his feet. He has lots of probems to walk. The cysts keep on growing. Medically no treatment can be done until he completes his growth. What mantra can you suggest to get the cysts dissolved and lessen his pain?



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