Keep the Restless Mind Quiet!!!

Even after trying many healing techniques, if nothing is happening, obviously your mind will become restless. At that time you have to bring in peace to the mind. You have to convince the mind that “You are not destined to have this. Please be peaceful. Therefore do not embark on this”.

How that peace does sets in our lives?

You have to bring that by chanting the mantra, “YUM HUM HUM YUM”. This mantra will bring in peace immediately.

Keep the eyes closed, while chanting the mantra.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran, Thank you so much for all of this incredible information.

  2. Hello Mr.Naran, I want some bach flower remedies for my Dad he has quit smoking and is not feeling happy from inside. He is not able to feel at peace and so all of us are sad at home for some or the other reason! life has lost its joy ..
    kindly let me know the bach flower pills that can be taken by him because chanting mantra is a little difficult for him due to low concentration.

    Also i reside in Dubai so will I be able to get these pills in here ?

  3. shine,
    Give THE FLOWER REMEDIES Gentian wildrose 3pills of each three times a day.

  4. Sir my wife is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis she is suffering from pain in entire body and doesnt have enough energy to walk and stand though she is not bed ridden, kindly let me know which mantra she should recite and my son 15 yrs old is suffering from mild depression and loosing interest going to school and in studies. I will be very grateful to you kindly suggest suitable mantras or remedies.Thanks & Regards Girish

  5. Girish
    give your wife MUSTARD HORNBEAM three pills of each three times a day. These are bach flower remedies available in all homeopathy shops.
    ask her to chant MADHAVAM MADHAVAN.
    for the sake of your son you chant GOVINDHA ACHUTHA KRISHNA.

    • Thank you very mush sir I have asked her to keep the Kunjitha mantra under her pillow and will ask her to chant the mantra given for her and take the medicine. for my son I will recite the mantra given should it be kept in his pocket or under the pillow any medicine or this mantra will cure his depression he is not showing interest in going to school and studies pl suggest what to do..Thanks & Regards Girish

    • Dear Sir,
      My brother has been interviewed at TCS Bangalore and shortlisted and they are saying you will receive appointment letter today tomorrow it is going on like this for long pl tell what he should do and they are willing to give in Pune but he wants it in Bangalore Kindly suggest what he should do get the appointment letter which is held up and to get the posting in Bangalore only

      This question is for my dad his creatinine level is 1.41 what he should do to cure this he is a Diabetic well in control and low BP Patient and he has undergone bypass surgery 8yrs back and following up with routine check up and presently on Cardiac drugs kindly suggest for this also. Thanks & Regards Girish

  6. Girish
    There is one hoemoepathy drops manufacture by NEW LIFE PHARMA, indore. It is made of water and it is specific for reducing creatine level.

    • Dear Sir,
      I sincerely thank you for the reply sir if you could please tell me the name of the Homeopathic medicine for Creatinine from New Life Pharma Indore. I also want to ask you sir now he is taking his regular medicines for his cardiac related can he take this homeopathic medicine for Creatinine along with his routine Cardiac medicines.Thanks & Regards Girish

  7. Girish
    i explained to your over phone

    • Yes Sir ,Thanks He wants to take the medicines for his Creatinine level please let me know what details I should give regarding his medicines or creatinine report I will give you presently he is not taking any medicine for his Creatinine. My sincere apologies to you for bothering you again and again Thanks & Regards Girish

  8. Sir,

    I recently commented about how I regained my trust in God because of the mantra that helped me find a job.. This made me come here again..seeking for your help.. I am facing some issue at home.My sister-in-law is really mean and treats my parents with utmost disrespect.It hurts me to see them suffer.. I am a girl and the society demands I go to another house and start a household there.. But how do I leave my parents at her disposal? I am really worried about it.. can you help me again? Also my parents are finding a groom for me.. but I am scared if I will meet the right guy who can match my wavelength.. Your help will be revered and appreciated.


  9. Radhika

  10. Sir,
    Its been six months completed studies, yet no job. every moment is stressful . Is there anything tht make me believe or faith in God coz i almost lost it. Thanking you.

  11. Jitendra,

  12. Thank you so much Sir..
    I wanted to ask..if you can help a patient of leucoderma? Medical science has no cure.. I wonder if you can father suffers from it..

  13. well all that I read sounds quite interesting. My niece in her early twenties has slightly lost her hearing capacity which was v sharp in fact. Any mantra or homeopathic medicine that can put her hearing senses back on the track?

  14. asha,
    since when? how much slightly? is she using mobile for a long time?
    before answering the questions, ask her to be in the following mudra.
    keep middle finger at the base of the thumb, both hands – for 15 minutes daily

  15. I am severely depressed and unlucky. Have many obstacles cropping in my life. I can’t concentrate and memorize anything. I am always doubtful and very emotional. I have tried everything from prayers, mantras to Reiki. NOTHING ever works for me and this makes me very depressed.

  16. I getting angry very soon even for silly things. I feel like shouting at anyone for everything. Even i feel like want to cry in a loud voice. I feel confident on the thing i do is correct. But when someone tells its wrong then my confidence gets vanished. Please help me to sort out my problem.

    • sAVI,
      CHANT CHERRYPLUM HOLLY 100 times over a bottle of water and keep it with you. When you start getting angry, chant the names again for a few times holding the bottle and drink around 50 ml of water slowly. and then take a deep breath for a few minutes, saying the names within the mind. While inhaling say CHERRYPLUM HOLLY and while exhaling be silent. Deep inhalation and deep exhalation

  17. Sir,
    My parents do live separate in a same house. I couldn’t find out the reason for their separatism/fight. But they fight very often. What should i do to develop the love and intimacy and understanding and trust between them? Please help me to resolve this problem for the well-being of my family.

    • pragita,
      chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS TOGETHER DIVINE daily as many times as posible.
      chant these 100 times over a glass of water and pour this water in the common drinking water.

  18. Dear Guru,

    My husband had a surgery in leg during childhood and then also he had a surgery in leg due to accident. during marraige they hided this.he is walking well, earning and good only. not showing much interest in marital issues.child birth is getting delayed.diverting by watching television.iam a working woman not able to wait for long time to sleep.after child birth this will not be a issue.i will not bother. but taking medicines.i want to divert his full attention towards me to get a has assured that he is physically fit to give a child.but he is delaying.please suggest remedies.


  19. yaso,
    chant WILDROSE WALNUT HORNBEAM 100 times over a glass of water and give it to him.

  20. guruji,

    like all the others who are sharing their problems here, i do have a relationship problem
    i loved a guy…he too loved me..but due to the differences in our castes, his parents did not agree for our a result we broke up.but still we are in contact with each other..still we love each other.. i cant marry someone else..i need him..can you kindly please suggest me any successful mantra so that on chanting makes me a get married to him happily with my in laws support

    plz suggest the number of times to be chanted and when

    thankyou..i shall be waiting for your reply

  21. neeharika
    chant WALNUT (the parents come out of caste difference) CHERRYPLUM (for your temptation to be in contact) AGRIMONY(hiding from other people that you are not in touch)
    CHICORY (for the mind, which says,” I cant marry someone else -love pangs)
    If you chant the names of above flowers, they will help you to get married to him.
    These flowers clear the above mental states and once these mental states are cleared, you may get what you want.
    chant without any expectation. your anxiety for the favourable result will prevent you from getting what you want.
    Be in the following mudra and chant
    right hand thumb touching index and middle finger and left hand thumb touching middle finger and ring finger. be in this mudra for 15 minutes and chant the above names. Do this two times.

    • guruji,
      i forgot to tell you, he is in USA now…and we often talk to each other probably twice a week…and my parents also know about our love..i am restricted on talking to him after his parents rejected our marriage….but we are secretly talking…my parents gave me a time of 1year.after 1year i have to marry the one they choose…once they come to know that we are still in contact, they will get me married to someone else immediately.i cant marry someone else…i am alive because the only hope that “i will be his wife” is making me live…im sorry i did not mention all my previous post

      i need my parents also to get convinced regarding my marriage..
      will the mantra you suggested makes all this complicated process happen? or else i need to chant some other mantra which you will suggest…i loved him eternally….please help me…

      please forgive me for the trouble i am causing you..please give me the mantra which makes me get married to him with his and my family’s support..

      i trust you..
      plz do mention the number of times and how to be chanted…

      thank you..

      • neeharika
        did you not read the answer fully? Read it again and find whether it has covered your next question.
        chant AGRIMONY WALNUT CHERRYPLUM CHICORY 300 TIMES over a cup of water and drink it. do this two times.
        write this in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
        Read the answer to mallika (question30) and follow the advice(PARENT PART) given to her.

  22. Dear Guru,

    Pranams. I got married before seven years. Child birth is getting delayed because of problem with my husband. He is not having sufficient countings to give birth to a child. Undergoing treatment but thousands of obstacles in it. Taking tablet but discontinuing it.Main reason is my in-laws.We are living seperately due to money matters.I don’t want to take legal action.because i am from a middle class family and having less support from my brother and father. iam earning for my livelyhood. but in laws requires all money from me.Hence we came seperate.after that also they require share from my husband. spoiling my family life.hence i am earning.again tomorrow he is consulting doctor. no obstacles should occur again due to relations.he is a temple archagar and doing pooja to lord vinayaka. ganapathy is his favorite god.but still obstacles and no success.worrying about parents, brother, sister and all relations but not about wife. but i want his entire love and affection because i have no support other than him. please help.


  23. mallika.
    chant CHICORY WALNUT CHERRYPLUM TOGETHER DIVINE 200 times over a glass of water and drink it.
    How is your relationship with your parents? do you really love them?
    Have you ever said to your father, “My dear father i love you from my heart.” Have you ever repaid your father’s love? Did you ever communicate with him with open heart? You are his semen.
    Have you ever thought of acknowledging your mother’s love and affection? She is your first nurturer? The first food in your blood is her blood.She bore endured all the pains for your sake. The first smile- the first energy of love- you received in this world is hers.
    prostrate to her. Say, “My dear mother i love you. You are the source of my love. You are the source of all my relationships.”
    do this for 21 days. if you think it uncomfortable do it mentally.
    Your husband may be a archaka in Ganesh temple. You become ganesha in respecting your parents.

    • Dear Guru,

      Thanks for your prompt and good response. Some bitter relationship with my father. you are right.he has given me everything. but after my schooling not able to continue my studies in college.due to his financial i was compelled to work and continue my studies through correspondence.i obeyed and worked completed my graduation also learnt computer courses, typing, shorthand etc., during my working.but all the talents developed by them only. because in school days we were doing milk dual role started at the age of 12 and started earning money at that age.but i was having a feeling that they did not send me to college.but today iam a good position equal to college my mother is not alive.but she has given me everything to face challenges and lead a decent life in the society. before marraige also i was giving my earnings to my mother only. not even a single paise to my father. now i realise the mistakes done by me. i will start respecting my father and get his blessings. now my mother is not alive.please suggest remedies to get her blessings. now my mind is clear.

      i really thank you for making realise my mistakes and the way you answer is wonderful. god has sent you to all of us like me who are suffering mentally in their hearts. you are rendering wonderful services to mankind. thanks a million to you and your team.


      • mallika,
        do it mentally to your mother.

      • Dear Guru,

        Pranams.This is Mallika again.As per your instruction I started to chant and prostrated before my mother’s photo.You advised to do for 21 days.I started on July 18.Yesterday evening itself a miracle has happened.i went to amman temple since it was pournami.Pooja was going on.I was sitting and watching it and praying.One Priest was doing pooja and another was doing a homam.After some time I went to do pradakshinam.In the first round itself when i came near homa kundam he said normal and easy delivery and will give birth to a boy baby and gave prasadam(kumkum).i just wondered.He is a third person.Rarely i used to go to that temple.My heart was filled with joy and happiness.Because hearing positive and good words in a amman temple on pournami from priest during homam just a miracle.then just thought what i have done yesterday.
        1. chanted words given by you and prostrated(namaskaram) my mother mentally before her photo daily from July 18.
        2.Helped father in some domestic works (cooking).
        2.Took aarthi to my father (since avani avittam after putting poonal)
        3.Purchased some snacks and shared it to father and all in my family.
        4.Prostrated(namaskaram) before my father and got his blessings yesterday around 2.00 P.M, since avani avittam.

        Experienced the benefits around 7.00 P.M.Truth is I am undergoing treatment only.But hearing such divine words from a priest made me happy.I am just amazing because he has not seen me before and he is a third person.

        Thanks to you and your team.Because first time in life i heard divine and positive words in a temple from a third and unknown person. still amazing how all this happened.Divine energy has started working in my life by you. experiencing it.

        the words which priest said in temple yesterday should happen in my life soon.please suggest remedies for the same.


  24. guruji,
    thank you so much..i shall surely let you know when everything in my life gets okay…thank you for giving me a reply..

  25. mallika,
    dont expect anything to become ok. everything is ok.
    Think feel and act as if everything is ok. Thank the divine for every event in your life. Everyday spend five minutes to thank eveyrthing that happens in your life.Our mind is always distorted in expecting something to happen. whatever happens, there is a divine will- there is a divine order. if only we understand that, we will surrender totally. Surrendering and accepting everything that happens will make you feel contended. This contentment will give you everything in life.
    Divine is offering always. surrendering only will teach you how to take it.
    in the night before going to sleep, say, “I open align myself to receive the abundant grace and rays of the Divine.

  26. I have been having some anxiety and alot of restlessness some aches and pains and I also am frustrated because I have been out of school for over a year and can’t get a job

  27. I hv been following your website and have benefitted chanting the mantras and practising Bach flower remedies .Thanks for spreading your knowledge and showing us the path to a healthy life.

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