My Husband is a Great Fault-Finder

Mrs. P

I have the following problems in my life

  1.  Recently got married and my husband don’t trust me. He suspects me for everything
  2.  He keeps remembering the past mistakes and scolds and keeps on telling that always and fights with me
  3.  If we go out he feels that I look at other guys and not at him and because of this he doesn’t come out with me anywhere. Now because of all these He has started making new friends who are girls and started talking to them.
  4. Earlier he used to share everything with me. Now he doesn’t even talk to me properly.
  5. For everything he misunderstands.
  6. He doesn’t allow me to talk to my earlier friend and some of my cousins who are guys
  7. He does even allow me to wear modern dresses

 Can you please resolve this problem and somehow save my marriage and get me my love back. Can you please make him understand me, share with me everything and be with me always? Can you please make him somehow to forget the past things, lead a new life with me and be jovial with me? Please bring back the attachment within him.

 Along with the remedies can you also give me some Bach flower names which I can chant daily and resolve this.


Take the flower remedies WILLOW HOLLY VINE ROCK WATER as a combination. Buy these remedies in any homeopathy shop. Mix 5 pills of each in water. Sip the water 6 to 7 times in a day.

 Chant the mantras “OM HUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA OM RUM NAMAHA OM VUM NAMAHA OM LUM NAMAHA” for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

 Keep CHIMPANZEE picture with you.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Mr.Naran, we are in love and our parents were happy to get us married, they matched our horoscopes and astrologers said we cannot marry at all.Our parents are still trying to find some remedies or pooja , so that we can get married as our parents already blessed us !
    Please help us ! our details are:

    mine: D.O.B-17.10.1989, Time: 1:07 a.m. Place : Kanpur,Uttar Pradesh
    his: D.O.B.-03.12.1988,Time: 06:22 p.m. Place : Burla,Orrisa, India (sambhalpur is a nerby city)

    please help!

  2. shine
    take the flower remedies SWEETCHESTNUT HORNBEAM three pills of each three times a day.

  3. guruji,

    i have problem with my mother inlaw ,syster inlaw and husband,they always scoldes me for nothing, they spoiled my relationship with my husband n throughed me out from home.even now my husband also changed he is not living with me,they need only money from me ,after taking all money jewellery ,still they need only my salery…..
    they made my life my parents life worse…
    i want my love back ,my husband should live with me with love not for my salery..i want my dream family life kids,he spoiled his career and mine ,please tell me remedy and mantra to get back my dream family life

  4. hanykm

    • my husband forcing me for divorce..he is not staying with me and pointing only my mistakes. i cant live without him..please give me some chanting to get my husband back.

  5. naran, I think my husband loves to flirt with woman.Any prayers, which can show me the truth

  6. karan

  7. Dear Sir,

    I want my kids to love me and listen to me, and also study hard,please help

  8. i wanted to buy house ,my husband is not either accepting or supporting to buy house .please tell me some remedy to buygood house with his support and my father support where we should live happy family life and kids

  9. hanykm
    TAKE the flower remedies SUPPORT three pills three times a day.
    PEACE three pills three times a day. LUCK three pills three times a day,
    give a gap of 5 minutes between each remedy.You buy the pills from from the centre.

  10. how to make my husband loving to me

  11. Karan,

  12. Guruji,
    me and my husband fought very badly and he is not coming home from past 3 months.he stays with his parents , he beats me abuses me all the time and now from past three months he his not even responding to my phone call or messages.Its jus 1 year we got married and even before that he used to hit me i am studying cum working lady.I want my husband to come back home and stay with me happily for ever.I have tired all means but i only failed guruji.Please help me to come out of this situation .Pls make my husaband to come and stay with me forever.

  13. sir, wehave been having legal cases for the pass 2 years.Nothing was in favour our side , enenthough we have all the proof documents.
    The lawyers too drag some of the cases just to make money.Each time he do some paper work he will ask for money.We sold our property just to get this going.

    Please help what to do everything should quickly come to an end and also in our favour.And also the liquiditor to listen to us, who is also making our life miseralble. please sir advice

  14. karan
    Take the flower remedies WALNUT OAK AGRIMONY HORNBEAM 2 pills of each one after the other lfor three times a day. Dont mix the pills. These are flower remedies available at the centre contact
    chant NAMASHIVAYAM 1000 times a day

  15. sir, My twin girls are not interlligent in their studies, both 12 years, what mantra can i chant for them to improve in their studies and get more than 80 marks in all their subjects

  16. what is remedy to over come kuja dosha,i am married and staying away from husband,he is staying with his mother ,apart from family problems he has lot of losses in business,both of our careers are not good,its like question mark,donot know what to do,i am currently working,but he is not working started business which is not going good,i want he to do job,instead of taking tensions in business.if we come out of this kuja dosha i am thinking it can help.please gie e some chanting to live with my husband.

  17. hanykm,
    chant WAERVIOLET GORSE SWEETCHESTNUT. dont confuse your mind with all the Doshas.

  18. I have been told by Astrologers that If i marry the guy I love .. we will get divorced , also we will never be happy , we have Bhakut dosha .. which says we wont have children .. I trust God and our love. Please guide us so that we always love eachother and never fight.
    The above doshas don’t harm us ? Should a person believe in horoscope matching for marriage ? is astrology true ????

    Please answer I am in a very bad phase !

  19. SAI,
    WHEN you love a guy, why do you go to astrologer? When you dont believe in your love only you consult astrologers. Every marriage happens for the two opposite individuals to come together not to quarrel or fight but to find a common path of harmony. Ego plays a major part in married couples when they fight. If love plays its role there need not be any quarrel. Love makes one compromise. Love makes one adjust. vde Love wants to give only. Love will not mind even when there is no reciprocation concentrate on how you will adapt to him instead of thinking how to get love from him. In marriage there is giving only. nothing more than that.

    • thanks for your reply ! I trust ur views completely and i know u r RIGHT! however to clear it Its our Parents who matched it for us and not me !
      I am not unsure. 🙂 i RESPECT THE views above and Do follow them to the maximum extent ! .. Thanks a lot .. 🙂

      I just want some remedy so that our parents get convinced and the negativity doesnot affect us once we are married cz of our elders standing against us.

      I wish to give so mch love to both families and the person I love that these things dnt matter ! BUT negativity affects us somehow 😦

  20. sai,

  21. Hi Naran,
    i have asked many times to live together with my husband,u said many times,but somehow nothing working for me,not only this from childhood i am struggling for relations,i dont have proper family relations ,didnt live with parent,even they didnt stay together,so i was waiting for husband who can take of me like fa,ma and husband and friend,i want to show all love to him and get same.but from day 1 my mother inlaw and sister inlaw tried to spoil my relationship and they have given imp to money gold and they dont need me,only money they want , finally they were success and spoiled his career and my career ,but my husband never thought about even my hungry sleep,nothing,but still i love him alot…dont know reason….why god
    is not helping why didnt he give even single relationship to me..when i will have family like other whenmy husband love me when will i have kids..when will i be happy..please help me..please tell god tolisten my prayers ..please help me..i want my husband and live happy life..

    • hanykm,
      chant NAMASHIVAYAM 1000 times.
      write SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT daily 51 times

      • its been more than 5 months ,my husband didn’t come to home ,not even talking to me,sometime hard sms once in a 15days,even that also initiation from my side. don’t know where he stays with whom he stays,i want to see him and live with him,dont know where my life is going,when will he come back with clean and lovely heart.tell me some mantra guru
        so that my husband should come back and leave bad friendship.

  22. Sir
    My husband is not loving me from my marriage. I dont know what’s his problem. He dint talk to me. Behaving like a neighbour. I talked to him many times regarding this. But no proper response from him. Plzz save my life

    • srividya
      Take the flower remedies WILLOW chicory walnut beech agrimony as a combination. Buy these remedies in any homeopathy shop. Mix 5 pills of each in water. Sip the water 6 to 7 times in a day.
      Chant the mantras “OM HUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA OM RUM NAMAHA OM VUM NAMAHA OM LUM NAMAHA” for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.
      Keep CHIMPANZEE picture with you.

  23. guru ji,
    i m rinki my husband love me but he never trust me ,he always find miskake in me he never satisfied with my any work.and i want to one child but husband shoud not want now.he not trust me he think i will not take resposbiliy of age is 30.plz help me

  24. RINKY,
    CHANT beech holly pine 100 TIMES DAILY

  25. Hi Naran,
    I am regular follower to your blog and asked many sw ,i used to be very depressed and wanted to die .
    after reading sw and ur blogs ,still my husband didn’t come back, even don’t know where he is
    but I see some change in my surroundings.
    Now I put into different project and lot of work, scope of learning and finding fun in working with freshers.Enjoying by teaching them and guiding them.
    But there is no change in salary wise. But still once in a month I am getting too much irritation and sending mails to my husband and blaming him ,as he is the cause of all my problems to live lonely per ur blogs if I want to live with my husband if I have love I should not scold him .trust me I have lot of love for him and angry too .its truth .but why is he not understand love behind anger. How come guys can leave wife alone, why don’t they think wife also like his mother and sister
    Even though I am busy with work ,I feel like I am escaping from problems ,problems are staying with me as it is,when will I come out of this frustration. I will feel lot peace when he is around me .how to get love back.

  26. hanykm,
    Either you give love and get love. When give anger you will get anger only. Anger will hide cloud the love.

  27. Hello sir, i have sent request once but i did not get reply. please this time reply to me. since 6 months i am out of my husbands house. he was good with me. sudden why changes in him i dont know. he doesnt like me. he love one more girl and going to marry her shortly. he doesnt want me. please let me know the remedy to get him back. i want him realize the mistake and repent for it and i want him call me back in his life. Plssssssssssssssss suggest the remedy

  28. jyothi,

  29. Sir,i am new to this similar problem as above but i want my husband to understand me love me truly and live with me only together forever.till now no proper job for me.he doesnot give money to home.he should not have any other women relationship other than me.want to purchase a home for that my job which i did on commission basis i didnt get if i get i can purchase a land construct home do everything for life.what to do to get it.boss has cheated me in this to give my share and still cheating.want to make more leads in both inbound and outbound calls.plan to do HR work recruiting.whatever job i do i should get success.pls pls pls help and guide.

  30. poornima

  31. Hi Sir! I came across this site today. my marriage is not going on the right track. my husband doesnt trust me because his mom keeps telling him all wrong things about me & my family. for any reason i dont want my marriage to end. kindly help me.

  32. Can you plz guide us,can we mix 3 to 4 combination of pills in water or not.

  33. what should i do when i get angry and remember old sad things?is there any way i can get peace ?as i am too busy i dont get time to yoga or dyanam.

  34. finally my husband is back ,but behaving like friend and he is not staying with me.
    he told me that he is not interested about kids ,he has many conditions for kids and to live together .please help me to live with my husband and having kids…

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