Like Sun, Shine, and Stay at the Top

Ravi means Sun in Sanskrit

Ravi Kiran Ruchi Karan Paripooranan

This mantra heals Tamo Guna (type of characteristic or personality), which stands for laziness, lethargy, and procrastination.

For stability (of life) also, this mantra will work.

When you are not sure of the position in the office, or when you are afraid you will be transferred, this mantra will help.

To open one’s eyes of those who is going on wrong path, this mantra can be used.

This mantra is also for abundance. That is, it will stop the loss. Any loss making business if we keep chanting this mantra will help us to handle it. I would not say loss would be wiped out completely but first loss will be stopped; then profitability would start coming. Business will also become stable soon after.

Question – When someone is going on wrong path, can we chant for the person – to open their eyes? Can we just say their name and chant this mantra for them?

Answer – Yes, that is right. That is all we can do. Or you can also chant over a glass of water and give it to that person. Any mantra can be chanted over a tumbler of water and given daily.

This mantra is based on Bhagavat Geeta, 16th chapter, 23rd Sloka. Though, in that, these words would not be there. To make one person to go on right path this is the mantra.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Debt problem, iam sufftering problems of debts always disturbing mind please suggest me to get rid of from debts please

      Write whitechestnut squirrel in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping

  2. Sir,
    My sister is living in her inlaws house. His husband does not take interest in buying property although he has sufficient funds. He also stops my sister in doing so. But my sister desperately has long time desire to have one big house. Everytime when a dda flat by draw came in my sister’s name, he was never ready to buy that one even then the price were 5 lakh or nine lakh. Now the rate has gone sky high. Can her dream be come true.

    Please guide, Sir.


  3. Anita
    Ask her to chant GORSE beech willow walnut chicory hornbeam

  4. very good servise
    pl also keep me posted

  5. hi i am working in a IT company for past 5 plus years and working very hard but i am not being recognised nor being promoted to the next level, i have my appraisal next month and i need promotion and very good salary hike, i do not want to leave my company. Please help me, because of this i am very demotivated after working so hard and doing well still there is no career progression

  6. Dear Naran,

    I am trying to find a new job and I am meeting some obstacles within myself. Here are the themes. Not feeling i have the skill set to apply to the positions I know in my heart I desire. Not feeling smart enough even though I graduated from a top school. Remembering past failures even though I have an outstanding memory. Feeling like I cannot get good references. Not feeling valuable or that I can make as much money as I know i deserve for my work. Feeling judged for even wanting to raise to a higher position (glass ceiling). Regretting past failures in school despite outstanding reviews for the past 4 years It is quite irrational but is having a real affect on my ability. Is there a mantra that can work for me? I am committed to getting out of this rut from the inside out. Additionally, I am always somehow short on funds even though I know with some certainty that I can maintain a balanced checkbook. Little things always happen to take it away.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  7. Grace

    • Thank you so much Naran. I will do this. Do I have to chant anything specific for actually acquiring the job of my choice or should I just stick to the flowers?

  8. hi
    I am waiting for your reply how many times should i chant this mantra suggested by you everyday

  9. Namastae Naran ji, Will this mantra work for my husband? He is having terrible time at work. He is looking for a new job, first interviews go alright, but no second or third interviews yet. Thank you for the guidance.

  10. swarna,

  11. Namastae Naran Ji, Is there a mantra to be surrounded by supportive, succesful people? Thank you for your time and guidance.

  12. dear sir
    is there any mantra to secure above 90% in 12th board exam n also get a good rank in cet n get admitted to a good college kindly suggest.

  13. Dear Sir Naranji is there any remedy for the person who is abusive and demanding (money) to his parents? Kindly help sir.Thanks

  14. Hello Sir,

    We have started a small home based saree business. First the response was good, but now no one is interested in taking our saree even though the saree quality and designs are good, and some people are blocking others from buying sarees from us.
    Please suggest me some mantra or remedy so that we succeed in our small business.
    I have seen all your posts and reply and thank you sir for providing the wonderful remedies for the people who are in need.
    Im looking forward for your reply to help my business prosper.

    Thanks a lot sir
    awaiting your reply.

  15. Hi.. I love a guy n vr not of the same caste. Hence my parents are not agreeing for the marriage. Its been a year that me, the guy and his family are waiting for my parent’s approval..
    I have now started feeling very depressed and my parents have stopped talking to me.

    Please tell me how can I overcome this situation and make my parents agree?

  16. jyothi,
    chant walnut rockwater change divine order

  17. there any mantra to make my parents accept my love so that me and my lover will be married for sure with their blessings?

  18. Sir..I love a girl very much and she 2 loves me.My parents have accepted our love but she is yet to say about our love in her house and mostly her parents wont agree.Is there any mantra to accept our love by her parents as she says about her love or any mantra to convince her parents if they didnt accept..?

  19. Respected Sir
    I accidently discovered your website Yesterday and in my longest period of darkness,reading about the success of your gave me a ray of hope. I m not chennai based but when i learnt about your Visit to Mumbai at the end of this month.i was hoping to get an appointment and i did contact the concerned people regarding consultation but i was told that you only do consultation in Chennai where i cannot Visit you..i m going through series of complicated problem and until i discuss that with you,i may not reach the right remedy.please help me out.its a Request.

  20. Respected Sir
    Hoping to recieve a reply from you soon.Thank you for being a hope to many and i sincerely pray that you are able to help me out.

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