I lost all hope that I will succeed in Life

“Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”

Hello I want to succeed in my competitive exams and my study. Lost all hope but I started chanting Ambika mantra. Is it really helpful? Thanks


That is why students should study well daily. One always repents and loses hope if he wasted his time during study days. Nothing will help the 11th hour specialists.

Anyhow, chant the mantra with full trust. If you pass, commit yourself to become responsible and study well.


I am only giving 8 hours to my study and in that I have to manage my husband and household stuffs. I did my engineering but after that I didn’t get a job. I tried so much. But after 5 years I really want to study but competitive exams are too tough for me. Whatever I am doing, it seems that it’s not working. That’s why I asked about this mantra. Thanks for your suggestions


I am really happy to know that you are studying in the midst of your household work. Mantras will work for those who have ambition, trust and perseverance.

Affirm, “I pray to Ambika, the one whose origin you cannot trace, and the one who is ever-present since and before the beginning of this world. She only can help me overcome my mind, because I know that one who overpowers and channelizes the mind can win anything and become invincible.”

This is the meaning of the mantra. The trust and regular reciting of this mantra will make you reach heights.

You can also write 398 in a piece of paper and keep it in front of you while studying. When sleeping keep it under the pillow. On the date of examination keep it with you. Competitive exams will be easier for you.
Best of luck


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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  2. As many times as possible. you can also chant over a glass of water and keep on sipping it.

  3. Sir,
    Is this mantra useful to succeed on all front of life (good things only)

  4. Deepak
    yes defenitely.

  5. To everyone who needs help with the career,

    I was amongst the depressed ones too..but this mantra helped me get a job.It REALLY works..just came in here to thank you Sir for your kindness and help.I have regained faith in God.I suggest anyone who is in deep trouble to be positive in life and chant this mantra..it will REALLY work.


  6. Radhika
    Happy that you have regained your faith in God. God is working and helping all through words, through flowers through nature through men through animals. What is the connection between me and you?
    It is the web of god which unites one and all in the world.

  7. Good morning Mr.Naran, all the switch words, mantras, bach flower remedies and animal spirit guides .. they all work in a divine manner , we just have to place full faith in them .. 🙂 I really would like to thank you for the great work .. and would share my experiences in detail soon.

    I really need your help in one thing, one of my friend is lost in some negative thoughts , we try making him happy but its only time being he again goes into his negative world.
    Also he doesnot have a job past 6 months , his family is tensed and we all are trying to motivate him but situation is no better.

    PLEASE Suggest a POWERFUL way so that he becomes happy and positive , also he gets a JOB FAST .. cz we stay abroad and his visit visa is getting over next month…..

    PLEASE guide Naran sir , as you have always . I cannot give him anythig to chant or take bach flower remedies because he has become stubborn and doesnot listen anyone.
    But i can chant for him …..

    Waiting for your reply…

  8. Shivi,
    you chant for him MUSTARD GORSE MOVE ON

  9. hi i have read many people getting solution in their life because of you Naran sir, i have tried many things with positve aproach though in vain i never got desired result so far being very hardworking. Just got to visit this site and hoping that you will help me. I started chanting Ambika mantra 3 days before my exam however i couldnot write the mantra and keep it. Please tell me is it helpful to get through the exam i appeared by channting the mantra till the result is declared or is there any specific mantra for it. I had help people clear their exam by clearing their doubts and instilling confidence however i had not able to do in my exam as well in my life.I have follow many advices or rituals to clear the obstacles as many people think their is problem in horoscopes though being not intimitiated by such things still i dont the of my failures so far. Please i m badly in need of help regarding the exam i appeared yesterday and its was my last attempt please tell me any mantra to clear it and i m without any hope from past one year regarding job as well as my this particular competitive exam. There are thousand negative thoughts going on in my life regarding my exam as well as job. Pease help me out Naran sir. Please provide some respite for my problem.

  10. rajadurai,
    continue chanting. it will help.
    write GENTIAN HONEYSUCKLE WILD ROSE in a piece of paper, and keep it under the pillow daily, while sleeping. write in another paper and keep it in your pocket always.

    • Thank you very much for your instant reply Naran sir. I wrote the Ambika mantra 398 should i keep it under the pillow along with Gentian mantra as well . Please clear my doubts am i suppose to write Gentian mantra every night to keep it under the pillow. Please help me as it was my last attempt of civil services and i need positive outcome which will be declared in the month of August.Should i continue chanting the mantra till the result is declared. Please clear my doubt i m very depressed. Can the mantra prescribed by you can be chanted during Mensturation cycle. Any specific time is prescribed for it. Please reply.

    continue chhanting till the results.
    Every night write GENTIAN HONEYSUCKLE WILDROSE in a paper and keep it under the pillow. dont discard the previous day paper. Keep and pile them separately in a box.

  12. Naran Sir,

    I need help with a mantra for US VISA APPROVAL for my son . It has really stressed us out. Pls wat mantra can I chant. His date is 29th of June. Want him to get it without any hassles .And also sale of my house on 4th, for it to happen without any hurdles. these two are so close together .Its weighing on our minds and giving us sleepless nights.Pls help….

    Thks in advance

    • anonymous,
      chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILD ROSE. and write this in a piece of paper and keep it in his pocket on the date of interview.

  13. Naran sir,

    can I tell my son to chant the above bach flower names, as he also will b going for US Visa interview shortly. will write these names ina piece of paper and give it to him on the interview date.
    is it fine?
    Advance Thx.

    also i have one more request.

    I had gone for 2 interviews and when i suggested my salary they did not revert. Now 3 weeks ago i had gone for one interview near my house. I was happy and continously chanting “ambika mantra”. They asked my salary expectation. with 2 bitter experiences, I told them since i will be working after 2 yrs of gap, I am out of market scenario, so pl pay me as per ur company norms. Now they did not revert.What should i do so that they call me back with their salary.


    • sashi,
      yes you can ask your son to do so.

      chant 100 times gentian larch wildrose over a glass of water and drink it. do it three times.

      • Naran Sir,

        Thx a ton…………….My son got visa for USA, today. I did as per ur divine advise.

        Just want S/W or BF remedies or any mantras for following:-
        a) Success in his education (will be doing MS in health care mgmt)
        b)To get 100%scholarship for his education.
        c) To get a part time job in his campus only, so that he can save time and money in commuting to all places.
        d) to get a good/divine place to stay, which will be nearer to his campus
        f) to protect himself from any hurdles, negativity or calamities or problems (from people, circumstances etc.)

        txh once again and GOD BLESS U AND UR FLY, ALWAYS.


  14. naran sir
    my husband applied for US Visa through his company.i need any mantra or batchwords to get it soon without any hassels.plz help in this matter

  15. My husband is desperate to find a good job . His present job ,he is not being successful and I would request you to pls help with chant mantras which can be helpful in getting his confidence back and getting a good job.Thank you in advance.

  16. aNONYMOUS,

  17. sashi,

    1. Chant “RED CHESTNUT” to overcome your concern for him.
    2. Daily in the morning pray to flowers requesting them to protect him. “WATER VIOLET, WALNUT, SWEET CHESTNUT, STAR OF BETHELHEM and ROCKROSE! Be active around him for the next 24 hours and heal him”.
    3. Call Wolf to be beside him always.
    4. Pray OM ARUNAAYA NAMAHA (say three times) and request, “Lord Aruna! Protect my son from anything unwanted.”
    5. Then “The mother Bhuvaneshwari, protect the limbs of my son, from all the ten directions.
    6. Call St. Michael the arch angel (three times). “Please keep your blue flaming sword around him and allow divine light and love only to enter”.
    7. “Violet flame! Give umbrella protection to my son wherever he is”

    • Thx a lot once again for the quick advise.
      1) Redchestnut – chanting how many times?
      2) Praying to flowers, ONCE..is enough, I suppose, as this prayer will hv to b done everday…right?
      3) Pl let me know how to call wolf (as i hv never done this)
      4) This Point understood
      5) Praying to mother ONCE – is ok?
      6) St. Michael – means think of HIM and pray to HIM, 3 times.
      7) Violet flame – prayer once…right?

      Sorry…to bombard u with so many doubts, because I want to do it the rt. way. (as i am always benefitted by ur divine guidance)



  18. shashi,
    chant Redchest as many times as possible, whenever anxiety about your son comes.
    2. once enough.3. Just Say, “wolf” and say whatever you want.
    everything else once.

    • Naran sir,

      Wolf help is wonderful. I just say Wolf…..crisis…pl help me and the work gets done in no time.
      May b i give my 100% faith to wolf and say the things to be done. Whatever, my work always gets done.

      Thank u once again


      • Please share your experiences

        Website Admin

        • When my son was travelling – I prayed to wolf saying that his travel to US should be smooth, which happened.
          2) Weight of the bag – since he wasgoing for the 1st time, we gave him all variety of ready foods, clothes, provisions, utensils etc. and prayed that all the 3 bags should not cross the limit eventhough the bag was jam packed. when weighed at the airport, it was perfect.
          3) even in UK/Dallas airports, he was never questioned, more than a minute.


  19. Naran Sir,

    Thx muchhhhh sir. My son reached US safely, without any customs issues (London/Dallas/St.Louis).
    Also he got a good apt. for rent and even his room mates are good.
    Everyday I chant as per the divine advise given here.

    God bless u and ur fly, always

  20. Naran sir,

    I told my son to chant “Find/ Divine” throuought the journey, and his journey from Mum-US for hazzle free. Millions thx to hazzle free mantra.


  21. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. Studied your blog under stars.How to invoke Star Rohini for progeny.We are undergoing treatment for child and not succeeded.

    please help.


    • rekha,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT WALNUT OAK HORNBEAM as many times as possible. hang a picture of rabbit in the bed room.

  22. Dear Guru,

    Pranams.My marraige was a arranged one only.i had two guys in my relation i.e.my aunts sons.but not interested to marry anyone.hence got married to a person who is a non relation.facing some hardships in my marraige life but still we too are living together only.iam accepting whatever i get because it is my own decision and living with my husband only.the problem now i am facing is by way of aunt.since i married outside they are creating problems.speaking loose words and if anything my father/brother wanted to do also saying some loose comments about it.suggest remedies so that they do not speak any loose words about my married life and to get a happy married life.


  23. yami,
    do the forgiving exercise. I yami forgive you…… (mention aunt’s name_. you please forgive and release me. do this chanting for 200 times.

  24. Naran sir,
    I had asked for mantras for my husband,who is abroad. He took up this offer because of his friend. But the same person who is now current CEO and boss, started humiliating, insulting my husband. So I had asked for mantras for my husband to get back to Mumbai. U told me chant for my husband “Mustard/holly/Find/divine/ mumbai portfolio/now/done. I am everyday chanting for my husband, remembering him. No further improvement. Can i make a circle and put my husband’s name and another circle for putting the mantras. If yes, then where i need to keep that paper,after writing this.

    2ndly on urgent basis can u give me SW or BF for the transfer of the boss. (but definitely for the better place, as I do not want the boss to be troubled because of my prayers).

    3rdly – my son is doing well in US. He also got the job for 8 hrs. per week (International students can work for 20 hrs only per week) . I want my son to work max for 10 to 12 hrs per week, (so that he can concentrate on his studies) but get paid more. pl suggest SW or BF.
    simltaneously i am requesting wolf to do the needful.

  25. shashi,

  26. Sir,
    could you pl share mantra to activate positive attitude from the people we meet/interact?

    reason- many people i come across are often very rude/aggressive in their conversation towards me….for no reason. perhaps it is something emanating from within me…that they subconsciously pick up….

    not asking for any vashikaran mantra….just something where others are normal while interacting with me…..

    want friends too…..

    many thanks.

  27. Namaste.
    I have given a lot to bank exams but till now not able to crack them. I cleared 1 IBPS exam in banking sector. Due to less marks unable to face interview. Please tell me which mantra i should recite to clear my SBP exam which is on 14 Oct’12.


  28. shilpy,
    chant walnut oak gentian hornbeam

  29. my father in-law wants to sell property which belongs to all the three sons. I am the eldest daughter in-law. I don’t want him to sell because all have to lead a separate life. I want all the brother should stay under one roof. Pls tell some mantra to stop the sales of this property.

  30. aruna,
    say as many times as possible when this thought comes. I release my desire to control or change anybody.

  31. Hello Naran Ji,
    My sister’s daughter is in 10th std, but she doesn’t have interest for studies. we are all worried whether she will pass or not. If she studies something she forgets it and cant write in the exam, because of it her interest for studies has decreased. Please suggest some bach flower remedy for her. Already my sister is giving her Mustard energised water and also my mother is telling sloka Ambika…. for her studies.


  32. Sujatha,
    continue the mantra.
    To make her study SCLERANTHUS to study with concentration: GENTIAN CHESTNUTBUD HORNBEAM. To bring out her latent talents OAK Give these flower remedies

  33. Naran Sir, my grade 11 board exam is coming nearer.Iam the student of management(commerce) but till now i dont have any hope to pass the exam,im facing many difficulties and problems while studying.my brain is like a blank till now.can u give me any mantra or idea so i can do better in my coming exam.i hope you will provide me nice solutions.

  34. hari,
    take the flower remedies gorse whitechestnut. put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and have sips 6 to 7 times in a day.
    write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  35. Naran sir
    currently I am working in private organization and I am not getting promotion and hike even after hardwork
    could you please help on this and which mantra i need to chant

  36. shashidhara,
    chant chicory agrimony together count now

  37. saiphanendra

    Hi Sir,

    I need to get the visa for my travel to USA and it can be done in 2014. I need a mantra or a to which god do i need to worship to get the things done. Please help me. I already lost it one time and in a full depressed mode and dont want to repete it again anymore.

  38. saiphanendra
    Write these in a paper also and keep it with you

  39. Naran sir
    Need your help..
    1.I want to change my job is it good time to change now.
    Because I am not getting any Success in current company like promotion or good hike
    I am patiently waiting I may get better chance but till today nothing improvement
    I am putting my best effort and hard work but finally no good result
    Please suggest me what I need to do or any mantra to get success in new job if not current job.
    2. Currently I am financially very week and want to strengthen my finance side. What ever I earn, money will dissolve like anything that I will not be knowing how it went on but I am not spending Unnecessarily
    Could you please help me on this like which mantra I should chant to get financially I can improve..

  40. shashi,

  41. Sir
    I am facing problem of doing same mistakes every time.
    I try to take all care while doing the work at workplace and in my daily life.
    But same problem arises every time.
    This always results in very bad situations. And even I can, this explain or give any justifications.
    Please suggest.

  42. One more info Sir. I take all care while doing work so that there should not be any problem.
    Request reply.

    • deepak
      Take the flower remedy chestnutbud. put 10 pills in water and have sips every one hour

  43. Name shilpy
    d.o.b- 23/01/1986
    I gave many competitive exams. or preparation bhi karti hu. per question paper dekh ke confuse ho jati hu, Can you help me. My PSTET(teaching exam ) is on june 9. What can I do to clear it? As I’m preparing for it .

  44. Name shilpy
    d.o.b- 23/01/1986
    I gave many competitive exams. and try my best to crack them. But unable to do so. Actually my biggest problem is I get confused after seeing my question paper.Can you help me. My PSTET(teaching exam ) is on june 9. What can I do to clear it? As I’m preparing for it .

  45. shilpy
    on the date of examination put (5each) bach flower pills- Elm Scleranthus Rescue remedy – in water and sip every half an hour

  46. Hello Mr. Naran,

    My eyes are not keeping well, please help me to cure my eyes permanlty, i will bless you through out my life.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Da.
      listen to vision improvement cd daily two times.
      Take Eye tone pills.BOth are available at the center.
      chant CHANGE POINT CRYSTAL CLEAR as many times as possible

  47. hi naran sir,
    i have been giving my competitive examination for the past 4 months.. though i clear few rounds am not one in the selected list… feeling miserable when i see my final results.. please suggest me some remedy

  48. reethi
    take the flower remedies GENTIAN WILLOW CHERRYPLUM.

  49. Hi naran sir,

    I have my visa interview sheduled for 25 june , please help and suggest some mantras that would help me clear my interview.I have given up all hope and very stressed up for everything .Also sir i do not have any flowers , please elaborate on the method of chanting and where to obtain the things and how many times should i chant.

  50. sikha

  51. Naran Sir,

    I have my visa interview on 27 June 2013 in early morning .Sir please let me know which color and if i need to write it and keep it with me the mantra .I am very worried as very little time is remaining.Sir its my humble request if you could please provide some powerful mantra so that it helps me clear my interview.

    Waiting for your reply soon.

    • shikha
      Take the flower remedy RESCUE REMEDY daily to be free tension and anxiety

  52. Naran Sir,

    Thank you so much by Grace of God and prayers also with chants .My interview went good .Sir i am now deeply worried for my health and also job.Not been able to get peace , please suggest and guide some mantras for mental peace .


  53. Dear Sir, Namaste. My name is Radha Narayan. I am 61 yrs old. My daughter 31 yrs is working in London and will be getting married in Dec 2013. The boy too is living and working in London. He has lost his job since last 2 months and is suffering from tendonitis of the wrist – also for the last 2 months. He is a hard working, sincere, honest human being, but presently very depressed. He may not apply what you recommend, but my daughter, myself and husband can pray for him. Please help urgently. Please may he be guided to the right cure for his tendonities. Many thanks for your good work.
    Radha Narayan

    • Radha narayanan,
      Wrist tendonitis is caused by over work only. the same action with the the same organ is repeated.
      chant GENTIAN OAK CHESTNUTBUD. Wrist exercise is to be done.
      Ask him to take calci.phos mag.phos kali phos – 6x – each 2 tablets three times a day.
      it will reduce the pain.

  54. Naran Sir,

    Many thanks your chants work wonder for me .However it has been since past 1 year my hair fall has been chronic i hav ejust got my ultrasound done its all fine.Still bunch of my hair keep falling as a result a patch has developed on later sides of my head .Please help and suggest me which medication to use.Also i have Nasal polyps problems i am taking Tecurium and Lamna Minor 200 Potency but not much help.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.


  55. Sir, I hv droped a yr…my dad hs retired n I lost my mom recently ..i hv done bds. N want to qualify mds exm but I m losing hooe n d competition is reli tuff…with only few govt seats…plz help me n guide me.

  56. Hello Sir , i m use this mantra . but i have fear of the result in 29-10-2013 , please help me Sir ..

  57. Dear guru ji,

    Pranam,I am a mbbs doctor and I m preparing for md/ms entrance exam for last 2 yrs and I m married since last one and half yrs, and my married lyf is highly disturbed and troubled.I hv my entrance exam on 27 nov 2013..kindy give me ur kind guidance so that I could succed in the exam and get success and mental peace.

  58. need your programe details and contact details

  59. I want to meet Naran sir personally. Is it possible? as I n from Maharashtra. thank u in adv.

  60. Dear Sir
    Looking for change of job.,.. for the last 3yrs.. nothing is coming in my way. Can you pl help me in this regard

  61. Happy New Year Naran Sir and the Whole Team … 🙂

  62. Can I read this ambika mantra for getting pass in my ca exams. Result is about to come

  63. Sir,
    I am unable to get job pls advise.

    • Hi Sir,
      I am happy that i got call for interview after chanting Ambika Mantra it was really helpful for me and the manager told me that he will let me know when to come but afterwards i came to know that i was not selected it happens befor also one of the HR of my previous company wanted me to rejoin the company she took all my information but didnot get any calls till now .I need the job pls help me.

  64. hello naran sir,
    my name is lavanya,dob 3-2-1979,am married and having son of 4 years,before marriage I used to work as MBA lecturer.then I stopped my job when I was pregnant.now I want to restart my career.i want a job.i have done a software course to look a job in the same stream as of my husband.but I am not able to get job.am totally depressed in my life.my husband also scolding me to work.am not able to understand which side to go whether software side or faculty side.please suggest me a mantra for getting a right job for me and restart my career.my relationship with my husband is also not proper due to this reason.please help me in getting job and lead my life peasefully.

  65. Karthik Shanmugam

    Hi Naran Sir,
    My Name is Karthik. Iam in a big problem I have over loaded with debts so iam planing to sell one of my house. Many a people just coming and checking and asking for low price. Is there any Mantra where i can sell my home in a good price.

  66. Dear Sir,
    I am over 103kg of weight I am now 52yrs with loads & loads of family problems, my husband left me and children stating I am fat not interested anymore, no charm living with me, I was abroad for more than 25yrs working holding a good job but my husband who is an ecogist person with too much of pride had some misunderstanding with his superior just resigned since we were under his visa I had to leave my good job and dragged me and the children to India, I do not know which direction I have to move, I am depressed and confused of life whether to live or to give up my life but I have grown up children who is 27yrs,23yrs (daughters 18yrs of son) they are not settled, please can you help me to heal my family, my husband to come back to come back and be with the family.

    Any mantra to get out of my problem please sir I will be always greatful till my last breath

  67. Sir please help me to find a solutions to my problem

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