Mantras for Bliss

When you are criticized and blamed

To protect ourselves from others’ anger and criticism and to ignore others’ criticism chant the mantra “OM JOOM SAHA SAHA JOOM OM”. Instead of reacting with anger, chant the mantra, which protects you against evil eye too.

Avoid accidents in your life

OM PADMA NANDESHWARA HOOM, if you chant this mantra 20000 times, no accident will happen. This mantra is also for wealth building and not for wealth earning. However, if you chant 200,000 Lakh times you will amass enormous wealth. When you have debts, chant this mantra.

Kadgam Saranam

Chanting KADGAM SARANAM will bring your anger down.

Overcome animalist tendencies

PASUPATHIM MAHADEVAM: to overcome animalist tendencies, this mantra will help.

Uncontrollable anger

OM HREEM TAHA: will put off the anger fire. Very effective for controlling one’s unnecessary and misplaced anger.

Reducing your weight

“OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” mantra will reduce the weight. So it can be your life mantra J Stop all your dieting procedures. You need to accept your body. Love the body god has given to you. What happens inside us happens outside – our body. So heal yourself first.

Gain youthfulness

SAHN SAHN JOE LEU BAW YOW WU – the Chinese mantra is very effective for anything related with common cold. More and more you chant and faster you chant it is very effective. Pull the wedges between fingers in both the hands, while you chant the mantra. Then all the internal organs are massaged and youthfulness is bought back.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir my sister needs help..she is married and blessed wth 2 daughter..her mother in law harass her a lot and hate her..pls help her with mantra so that her inlaws love her a lot and which will help her stay at her inlaws happily..waiting for ur blessed reply..thanks.

  2. Ms Nitu.
    1. Let her do the forgiving exercise. “I….(her name) forgive you ….(her mother in-law’s name). you please forgive me”. She just repeats the statement for 100 times daily.

    2. She can chant “OM HAM NAMAHA, OM YAM NAMAHA, OM RAM NAMHA, OM VAM NAMAHA, OM LAM NAMAHA” any number of times.

    3. She can write in a piece of paper “WATER VIOLET, HOLLY HORNBEAM” and sleep over it when she sleeps. She can keep the paper under the pillow

  3. purnima
    Normal speed

  4. Dear Sir NAranji
    In Below This Subject its written (Pull the wedges between fingers in both hands ) what does it mean by wedges?
    Gain youthfulness
    SAHN SAHN JOE LEU BAW YOW WU – the Chinese mantra is very effective for anything related with common cold. More and more you chant and faster you chant it is very effective. Pull the wedges between fingers in both the hands, while you chant the mantra. Then all the internal organs are massaged and youthfulness is bought back.

    Kindly reply

  5. ftrrs
    the joining tissue portion between two fingers at the base

    • Thanks a lot Sir NAranji for replying.

      • Dear Naran:
        I would like to know if there’s a mantra for dry skin my eyes’ zone is very dry and I’m very sad because I’m getting many wrickles around them,I had a problem with a jelaous woman in the past and somebody told me about she wanted hurt me with black magic because he hates my physical appearence specially my eyes just by a comment of her husband told about my eyes maybe this sounds crazy,but it’s incredible the time that my eyes have changed I’ve been trying to ignore this,but everybody asked me or tried of noticed me about these changes…pls give me a switch word or mantra for protection or for my skin I’m doing the forgiving switch word and blessing her internal Christ thanks so much by your always soon answer..God bless you if these kind of black jobs aren’t possible tell me please I’m learning a lot from you …namasté I asked Spirot Guide Wolf for protection daily for me qnd my children..always responded me..

  6. Hi,

    I am divorcees and ust got remarried but i keep having my ex husband findng trouble with me. Then i be leading unhappy and sleepless nigth. Then my future mother in law and family is be pushing me to make baby. I also want baby of my own but it not within my there any advise you can give me.

  7. also, my self confidence is now very low after so many years of struggle and confusion. thank you for your help

  8. CHANT LARCH for self confidence

  9. sir, “om padmanadeshwara hoom” 200000 lak times means is there any time duration or v can chant 10 minutes daily which in long time wil cover the number.

  10. chant within three months

  11. Mantra for healing needed for high cholestrol and peptic ulcer sir

  12. is there any rules or restrictions for chanting switchword/sanskrit mantra or any other mantra or affirmation..during monthly cycles…

  13. m
    dont chant the mantras during periods

  14. I get angry very often. Pls help me control my anger.

    • Mona,
      take the flower remedies beech holly cherryplum each two pills four times a day.
      Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies.
      Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  15. First of all let me tell you I am a person with full positivity within myself but still face bad luck sometimes….nevermind I never give up..
    ….I am a student of class 11th cbse ….My
    exams are coming in 1 week n I have to prepare from
    starting….I don’t know what happens to me….I want to
    study but I can’t…..I was very good at studies in class
    10th boards…scored 96%…but +1 is lyk a burden on me..
    … it seems I have forgotten everything…I need some mantra to
    concentrate and memorise …..I want to score 100%……and I
    know that I can do it……

    And ….I am also preparing for iit-jee as I am a non-
    med. Student …without any coaching class…..if you
    could help me….in preparing iit without coaching….need
    some confidence within me…..

  16. Why women can’t chant mantra during menstrual period? Is anything bad will happen? Is any mantra allowed during cycles? If by mistake we chant few times during periods in our mind, will it be harmful?

  17. A period is a cleansing period. The body is letting go what is not required. When the mantra is chanted its energy also is rejected. No it’s not harmful.

  18. Please give switchword/mantra/flower remedy for mothers to chant to keep them spiritual;positive;decent and moral.

  19. dear sir,
    your work is excelent i chant ambika mantra for my son’s bord exams he done better. but any mantra has chant to score good marks (nearly 90 above) just strated a paper correction.

  20. My friend husband met a accident 2years before. had head injury done 2 operation in his scull. now here is ok but offen he abused her and her son. told her u & ur son became mad go the treatment. he can’t release relation. refuge to take medicine. when they go out he got angry and used abusing words in front of public. she is fed up and depressed becoz of his activity. she lost every thing and financially very very poor. spend much amt for his opertation and sons studies.she running family with her husband income. please guide her good way. immediate reply required.

  21. these dad keeps yelling at if i’m a stranger..he even tells me tht he don’t need me..when i’ve never done something.. and my exam is stating on friday..i don’t know which mantra i could read and how to read it. can you help me out

  22. Dear Sir, I wanted to understand that as mentioned in the article above if OM PADMA NANDESHWARA HOOM mantra to be chanted 20000/2 lakh times in one go or it can be chanted over a period of time to reach this number. Also if there is a specific way or time to chant this mantra.

    Thanks & Regards

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