My husband drives me nuts

It was 10 pm when I received a call from Shanthi. She was desperate, worn down and very angry about her husband. Just then she had a big fight with him. In a fit of anger he pushed her out from their house and locked himself from inside. Nowhere to go, feeling desolate and angry, she called me.

To bring her anger down, I asked her to chant, “Om Hreem Taha” (this mantra will reduce anger)

In addition, I asked her to chant the mantra, “Guru Gugan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam”.  She chanted both the mantras and went back home.

She was surprised to found the house door open, with lights on and her husband waiting for her. Before Shanthi spoke a word her husband apologised to her for his rude behaviour. In addition, he served her dinner.

The purpose of the Guru Gugan mantra is to increase our self-esteem and self-love. Shanthi required it as she found it difficult to digest her husband’s rude behaviour.


Question to Naran

 “I have lots of fear and negativity about everything. Also facing relationship problems and psychosomatic symptoms. Everyone around me dislikes me. Please help me with some mantras.”

Answer from Naran

I asked her to chant Guru Guhan mantra as it will increase love inside her heart, which in turn will attract the love from outside.

Guru Guhan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam

This mantra works on the heart chakra. It is for Lord Subramanya Swamy (Muruga).

The meaning behind it is: Guru Guhan (in cave), Kodi Kodi (millions and millions of rays of light) and Lavanyam (most beautiful – Lavanyam).

Yam in “Lavanyam” releases the feeling of sadness and unwanted attachment in a relationship.

Whenever you feel distressed about your son, daughter and husband, this mantra will release attachment, while your love for them will be sustained. We should understand the difference between love and attachment. Out of attachment we direct or control our children. After detachment, you can continue to regulate them. You will know what to say and how to say.

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About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir in this mantra, it is “Gugan” or ” Guhan”?

  2. Sir, I have lots of fear about everything. Can i use this guru guhan mantra to overcome all my fears? Please help me.

  3. Maya ,
    yes you can.

  4. Sir i love my wife a lot but she do not lover even we do not have physical relation and she have affairs please give me some mantra that I can win her love

  5. naveen,

  6. is there any mantra how do i control my husband,he does not listen a word of me he always listen to his mother and sisters

  7. pyal
    chant Chicory Centaury walnut vine cherryplum as many times as possible.

  8. Thank for this lovely post, Naran sir

  9. my husband wont be nice with me he never talk to me or never see my face we dont have any relationship between us please help me .

  10. varalasunita
    chant Agrimony Holly pink tourmaline over a glass of water and drink that water

  11. I have pimples and open pores and dark circles around eyes I feel very low self esteem and feel nobody wants to spk to me

  12. NEETHA,
    TAKE THE FLOWER REMEDIES walnut crab apple holly for three months

  13. please give me a good mantra and procedere to
    caAINself esteem and confidence

  14. seclvi

  15. guru ji,please help me is there any mantra i can chant because my husband is totally in hands of his mother and his sisters.we are living in usa he came here because of me and now he applied his parents petion and he didnt even tell me he is talking to them over the phone everyday and make plans and never tells me anything.i want him to breakup with his mother and sister and stop listening to them and listen me to and tell me everything he does like i want to control him.i hope you understand what i mean…thanks again

  16. guru ji my in laws not talk with me…and my husband not support me each and every things happen only by me all said like tht my in laws love me after marrige but after 1 yr things gone bads my mother in laws nt like me she found so many error in me always she n my sister in law shout in me now a day they are not talk to me and my husband not used him mind what is right or worng only he listen her mother’s if i didnt have any fault.they want to send me my mother’s home but i want to will be right each n every things can its possible my husband love me he cant leave without me??my mother n father in law love me???

  17. RINKI,
    chant i am sorry please forgive me love thanks divine.

  18. thanks a lot guru ji

  19. please reply my question from harleen posted on jan 2nd 2013 please if possible thanks

  20. a girl in need

    I am very upset. my husband is in wrong company and is avoiding me because of them. I am at my parents place now.because of the wrong guidance my husband keeps doubting me & hurting me a lot. he even quit his job & doesn’t even allow me to earn. we are in different cities now. I really love him & respect him & I know he is good at heart. I just want my husband’s love, trust, care. I just want him to value me like he values his parents. How do i earn back my husband? please please please please help me. he is my world. Thank you Naran Ji.

    • a girl in need
      take the flower remedy Agrimony genitan. two pills each three times a day.
      chant “i am sorry please forgive me i love you i thank you”, thinking about the husband

  21. a girl in need :'(

    sir! where to get these pills?

  22. a girl in need :'(

    can some one please suggest me what to do? i posted on july 5th. my husband shares everything with his parents. even the most private things. please please please please please…..please read my post above.

  23. love for eternity

    Guruji, I am not a perfect person but I do try my level best. My fiancée is so critical in every small little things. He insists and force me to do things that he wants. Although the things he forces me to do are good for me, he gets angry when I do not follow his words. Simple things can rile him up. He wants me to dress up like this, do this and that just like what he wants. Somethings he say I do listen and change, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. When we argue, he will bring up those things and tell me that I never change. The arguments involves are all small things like did you meditate today, did you do this, or that, why you listening this, why you watching this, watch this, etc. I am not a meditating person, I haven’t gone into that level yet.

    I am a normal person, I can and will be good wife, I know my responsibilities, I can cook, clean, work and provide, take care the household etc, but right now I am just relaxing as I am not married. I am working, and staying in a rented room alone, hence I very much live like a hostel student, who doesn’t cook, wake up on my own sweet time, and etc. He however, misjudges me and think this is my character life long. I tried clarify to him, I am not like this and I am staying alone and have nothing much to do. He keeps on insulting me and gets angry with me. I am not like other women, I do not nag him, scold him, or shout at him. I never disrespected him or his family either. He has so many times, threatened to leave or break off with me for not listening to him and changing to what he wants.

    I thought loving is all about respecting and loving the other as just they are and I thought leaving a person is when the other person cheats or having affair. I neither done any of these, yet he breaking off the relationship and keeps on punishing me in that way. He hurts me and call me names when he argue. He knew I am not that traditional woman when he proposed me, and now forcing me to change. I want him to start respecting me, love me, and care for me.


    • love for eternity

      my sincere thanks sir, I will chant the words.

      He is punishing me again by breaking off again….and he is not in speaking terms with me. I pray all will change. Yesterday before I got this reply, I chanted the mantra Guru Guhan mantra, and i felt peace within me. I will chant this now. Thanks Again sir. Bless me Guruji.

  25. Sir i am 21 yr old boy
    sir i have very diffn problem
    i m victim black magic my story is very mysterious sometimes i think of sucide bt i know thats not proper parents have lots of faith in me i dnt want to break that. Sir whtever i think in my mind never happens there is something is present in my body which totally controls my mind never let it happens. sir beleive its not my imagination its true 100% true i m facing this problem since my childhood when i was 7-8 years.many times i have experienced this today also i m experincing one can live in dis world if his freedom is been taken like i seem to be free bt my my mind is arrested under very powerful power. Sir i have seen lots of sadness in life since my childhood i dnt whos that person who did this bt der r lots of jealous people around us der is 1 symptom of it some cotton always comes from navel for last 10 years
    first time i thought it was due to my shirt by later der was not any clue of dat cotton today also it is unsolved mystery sir i m living cursed life has become hell i have lost everything plz help me out… Sir how come out of this problem

    • Chant Om Howm Joom Saha as manay times as possible.

      • Sir thank you so much for your valuable feedback sorry for late reply.
        Sir i m trying this mantra sir i can see result for while bt it is very poweful force which is stic to me n nt ready to go. Today also i can feel that. i have never spoken this to any one in life since my childhood.bcoz no one will beleive me.There is lot of negativity around me.
        every human plans there future in mind bt whtever i planned even small things never happen so we can think how powerful it is i dnt know whats that it may be related to my past life. Sir it is physically present in me in my body. I can feel that whatever i speak or think it never allows to let it happen. It has totally captured my mind n brain. I feel like crying whenever i think of my family they trust me lot bt i m not able execute my any planned may be in education or job.
        Thank you so much for help sir.keep doing this noble wrok.
        Sir truly you are god on earth.
        Thank y

  26. Hi, having relationship problems with my husband – we always fight and I am feeling suicidal. We also don’t have kids yet coz of his infertility problem – he doesn’t do anything I say and treats me like a enemy. His mother also poses problems and creates rift between us. He always sides with her.. What can I do to improve my situation…?wil it ever improve? Plz help…..


  27. sanjana there is no reaply from any one.i hade posted my problem on 12 june.but still waiting for solution .i can feal ur pain in ur life.every thing ll be all right.have pasence.puneet

  28. Hello sir,I am married,I love my husband very much.But he only listens to his father and sister and brother.they hate me.They threw me out the house,and now I am living at my mom for 6months.I want my husband back,and he only listens to me and brings me back to our home.sir can u please help me?what can I do?please sir

  29. Hello sir,.my name is sunitha and my husband name is venkat Rao i have 1boy child he is studing 7th class problem is with my husband he always listen his mother he never care for us what his mother say to do he does that only . he left for 2years and he was staying with his mother again some relative as scolding her and he came back she always teachers him not care for me he always listen to her what ever she will say to do he does .She will say r then i will give property to him who llisten her . sir please help me

  30. Pranaam Acharya,
    I just want to ask that anybody can chant this two mantras to reduce anger and distress? Last ten twelve years I am suffering from a personal problems. Pl advice me in a easy way. I am increasing my anger and distress. I do not like any guys as my husband. My life is not yet stable. Etc etc.
    Please help me. And please do not publish this letter on your site.
    Sewali Kalita.

  31. I need help my husband doesn’t want to talk to my brother or parents n there is noreason I hav to tell lie to my family everything they ask to talk to him pls help me so tht he doesn’t avoid them infact call them himself n talk to them

  32. Please what should I do to patch up my daughter n her husband with her father.
    My husband is also so rude to me and finds faults in me all the time. Please help. Very desperate

  33. sir i need your help i don’t love anymore my husband because of his abusive treatment to me and I cannot take it anymore his bad attitudes, I am better off without him in my life. I want to be free and separated from him but I want him that he will be the one to leave our house and want my kid to be with me. please help me and thank you.

  34. Hello sirmyhusbandis addicted to his laptop is there any way he can stop this.he gets very angry and uses abusive language and sometimes that is once in a month hits metoo.

  35. manju jaswal kanojia

    Guruji i m married till last 12 Yrs and ve a son of 10 Yrs my life since the very frst month of marrg is startng worst as my husband is in control of his entire family as he has a large family and he is the smallest in all and all brthrs N sisters r married n they all ve settled bt we ve not own home as i m living to my mothrs home since then til today nd mt.husband only looks to their prnts sistrs n most i feel not feel bt whereevr i asked about him people tells tht he is in the control of his bhabi with the spell of black magic or some othr magics he givd his money to her n his reltvs, he drinks n quarl n abuse me a lot blames me he even forced to me leave my job of 20 Yrs due to his dbts n he didnt give me money to feed us , i bcome just like a beggr agant him for each n even expnse at home ,
    now my son is suffering from GALLBLADDER STONE N MAY be Appendix guru ji please solve my problems as it a long time i m suffering bt now my son is also due to his bad behviour he didnt give me money for his treatmnt all r done by my parnts, i go every where bt no one cure my husband i want from you guruji please either he totaly come to our side Or go for thr permantly please also tell me the mantra to cure my.sons stones without operation

  36. manju jaswal kanojia

    please reply my qstns i have send u

  37. Respected guruji. I have only one daughter she got married and having 4yrs old boy she is very affectionate child to her parents that is me and my husband. She got married 4yrs her husband is very angry person and he doesn’t like father-in-law that is my husband my husband Mr. Chandrasekar also doesn’t like son-in-law. We are little well settled and son in law is not that much compared to us. My daughter is working in a govt.organisation. My daughter is very much upset that both her husband and father are not get along with each other. My son in law is having sharp tongue and he always pin point father-in-law he is little money minded also my daughter is very much depressed and equally I am also. Please help me how to make these two gents to get along.


  38. Guruji there is no good relationship with my brothers and father with my family. Also my wife is having dry allergic cough. whether any mantra please.

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