How do I handle my arrogant husband?

My husband can be called as Mr. Arrogance, even though he is good to me otherwise. Even though I have a good tolerance level, I tend to loose my temper after some time. This would result in us, fighting and shouting at each other for two or three days.

One day when my husband went to his usual antics of arguing and shouting, I chanted silently “Kadgam Saranam Sangam Saranam Saarngam Saranam” continuously, while he was verbally abusing me.

In an hour’s time, he stopped his shouting, became normal, and started a normal conversation with me.

I have decided to do this, whenever he tends to be abusive and criticizing.

– Shantha

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. i have a boyfriend and we are in a good relationship and we will marry after 2-3 months. he is little egostick and moody but problem is that im more qualified than him so that he feels that i cant give respect to him when he becomes angry. he will always angry on me for a silly small things. becomes very harsh. and if i suggest something him at that time time he become very angry and dont want any explaination not even a single word from my side. we both are very upset regarding this situations. because he loves more than me. how could controll this situations plz tell me some mantras to controll his anger on me, harshness and ego.

  2. SIMRAN,
    chant HOLLY GENTIAN REDCHESTNUT as many times as possible.

    • sir plz tell me as soon as possible and help me out plz. because whenever he becomes angry he wont call me and even receive. im psychologically disturb due to all these. i want to save my marriage and love life. tell me something for that because i want he will response me after any fighting or argument. im fed up of doing all these things.

  3. is it a mantra or what?????? plz tell me properly sir i didnot get u. because we r not living together, after marriage i will do everythng for him.

      as many times as possible. write these names in a paper and keep it under the pillow wile sleeping.

      • thank you so much sir i will follow this. plz tell me some another suggestions also how can he will call me, how can he feels im more important in his life even we had argument or fighting. because everytime i compromise even i m right and convince him through the word sorry. its very hurting for my self respect. if i will get some improvement in my relationship, life long i m very much thankfull to you

      • sir plz tell me anything for my last comment. i followed ur suggestion but i feel heavyness in my head. is it good or bad sign for me.

      • sir this mantra is really helping me but i want to ask you again, how can he feels that i m most important person in his life. if he becomes angry that is the another part but atleast he should call me as per routine and he must feels alone without me. how can my love convince him to call me without any talk. he should like to call me by his own. tell me suggest something plz

  4. simran
    mentally have a glass room made of pink. It has got a opening at the top by which the pink energy is flowing and filling up.
    Keep in that room Jelly fish, Wolf Elephant, and Lotus chicory holly sweetchestnut flowers (Even if you are not able visualise these flowers just say that these flowers are there in clusters.)
    Visualise yourself and your husband in the room. the energy from the top coming to you through top of the head and from your heart flowing to his heart. At that times, mentally converse with him whatever you want. The whole meditation will take around 5 minutes. Daily do this mental exercise for 21 days.

  5. hello sir i find out that he is suffering from inferiority complex regarding me. he is angry due to this inferiority complex. he feels that im more educated than him thats why im not giving him any respect and only wants to teach him while arguing with him. can i control his inferiority complex, because he becomes totally negative for me and put me on negative or bad side of his life. he feels like that people dont like him because of me because she is more qualified and having good talking sense. he try to express my good qualities in harsh words like ur very smart and chapter while talking with others. can i control his ego, inferiority complex and anger for me. now a days we have communication gap he doesnt call me because of his ego and now even talk with me if i called him. how can i handle him, im very upset. he should think again positive for me because i love him a lot and very devoting kind of a girl. plz help me out. im following your another suggestions that u suggested before. thankyou.

  6. simran,
    buy bach flower remedies pills and put them in common drinking water, so that both can take the remedies.
    What is his complaint against you? How much of that is true?
    “can i control his ego” these words point out you are also in terrible anger against him your controlling tendency is nothing but bloated ego. You cannot change anybody. change yourself and think differently. You want harmony. you are working against it similar to your husband. What is your goal in the relationship. find out whether your thinking,words, behaviour are contribgting to it or not?
    Our expectation clouds our thinking and makes us fully resistant.
    “There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.” OSCAR WILDE.

  7. Naranji, I am suffering from a metal skin allergy for decades. I have asthma and metal skin allergy in family and relatives.

    I don’t have asthma anymore but sometimes wheezing occurs from dust etc. This metal allergy started from wearing metal ornaments decades ago. Now it is always itching and looks like eczema/psorarsis and never heals. I am not allergic to gold or silver ornaments though.

    I also have very dry skin and extremely rough palms and soles of feet. My hair is also very dull and thin from stress.

    I live outside India. So please suggest a healing chant or practice so that I can completely heal my skin and hair. This would help me live with confidence.

    Thank You so much for your help

  8. sir i have completed my 21 days of meditation exercise and then i tried to tell everything to my boyfriend but he didnt give any response. this mental exercise creats some energy to me than practically i tried to my boyfriend but he didnt agree with my feelings. but for the anger om hreem taha this chant is really helpful for us. plz suggest me something for the relationship, whenever i talk with him happiness should be between us. his mother creats trouble between us and he thinks his mother is always right. even the happiness of between us makes his mother insecure. he should understand my things also instead of his mother. mother suggest him very bad language for my parents and for me also and he used to talk like that. i want he doesnt want to talk with his mother daily and understand her wrong statements what she teached to him. and i again tried to do the mental exercise daily for 21 days. thank you.

  9. simran,
    what meditation you do?.chant “chicory willow find divine love with”

  10. i did the mental exercise like meditation for convencing him as u suggested before. u can check it in previous comments. thank you for suggesting me everytime. sir plz can u explain me about the chicory willow find divine love with. and how many times i have to chant in a day and for which purpose. plz explain me.

  11. simran,
    the very switch words is self-explanatory. Unless you find love within for your mil, she will not change. your internal change will manifest in external change

  12. namaste sir
    sir plz muje jaldi koi upay bataiye.

  13. sir my life becomes worst alot . plz help me out. me and my fiance will get marry after 3 mothns but the tensions are in my life are going on and i cant able to tolerate. my parents always teach me to help the people who really need, they teach to think and say always good about every people, but i am shocked when all the things going to be happen in my life opposite of all these things what my parents teached. my mother in law teach bad language or bad thoughts regarding me and my parents to my fiance. he thinks his mother is always right so he use to speak or behave like that what my mother in law is going to be teach him. because of that i become angry and try to fight him for these wrong things. The real truth of mother in law he cannot accept and he becomes angry on me, his anger is uncontrolled and he use bad language for me during that time. i feel very sad due to all these things, because due to all these things me and my parents get hurts. he doesnot want to listen anything about his mother even she is wrong. sir plz tell me the mantra which gives me releif from the situation and through the mantra he should try to find out his mothers wrong teaching and thoughts regarding another people, he should neglect his mother, he should become calm for me, he never shows anger for me, he should take care of my feelings and take participate in my sorrow and happiness, he should do blindly trust on me, what i suggest or tell to him, he trust on everything and try to follow my suggestions, he sholuld love me alot, and when we use to talk we feel happiness during talking and my mother in law should donot interfere. i want all these things because i want me and my parents happy with him. and i will never teach him wrong things for his life and not for his parents , family also. i followed your all mantras and remedies what you suggested me before. so kindly plz help.

    • simran,
      chant BEECH WALNUT WILLOW HOLLY CHERRYPLUM daily 200 times over a glass of water and drink it. Write these names in a piece of paper and kep it under the pillow.
      write 51 times BOW CONCEDE REVERSE TOGETHER DIVINE in a notebook.
      Do the forgiving exercise. Think of some good quality in them, (search for it)Thank these persons everyday, saying “I stop resisting you i accept you i thank you for being in my life. ”
      do not add up any other words or sentence.

  14. and for his mother sir because she is creating distance between me and my fiance. i want my fiance doesnt like to talk with her and he used to talk with me on daily basis and he needsmy suggestions instead of his mother. i know i m wrong here but i cant tolerate her bad effects in my fiance thinking and behavour. thank you for suggesting me i will follow it.

  15. can i replace the note which i daily kept under pillow while sleeping HOLLY GENTIAN MIMULUS REDCHESTNUT

  16. in how many days i will get result or will get some positive signs. i am having lots of hope with the last exercise what you told me.

  17. sir can u plz tell me can i make changes in mysel.f he wants sugery toungue of mine, if he shows anger on me, according to him i should behave like a matured wife, i should behave same as in normal condition, in a polite way i should ask him what happens dear plz tell me, or should say something different by which his anger can control and he loves me through my politeness these are his expectations. can i change myself through this way, because if he becomes angry i cant handle him politely because at that time i feel bad why he should angry on me and i dont like his bad behaviour. if by changing my this behaviour my relation take a good way i am ready to become polite with sugery tongue. but how can i polite and make my tongue sugery plz tell me.

  18. Simran,
    when the opposite person is angry it is better to keep silent and talk to him later.
    When he gets angry, be in the following mudra and chant CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS
    The Mudra: both hands thumb touching ring finger and little finger.
    Our endurance and patience only can help us.

  19. in how many days i will get result or will get some positive signs regarding his mother and my relationship. because i do it from atleast one week but still now he is in favour of his mother. i am having lots of hope with the last exercise what you told me

  20. in how many days i will get result or will get some positive signs regarding his mother and my relationship. because i do it from atleast one week but still now he is in favour of his mother. i am having lots of hope with the last exercise what you told me. thank you sir

  21. sir i cant able to manage the worst situation, my marriage is again postponed for more 3 months, no issue for it. i tried to make myself calm but he doesnt want to become calm. he used to say what he wants to say. he feels that im not respecting him. suggest me something while my fiance and me talking on phone or infront of each other and if he doesnt like my any thing, he avoid to become angry on me. he tries to tolerate my things and explain me by patience and calm. tell me some mantra when we both going to talk and he feels hapy and not become angry at all on me. is there any mantra can i chant while talking with him, so that he becomes calm everytime and feels respect with my talking sense. because im very caring for him and i respect him alot, but i dont resist his wrong things thats why he feels like that. or sir plz tell me with your last exercise for his mother in how many days i will get results???? since from the day i searched this site i m doing all the exercise properly i expect something good sir. i hope u can understand my depressed mind.

    • simran,
      chant QUIET MIND, OPEN HEART RELAX TINY TOGETHER BE DIVINE daily 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. do this Two times a day

  22. sir one of my friend she is too mentally disturb, due to some circumstances in her life. she is disturb due to carrier, family and love life. she feels very much angry like wants to kill someone. suggest some mantra to her for peace and relax mind.

  23. sir plz give me reply of my 2 comments i m waiting sir plz

  24. sir plz reply me i want something gud for me with my fiance, he doesnt want to call me.

  25. sir can i continue this new exercise with the last one. In which i chant BEECH WALNUT WILLOW HOLLY CHERRYPLUM 200 times daily over a glass of water then i used to drink it and 51 times i used to write BOW CONCEDE REVERSE TOGETHER DIVINE daily in a notebook. with this new exercise i hope i will get something gud, because i do it properly daily with trust and faith towards god and u who suggest me a way like a teacher. thanks a lot sir for helping me everytime. take care

  26. sir this mantra is it directly effected to my fiance and mother in law, for something gud should i put my fiance name and mother in law’s name in between the mantra. because we live in differernt city he comes after every 2 months.

    • simran,
      chant QUIET MIND, OPEN HEART RELAX TINY TOGETHER BE DIVINE daily 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. do this Two times a day

  27. in how many days i will get results plz tell me asked before the last exercise also i expect alot sir. im sorry for that.

  28. hello sir happy to tell u, through my last two exercise i m getting results little bit. he likes to talk with me and we both of us feel happy while talking. he wants to call me also. but problem is that he doesnt want to listen my suggestion without his mother permission. he is also frusted with his life, he doesnt get success in any field. Is there any mantra can i chant for his success. i want he should become a successful man, but if i suggest him something his family members cross my words and convince him not to do what i suggested. i want his happiness regarding his carrier. plz tell me is there any mantra can i chant for his success and carrier and he will must follow what i suggest him regarding his carrier.

    • simran
      chant LARCH GENTIAN together find divine order

      • sir can i chant larch gentian together find divine order any time. or should i continue this with my another two exercise in which i m used to chant beech wallnut willow holly cherryplum and quiet mind open heart relax tiny together be divine daily. this new mantra is for my fiance success?? plz reply. thank a lot sir.

  29. sir one of my friend is too short heighted, she is a girl. she is very beautiful till last year. now she is 27 yrs old. now a days she looks like a lady, her face becomes too big and fats deposited in her cheeks. she is short height and unmarried and we are very much concern about her. is there any mantra for her longlife she can follow for her beauty. because she is short heighted and her face not suits to her body now a days. she must looks beautiful and cute for longlife so that she doesnt depress. because she feels bad infront of others regarding her height. we friends want her face sweet, cute and with glow. plz help for her.

    • SIMRAN
      ASK HER TO CHANT crab apple larch pine 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. Ask her to do three times a day. Some part of the water mantra water can be used for washing the face also.

  30. sir im fed up with my fiance doing all the exercise and i got results little bit. but his mother doesnt want that he can follow my suggestions. whenever he diverts to me with my good things his mother said something bad about me and suggest him something wrong, he is not stable with his mind. he suddenly follows his mother suggestion and thinks my mother is right. i m doing lots of sacrifieses for my this relationship, and im devoting for him. but whenever i tried to realise him his mother is doing some disturbances and encouraged him to do wrong with me with the wrong thinking. even his mother doesnt want that he follows my suggestions regarding his carrier otherwise credit will already comes in favour of me. in simple language his mother disturbs my relationship and now i dont want his mother in between me and my fiance. suggest me some mantra for his mother, my fiance doesnt talk with his mother. i dont want to do like that but she really doing wrong everytime i forgive her and thinks she is mother but now limits r untolerable. plz help me

  31. plz rpl sir

  32. simran,
    the replies are always as per the mental state. you need not be anxious for everything. Dont you understand the spirit behind the replies?
    i have asked to quieten your mind. you go asking questions after questions. The healing will take place if only you are calm. Quiet mind open heart has healed so many. If this is not happening to you means you are not doing anything seriously. First be Quiet. Everything will happen. Unless you change your way of thinking your way of reacting nothing fruitful can happen. healing is opening the heart. changing the pattern of thinking and reacting.
    you can do all the chantings. The Ultimate aim in everything i suggested is to make you silent. Silence alone can show you ways.

    • hello sir, since your last answer, im following all the exercise properly but my fiance is behaving the same. his anger distroyes my patience and love. now he is doing the new things he is comparing me with the others. sir really i want peace regarding my relationship. i want his love, caring and his urge to call me by his own. plz hlp me sir. sometimes i feel god give me some magical key to handle him and he starts to love me, my family and should respects all these. i want my relationship happy with him sir. he avoids to call me and doesnt respect my feeling infront of his anger.. plz help me sir

  33. i know my mistakes. but seriously im doing all the exercise properly. but due to all these situation i became impatience. i m very simple girl and all these things irritating me. i dont have master mind like others thats why these things hurts me, why his mother behaves like that and why my fiance always in favour of her. i want to save my relationship thats why i behaves like that and very much concern about my relationship. im really sorry. i agree with your explaination and will try my best whatever u suggested. thank you sir.

  34. simran
    Tap with the following statement 3 times on each point. do it daily. as many times as possible.
    Eventhough i am frustrated,l find magical key to handle him.

  35. sir one of my friend she is married and has one baba of 3 months. his husband resigned from his job from last one year. she is well qualified but problem is that, she wants to do job and her husband as well. but her husband dont want to leave his parents for job also. she requests to her husband if you want progress u should leave your house and city but her inlaws blackmail him like if you leave us we become alone, who one can do household work, you work here only infront of eyes. she is very much talented girl, she also wants to join, but job is not available in their city. she tries to convince her husband but he doesnt want to go against his parents. tell some suggestion to her how to convience her husband and her husband should listen her regarding carrier and settlement.

  36. simran
    it is always better if the concerned pesons vents out her/his thoughts and feelings in the blog. Their expression is important for the answer. a general description about the situation will not help.
    Ask your friend to chant I THANK MY HUSBAND FOR ALLOWING TO GO FOR JOB as many times as possible.

  37. hello sir i think im again give u some trouble. i followed everything a lot, but im not getting results. he hurts me alot now a days. he lies to me, he did some mistakes that really hurted me. how can i forgive him and again trust him. i love him a lot and dont want to loose him. he should be loyal to me everytime and should realise his mistakes what he did. i m crying, crying and crying, i felt my heart and feelings are hurted due to his flut. i was trust him a lot. can he should become loyal to me?? plz reply

  38. simran
    By one’s sincerity and loyalty alone, one can make the other person loyal to hem. It is very difficult to refine a person -either male or female- if he flirts. Sexual pleasure will drown one into an abyss.
    you, as a lover cannot forgive him, but by being like the mother you can forgive him. You have to play the role of both for the sake of maintaining this relationship. whenever his act bothers you say, within “This is how god has made him. I restrain myself from meddling with the divine order. i accept him as he is. let the divine give me fortitude and patience to lead my life with this person.
    chant CHERRYPLUM ROCKROSE as many times as possible.

  39. Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up and also the rest of the website is really

  40. hello my name is somna i just got married in nov 27 2013 my husband is not allowing me to do job. he insults me infront of every body he never listen to me he always denier me if i say anything he dont give me the money he spend much time with their friends he drunk a alot he smokes also he come so late in night give me any mantra to resolve my all problem it would be greatful .

  41. hello sir im mamatha here im suffering my health problem that is whole rightside i,e from head neck, back, shoulder, waiste etc.. paining from past 14 years which i finished all my treatements but no use,i lost my health and become very weak, event lot of obstacles in my finding a profession which is suitable and get succeed for me,, after doing some courses im loosing my concentrations im leaving that interest in such fields and i want to earn something for me and my needy,and also i want to know my suitable field and whomever taking help from me later they become enemies for me, also whichever im going to try that become failures always, my all desires and dreams has to cometrue pls suggest me what i have to do guruji.

  42. pls sir reply

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