Mantras for the Modern World from July 24 2010 Monthly Meeting

Avoid Financial Crisis

I came out of financial crisis within 24 hours by chanting the mantra, “Lalitham Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshanam”.

For Successful Job Interviews

Before going to interview chant the mantra, “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”.

Handling Eye Problems

Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram

You can’t separate this mantra like a compound. You have to chant them together. However, Lalitham Lambodaram can be chanted separately.

This mantra combination is very effective for eye problems.

  •          From any eye problem, it can restore vision of the concerned person.
  •          Eye operation will happen successfully and proper vision will be restored.

Lalitham Baskaram alone is good for eyes. Not to have regression after recovery, Lalitham Balachandram is added. It also takes care of the circulation part. Circulation is minimized due to age. Lalitham Balachandram improves ocular circulation, specific to eyes. Eye problems will not come. Therefore, have no fear.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I am going to chant this mantra for my eyes – i get repeated eye infections and swelling (stye and chalazion) and have tried everything. I trust it will help me> will surely let you know of the results. God bless!

  2. i replied your mail swapna !

  3. N Swaaminathan

    Dear Shri Naran,

    This is the first time, incidentally I had hit upon this wonderful website on searching for my eye related issues. I underwent RD surgery on my left eye about 4 years back followed by a cataract surgery within a year. Despite all, my vision on the left eye is very poor as the doctors said my retina had developed lot of small holes and the optic nerves are at irreversible stage. Due to which I have a very very poor vision (about 15 to 20%) on my left eye and due to excess strain on my right eye I have few issues on my right eye as well. After my RD I was traumatised and live only in fear as am just 44 years old. I would not have slept even for a single day peacefully. Every second I have the fear of what if the other eye also gets impacted and the mere thought of it, am sweating and getting panicked.

    Am an ardent devotee of Mahaa Periyavaa with whose abundant grace only, if at all, am surviving. I have been performing my daily rituals viz, Sandhyaa Vandhanam and recite other slokas.

    After going through your various customised advises, I believe Maha Periyavaa is guiding me through you due to which only I hope I came across your website where we have about millions such websites.

    Please help me by your advice, in gettng back my original vision and ward off any eye related troubles in future as well, for which kind act I would be ever indebted to you.

    With best regards
    N Swaaminathan

    • swaminathan
      you have to take some eye tone remedy pils and bach flower remedies to heal your fear and anxiety.
      Both may not cost you (30 days dose)Rs.200/- plus courier charges
      if you want contact the centre

  4. Naranji,I want my city to be pollution free,good water,power,rain,agriculture developed & a wealthy & peaceful city.suggest prayers & mantras.

  5. N Swaaminathan

    Dear Shri Naran,

    I would be too glad to receive your response to my query.

    Since am yet to get feedback from Shri Naran, would like to know from any of the senior members of this site who had taken advice from Shri Naran on the chanting of the mantras as adviced by him. Deos the chanting need to be done vocally (to be heard outside), or through lip movement or mentally?

    We all understand Mantras create vibration within the body. My doubt is if we chant it mentally also will the same vibration be experienced by our body to bring out the desired result.

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