Achieve Your Life-Time Objectives

Find the purpose your life

VALLABAM GAJAANANAM YEKA THANTHAM: this will help you to find your aim of your life. You want to come out of your monotonous life routines and find your goal of life. You need to be goal oriented. That is taken care of by Yeka Thantham.

Sometimes people comment “my time is not good”. And some say, “I don’t have enough time”. To find the divine time and make things happen as well as to find time to do your stuff, use this mantra.

For mental strength and will power chant this mantra. Use this mantra to tackle manipulative persons.

Chant the mantra holding a glass of water and give it to children when they fall back to emotional black mailing. Their stubbornness will go.

Achieve your goals and life objectives





To achieve your goal you require this winning mantra. Gopalam is a friend in need. Like the animal spirit guide Wolf, immediately you will find help. Chant this mantra and do a dance. When you dance, you will forget your body consciousness. To get Sarva Siddhi (super-man type skills) and to accomplish in your life chant this mantra

Removing hurdles

Do a RAM japa. To fulfill your ambitions, chant this mantra after Hari Narayana Gopalam. It will remove any hurdles that you might come across. The word ‘Ra’ has the power of twelve Suns. It has so much power in it.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hy naran
    i read you blog. its really inspiring and heart touching. i was going through really bad timing in my exams. when i found your blog i started chanting ambika mantra. it really helped me achieving good grades.
    i have lot going on. i was in relationship and suddendly things got messy and me and my boyfriend end up breaking up. time passed and i start living my life happily. i m really upset and still love him. i don’t know how to fix this. i lost all my hope. i am really upset and this stress is taking over on my life. we planned everything but things got out of hand .please, give me any advice or any remedy which can heal our relatioship so we be together again.
    looking forward to hear from you.

  2. kirron ,

  3. sir,
    exactly how many times to chant the mantra Ravi Kiran Ruchi Karan Paripooranan ? I am very lazy and procastinate a lot.And my 12th class boards exams are going on so can u suggest me a way to get good marks?
    I feel very distracted and not focused

  4. RAJ,
    laziness: Hornbeam Prcorastination: scleranthus distraction: chestnutbud. chant these names as many times as possible.

  5. Dear sir,
    My parents are old and staying alone . They have no one to take care of them . They need a good maidservant to do all the household work honestly , be good and kind to them and help them in their need .
    But maids take advantage of their old age and simplicity .

    Kindly help me to find a good maid servant for them .im married and stay far away from them and not in a condition to be of any help to them .i feel v helpless and sad for my parents.


    • smitIa,
      you chant CHICORY REDCHESTNUT.
      write in a paper CHICORY ASPEN AGRIMONY SWEETCHESTNUT and ask them to keep it under the pillow daily.
      Take another paper write NORTH WEST and paste on any wall of the house.

    • Have you got any effect from the remedies by Naran?

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