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Referring the article “I lost all hope that I will succeed in Life”, posted in the link:

To everyone who needs help with the career, I was amongst the depressed ones too. But this mantra helped me get a job. It REALLY works…just came in here to thank Naran for his kindness and help.

I have regained faith in God. I suggest anyone who is in deep trouble to be positive in life and chant this mantra… It will REALLY works!!!

Regards Healed

For a detailed explanation of this Ambika mantra, please refer this link:


I am happy that you have regained your faith in God. God is working and helping us all through words, flowers, nature, men and animals. What is the connection between me and you? It is the web of god which unites us one and all in the world.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I was searching for software jobs since 5 years but I didn’t get a job.Then I was into power sector business with my friends but I didn’t get any gains only my investment was back that too after lot of hurdles, fighting with them. My best friend told me to come back and try software jobs. I am unable to concentrate and losing hope and thinking that will I able to prove myself.
    Please suggest me I am losing hope in my life

  2. Arun
    Larch will develop confidence in you Aspen will bring in the luck that is missing,Gorse will do which is not so far eluding you, sweetchestnut will free you provided, you allow the divine intervention and wildrose to accept what is happening. When you accept what happens it bring joy.
    Thank the Divine for what all happened in your life.

  3. Dear Sir, my brother is 31 yrs old, still not have not found good girl for him, and he wouldnt beleive god, so kindly advise any mantra so that i can chant on behalf of him.

  4. Jaya

  5. Dear sir,
    I have pains all over my body from the shoulders to the finger tips , from the hips to the toes , the entire back . Its like all the joints and the ligaments and the muscles of the body pain . I feel so handicapped.I feel like a vegetable . I cant go for a walk or do anything . Always pains and pains .kindly help me by giving me some of your remedies .i want to laugh smile and enjoy life .

    Waiting eagerly for your kind help

  6. Smita
    what is your age? Since when you have this pain? what is the nature of the pain?

    • Sir,
      Thankyou for your reply. Im 37 yrs age .i have these pains since last 6 yrs ever since my first child was born .

      The pains makes me feel very frustrated and depressed as ihave no help and i have to run around and do all the work to bring up my children and home .

      Pains are quite severe which makes me feel very helpless.
      After the 2nd child birth which happened 1.5yrs back i m also having pain in my pelvic bone .

      Kindly tell me the remedy that will give me quick relief and make me more robust and energytic as i always feel guilty of unable to do all the duties towards my home and children properly.

      I have high bp also since last 10 yrs .my weight is under control.


  7. Sir ,
    Just a query , first u asked me to chant WHITECHESTNUT GENTIAN WILDROSE.
    and then in the next reply u have asked me to

    Should i chant both and how many times ?

    Another question is can you pls clarify how will chanting of the name of each flower help .should i chant in mechanically or chant it with faith . If with faith how do i develop it ?

    Waiting for your reply . Pls forgive me if im wrong .

    • Smita
      chant both. both are different questions. did you have faith while asking questions? if so have the same faith. whenever any answer is given, just follow.


    Dear Sir,
    I had complected my B-Tech from Kalyani Govt. Engg. college in Mechanical Engg at 2011. My age is now 23 and I get job in TCS in my College campusing but due to mechanical background I am not interested in softwear indistries job, now I am looking for core industries job, i am selected by two or three industries last stage interviews but in the final stage they canceled me without any reasons or very few reasons. Now, I have no job, I loss my hope , energies and high thinking abillity and can’t concentrate in my studies. please help me to sucess in my life. I loss my laugh i wants to laugh again.

  9. I have two sons and a daughter one son is teenager and other is youg adult.My husband is an alcoholic and treat everyone very bad and yell all the time.My younger son start drinking and is in bad company.My older son has the same problem.Our home is like a hell.everyone is tense and always is in bad mood .Please help me.please.

  10. raji
    buy the flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY WALNUT AGRIMONY WILLOW. put 5 pills of each in common drinking water, so that every body drinks that water.

  11. Dear Sir,
    i Have completed my MBA and know in search of job..have given lots of interview and is not that my interviews dont go fine but still i failed to get a job.Please help me….please…

    • ATEWHS,
      thank all the companies which did not give you employment.
      did you thank all your after completing MCA ? Think of everyone and thank.
      Affirm daily, in the morning and night, “Whatever is good, remains with me. Good only will come to me. Bad(which is not required) never comes to me.”
      Till you get the job, teach somebody what you know to some stundents freely.

  12. hi naren sir.
    i have a problem.i have been married since a year.and was pregnant as soon i got married but had to abort as my husband din wanted the child so soon.
    and he doesnt want kids. He says he is just happy with m e, and his parents ,kids are burden.please help me change his mind set about kids.
    my parents are very eager for the kids they are dissappointed .due to this there are clashes between my parents and my husband.Now he is not speaking to them.
    And my Sister in law stays near by she keeps coming daily to our house with her kids due to which there are problems,and i get irritated.
    please help me to make my husband change his mind about kids and be with love with my parents.
    And moreover my job is also in danger i don have project since 6 months and searching outside that is also not helping .

    Help me my personla and professional both are not good

  13. deepthi,
    be in the followig mudra and chant find divine order count now
    index and middle fingers at the base of the thumb while thumb touching the tips of little and ring fingers.
    write holly willow in a paper and keep it under the pilow.

    • Hi sir,
      As you told to chant Oak gorse clematis for my job .
      i did and i got the job .
      But main issues is that let me explain the issue.
      My husband does not want kids,so my parents asked him why there was little discussion.So my husband has stopped speaking with my family and told to break relation.Whenever he comes to my parents house he doesn’t respect them.Now my parents feel bad.
      My mother in law doesn’t make my husband understand that he is wrong.
      I told him but he doesn’t listen.Same situation happened when my MIL scolded my husband for kids but he is normal.Now my parents are so angry on me .They say to me to change my husband but what to do.I just treat my in laws like my parents but my husband doesnt do anything.
      Please tel me some solution where my husband and my parents get close and have good relation as it was before.Please sir, i need my parents and my husband both.
      please sir i want only this wish where everybody are together my in laws husband and my parents .I will be very thank full for this.


      • deepthi,
        take the flower remedies agrimony beech walnut willow cherryplum
        buy blue sapphire pills from the center and take it.

  14. Dear Naran sir,

    I need your help. I am very depressed with my job. I always worry about my career growth. Somehow I am not too happy with my performance. I feel inefficient and slow and lack adequate productivity.

    Request you help me enhance my productivity and efficiency at work. I also want to be a smart worker and a confident person.


  15. priya,
    take the flower remedies GENTIAN OAK HORNBEAM LARCH each three pills one after the other for three times a day

  16. hello sir I don’t know how to handle this situatn please help a guy is threating me and he is like he will the happened things which my senior troubled me in my college to my parents nad he is like he wanna marry me whre I am nt intrested sir he is saying that if u r not mine then no one else sir I don’t want him to open his mouth and create a trouble for me pleas egive me any mantra os that his mind can change he stop troubling m ethreating me he is he will tell my sister and everyone which I don’t want him to do sir please help me to change his mind forever he forgets me and move on in his life sir .I don’t even want to talk please give me any mantra

    • ch,
      thinking about him chant I am sorry pls forgive love thanks divine as many time as possible.
      Say “I thank you (name of that boy) for keeping away from me” three times daily.
      call wolf say all these things…

  17. SIr,
    My mother suffering from knee pain. if she walks some-long means she starts to cry. can u suggest her the chant to overcome from this problem?

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