I am speechless!

My friend Murugan from Madurai had a paralytic attack in 2008. He is neither able to speak nor move his hands and body. He is tied up to his bed for the last 18 months, with very little hope for recovery – at least from her wife’s point of view. He needs the support of her to do everything.

Based on one of Naran’s lecture, I suggested to Murugan’s wife to chant, “Madavam Madavan”. But she didn’t want to, as she thought, it’s against her religious belief. I tried to explain to her that mantras were created, even before Hinduism came into existence. She wasn’t sure. So I asked her to inform her husband to chant.  

Murugan did it silently – as he can’t speak.

Within two days, I received an SMS from Murugan’s wife’s mobile, “I am doing well. How’s your sister Kala and brother Natarajan. Please convey my regards to them”. I was surprised as Murugan’s wife had never met my sister or brother. I called her up. What she told me took me by surprise.

She had left her mobile in Murugan’s bed and went to the kitchen. In her absence, Murugan had taken the mobile, typed the message and had sent it to me. He had done the same for five more of his friends. The interesting thing here is that this is his first act, after 18 months of his paralytic attack.

Only thing I can say here is, “I am speechless”.

– R Mohan

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Really miraculous. This really proves the power of Mantras.

  2. yes.

  3. my mother is suffering from arthritis since last 35 years at present she has got fungal infection in her stomach and severe arthritis attack kindly suggest some effective mantra to tackle both problems together

  4. om lum namaha om vum namaha, om rum namaha om yum namaha om hum namaha 1000 times daily

  5. Great story, can I republish this in my blog? Thanks.

  6. God Bless you. I had forwarded your writings to some of my friends..
    Everyone of them have got befitted immensely

  7. ok thank you

  8. This is really a miracle and thank you for sharing this story about the person who was paralysed. I wonder if you could advise me. My father has had a second stroke. The fist stroke affected my dad’s right arm and he used his left arm to feed himself. This time the stroke seems to have affected the opposite side.

    He has been in hospital since Sunday 14th November and is still very drowsy. He also has vascular dementia and is being fed through a tube. The doctors are worred that my dad won’t be able to swallow solid food. Would the mantra Madavam Madavan be useful here or should I be chanting somthing else. I am also trying the 2 circle method with the Bach flowers and have used Rescue Remedy and Gorse . I have also produced an energy circle with amoeba rays with affirmations such as balanced left and right hemispheres of the brain and all cognitive functions are restored, no paralysis. I also have the mantra Madavam madavan and Change Divine Order as I have also been doing some reading on switch words. Please can you advise me as I am sick with worry

    Yours sincerely

  9. in addition to madhavam Madhavan, chant WUNG R HONG. You take redchestnut and cerato- bach flower remedies.

    • Thank you for your reply. Could I just ask your advice about helping my dad to regain his swallowing function as the doctors want to surgically put a tube into his stomach as they think that he will not be able to swallow ever again. Is there anything else I can do?. I very much appreciate your help and advice.Thanking you in advance for any more help you can give
      yours sincerely Claudette.

  10. visualise his throat. Say, I command the body of ……… to swallow the food easily” and visualise hims wallowing. Do it three times a day.

    • Dear Naran

      Thank you so much for your help and advice. I am trying to chant the mantras as often as possible and have begun to visualise my dad’s throat and am following the rest of your instructions.
      May God bless you.
      yours sincerely

  11. Hi …sir u gave 10 yrs old my daughter. Mantra madhavam madhavan for for damaged optic nerve kindly suggest how many times a day she should recite and she should complete that in one time and suggest if u have anything else for her .her ventricular system has shrinked

  12. Sushil
    i have mailed you.

  13. I wish I had dicovered you and this blog few years ago as my father here in Canada had a stroke & was paralysed on his right side, he lost his speech & was completely bed ridden for more than 3 yrs. Then finally died after so much suffering, we even brought him to Kerala, India for treatment, but it didn’t help much. Now my aunt is leagally blind and she has to focus on a thing for few mins to see it. It changes in different kinds of light (too dim or too bright), its hard to explain and a very complecated one, her vision is slowly diminishing. Doctors have told her its a genetic disease and do not have a treatment or cure for it, and will become completely bline eventually. Please suggest a strong mantra or any treatment for her…..

  14. Sir I have Left side body pain (uneasiness) from top of head left side, throat leftside, shoulder, back (at the end of scapula), lower back left side, near heart and abdomen left side. When I indulge in sense organs it affects more. what mantra and mudra will help and how much time I need to chant

  15. My Father got a stroke Feb 3 2016. His right side & speech is affected. He got moved out of ICU today. Pls let me what can help him to faster recovery. I want to talk to him, as I used to before.

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