Getting out of a Bad Habit


Please help my husband quit the habit of chewing Pan Parag. He tried a couple of times. He was able to quit for a brief period and then he got back to it. Are there any switch words or mantra I can chant and help him?


Chant the mantra, “THIRUNEELAKANTAM”

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir,
    Even I wanted the same. Can I also chant on behalf of my husband.


      • Yes Sir, I am here with my results.

        1) Mantra “THIRUNEELAKANTAM”: After chanting “THIRUNEELAKNATAM” min. of 200 times a day for the past 3 mths or so, my husband has decreased the no. of times using pan paraag packets. i am still continuing it.

        2) Mantra “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKA THANDHEM” : At the same time, “VALLABHAM GAJANANAM EKA THANDHEM” has become my first mantra in the morning as I am working professional. The TIME literallay stands still. This is really gorgeous. I have also asked my sisterto do this and she has also faced the same. Apart from this, I wrote this mantra and put it under the sleeping bed. It has taken care of my health, my husband’s health immensely.

        3) Mantra “HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA”: Has solved multiple problems. My spiritual connection has increased. i have changed my attitude, my behaviour. Lot of calmness, patience, feeling safe and secure. Also i have written the mantra and kept it under my bed.
        I have no worries, no fear almost to ZERO.

        4) Forgiving exercise: Though I am still not able to forgive one person in my life, I have seen lot of changes within myself.

        Sir, I know no bounds to the happiness that you have showered on the “MANKIND” on this earth. Hoep, we have more and more classes conducted all around the world so that more and more people get to know about it and start working towards it. the only word we can give you n PRAY for long life for you and Shobana madam.


  2. Sir I have sent a request on 27 november regarding weightloss mantra and its procedure and also mantra to feed my daughter..waiting for ur reply Sir pls help..thx and
    Regards ..PInky

    • Thanks for your reply Sir..
      Sir m sorry..but m bit confuse the reply is request was also regarding my 5 mths baby..she has STOP taking my feed..also my feed is less..bless me with mantra from which she should start taking my milk and also my milk should increase and correct way of doing it…One more request Sir can i know ..In how many days il see effect of Both the mantra??? Thanks and regards..pinky..

  3. Pinky,

    chant pearl om vam namaha

  4. Sir after seeing ths site I found a light of hope..
    Sir I lost my job last month & M VRY TENSE..sir my father is bedridden since 7yrs and m the only bread earner..we cant miss his medicine for 1 day me sir..i was into sales wth a construction company,also the package I use to draw was nt enough for my family..we r in rented me wth a mantra wch can get me good package job ASAP and also mantra to increase my sale..thanks..

  5. Sir Good evening..
    my husband is vry fitness freek & connected wth highprofile circle.after my delivery he wants me to get back to Shape & look good as before..i m scared abt his highprofile circle..(hope u understnd wht I m scared of)Sir I want to shed weight & come back to good Shape once again also look beautiful always..i have no time to exercise as my kid is too young..I Want my husband to praise me,not others.what should I do sir.

  6. Hemal

  7. namaste sir,
    I am frequently chewing pan parag plz…suggest to avoid pan parag

    • change divine order – chant as many times as possible.
      “I release my desire for pan parag. I release my resistance to pan parag” – say this three times when you take the pan parag

  8. Sir how can I become”Active” m very very LAZY BONE and m ashamed of it I cant help myself.. This atitude of mine is giving me lots of problem..I GET TIRED VERY SOON..I WANT TO B FIT and ACTIVE FOREVER..
    Thank u ..

  9. Harsha
    take the flower remedy Hornbeam 5 pills thee times a day

  10. My request for voluntary retirement is not being considered due to some rules but if higher authority uses it’s power then everything is possible.tell me healing mantra I want success in this work.

  11. . Jaya

  12. dude can any one help me which mantra should i use to pass my degree i have 13 backlogs pls help me out wht mantra should i use to get my degree and to settle down in life plz help me out dude send me a mail dude plz @ hoping u ppl v’l help me out with this criteria pla mail to that address which mantra should i chant

  13. Good afternoon,

    So I did one day of this chant and had very unexpected results. Essentially I realized that there are certain tendencies (bad habits) I have t keep people at a distance at all times. The healing is coming in layers and I really didn’t know I was so standoffish and separatist. I think I don’t really trust people and I am not sure how to begin trusting them. Is there a mantra for bringing in good people and fear of connecting with people or of their being too close?

    Thank you as always Naran!

  14. . Grace

  15. I have barely started focusing on Holly and Heather and there have already been changes. Friends who I have been out of out of reach have been contacting me. I am feeling more comfortable talking to people and am noticing what my sensitives/fears are. Regarding Thiru Nelam Kantam – a new theme seems to be to take better care washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Its interesting that that is the message because the whole reason I started chanting any mantras to begin with is because of the treatment from my family which lead me to mistrust people. My family also made me do an incredible and overwhelming number of household chores when I was younger. Since my teenage years I have a prejudice against performing these chores for this reason..i think. Everything is connected. I have to forgive my family and I have to do the chores for myself. I also have to make time to relate to people and not be so isolated. I will continue with Holly and Heather. Thank you.

  16. Also – I have felt guided to do the Sorry Please Forgive exercise too and so I am doing that too non-stop.

  17. Dear Naran, I am in awe. I barely have practiced but have kept Holly and Heather in my mind and did a few hours of the thanks divine and practiced gratitude. It was not difficult at all to do. The change really is deep. Its not so much about friends i can see that now, I can see that its my own mind which was replaying social fears in the people around me. Dear friends have been contacting me somehow everyday. I still experience a hesitation to connect with them. More importantly This experience has lead me to so many different messages which have brought me closer to God and reduced my focus on trying to solve everything myself without surrendering to the Divine. I am so thankful! there is some unforgiveness which i am having difficulty releasing even though I know I should. even so, my future is bright. I think I can choose trust instead of fear.

  18. Hi sir, My husband has smoking and drinking habit. I told him to quit but he doesnot. I want him to quit these habits as they will spoil his health.

    Please suggest a mantra.


  19. meena aneem,
    ask your husband to have acupuncture treatment.

  20. Hello sir,

    Thank you for the reply, but he does not listen to anybody. He is very stubborn so i want to do something where in he himself leaves these bad habits. Please help me with a powerful mantra so that the miracle of it works and quits these habits.

    Please help me.

    Meena Aneem.

  21. Meena,
    unless a person wants to change he cannot be changed. i will give mantra for your concern and anxiety.

  22. I am chewing gutkha so can I chant Mantra THIRUNEELAKANTHAM by own or my wife should chant?

  23. Anilkumar,
    than you should chant.

    write scleranthus walnut cherryplum daily in a notebook 51 times

  24. Dear Sir,

    My husband has a habit of drinking and smoking habit every day
    & he does not give importance to me & i fear he might have tendency to find a relationship of other woman.Please suggest me a powerful mantra to get rid of his bad habits & bad tendency.


  25. jaya,
    Remedies can be suggested for your anxiety and not for him.
    listen to the cd Release Resistance and welcome change

    • hello sir,
      today i received cd’s release resistance & welcome change.
      i listened to them but i did not understand anything.
      please let me know the details or any write up on the cd’s.

      • jaya,
        There is a write up in the blog
        The wordings are recorded subliminally – not audible to the ear; they are masked with music and ocean waves. listen through overhead phone in a reclining pose,in a relaxed manner. Listen for a month and report the change in your mental outlook

  26. My son is taking drugs and drinking, and left his good job, what mantra must i recite for him to give up his bad habits. He also has a child.

  27. U can Chant the mantra, “THIRUNEELAKANTAM”
    this is from Naran sir’s blog only


  29. Respected Sir I am a poor boy from Tripura my name is Kaushik Ghosh really inspired by your articles so wanted to know a thing or two from you, Sir I have recently completed graduation in Electrical Engineering on govt. expanses But now is unemployed so I want to know from you when i am gonna get a Job……….
    My date of birth – 09.02.1992
    Time of birth – 03.05 P.M. ( At Noon)
    Place of birth – Agartala , Tripura (Tripura is my State)

    Sir please check my chart and Help me really I am in deep need because No option of further study because the financial condition is not of that level now what is needed for further study…………I also want to know how to improve our body’s Chakra’s by chanting and specific mudras if you can Help me here I will be blessed Sir really I am in deep need another thing I always receive some negative feeling about everything please help me throw away this stuffs from my life………………..!

    You can mail me also with the answers, My mail is –

  30. We are from a brahmin family but my son is addicted to non veg and smoking. Request you to suggest me some mantra which would get him rid of his bad habits. Can i chant on his behalf?

  31. Namaste sir, sir, i have problem that i can’t communicate with people by lookng at their eyes..till now i have no any good freinds. I alwayz feel lonely and depressed..any mantra for this sir

  32. Sir also give me mantra so that i gain weight, because i’m skinny thin..bohot chareh doctor ko vi dikhaya,but not me sir

  33. Sir plz help me.mujhe masturbation ki bahut buri aadat hai.isko chhudaane ka koi mantra bataye?

  34. hello sir
    If you can help me with any mantra where my parents on their own accept me and my husband happily. As our was a love marriage without my parents concern they were not happy for my marriage its been two years that i have not spoken to my parents please help
    I miss them alot.

  35. Dear Sir,
    My husband is very aggressive and violent.he got angry everytime without any reason.He doesn’t care for anyone and even me.we used to fight everyday.He used drugs.So Sir please give suggest some mantra which will make him calm down,and transform him to serene ,loving,caring and understanding which will lead to a happy married life.Please help

  36. My husband has bad habbit of coming home late by 2 am 3 am , getting up late in the morning , drinking no interest in home or taking any responsibility.
    nver realised his mistakes or egoistic negative thinking

  37. SIR I kindly and humble requesting you what i have to do for my daughter who is recovering from her past love proposal but still she had not yet get a good groom in her life as her wish what am I to do she is already 30 help me sir

  38. Sir, my husband used alcohol and cigarettes he tried to stop.but he was not able to quit.i have a small girl child.really sad situation.we lives separately.any mantra i can chant .kindly help me.

  39. Hi sir,
    Please give me mantra to chant to remove obstacles in love marriage. The guys parents are not agreeing for our marriage. But we want to move with their support and give them the love and respect. They are not understanding our love due to their orthodox thinking. Please help us to save our relationship.
    Thanks in advance.

  40. Mere husband sharab pikar pahot jyada paresan karte hai..hamri aarthik tangi bi hai iski wajah se..koi aisa powerful mantra bataye ki mai padhu aur wo thik ho jaye..

  41. Naran Sir, My uncle (sister’s husband) is addict to pan parag and suggested my sister’s daughter to chant “THIRUNEELAKANTAM” to make his father to stop eating pan paraag. Please suggest.

  42. Geeta Seth khanna

    Dear Sir,
    My husband has a habit of drinking n smoking. Regular drunker, I am very upset with his habit he doesn’t listen to me or anyone. Bcuz of this habit he has lost respect in family n society. Pls suggest something really effective.

  43. Sir can this mantra be used for alcohol..or pls give me some mantra that my husband leaves alcohol n bad company n will come home

  44. Hi my son Sarthak is 15 years and he is into bad company he smokes cigarettes and Hiokah also he has an obsession towards drinking.

    Please suggest me some mantra to get rid of his bad habits.

    His concentration towards studies is lacking and especially Maths as a subject is going down. I want to improve his Maths can you suggest me some mantra for maths also.

    • Namashkar any mantra for concentration towards studies is lacking and especially Maths as a subject is going down. I want to improve his Maths can you suggest me some mantra for maths also.

  45. please help my husband quit the habit of smoking cigarettes,drinking alcohol and chewing pan parag. Are there any switch words or mantra I can chant and help him?

  46. Is there any mantra to get my husband stop drinking . After drinking he is always talking rubbish and behaving silly fighting with everyone on the phone .

  47. Please help my son to quit drinking and smoking , he is still 17 years old .Is there any mantra I can chant and help him get rid of this….

  48. My brother in law is drinking and not taking any responsibility.He is speaking that he is not harming others so he will dring.But my sister facing lot of problems in day to day life.As they have two child’s of age 10 and 8 she can not taking any decision.She is teaching and fulfilling her room rent,food and childrens study etc.But now also daily she is waiting for a new day for any good and staying with her husband. My sister need is he atleast be with her.But problem continues. If any solution is there then tell me please.

  49. vikram Gaikwad

    Sr my dada drink alcohol 2much they start drinking from morning plz give my some solution

  50. Dear Sir,
    My son is addicted to video games since I childhood. Now he is 26 years old and keeps playing video games most of the time and refuses to take up a job. Please suggest me a mantra that I can recite to wean him away from this habit.


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