Mantras for Marriage, Prosperity, and Well-being

Getting Married

 For marriage purpose “VUM OM YUM, YUM OM VUM” can be chanted.

Marriage not getting fixed even after many efforts


If the marriage is not happening even after a long period then chant OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA. For others you can do concentric method or two circles method connecting each other can be used.  For those who could not find a proper match for marriage this mantra is used.

OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA can be written by all. Writing this way is called as Likita Japam. If you write it in left hand (non-dominant hand) it is even more powerful.

Prosperity Mantra

As it is a prosperity mantra it can be used by all. If you do not know the source of money (for prosperity) then you can write this mantra many times. The mantra knows the intention behind your writing – whether it is for money or marriage.

It can be used for removing obstacles also.

Feeling alert after sleep

First we have to increase the fire element for which we can chant OM RAM NAMAHA. While sleeping we suddenly get up. The nature of fire is that it will never go down. But the nature of water is that it will always go down. It will always go towards the pit. For the fire to burn properly good air is required. For that chant Om Yum Namaha. If you chant both the bija mantras “OM RUM NAMAHA OM YUM NAMAHA”, we will become fully awake and we will be alert.

Improve your immunity


This mantra will improve the immunity of the body. It also purifies the atmosphere and it purifies the intra-cellular space. If you do this daily before bed, that place will not get earth quake. Such places will not be affected by earth quake up to 200 meters radius. When you are eating or drinking anything we can chant this mantra. But before eating or drinking anything, chant OM SURYAYA SWAHA, as it will purify the food.

Let the food provide nutrition to your body

OM SURYAYA SWAHA SURYAYA IDHAN NA MAMA – meaning I have offered this to you Oh Sun God and it is not mine. Before eating we have to chant this. Then only the food we eat will give nutrition, health, vitality etc. This can also be chanted when you receive money from somebody. In fact we can use this for whatever we receive from others.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    My parents are looking for alliance and last week there were 2 proposals visited our place and liked me and my family , We are confused to choose the right guy and right family,
    Please suggest me mantras and switch words


    • sir i want a strong mantra where my bf proposes me right away in 2 days or leme know the time.also i want a riches mantra…gettn rich in the shortest span.n can i email u i need to talk about somethin private?

  2. Champa
    chant SCLERANTHUS WALNUT 200 times and you can write the names in a piece of paper and sleep over it.

  3. Sakuntalamanikkam

    Dear Sir,

    What mantras can be chanted for marriage for someone who is above 50.


  4. Sakuntalamanikkam

  5. Sir,
    My nephew is 33 and yet to get married. Very very good boy. Engineer, good salary. highly principled. Myu niece also is 30. I am failing to understand why there is a delay? Can you suggest some mantra which they can chant.
    Can I chant any mantra on their behalf? Please help

  6. Lata

  7. Dear Sir,
    I want to know how to chant the mantra for many times? can v chant in evening?any fix time or can chant anytime any were..the reason to ask is my daughter is 5mths and hv to work according to her pattern..also my kid is not taking my feed what should I chant so she shld tk my milk and be healthy..also whn shld I chant during giving her milk or as max time I cn do..thanks and regards..pinky..

  8. Dear Mr. Naran,

    How many times does one have to recite VALLABAM, GAJAANANAM, EKADHANTHAM daily?
    Are there any specific times?

    Thank you.


  9. Sir waiting for ur reply on weightloss mantra and its procedure..Rgds Pinky..

    • Pinky
      CHANT SAHN SAHN JO LEW BHA YOW WU -chinese mantra – daily for more than 100 times over a glass of water drink it three times a day. chant everytime you take the water.

      • means more than 300 tymes a day? each time thrice a day whn drinking water we have to chant over it?

        • Take a bottle of drinking water, hold it, chant as many times as you can. Drink that water. You can give to others too.
          A CD will be prepared to have that switch words played for one-lakh times. Then you can finish the same exercise in 30 minutes. The Abundance CD is done this way. Good luck

          • i wanted something to get riches, and a special person to propose me in like 2 days a week’s time….asap……..can u geme something, the most effective and giving fastest results…. guaranteed ones….

  10. Hi Sir , I have a hormone imbalance problem due to this i have more hair growth in my face. Kindly suggest any mantra and how many times have to do or any batch flower remedy(Need to chant or to use pills).

  11. Geetha
    I HAVE A FLOWERcombination which you take by ordering with the centre. chant BLUE SAPPHIRE.

  12. Sir,

    Can you tell me mantra for marriage. Can I chant it on behalf of my nephew and niece. Please help


  13. Lata

  14. Sir,
    I live in US and I all the time feel like we should go back to India,because I feel life is better in India but my husband is not yet ready. Here in winter we do not get to see God Sun. and do not get to walk outside to get sunrays which are so important in life. During winter I get some digestion problems and there fore also get sum gum problems and tooth aches. I chant RUM BUM LUM DUM for digestion. What do I do for my recurring tooth problem. I also feel very depressed in winter and keep worrying
    about my health. Please help me with some mantra for feeling good about myself and my health and want to feel lot enrgetic because we have to do lot of physical work here at home.

    You are doing a great service to man kind. Thank you so much.

  15. Sandhya
    chant blue sapphire while brushing the teeth. gargle 10ml of gingily oil daily two times.
    chant WU CHI JO to activate liver.

  16. . Sandhya

  17. i have coarse hair growth under my chin and cheeks. Kindly suggest the mantra and how many times have chant it?

  18. Jass
    there may be hormonal problem. chek with the doctor

  19. suggest marraige mantra for boy aged 43 to get appropriate match

  20. Sir wishing you and your family a very very happy new year..

    From harsha and fmly…

  21. Sir, I am engaged for one year and my wedding is not fixed yet. Which mantra I can chant in english please.

  22. Sir,

    Wish you and your family a very happy new year. I would definitely like to meet you when I visit India.

  23. Sir can you help me please. I’m desesperate with this situation. tks. Juliana

  24. Juliana

  25. Dear Naran Sir

    My husband has start doing his own business for past 2 1/2 years in skill training but it didn’t work out for him, want to start computer center-no answer yet and want to venture into chemical distribution but it seems nothing has come out good start for him. All his effort are seem hanging in the air. I am afraid the saving that he’s using for house expenses will dry very soon since he has no confirm income to support family. What should i chant for my husband so that he can excel in his venture no matter what.

  26. Chadra Jobai
    chant “Gentian Wild oat Find Count Divine”

  27. hi sir

    my husband has been trying for a job abroad for several years and we have some financial crisis which mantra should i recite for this what is the remedy for this?

  28. bknair
    chant OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA daily 300 times

  29. naran sir , any mantra or switch word , bach flower remedy to overcome obstacles in a love marriage and have a successful Love marriage with blessings of everybody ??Please guide sir

  30. sir please answer the above ! … we really want to be happily married to each other .. please guide us to remove obstacles that come our way and with evrybody’s blessings we get married !
    please reply sir .. waiting

  31. Naran Sir, no problems from parents side or family wise but 1-2 astrologers have told bad about our marriage and some have told positive outcomes… they are the obstacles.
    1.How can we have a happy love marriage with evrerybody’s blessings???..
    2.Also the guy is very stubborn and is short tempered how to make him listen to me so that he starts doing some positive things … ????
    3. He doesnt have a job right now , what can I chant for him so that he gets a good job fast , we get happily married and he becomes calm and not stubborn ?

    please help Naran Sir..

  32. zephyr

  33. and Naran sir , how to reduce his stubborn nature and his angry behaviour ?? he doesnt like doing what others tell him for his welfare. Please help me with any switch words or mantras or magical numbers that make him listen and do good things that we tell ! .. Please guide

    • zephyr

      • Mr.Naran what is the significance of “BEECH WALNUT reach divine love” , how will BEECH AND WALNUT help in making him less stubborn and listen to his elders and me .. ??? please explain ..

  34. naran sir,

    I chanted om gam ganapathaye daily 300 times.
    but nothing works for husband didn’t get any foreign job.
    what should i do?continue chanting or any other remedies for it?
    plz reply sir.we need a foreign job urgently to solve our financial problems


  36. sir i am krishna please give me super powerful luck mantra

    • but are these marriage mantras marriage purpose, marriage nt getting fixed,and even aftr many hurdles not happening….all these for a specific person or in general to receive a marriage proposal? can u plz give mantras for someone special to propose , and then marry?

      • MISHA,
        ask questions straight. your query lacks clarity

        • i simply want a special someone to propose me, can u suggest any mantra for that ,,,and how soon will it start working and give result? also a strong mantra for marriage and riches…so basically proposing, marriage and riches?

  37. krishna,
    luck mantra for what

  38. MISHA,
    both cannot happen. what would you select?

    • no i mean can u give me 3 or 2 separate mantras? not 3 in 1….i mean one for proposal from someone special, one for gettin married after he proposes and one for riches. and if u cant give 2 mantras at a time….then geme one strong one where that speical someone proposes me and marrys me.

      • sir naran i have put the question again…can u kindly answer it. no i mean can u give me 3 or 2 separate mantras? not 3 in 1….i mean one for proposal from someone special, one for gettin married after he proposes and one for riches. and if u cant give 2 mantras at a time….then geme one strong one where that speical someone proposes me and marrys me.

  39. hello sir, m waiting for ur reply. can u kindly reply.

  40. Namaste,

    Sir seems like I have become my own enemy – I have become a habitual procrastinator and highly indisciplined and lazy. For this reason I fear I will get into a lot of trouble and also lose the oppurtunities at work which I am getting after patient wait of many years. Sir pls suggest me a remedy for doing away with procastination.

    Also due to my lazyness and lack of will power my health is suffering and I am becoming obese and inactive in everything. I want to ensure my daily workout and exercise for a healthy body and mind.

    Request your help for both the problems.
    Your humbly,

  41. priyanka
    Take the flower remedies WALNUT SCLERANTHUS HORNBEAM PINE GORSE each two pills three times a day.

  42. Dear Dr.Naran,

    I am so thankful to you for coming up with such a helpful site, when you see so many solutions to all small and big problems , your mind automatically reaches a positive and relaxed state .. which makes it easy to find a solution.. I have been trying different things and it brings me to PEACE always with myself … Thanks again .. Great work.

    I just want one more help, Kindly Guide me as to
    1. I am in a relationship, we were happy suddenly there is change in behaviour of the guy .. I have no problems with the change but that is making me expect a lot .. and that makes me angry

    How to stom expecting from your loved ones and accept them however they are ???

    Also How to be a Person that can give immense love to your beloved
    and RECEIVE that in Return ?????

  43. Sita,
    forgiving is the order of the inner self. anger is part of lower or separated self. By giving love, the receiver is healed. How to overcome anger and be in a state of love? We have to understand that what we give is give back to us. You heal the other person’s anger first by overcoming your anger and be in a state of love. your internal change will effect a change in other.
    Here we have to seek the help of flowers. chant CHICORY HOLLY CHERRYPLUM 100 times over a cup of water and drink it.
    chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE as many times as possible to keep yourslef in a state of peace.

  44. Sir
    I want to chant for my husband because his collegues at work easily picks him on every matter.his boss is taking every hard work from him but when there is promotion time he suggests the names of those person who are not sincere at work and does not have experiance husbands promotion is overdue from last two year.his boss keeps on disturbing.I need divine help.Please suggest switch word which i can chant for him and also something write on paper and keep in his purse.
    Thanks a lot.

  45. Sir: I want to chant and pray for my cousin sisters (twin sisters) marriage; looks like there are too many herdles. I went thro’ this page but decided to ask you guidance. please reply – Thank you

  46. chant “VUM OM YUM, YUM OM VUM”

  47. Dear sir,

    Please help me with a mantra for getting a marriage proposal
    from the person whom i love.He is my relative and as
    i know his parents are looking him a proposal
    from a well settled sound highly educated family and they are not
    looking for a girl within relatives. I am from a lower
    middle class family. i dont know how i developed interest in him
    he was my childhood friend, i didnt have any such feeling for him but
    now from past few years i have been started liking him and that too
    without seeing
    him for many years, i dont know even if he also have such feeling,
    since iam not in contact with him.
    Please suggest me a remedy for this situation.
    i love him a lot and i except the same from him.
    Please help me sir.
    Awaiting your reply.

  48. kun

  49. Naran Sir,

    Am Hema,recently got married.I have misunderstandings with my husband like he always believes in his mother words but not mine eventhough mine is correct.His mother creating quarrels between us and he strongly believes in his mother sayings.Whatever I do is wrong for them.

    Please help me to have better understanding between me and my husband.
    Hopefully you will respond to this email positively.

    Thanks in Advance


  50. Respected Sir

    In the blog above you have mentioned Bija mantra for “Feeling alert after sleep” as Om Rum Namaha Om Yum Namaha”

    I tried them and they worked very well, Thankyou Sir

    Can you advise some Bija mantra for Good concentration and Good memory while studying, so that I can write the exams well.

    Thankyou again for your invaluable advice

  51. march,
    om ksham namaha

  52. Pranam sir..
    i love a boy since 6 years n we have been seperated because of our family.. i really love him n i want to marry him, plz tell me a mantra so that he comes back n we get married quickly..

  53. hi sir , i love a girl she also loves me but she never says it, because her parents are landlords and we are from different religion i am Hindu,she is Sikh.she afraid from her parent, and we also meet very less, she just smiles whenever i saw her and go to her house .so our relationship is in midstream because her sister says that i am just using her as a time-pass and don’t care for her making her negative toward me,difficulty is that i know she loves me but she is confused from my side,i cannot talk too much with her becoz her parent misunderstood me that i dont want .my image is good in her house.i just want to make our relationship more stabilize and harmonious.this is all affecting my studies coz all day i just think how to handle the situation and how to tell her that i really love her.

  54. instead of chant VALLABAM GAJAANANAM, EKADHANTHAM,can i write on a paper 300 times for marriage

  55. I’m having very disturbed married life. my husband is having an affair. we have many fights daily. I am in depression.

    I also start taking to a stranger on mobile but I do it because my husband cheats on me. Now my husband knows about that person and he do not talk to me.

    But I love only my husband. I do this in anger. Please help me to save my marriage.

  56. Rashmi,
    chant i am sorry please forgive me love thanks divine

  57. We are trying to sell our plot for some time, but every time some obstacles come and it does not get sold.

    Many a times deal is finalized –the buyer likes the property and agrees to buy it, but at last step the buyer does not bring money, some or the other person there gets ill or some accidents happen there. Then the meeting related to money and agreement is always delayed again and again.

    At the end the deal is not done. It happens always. We are trying to sell it for 6 years, but could not.

  58. nandini,
    take the flower remedies CENTAURY GORSE OAK HORNBEAM ASPEN each two pills three times a day.

  59. Namate !
    I had this doubt about pronouciation for a long time. In this artical there are both words – So I wanted to ask this –

    are these like – रुं and युं ?

    it is गं ?

    Am i right ?

  60. sbv
    Not like this – रुं and युं
    it is ra; ya;
    Thank you

  61. Sir,
    I m from differnent religion but my mother is hindu so i do puja my problem is i love a girl who is not from our cast her parents are not accepting our relation and even now she also fighting with me pls help me


  63. we find hurdles in getting suitable spouses for our son and daughter, who have already matured for marriage,and recently a proposal came from a girl,but since then no reply,unfortunately.We all liked the girl and the proposal,but unless her parents take further action on the proposal,nothing can be done.Sir,tell me which mantra I should chant for the marriage of my son with this particular girl.

  64. my daughter is learing disabled.struggling to complete her education.also has anger issues,is negative and fault finding.overeacts to any advise or suggestions.kindly help.


    Hello Sir,
    Firstly I want to Inform You that Last Few Months back you suggest me one mantra of Purchase N New House. I always chant it and Now I am In New house .Thank you so much
    Now i want to Know which beej mantra to chant for Husbands good behaviour i thik he is Full of Negativity and not listening any word of Mine.I think he need some healing.

  66. Hi Sir,
    My age is 29, tell me a mantra to get married. Proposals are coming but nothing matches to me, there are lot of obstacles.

  67. dear sir…what mantra to be chanted to marry loved person.. we got mismatch in astrology…but we are ready to marry…I need help from God.. please

  68. Shalini Aryan

    Dear sir,
    I’m facing some problems in married life. My husband hides things from me.He does not disclise where does he spends his salary..mostly expenditure falls in my shoulders, Whn I get married to him then after 6 months his mother threw us out of her house. We are staying on rent. After marriage instead of propesperity we are becoming poor.
    One more imp thing, he is very much fond of women..meets vid his gal friends spends money with out telling me.

    Some body has told me that he is not having land yog in his kundli. I dont want to stay on rent for whole life.
    Since my salary is spent on house hold things, m nt able to save.
    Plzhelp me to get rid of all these probs.


  69. Shalini Aryan

    Waiting for your reply sir, plz reply

  70. Sir,
    We are seeking an alliance for our daughter but not getting positive responses from the proposals we like. Also not able to get proposals as per our expectations. She is well educated and very good looking. Still facing the problem. Pls help.

  71. Thanks for advices !

  72. sir,
    for some persional problem i want to marry to whom my parents want.i want some good proposal come and my parents also agree for my marrege.i want a good person as my lf patner for which my parents also happy.but i want my engagment will fix with in 3/4months.because in my case i don’t want to stay single .i want that unknown understanding guy in my life earlier…so pls help me…

    and tell me which mantra can i use to solve this problem..pls…i want early..

  73. Sir,
    For me our astrologer told to light ghee lamp in Tulasi for 9 Friday, and to rotate around banyan tree every Saturday after bath to get proposal.(It’s back of 1 year) But some proposals came but not fixed. Any mantra to get good proposal?

  74. i m in a difficult situation.. i love some one who is married.. when i met him when he was engaged.. after some months he got married. but he still love me.i want him as my husband but he can’t break his marriage due to family. he does not love her wife. plz give me a best mantr by which i fullfill my wish. i want to break his marriage nd his wife get married other person nd live happily.. plz help me.

  75. Sir my brother’s marriage is getting delay. Even a right match is not finding due to any reason and enemies. Plz kindly sugest what i hav can do for my brother so that he wil get married in just 2months. Plz sugest a powerful remedy. Its a king request.

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