Don’t wait for disaster to happen


If you want that where ever you are there, there should not be any disaster, you mush chant “OM HOWM VUM JHOOM SAHA”.

Where ever such disaster prone area we can think of such places and chant the above mantra at least once in a fortnight to protect the world from such disasters.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    Please allow me to share a wonderful experience i had today. My vehicle was in bad shape yet i had to do emergency shopping in the evening.i am scared of driving in the evening because of glare from the vehicles.i started driving and chanted WOLF .i started to drive in the centre of the road which i usually avoid and confidently was driving and also got FREE PARKING which is unusual on a saturday evening.As i started back i chanted Rescue remedy since there would be traffic jams and my scooty breaks down and needs restarting.I could drive 80% without any major problem which was a miracle given the bad condition of my vehicle.i continued chanting rescue remedy till i reached my house and was safe and sound.Thanks to you i could drive and reach safely.

  2. Sir,

    Yes, I am another vistim of this problem. Though Ihave learnt car driving, am afraid to drive. So I bought a two wheeler to learn now. I am still hesitant, not getting the courage to drive. Feeling very uncomfortable and afraid/. Basically, saying no confidence in myself. Please suggest a remedy for the same.

  3. Take daily ELM MIMULUS LARCH RESCUE REMEDY three pills of each three times a day for one month. These are bach flower remedies.

    • Mr.Naran,

      Can I buy these remedies in Bangalore. Any particular brand you suggest to buy, or any homeopathy shop, I can buy these remedies.

      Please let me know. I can add 3 dropsof each of these remedies to one bottle of sugar pills. Wud that be sufficient.

      • Hello Sir,

        Bach remedies are simply superb. Today was my 4th driving class. I have been able to cope up with my fear. I did take those remedies in the form of pills for almost a month.

        Now, I am waiting to learn driving comfortably and drive confidently. Thank you once again.

  4. Sir,

    Regarding DIABETES , want a remedy for the same. My mother and brother who is a HEART patient. Both of them also are sufferring from HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

    I have given them these mantras for BP after consulting Ms.Shobana:

    Please suggest an appropriate remedy and let me know if the above one is correct.


  5. Roopa
    SHE DID NOT suggest any switch word for diabetis.
    beech willow cherryplum to be taken internally.
    you have bought the mantra book. Refer that book and chant the correct mantra.
    Anyhow,diabetis is to be medicated as per the doctor’s advice.

    • oh oksir. Sorry for mistaking. As of now,both of them are already under medication for BP, N Diabetes.

      The mantra for BP after reading the mantra book is:
      Is this correct?

      And for Diabetes, is there any mantra.

  6. Roopa
    mantras and switch words will really help you in physical problems. But we have to mend our thoughts feelings etc which created this B.P.
    switch words:
    you can chant OM VAJRESHWARYAI NAMAHA to strengthen your heart and its pumping capacity. Chant this mantra over a tumbler of water and drink that water. have a regular chek up with the doctor.

  7. i am in Middle east . One Friend he is not educated, dont know other than tamil, little eng, malayalam, hindi can speck. He sold his all properties in india and helped so many persons to open a company and given security cheques his own having trouble now. I know him since more than 6 years. He believed all persons and having soft corner now caught by police. I dont know the way to help to take him out. He lost more than 4 m dollars. He can not talk properly if any enquiry comes from inside. It was surprise how he has more than 7 cases. He did not do any criminal case other than signed for security. I am praying daily God to help him to come out. His wife is in some village in india. Any business he has good contacts. Everybody uses and through him in trouble. He is very honest person.
    Kindly help me to chant mantra for him to come out soon.
    Now he require spiritual support sir.
    Like brother he will talk always friendly.

    pls reply sir.
    rgds / R.S

    • Dear Mr Naran
      According to your given switchword i chanted for one month. And the friend which i mentioned came out from inside. Really it is a miracle for him and how he came out without any difficulties. His local sponsor brought him with his personal guarantee. Thanks a lot for you. “AGRIMONY ROCKWATER CHESTNUTBUD” I chanted.
      You are helping all the people in such a way to come out from any problem they suffer. Praying God to give you long healthy, wealthy life.
      Namaskaram / R.s.

  8. r.s.
    chant agrimony rockwater chestnutbud for your friend.

  9. we were in middle east doing business in oil sector. For the past two years we are facing lot of problems due to non stable of the market situtation. My husband is facing some legal issue in middle east. He has to clear that , then only he can enter the country safely. He has to get back the money from the market. he has to develop the business again . My children are in my mothers care. pls advise me , how i can bring by husband back and develop the business. Atleast this year I wish all we four should be under one roof. kindly pls send some remedy for my situtation.

  10. K.S,
    CHANT agrimony chestnutbud gorse chicory

  11. hi sir, am loving my cousin but his 2yrs younger than me… My mother not accepting for this even his dad hesitating to ask my family to arrange marriage but we loving a lot al hopes we lost so pls help us to marry without any family problem sir and also am trying to drive a two wheeler sometimes driving well sometimes my hands and hip shaking unable to drive nicely this month I wanna get a driving licence sir pls help me to drive properly pls provide manthra for both the problems

  12. hi sir, my cousin is working in L & T info tech at pune. whenever he have a presentation his getting fear to present he will forgot some points in fear even though night preparation. And also he having desire to be as a top 3rd in test which conducting on 24th of march….. pl provide some mantra to overcome fear and success for him sir pls……..

  13. hi sir pls reply me atleast give suggestion for a single Problem my love problem pls sir reply me

  14. Mantra for admission of children

  15. Namaste,i am worring about earthquake,how could this mantra help me?

    • i want to will it stop earthquake where i am living and please tell me how to pronounce it is it aum how+um vaaam jooom saha or swaha

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