“Atmavan Bhava” – Switch Word from Lord Krishna

In Bhagavat Gita, Lord Krishna says:

“Don’t worry about your earnings, spending money or about welfare of the world (Yogakshemam). Have you ever worried whether air is available or not, for its available free for us to breathe. In the same way, money is also available for us. Therefore merge with the Atman (in order to become worry free)”.

We Have a Tendency to Go Outward

Mind has a tendency to go outward. It does not go inside. That’s why we can’t meditate for more than 5 minutes at a time. Instead, we have developed a tendency to blame others, when they interrupt our meditation.

Going out, is easier for the mind. If you train the mind to go inside, you will get authentic power that will direct your life.

Chant “Atmavan Bhava”

Relax your shoulders. Sit comfortably with hands in any position. Just relax. Take a long, deep breath. Continue to take long breath. Now chant the mantra, “Atmavan Bhava”.

  • You can release your anger easily.
  • Mind always listens to command words. The command (switch) word created by Krishna makes you to merge with Atman. If you chant this as a mantra, your mind will automatically be merged with the soul.
  • When you are concerned about money, chant Atmavan Bhava.
  • When you are worried about future, chant Atmavan Bhava.
  • When you are upset, chant Atmavan Bhava.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Mr Naranji,

    Thanks for adding mantras to your blog. Please keep your blog active by adding interesting mantras and articles.


  2. thank you

  3. I have a school mate who i got in touch with after 34 years…she is widowed with a 16 yr old daughter. I invited her home along with her daughter….now, she does not have a job…..she is pressurising me for money and drops in at home regularly ….I have been chanting the switchwords Find Divine Order Count Now Done for her…but she is yet to get a job…is there any way to get her a job and some money to tide over her present state…and to cut the chords that bind her to me…I dont want to hurt her feelings either…Please help

    • chant centaury and chicory for yourself. ask her to chant find count divine. dont do anything for her sake. yu will be in trouble

  4. I would like to find out about this as well. Please respond sir. Many thanks to you.

  5. Sir, what is the mantra to be used for good decision making? Thank-you.

  6. you can use flower remedies. SCLERANTHUS, HONEYSUCKLE. You can chant these words for 10 minutes and take the decision. You will not regret the decision later

  7. Thanks a million, Naran sir!!!

  8. Respected Sir NAranji NAmashkar!
    Sir what is the english meaning of Atmavan Bhava?

  9. ftrrs
    behave like the soul; express the soul quality

  10. thanks for atmavan bhava. many people torturing because my husband took money from others and he is not repaying the money.. kindly suggest one manta

  11. magesviji,
    chant rockwater willow mustard find count divine

  12. respected naranji,the mantra ‘atmavan bhava’ from bhagbat gita is a good and powerful for mankind.it would be more clear if it is written in hindi letters in bracket for clear pronunciation.

  13. Hi Naranji !!! Hope u cud help me wud a switch word or smthing to help my daughter see d real side of her boy friend . He’s not wht @ all she believes him to b . I wish tht she wud break up wud him bcos there are soo many guys tht wud want her . Thanx

  14. Namaskaram Sir Your blog is like Ramayan for me so divine. Everyday i read this Ramayan of mine and its truly a MINE keep reading and i keep getting gems everyday and todays post regarding KRISHNA is too good. It has touched me so much. Reading your blog makes me more stronger in my faith on the divine and you .I am waiting with full faith one day will come when i will attend your class personally. My heartfelt GRATITUDE to YOU , and to my MOM who introduced me to this.

  15. Wow. I had not read this post earlier and any time I find one it is akin to finding a precious gem- pure divine grace. .

    hemas message also speaks for many of us and definitely me. Thank you hema. Thank you naran sir. thank you to shobana mam, mohan sir,and all team, and all life events and people that led me here and who make this possible.

  16. Namashkar
    I have 2 kids and I am in an abusive relationship. Want to end this abusive relationship peacefully. I want to get a job so that i can take care of my kids but not able to get one. Kindly advice some mantra.

  17. Kindly lemme know the key word for a safe and a confident driving .rama manogaram
    Manogaram Ramam already am chatting

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