The Happiness Mantra

Namashivaya means happiness. When you are worried, sad or distressed, then healing will not take place. We have to shift our mind to a state of happiness, for healing to take place in our lives. Instead, if we worry about our (life) situations, then healing doesn’t happen.

We can say, “Change yourself”, but that change will not happen easily, unless you shift your state of mind. However, when you chant Namashivayam, then your worry state will shift to a happy state of mind.

Please note here that you don’t need to add Om to the chanting (like Om Namashivayam) as OM is inside Namashivayam.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Ravi kumar nair

    This mantra works for me for bringing j the first Logos (shiva Energy) in abundance. Thanks to Bala Kumar

  2. Good article, very usefull and sensible.

  3. I wll chant the above whenever i feel uneasiness, worried for nothing and sad. Result i will be happy despite of surrounding.

  4. Naranji thank you for guidance. My friend wants to know from which book this mantra Shivayam is taken?


  6. sunnu,
    Ak your firend to search

  7. Namaste sir
    Today is shivratri .i m searching for my question for a long yime may beu could tell me the answer
    whenever i tried to recite mahamritunja mantra for illness of my dear one
    I have to face problem like ones i got a severe back injury secondly i got problem in my spinal cord .so i afraid of prayig lord SHIVA
    I want to ask is shiva is unhappy wid me and i shouldnot pray to HIM
    Wat is the reason. I want to recite namashiyayam i should do it or not
    Or i would hv physical problem again pls tell

  8. Dear sir
    My boss is not giving increment for me pls help me with any effective switch words

    Thank u

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