Mantras from Colour Therapy Class July, August 2010

Problems in Thyroid Glands

Namashivayam mantra helps for Thyroid related problems.

Why it works very well for thyroid problems? When the poison came out of the sea – Parkadal (ocean of milk), as per Hindu mythology, Shiva consumed it and his throat became blue.

Iodine colour is blue too. The thyroid secretion has to be in correct level, inside us, neither more nor less. Iodine tincture is known to be a great antiseptic. It heals very fast burns and wounds.

Only Siva can handle this iodine, in thyroid. Namashivayam works by balancing the thyroid. We are taking the resource of the person who can handle poison. No religion is here. Any mantra fills up the molecules of water. Chant the mantra and give the mantra treated water to the person suffering from Thyroid Problems.

Eye Operation

Chant the mantra, “Om Dhraam Dhreem Dhrowm Saha Shukraya Namaha”.

For better sight, chant the mantra, “Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram”.

Always Being Healthy

Chant “Om Howm Vum Joom Saha”. It increases your vital force.

Stop the delay

Chant the mantra, “Om Praam Preem Prowm Saha Shaneye Namaha”.

Pain Reduction

For any pain reduction, chant the mantra, “Om Praam Preem Prowm Saha Shaneye Namaha”.

A case study on this mantra

Sheela from Bangalore was reluctant to use this mantra, though I suggested her to chant before her appointment with her dentist. Twice she ignored my advice. On both the occasions her dentist made a pathetic job on her teeth. I warned Sheela that she might loose most of her teeth, if she continues her appointment with her dentist.

Third time, she chanted the mantra. She was asked to wait for her third operation. Meanwhile her dentist had a chat with her colleague. He came back to her and said that he wanted to observe her for a few more days before he does the third operation. Now for the last 15 days she had no pain and no extraction. No more meddling till today!!!

Chant this mantra before your appointment with your dentist, for any extraction or root canal treatment.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir, I love all your concepts and have been reading all your blogs. They are very informative and easy to follow methods. I want more clients or customers since i am a psychiatrist. can you help me with switch words for getting more business. Thanks a lot

  2. RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY. If you know tapping,(EFT) tap these words on the points daily.
    Best of luck

  3. Sir,

    I am having lot of fear and negativity about everything. Also facing relationship problems and psycosomatic symtoms. Everyone arond me are disliking me.

    Hep me with some mantras.


  4. My son is about 5 years old . Doctor has advised root canal for his two teeth. He is very afraid of dentist. And as soon as we enter into his clinic, he starts crying not allowing the doctor to do anything. As he is having pain in upper front teeth, we have to do the treatment. Please help.

  5. Sir,

    Am facing lot of obstacles in life as my husband is having affair with other women, not coming home properly. Feel like going for a Divorce but scared to apply. My health has becoming worst, Having PCOD with lot of symptoms, depression, acne, lot of hair loss, weight gain. Medicines are not working.
    Request you to help me.
    Thanks & regrds,

  6. savitha,

  7. vineeta bhatnagar

    kindly suggest a mantra for my various problems that are clashes between my father and father in law,financial problems and for weight loss.thanks in advance .

  8. Sir,

    Can the Pain Reduction mantra can be used to before meeting a doctor for any other problem.

    I have been suffering from ear infections and pain, right ear blockaged for almost a month. Please suggest some bach remedies and mantras if any.

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