Ambika mantra helps students to perform better

A grandmother who wanted help her grandson in his studies, took a glass of water and chanted the mantra, “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” and gave it to him.

He started doing well in the exams.

Therefore, these days, he requests his grandmother to give the mantra-charged water by saying, “Grandma, I write well, if you give me the mantra water”.

The reason being from being a back-bench student, he has shifted gears in his studies and started getting 80 to 90% score.

Hanna never used to get more than 40% in her school exams. Therefore she requested her Aunt, who is a Reiki master, to send her Reiki through distance, during her exams.

Her aunt instead visualized her niece and prayed to the Ambika mantra that the energy of it should be with Hanna for next 24 hrs during the latter’s exams.

She prayed like this, throughout the exams of Hanna. Interestingly this time she scored 2nd rank in the exam.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. my son is very poor in studies. he is in class 12th ans is having boards this year.
    he even doesnot listen to us.
    pleae provide me some mantra which can be done by me and he gets the positive response for it.

  2. he has to take bach flower remedies.
    mantra lalitham achudam, lalitham anandam, lalitham govindam.
    take a tumbler of water, hold in the right hand chant the mantra 100 times and see that he drinks that water

    bach flower remedies:walnut,crabapple, scleranthus wild oat.
    add the gem remedy coral also.
    I think you hve to buy cora pills from me. if you want i can send flower remedies also.

  3. Hello I want to succeed in my competitive exams and my study. Lost all hope but I started chanting ambika mantra. Is it really helpful. Thanks

  4. That is why students should study well daily.One always repents and loses hope if he wasted his time during study days. Nothing will help 11th hour specialists.
    Anyhow chant the mantra with full trust. If you pass, commit yourself tobecome responsible and study well.
    best of luck

  5. Thanks NAran I am only giving 8 hours to my study and in that I have to manage my husband and household stuffs. I did my engineering but after that I didn’t get job. I tried so much. But after 5 years I really want to study but competitive exams are too tough for me. Whatever I am doing,it seems that it’s not working. That’s why I asked about this mantra. Thanks for your suggestions

  6. I am really happy to know that you are studying in the midst of your household work. Mantras will work for those who have ambition, trust and perseverance.
    “I pray to Ambika, the one whose origin you cannot trace the one who is ever present since and before the beginning of this world. She only can help me overcome my mind, because i know that one who overpowers and channelises the mind can win anything and become invincible .” This is the meaning of the mantra. The trust and regular reciting of this mantra will make you reach heights.
    you can also write 398 in a piece of paper and keep it infront of you while studying. when sleeping keep it under the pillow. On the date of examination keep it with you. Comepetitive exams will be easier for you.
    Best of luck

  7. Hello Naran,

    I must appreciate what you are doing for the sake of many people. You ,in a indirect way made us to believe that “if there is a problem then there must be some solution to it” and problems are ephemeral. Thanks for letting us know your generosity. Well I already contacted you on your forum and you suggested me to chant “Ambika mantra and to write 398 on the paper , to keep in front where I study and keep under my pillow. You also told me to take that paper in examination room. Sir, I am not authorized to do it .Can I just keep it in my home and just bow my head to it. I am not allowed to take anything except my Id My GRE exam is on 15th June 2011. It’s my last chance . I am now also struggling with vast subject of English and maths. Sir, Please help me. Please suggest me what to do .



    • kHUSHI,
      ON THE day of exam, visualise 398 in front of you as a big number within a circle. inhale deeply, visualsing it entering you through your forehead and getting lodged behind your brain. do it three times and go to the exam.
      best of luck

  8. Sir what is the significance of writing 398 number? how will it improve my score in exams? please explain. kindly share that Ambika mantra fully. thanks

  9. . sampath,
    398 is the number the energy of which will help you select those topics on which questions will be asked. It is helpful in recalling the answers in the exam hall. One will write the exam in a relaxed manner.
    Ambika mantra has been explained. you can search for that.
    One who overpowers his mind will become invincible. (always succeeds). i pray to Ambika the unversal mother, to get that resource in me.

  10. hi i really badly need ur help i am a medical student and am not goog at my studies .i know i have to study but when ever i try to study i fell someone is controlling me and i am not at all studing .something bad always happens to me during exam like i get sick most of the times . my memory is decerasing these days am not at all able to concerntrate am getting bad at every thing and more over my teachers instead of helping me always looks down on me ………plz help me i even dont have any friends as am a weak student plz help me ……..can u give me some mantra plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  11. ,
    VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKADHANTHAM 200 times daily. wirte it in a paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping

    • thank u but how do i where to chant these mantra and how do i change the attitude of my teachers towards me and have a good memory and become a good student i just want to improve in my studies and luck to favour me ……..plz plz help me

  12. hi plz help me am a medical student and very weak at studies when ever i try to study am lost .my teachers looks down on me and even my friends i dont feel like studying at all i am irritated most of the times am always filled with negative thoughts and i always fear i will fail the exam .my memory power is decreasing day by day i just need some mantras or anything to get rid of this plz help me most of the time am filled with lazyness ……plz plz plz help me.

  13. sir,
    i have a very short temper ….i have tried waysss to get rid of it ,…please help me get rid of it..with ma ambikas help may i b able to conqur my anger….i m also preparing for a very imp exam n i need to get selected anyhow plz help me

    • maliya
      This will change your attitude. It is very important to change one’s attitude towards others Dont try to change others. If you change, others will change. chant the mantra any time anywhere. see the change in you as well as others.

    • sunu
      to be patient and to have control over anger chant OM HREEM TAHA

  14. hello sir this is maliya again thank you very much for the mantra its really helping me i can fell the changes in me ………..thank you very much…sir am appearing for exam this month is there any mantra that will help me perform good and get good marks ……sir may be due to continuous failure am very afraid plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. maliya,
    write 398 OAK in a piece of paper and keep it with you. while sleeping , keep it under the pillow

  16. my daughter is studying in 8th standard (icse board) , she studies but when she goes to write exam she forgets and is not able to pass in maths and physics subjects she gets good marks in other subjects
    need some mantra which will help her to perforrm well in maths

    • when she goes to the exam write in a piece of paper, 662Hz and around her name and keep it.

      • thanks for replying but i am not very clear she should write the number around her name or name around her number pls clarify also is there a mantra which she uses she can study well and score good marks in all her subjects

      • write her name in a paper. circle it. draw another circle. in the gap, write 662Hz

      • sir, after writing the name and 662hz, student should keep this paper with them or parents will keep at home. please reply as my daughter is in 9th grade and she has difficulty in math and science.

        • hi
          i have done what u suggested by writing her name and the number 662hz in a circle around her name and she is taking it with her every time she goes to write exams but it is not helping her she is not passing in her maths and physics exams she is losing her confidence pls help she is in 9th class now and worried how she will be able to pass her 9th and 10th class exams

  17. please , what mantras i use for my kids to do well their studies, they always fails in all their subjects.suggest a mantras whcih i can say and prays on their behalf

  18. i am overweight and in spite to trying hard to lose weight unable to loose i loose 2-3 kgs again i come back to the same weight i need to loose weight . is there a mantra which can help me to loose my weight and come back to normal weight and maintain it

  19. it is better to know EFT – tapping – for this.
    statement for tapping,” I accept myself totally. I find my body weight has started decreasing to …kg” (fill the desired weight).

  20. Arun,
    write HER NAME in a paper. circle it. draw another circle. in the gap, write 662Hz.
    keep it either with you or with her

  21. hello,sir
    i m in FY Bcom while studying i m not concentrate in my studies, bcoz my mind will divert…plz give me some mantra which can give me some concentration power and i get more than 80% marks …plz help me my exams are near

  22. Sir,

    My sister son aged 21 years having 8 papers arrears in DIPLOMA. HE IS VERY MUCH AFRAID OF EXAMS. I SAW AMBIKA MANTRAS.

  23. punidhavelu

  24. how many times to I have to chant this ambika mantras

  25. Hello Sir,
    My daughter is studying for her board exams. Please let help us by sharing a mantra that will benefit her. She is sincere, however sometimes loses focus on studies.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

  26. Ma

  27. hi,

    My gal is 6 years old, she is very lazy to study and started to lie in order to avoid studying, is there any special mantra oe remedi o can use. She also having memory problem. Pls help

  28. chan
    Give her the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS and CHESTNUTBUD. Buy them from any homeopathy shop and give three pills of each four times a day for one month.

    Check whether she has constipation.If so, try to heal it naturally. Stop chocolates.

    • Thanks sir for the reply unfortunately i am in Malaysia, i sent u a separate mail to. So i wont be able to get the flower remedies here. Can i do by chanting if so what should i chant. Thank you.

      • chand
        chant over a tumbler of water and give that water to her.

      • Hi sir thanks for the reply, can i know how many time to chant per time and can i do it 2 times morning and before she goes to sleep? Thank you.

        I have another question to i am currently doing my PhD but unfortunately the progress if rather slow, can i some remedies for my self.

        I too sent an email to your kind self to purchase some of the product but so far no reply from your side and really hoping to get some update from you.

        Thank you

    • Sir,

      I have my ICSE exams for 27th Feb and I have trouble remembering my subjects and doing them intellectually. Is there a remedy to improve my learning power and stop me from doing silly mistakes ?

      Thank You.

  29. what do you want? want memory power? or learning power? or stop doing silly mistakes?
    if you tell, i will give the remedies which you buy from homeopathy shop.

  30. to remember: chestnutbud
    improve learning power: oak
    stop doing silly mistakes:Impatiens.
    Buy these remedies from a homeopathy shop and put 6 pills of each in a tumbler of water and sip as many times as possible.

    • Can I get this bach flower remedies in a homeopathy shop?

      Thank you but can you suggest me some home remedies or like chants ?

      • Buy these remedies from a homeopathy shop and put 6 pills of each in a tumbler of water and sip as many times as possible. or chant the names of these remedies.

  31. Hello sir I want to clear competitive exams and want to improve my memory…….can you pls tell me some mantras or homoepathy medicines……

  32. Gaurav

  33. DEAR SIR,

    • chant GORSE WILDROSE over a cup of water and all of you drink that water daily two times.


  34. Dear Sir,

    My husband seem not liking me.He has no repect for me.I am just a lampost that ‘s it.I feel very sad.

  35. angie
    chant LALITHAM SADHASIVAM daily 1000 times.

  36. Dear Sir,

    My husband just went for an interview where the work place is much closer to our home, currently he is working somewhere far that he only gets back home on satrurdays and sundays, Our girl miss the father a lot.

    According to my husband the interview went very well and we did chanted Find Divine Order before and while he was going for the interview. They are few more candidates for the same position too.

    Can we seek you help on what to chant or do to increase the chances for him to secure the job. Thank you so much, god bless

    • chand,

      • thank you so much, god bless we will do so

      • Dear Sir,

        We been chanting GORSE CLEMATIS GENTIAN WILDROSE as per advice for my husband to secure the job he went for interview but so far no result and they never call him back, what else we can do.

        At the same time we also trying to secure school admission for our daughter at a particular school, we have submitted all the required document but yet to receive any confirmation, pls advice us on what we can do in order to secure the admission for her.

        Thank you

  37. Sir,
    I want to become an IAS officer. But I am not studying religiously for this exam which is scheduled to take place on 20th May, 2012. Please help me Sir to crack this exam at any cost this time. Please motivate me Sir.

  38. Sourabh Mandal
    write 398 in a piece of paper and daily keep it under the pillow.

  39. Naran Sir,
    My daughter is studying for CBSE board 10th, exam starts from 2nd March. Please help her get the best grades. Please let me know a mantra i can chant on her behalf.

  40. sir pl give me mantra for my son who is weak in maths forgets in exam .he is in std ninth i am worries alot he has his exams from 9th march help me that he should perform well in maths and get cleared with good marks. help help help

  41. mansi talreja
    Please give him flower remedies MUSTARD OAK MIMULUS three pills of each three times a day.
    With the flower remedies MUSTARD AND OAK one can master any subject.
    The flower remedies can be bought from homeopathy shops.
    Mimulus will remove his fear.

  42. Hi

    My kid is 9 years old he is very hyper active, please help me how to handle him for his studies. He does not want to study and now his exams are coing after one month, He is in third class right now. His mind is sharp but he does not apply for his studies.


  43. Hi, there is no justice in our court case,even though we have all the proof the person has cheated us, we still loose our case. How can we win the case get out money back.

  44. Priyanka Verma
    Give the child SCLERANTHUS WALNUT WILD ROSE three pills each three times a day. These are bach flower remedies and they are available in all Homeopathy shops.

  45. what can I give my girls to be good in studies besides chanting mantras

    • you mean bach flower remedies? if so, give oak chestnutbud scleranthus each three pills three times a day.

  46. sir i am tense alot for his maths because he makes many mistakes pl help me that he should concentrate and do the problems well and get clear in exam i am too much stressed and feared.plz help help

    • mansi talreja
      chant MUSTARD OAK 100 times over a glass of water and give him that water. do this three times a day.

  47. hi this is mansi again give me a mantra for my son who has to score full marks in maths to get clear himself and do the problems in steps .sir plz help help he should be a winner in this sub bcoz he has very low total at present

  48. My son studying 11th std and he is having interest in studies this year and having distraction in facebook and tv. Kindly give mantra to my son to get good marks this year and 12th std . I had a heavy loss in my shipping business since 5years, my husband is having very less salary and it is not enough for his expenses itself.
    Please let me know some remedy to get financial improvement and to get outstanding money. We dont have money to go for court case. In these circumstances my son upset mentally.
    Expecting your immediate response.
    Thanks and best regards

    • Give him the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS WILDROSE three pills of each three times a day.


    • mansi talreja
      Get the flower remedies mustard oak hornbeam for your son. he will understand the subject very easily and score high marks, These are available in all homeopathy shops and health stores if in foreign country.
      write 398 around his name in a paper and keep it under his pillow.
      flower remedies – MUST

  50. sir this is mansi again i m desparately waiting for ur reply as days rof exams r nearing i m getting more worried

  51. If you are not getting the flower remedies, chant MUSTARD OAK HORNBEAM daily over a tumbler of water andgive him that water. write the above names in a piece of paper and keep it under his pillow.

  52. Dear Sir,
    Rajie again. Pls send remedy for my son to get good marks this year and 12th also. He is interested to join Chemical engg in IIT , chennai. Help him to get above 95 % in 12th.
    Kindly help me to get financial improvement to support my son and getting outstanding money without any court involvement.

    Help me sir.
    Kind regards / Raajieeshrie

  53. hello sir….am quite new to this…….my dad bought a land 2 years ago n we r struggling to start the work of the house…in our situation its nt possible 2 get a loan n we av been trying to save money to start n its just nt happening…n nw it feels like sme miracle has 2 happen for us 2 start…plz help…thanks

  54. Dear Sir,
    I am a married woman pursuing a professional course with 8 papers pending. However, I am on the family way now and wish that I clear my papers fast.Please suggest a remedy.

    Many Many Thanks and Regards

  55. dear sir,i am having my hons exams in april.please suggest a mantra so that i can score very good marks in my exams..please help me….. thanks and regards

  56. Debraj
    CHANT “Ambika Anaadhi Nidhanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” daily

    • sir how many times should i chant the mantra? and any other remedy which can help me to score good marks…..plz suggest sir…thank you very much..

  57. Hi Naran Sir,
    Thank you for all your help. I am chanting “Ambika Anaadhi Nidhanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa” as many times for my daughter to do really well in her 10th board. She is hardworking but very sensitive and gets tensed. In her 1st exam (Maths) yesterday she started really well but got panicked in the last section and may have lost marks. She is now very nervous and needs more confidence to do well in all the other exams. Please guide me and let me know wht i should do for her so she regains confidence and excels in all of the other subjects.


    • Ma,
      write in a piece of paper RESCUE REMEDY(panic) MIMULUS GENTIAN and ask her to keep it in her pocket. otherwise, she can keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

  58. Also can my pray/chat help her in getting good marks in maths. She panicked but not sure she really made mistakes. Please help us Sir.

  59. my brother has skin deisease , it’s becoming white, i think you know about this skin diesease, which will spread and make the person completely white. Do you have a cure for this sir

  60. karen

    • MADAM,

  61. mansi talreja

    hi sir this is mansi again i have been chanting the mantras mustard oak and hornbeam giving water to drink and giving 3 pills each daily pl sir bless my son that he should perform well and get good marks and get clear in maths pl pl pl pl hope my dream will come true with grace of god. reply soon

  62. Sir!
    Can Ambika mantra be used to chant if we are going to learn new things in our profession i.e when we upgrade our knowledge?

    • CURIE,
      T learn any new subject and master the subject take the flower remedies MUSTARD OAK. available in homeopathy shops. 3 pills, each, three times a day.

  63. this is mansi again the class teacher and maths teacher behave in very arrogant way with my child that he couldnt do anything pl give some mantra for them so after chanting the mantras that teachers attitude must become positive for my son and he should do well in maths and get good marks and teacher should feel proud of his efforts taken by my son pl pl pl pl pl pl reply soon.

    • mansi,
      Write AGRIMONY in a piece of paper and ask him to keep it in his pocket. before going to school, chant AGRIMONY over a cup of water 21 times and give him that water.

  64. chand

  65. Dear Sir,

    What to do, my kids feels so tired after getting up

  66. karan
    what is the age of your children?
    do they have constipation problem?

  67. hi sir this is mansi again due to exams i couldnt sit on net and i read ur reply today i.e. 20/3/2012 to write agrimony to be chanted 21times over a cup of water and should be given to him and paper to be kept in pocket before going to school . can i do this and will it be benefited to him in getting desired results bcoz i hope he will have holidays for a week and results will be declared and std xth would start i am really tensed and worried n fear pl help me pl pl pl pl help

  68. mansi

  69. hi
    plz help me am a very weak student at my studies ……my memory is getting low day by day …i fail my exam every time n have to give supplementry exam every time i get passed i am fed up as my intrest in my studies is also decreasing day by day…every 1 my frens my teachers every 1 looks down on me as am a weak student ……..plz help me to over come my situation ………i want to be good at my studies over come fear that i ve developed due to regular failure i want to develop intrest in my studies ………..plz help me am on my knees and begging u to help me wid any thing plz plz plz .my boards r coming its in 2 months am trying to study but am not being able to and this time i don wanna fail my exam and sit again for supplemedntry exam plz help me plz am begging u to help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  70. hi,
    this is mansi again
    what means add holly gentian wildrose
    what should i do with that???
    plz plz plz reply

  71. Urgent
    Dear Sir you had advised for my wife suffering from Multiple Sclerosis that she should take Mustard Horn Beam 3-3-3 I had been to the Homeopathy shop and they told me it cannot be mixed and they have given Mustard tablets and Horn Beam tablets separately globules size 30.Can she take 3pills Mustard + 3pills Hornbeam 3times a day.Kindly advise on this at the earliest only after getting the reply she will start though I have already got the medicines for her also sir pl let me know is it safe pl donot mistake my apolozies. I am contacting through mail because I do not have your contact number.Thanks & Regards Girish

  72. dear sir,, i am student n mya exams are going to start on 9 april… but i havve no prepartion till nw… mera padne ko man b ni karta… i have 2 suplimentry also… i hv to cleared them tooo.. pls help me how can i get cleared all the subjects vd gud marks

  73. bhawna
    why did you not study? a studious student only can win life.

  74. Dear Sir,
    I am awaiting the name of the homeopathic medicine for reducing creatinine for my father from New Life Pharma Indore I have written a mail to you regarding this immediately after I spoke to you over the phone . Kindly let me know sir. Thanks & Regards…Girish

  75. hi sir this is mansi u had given me remedy for my son of mustard oak hornbeam i chanted the mantra and gave him three pills . he has succeeded in his exam. . now he is in std x .pl let me know shall i continue with same remedy so he should study regular with concentration and get good percentage in his board exam he should also master the subject well and be fearless to study it.teacher should also have postive attitude for pl pl reply soon l

  76. mansi
    continue the same remedies. Add Waterviolet chestnutbud.

  77. hi sir u have mentioned add waterviolet chestnutbud what are these i have to buy these pills or chant as mustard oak hornbeam waterviolet chestnutbud pl repy soon and how many times i have to chant .also pl help me that my son should be attentive in classes n school an all concepts explained to him should be clear and he should understand itpl pl pl pl pl reply as early as possible

  78. mansi
    buy all these flower remedies from a homeopathy shop. give two pills of each one after the other two times in a day.

    • Dear Sir, I am awaiting your valuable suggestions for my previous mails I hope you have received all my mails. Sir,I am very much aware that you are very much preoccupied but kindly reply. Thanks & Regards …. Girish

      • girish,
        you have mailed me or blogged me? It is my duty to answer the divine question. i am not preoccupied with anything.

  79. dear sir,
    my husband is not satisfied with the job he is doing right now and our financial condition is not so good.I request u to suggest a remedy for the improvement of our financial condition.

  80. dear sir,
    i’m studying in 12th std n i wanna secure 90+ in d board exam n also in common entrance test n get a seat in a good college .plz suggest some remedy.

  81. souparnika

  82. vijayalakshmi

    thank u very much sir.

    • vijayalakshmi

      dear sir,
      how many times should chicory genetian clematis be chanted for?

      • vijayalakshmi,
        one has to have belief in whatever one does. If belief is there, such questions do not arise. Nothing comes easily. Divine grace will shower, when there is dedicated effort. What is dedicated effort? That effort which does not allow the mind to think about the result. When you do as many times as possible concentrating on chanting only, the mind is ready to accept any r esult and one moves on in life without getting stagnated.Questions arising from doubts will keep you in doubts. Every name Evedry word given is coming to you from the souce of Divinity. When divine is offering its help, surrender and start chanting as many times as possible and forget yourself in chanting.

  83. sir .i wrote my mca exams iam very poor in students ,but sir i want good marks im ready to do anythng but i want good marks

    • prabha,
      why did you not study well when you are ready to do anything.
      chant AMBIKA ANAADHINIDHANA, ASHWAROODA, APARAJITHA daily for 1000 times. you can do it in three times or four times. you can chant while doing any work, or while walking or sitting

  84. I am searching for a house for rent. But I could not able to get the house with my requirements. Please suggest.

  85. dear sir,
    i’m not satisfied with the job that i’m doing now n i’m searching for a good job.i want to get a job in a good company which can offer me a good salary so please suggest a mantra.

  86. mukund,
    chant WILDOAT WILLOW FIND DIVINE JOB COUNT NOW DONE. While searching for the job, dont blame the present job. Give your 100% to the present job. Thank all the colleagues who are working with you and the management daily. It is God who is providing you the job and it is God who is giving you salary. Thank him daily. You can get a job to your satisfaction.

    • dear sir,
      in my previous comment,i meant that though i’v got many years of experience in the field n though i’m giving 100% to the company i’m not getting the right pay.

  87. Dear Sir,

    I lost my newborn baby girl very recently due to high pregnancy B.P
    .Please suggest a suitable remedy so that Godwilling I can have a healthy baby as early as possible

    Many ManyThanks and Regards

    • Shanti,
      chant OM

      • Dear Sir,
        Thank you for the prompt response. I just wanted to know whether I have to chant OM with proper breath control or as a mantra continuously and is there any limit to how many times it should be chanted or can i chant it anytime anywhere and any number of times.

        Further after the loss of the baby, I wish to continue with my studies to keep myself occupied. I am pursuing actuarial course and got 8 more papers to clear. Could you also suggest a remedy to clear my papers quickly?

        Many Many Thanks and Regards,

  88. dear sir,
    i study well but i’m unable to secure 100 on 100 and i loose atleast 2 -3 marks unknowingly .please suggest some remedy to secure 100 and be perfect in my answers

  89. suravi,
    i am very happy to know that somebody is studying well. write in a piece of paper WILLOW HONEYSUCKLE REACH 100%.

  90. dear sir,
    my husband was working in a software company for many years n due to some problem the company had to be shut n from then on he is searching for a good job which can offer him a good pay but he is unable to find one.please suggest some remedy.

  91. Dear Sir,
    I have been chanting “Star of Bethlam Chestnutbud” for over 2 months now Things are still not working out for me as I am not getting any Job Offers.Please advice me if there is any alternate procedure to be followed .whatever work I do there is no immediate results.Please advice.

  92. shanti
    no posture needed for chanting OM. chant any number of times.
    For clearing paper chant, “ELM SCLERANTHUS IMPATIENS CRAB APPLE”. Write 50 times daily

  93. Dear Sir, My son is just gone to class XII science. He is intelligent. But he do not study and play only games on internet almost 6-8 hours. He is very much distracted. We want him to focus and concentrate on studies and give time for studies. Can you please suggest some remedy.

    • sanjay,
      give SCLERANTHUS WALNUT WILDROSE two pills each separately one by one for two times a day.

      • Thank you sir. Can you also guide if i can try any Mantra for long term benefit along with the Bach solution as suggested.

  94. Dear Sir,
    I take it that the chanting for clearing papers can be done any number times until all the papers get cleared. So also, writing 50 times must continue till all the papers are cleared.

    Many ManyThanks for the prompt response

    Best Regards

  95. Dear Sir,
    I am facing lot of burning sensation in stomach hands and feet and stomach full like feeling. I am non diabetic kindly suggest what I should do. Thanks & Regards

  96. girish,
    chant violet indigo blue change divine order

    • Thank you very much Sir, One more thing I wanted to inform my father as per you advise has started taking Creatinine drops from New Life Pharma since he is taking medicines ,what he should do for severe acidity and gas please advise. Thanks & Regards Girish

  97. sir.first of all thank you so much for helping us all in different spheres of our lives.i stay in mumbai.i would like to know if i can order bach flower remedies and gem remedies here in mumbai and if yes ,what would be the procedure?

  98. Namaste sir I am currently writing csec examination and i don’t know whats happening to me.i normally do excellent in my examinations and i feel like i am doing bad right now.i am getting nervous in exam room,i am forgetting things,etc. i have history on tuesday and i don’t want the same to happen.plz help me i really need it

  99. ash,
    chant MIMULUS and go to the exam. write MIMULUS 398 in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping

  100. thank you sir, can i chant the Ambika mantra as well?n use the water too?

  101. tacking the bach flower has more effect or chanting the bach flower name?

  102. taking the bach flower has more effect or chanting the bach flower name?

  103. priya,
    continue chanting GORSE GENTIAN WILDROSE

    • thank you sir


  104. ok thank you very much sir…

  105. My son is very poor in his studies.he is now in 12th standard .this year he is having a board exam and he is preparing his iit exam also but he had never studied.he even dosent listen to us so please advise some mantra because v are too much worry about his future.thanks..

    • My son is very poor in his studies.he is now in 12th standard .this year he is having a board exam and he is preparing his iit exam also but he had never studied.he even dosent listen to us so please advise some mantra because v are too much worry about his future.thanks..ols pls sir reply..

  106. rUCHI,
    “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”

  107. Dear Sir,
    You had suggested that my wife should take 3 pills each of Mustard Hornbeam 3times a day for her Multiple Sclerosis she is finding little relief. Kindly suggest should she continue taking this and would you like to add any other medicines with this for her cramps. Thanks & Regards Girish

    • Girish,
      Give mag.phos 6x 3 tablets three times a day. it is available in hmeopathy shop.

      • Naranji, I am chanting FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY. But no improvement. I have asked the same in 257. But there is no reply. I am awaiting your reply. Thanks & Regards Somayajulu

        • SOMAYAJULY

          • Dear Sir,

            I am chanting FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY. But there is no improvement in my business. You have suggested me to add RELEASE RESISTANCE and chant in answer no.205. Please suggest where should I add this one before or after the sentence. Other agents are doing the business over and above the target. I am not able to complete even single policy. Please suggest me how to overcome the problem. Thanks & Regards Somayajulu

  108. girish,
    add cherryplum

  109. Thank you very much sir, I would also request you to kindly suggest which Bach remedy to be taken for stomach ulcers I am suffering from stomach will be bloated tight and slight pain will be there above the right rib wound like feeling. scanning is normal for Hernia Appendix etc I am non diabetic. Thanks & Regards girish

  110. Dear sir
    i am studying m.c.a i failed in 3 subjects…i kept for revaluation to get pass is there any remedy..if so plz suggest me…

  111. Namastae Naran Ji,

    I am applying for a national level fellowship in October. It is important for my studies and future. Around the same time (September-November), at my work, an important audit by the federal government is also scheduled. Please guide me on which mantra to chant to avoid the clash.

  112. Sir plz suggest a mantra for scoring good marks in exams. I want to do the best in exams and wants to be at top. I forget my answers during exams.Plz sir suggest mantra

    • Neha,
      chant “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”
      write scleranthus 398 in a slip of paper and keep it under pillow.

  113. Dear Naran ji,

    For my son’s recent exam, I chanted Ambika mantra. I also made him repeat the mantra before going to sleep. He was very relaxed and said he did his test well the next day. I plan to get him to chant this all through summer as we prepare him for the next academic year. With such divine aids, life is less stressful. Kodi Nandri.Thanks a million!

  114. Is there any mantra using which i can develop a photographic or eidetic memory which helps me to study more effectively in less time.this is needed especially when portion is vast.plz guide.

  115. Naran Sir,
    Per your guidance i chanted the mantra and my daughter did extremely well. Her results came out recently and she scored much beyond our expectations. Many thanks for your help and blessings. I wish you continue to chant this to help her succeed in her future and also for my son who would be in 7th Std now.

    Thanks a lot.

  116. Dear Sir, I have sent mail on, awaiting reply. Thanks & Regards Girish

  117. Thank u sir,Do i have to chat this Gorse mantra over a cup of water and drink it,how many times i have to chat?

  118. hi sir i really need your help. i am studng in puc 2nd year but 3 times i have failed in my annual mathematics after one month my supplementary exam is there . i dont want to fail again so i am doing hard work but i am very scared.. please help me sir…….

  119. rahul,
    chant Ambika mantras.
    write MIMULUS GENTIAN CHESTNUTBUD HONEYSUCKLE In a paper and paste it in front of your study table.
    write 398 in another piece of paper and keep it under the pillow while sleeping

  120. sir what is the use of writing “MIMULUS GENTIAN CHESTNUTBUD HONEYSUCKLE In a paper”

  121. hi sir i need your help son has grown up to 4 years but unable to speak out…he understands but yet not speaking. we have consulted doctors but no result.plz help me sir am worried about him alot.can u suggest any mantra.

  122. sir am pursuing m.c.a .my exam are near but am unable to concentrate due to some people are disturbing alot.plz help me from them and i want to get goods marks am trying to get class first but unable.

  123. Hi Naran Sir,
    I am doing Chartered accountancy course and i want to clear my exams as soon as possible.i failed three times.i cannot concentrate on my studies and i dont have confidence on me.i am very tensed about my exams.Please suggest me mantras to improve my concentration and confidence so that i clear my exams in the next attempt.

    Thanks and Regards
    Prateek Lodha

  124. .prateeklodha
    chant WALNUT OAK CHESTNUTBUD 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water while sitting to study

  125. Hello sir sorry i did not understand,come in person means what sir should i come and meet with my son

  126. sANGEETHA,
    you come and consult me at the centre chennai.

  127. hello sir this is rahul again, today was my exam and i wrote very well.. thank you so much sir… ambika mantra and angelic number 398 helped me a lot… i am very very happy….

  128. satish mudaliar

    hiiii sir,
    i need a help of u….i studying in SYB COM and i want to improve my concentration power bcoz at the time of study my minds r divert…

    so give some mantra whc help me to give good concentration power as well as to get above 80% marks in all college examination…..

    plz give me some solution as soon as possible

  129. satish mudaliar,
    chant 662 SLOW CARE CHESTNUTBUD 100 times over a glass of water and drink before sitting to study.

  130. Hello sir,
    My son Jayakrishna is in 5th standard and daughter is in 1st. Both are not studying well and they have less concentartion and memory power. Please help me through mantras to improve in their academics and extra curriculam activities.

    • indu,
      chant SCLERANTHUS WALNUT CHSESTNUTBUD 100 times over a glass of water and give it to your children daily.

  131. Hi Sir,
    My son is in 4th. He only likes to play, always disobeys me and is very lazy. He dosen’t have self confidence and doesn’t study.
    Please suggest me mantras to improve him.

  132. my father and mother quarrels and fights alot.My dad does not give importance to my mother and is not serious.Please help me solve this problem so that they’ll leave a happy married life.

  133. Monika,
    buy harmony pack from the centre and put 6 pills in common drinking water.

  134. dear naran sir,
    as i said earlier,my son is going to join anna university,ceg campus.the college will open on 6th, august and we r about to join him in hostel.i want him to be well diciplined,very obedieht to his teachers,top rank holder and mainly very healthy.

    from yr blog,with the help of circle technic ,i attain a lot.(travel mantra
    )works good for me

    as a mother(i’m in virudhunagar)what bflower remedies can i apply in circle tecnic ,to achieve the wellhood of my, advice me sir.

    can i write the remedies in a paper , and sent it with his suitcase?

    he is the only son and this is the first time he is in hostel.

    humbly waiting for yr reply


  135. priya,
    continue the ambika mantra.
    write his name and draw a circle around his name. Draw one more circle and in the gap, write DIAMOND, WALNUT SWEETCHESTNUT.
    Daily see this paper and read the names. pray, “DIAMOND, WALNUT SWEETCHESTNUTopen align him to the divine grace and rays of health and higher studies” Here you can fill up anything you want.

  136. Hi sir I have acne on my face really bad,is there any mantra i cud talk to clear it up?i really need help with this…tank you in advance..

  137. Dear Naranji, I am an insurance agent. But my business is very dul. How to improve my business? Please suggest remedy/mantra.

  138. Dear Naranji, I am an insurance agent. But my business is very dul. How to improve my business? Please suggest remedy/mantra. I am waiting your response.

  139. somayajulu

  140. Naranyanji, I am staying in a rented house. But my neighbour is creating problem for me in all the ways and also he is drinker. How to resolve the issue to send him out of my area without creating problem now and future also. My owner is not cooperating also. I never faced this type of problem. Please help me. What is mantra/no. of time. How to resolve the issue very quickly. I do not know how to solve it.

  141. soma,
    chant daily, I thank the divine for keeping … away from me.
    Do the forgiving exercise. I soma forgive you….(name of that person). you please forgive me and release.
    Do this forgiving continuously whenever you feel angry or frustrated.

    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you for your divine message. I followed as per your suggestion. Finally, he himself vacated. It is miraculous for me.

  142. Naranji, Thank you for your reply. “I thank the divine for keeping (name of that person) away from me. I soma forgive you (name of that person). You please forgive me and release.” I will chant tike this. Is this correct? Is there any particular no. per day.

  143. helo naran sir , i m studying degree. i m not having intrest in studying some thing is stopping me. If i read also i m not remembering .plz help me to get intrest in reading and remember the learnt ones… plzz

  144. Dear Sir,
    Its nice to come across this web page. Sir i always get negative thoughts running in my mind. Me & my wife love each other very much, but still we always have understanding problems. Apart from this am not happy wtih my earnings. please do give me some mantra for success.

    • Naren,
      both of you can take bach flower remedies BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHERRYPLUM . Put 5 pills of each in common drinking water.

      • Sir, Am new to this web page. please brief me about how to start with BEECH WILLOW WALNUT CHERRYPLUM.


        • Naren,
          buy these flower remedies from any homeopathy shop. Available in pill form. without touching by hand, put the pills in common drinking water. They will get dissolved in 5 minutes

  145. Dear sir,
    I am giving a competitive exam on 6th & 7th of september. I have given this exam 1 year back, but could not succeed. I have a 5 month old baby, which makes me difficult to prepare much. But some how I have some confidence and that is the reason why I am giving this exam again. Inside there is fear as well, since i failed in first time. Pls help me, so that i can recollect everything which I have studied and for me to succeed in the exam. After reading the above messages i feel i will get some positive feeling if i get a help from you.
    Thanks in advance

    • Vijaitha
      take the flower remedies GENTIAN OAK CHESTNUTBUD three pills of each three times a day.

      • sir, thanks for your reply.currently i am in UK. So how do i do that?

        • there they are available in the form of drops. buy and put two drops once a water and sip the water every two or three hours.

  146. dear sir,
    i had a dream of studying in usa from 3 years.. i had decided to write gre exam and prepared well with good practice.i thought of getting atleast min marks but i got a very low score by which i was depressed and lost hope of my dream to study in usa..
    with my brothers encouragement i written toefl by which i had some chance of getting admission to usa which is my final hope to fullfill my usa dream..i will get my toefl results within 10 days but i dont have hope because from past 8 or 9 months what ever i dream or wish to happen doesn’t happening even am working at my level best ..could you please help me to give some manthra to fullfill my dreams..please i appreciate ur help..

  147. naga
    chant GORSE 200 times daily.

  148. I have done my B.Tech and presently pursuing M.Tech from a reputed college. But after joining hear I am not getting good grades. Everyone is very intelligent here and gets very high grade. but I am not getting out of this unsuccess. I am not able to concentrate and do well in exam. However, after giving exam I think I did well but I get lowest grade. I try to study hard but can’t do anything well. Teachers also think I am not good. We have placements coming next month and because of my grades and intelligence level I would never get a job. Plz help me. What to do?

  149. Also, I am hostel student. sir I never get grades 85-90% and here people get 98%. It really embarrasses me. Plz suggest some mantras so that I can get the best job that comes to our college next month. So, that I can prove myself good in front of students , teachers and parents.

  150. Sir My name’s Pulkit Malviya,my dob is-27-07-1990,time-6:15 A.m,Sir i’am from jabalpur[ M.P] pursuing engineering FROM GYAN GANGA ENGINEERING COLLEGE,7th sem from Computer Science,sir i always feel that i’am unlucky because luck will never with me ALWAYS,i don’t know why i never get Success,sometimes i have big ambition in my mind,and sometimes i really work hard,but some hurdles suddenly come and destroy that concentration,and after that concentration gets totally vanished,i was constantly getting SECOND DIVISION from class 9th,also in whole engineering up to 6th sem with backlogs,and companies criteria is first division upto engineering,and Some Companies criteria is first division only in engineering,so now At this time also i have a Chance to GET 1st division if i’ll get 70 plus PERCENT in both upcoming 7th sem and 8th sem that are starting from 2nd december 2012,so sir I’AM REQUESTING to tell me some Cure for this or Mantra,that will bring me the Success throught the life and 70 percent in both upcoming 7th and 8th sem so that i’ll get first Division in my engineering degree and i’ll be Eligible for the company,and please give me the mantra,so that from it i’ll ALSO GET SELECTED IN UPCOMING Software Company CAMPUS INTERVIEW,Sir please give me the answer of my question SOON,Because Sir i’am having lots of TENSION of this,Thank You Sir,i’am Waiting…

  151. Hai I am gayathri , I am going to study medical in china ,my parents have soo.. Much of money for me,my hope is to come first till I complete five years please give me a powerfull mandra for that soon plzzzz.

  152. Iam gayathri,iam going to study medical in china ,i have spend soo much of money for that so I need to study well can you plz tell me a mandra , reply me soon plzzzzzzzzzz

  153. Dear Sir, As advised, I am chanting “I thank the divine for keeping … away from me. Do the forgiving exercise. I soma forgive you….(name of that person). you please forgive me and release. Do this forgiving continuously whenever you feel angry or frustrated.” Very first day they thought to vacate the house, but after that no signs of improvement. They have not vacated so far. Please help me.

  154. somayajulu
    continue the chanting. Write their names in a paper. draw a cirlce around. draw one more concentric circle around the first. write GENTIAN HORNBEAM in the gap. see this paper daily once.

  155. sir,
    my son is in class five…a very intelligent boy but unable to score high marks in exams…what should i do…please guide me…..

  156. nivedita
    intellignet boy not scoring marks –
    is there any fear of exam/
    does he forget during exam but remember after the exam?
    or is he going blank and forgetting the answer?
    or does he not have enough time?
    or feeling shaky while reading the question paper?
    or making silly mistakes and getting less marks.
    is he sitting to study putting the required efforts?
    or not sitting to study in the house?

    • sir,
      i think he has got fear of exams,because he does errors in the paper, same questions he answers correctly at home….similarly in maths too…all the sums are right at home,but in school he makes silly mistakes and thus scores less. he does study what is required for his age or class,no problem in that.

      • nivedita,
        these questions were given to you with the intention that you will get the answers from him.
        Ask him, get the answers from him and then ascertain whether he has got fear or forgetfulness.

        • sir,
          As guided by you, I spoke to him.He says he panicks whenever he gets the test paper, fears that he will be unable to complete it. So its fear actually.
          Thank you.

          • nivedita,
            then give him flower remedies RESCUE REMEDY LARCH on the dates of all examinations.
            put 6 to 7 pills of above flower remedies in water and make hip every half hour. he can take the bottle to the exam aslo.
            water can be 300 to 500 ml

  157. How many times should I chant Gorse change divine order? And also I got good marks this time. After joining this college I never got such good marks. I chanted it 150 times daily. But exactly how much times should I?

  158. sunaina srivastava

    Hi need a job change or a promotion in my current job , promotion is pending since 5 years though i am a good performer but not getting the due recognition which is demotivating me . pls help

  159. Hi Naran Sir!

    I am not happy wid my life i dun knw . Please help me i left my job 3 years back now, coz my husband not wants me to work. I have a kid he is 9 years old, m not at all happy with anything going on in my life. I dun feel lo even live sometimes, please help me to get it out of this thoughts!

  160. Dear Sir,

    This is Shanti. My case was discussed in May 2012 archive. I thank you for your guidance and now I am into my second month of pregnancy , though doctor has classified me as a high risk patient due to my high BP. Further I am also writing “ELM SCLERANTHUS IMPATIENS CRAB APPLE” 50 times a day as per your suggestion for clearing my professional exam papers faster and to avoid having to repeat giving them

    Over time I have realised that I have not made peace with my past and still holding grudges against a lot of people . I understand it is only affecting me psychologically , emotionally , mentally and interferring with my daily life personally and well as professionally and not rendering anything fruitful. Sometimes i feel calm and other times very vengeful. There seems to be no stability in my thoughts and I often hold others responsible for any untoward incident happening to me. I wish to remain at peace with myself , holding no anger / grudge against anybody irrespective of people’s attitude towards me, accepting situations as they come with calm. In fact I have lost my sportingness / ability to take things in my stride over the years.

    Moreover, the vibrations in my house donot feel good. Specially so when certain people enter the house , stay in the house or leave the house. Nobody at my place seems to be at peace. Even a very patient person seems to lose his cool here. My husband has always remarked that a couple cannot seem to stay peacefully in the house. Infact, there have been 3 to 4 couples who have stayed in the house before us and left, nobody could live in the house with stablility and peace.

    Please suggest a suitable remedies .

    Many Many Thanks and Regards

    • shanti,
      take the flower remedies HOLLY WILLOW CHERRYPLUM MIMULUS regularly for a FEW MONTHS.
      keep salt water in the night, in your bed room. The next day, throw the water in the sink. Do it daily for some day.
      spray the water redmedied with whitechestnut walnut crab apple( 3 pills of each in a tumbler of water ) on all the walls of the house.
      do this also daily for one month. This wipes out all the unwanted accumulation of our own emotions like anger sadness etc. in the space of the house.

  161. hi sir this is mansi my child is in standard Xth he will b having his semester exams in october n board exam in march but he is not serious in his studeis and is lazy . pl pl help me and give me mantra so that he works hard and concentrates on studied and gets best results in his semester and scores 90% in board exam also he must be able to solve his maths problems without mistakes and secures highest in this subject……………plzzzzzzz reply soon what mantra and remedies for his concentration

  162. mansi,
    “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”
    give him the flower remedies mustard oak chestnutbud scleranthus each 3 pills three times daily

  163. Guruji,my name is Saroj Malviya,dob-21-06-1956,i’am suffering from problems like giddiness,palpitation,stomuch,body and throat swelling from 6 months,and after taking medicines also,its not vanishing,and one astrologer told me that one of my enemy is fussed me by doing Black Magic,for these all,i’am in very much tension now a days,and after my Marriage which was happened 34 years ago till now i always suffered from various diseases,like one disease gone,another disease takes place,i dont to know why its happening,and iam totaly confused what to do for these all,and my one more question guruji,can you tell me what is the meaning of ‘Nithanaa’ in “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”,and how it can be pronounced??

  164. hello sir my name is latika m doing MSc in mathematics. i was a vry gud student till class 12th. n since my 2nd year of graduation my grades are deteriorating….i even flunked in both the semesters of my msc…i really want to study n get good marks….i dont feel like studying now n wen i study tend to forget things…..i desperately need ur help….plz help me out….i just had one dream of becoming a good professor of mathematics…..n i cant study now…..plz help me so dat i can fulfill my ambitions…

    • latika,
      what are the thoughts that prevent you from studying? What do you do when not studying ?

      • i just waste my time in day dreaming…..i think about studying hard but i dont to it actually…and i take lot of tension for little little things…..plzzzz help me out….

        • latika,
          take the flower remedies clematis scleranthus wildrose rescue remedy. Buy the pills from any homeopathy shop. put 5 pills of each in 300 ml water bottle and have small sips from that water every two hours. Do it for one month

  165. Sir, I have got to do research in college but it’s not necessary that they will pay me. To most of the people they pay but uptil now no one has told me that will I get stipend or not. Plz tell me some mantra so that I can get money for my work. It will be starting after 2 months. Tell me some mantra that I can chant and get good news in some days. Also, sir in my college companies are coming for placements from next week, for that also give me some mantra to get placed in good company early only, I shouldn’t get late in getting job.

  166. SHU,
    CHANT waterviolet larch gentian wildrose for placement

  167. Guruji you did not replied my question no. 320,guruji actualy my son told me about your this page few days before because after trying your remedies he is now feeling little better than before,so guruji like him,please give me some remedies for my problems as soon as possible as i given in NO.320,because now i’am very much tired from these types of problems in my life,i want a life free from diseases,as i also have a doubt of a black magic on my Jitani as told by 2 astrologers,i’am in so much pain and problems,please suggest me some powerful remedies for it as soon as possible,please its my request.

    • Saroj,
      your belief only spoils you.
      chant TOGETHER BE DIVINE regularly.
      write QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      Learn tapping and come out of the problems

  168. A very-very sorry Guruji,but i did not understand fully,what you have written in NO. 328,may you explain me deeply about this sentence-“YOUR BELIEF ONLY SPOILS YOU”,and this sentence-“LEARN TAPPING AND COME OUT OF THE PROBLEMS”,please guruji,its my request.

  169. sonia malviya,
    if you go on thinking about black magic your very thoughts become part your belief system and whatever you do it will impede your progress.
    Find out what thoughts prevent your progress? Release them as if they were not yours, because you are not your thoughts. thoughts are produced by you and you can release them also when needed.
    find out which behaviour of yours keeps you in the same problems.
    If You want health,what prevents your from attaining this?
    Simple questions like this will change your life. When you start analysing yourself, you will come to know that you are the creator of your life. Nobody else is responsible for our present Life. If you think that sombody can spoil your life instead of blaming and criticising him, find out ways and means by which you can change him. Unfortunately when my mind is not in my control, how can i change the mind of the other person?
    As long as we harbour the idea that we re powerless in mending our life, as long as we dont take step to correct the pattern of thinking , it is impossible to move forward in life. How long are we going to blame others? How long are we going to harbour anger and resentment?
    How long we carry on our life without the thought of surrendering to the one Almighty, who is behind not only you but also others.
    When will we fill our heart with love and love only and be loving ?When are going to stop our begging love from others and start seeking love from the one who is ever ready to offer himself fully.
    Life is a sadhana.
    life is Trust in divine. life is courage. Life is Gratitude. Life is perseverance.
    Persevere to become love

  170. But Guruji why i’am suffering from different types of health Problems that i have mentioned you in NO. 320,why these problems happening??,i’am not blaming,actualy i believed because some years before when i was pregnant,she behaves me like a maid,when doctor told me not to do any work during pragnency,she(jitani) told me to fill buckets with water and take up to the bathroom,she also took my husband’s partition given by my father inlaw, guruji my past was very horrible, full of pain,but due to god’s grace now we have all,no shortage of money,i’am a very pure hearted,helpful lady,i have no such kind of jealousy nature with anyone,but the main problem still is my health problems,that are not vanishing at all after taking medicines also,now what to do guruji??

  171. saroj,
    what we have to forget we remember. what we have to remember we forget.

  172. Guru g,is there any mantra to know objective question answer ourselves cuz im taking entrance exam of class 10 +1(class 11 science)in 16 sep and in that exam objective questions come?or can u give me any mantra to pass this entrance exam with good marks.i have to pass this exam n i dont have lots of time plz plz only share me ur free mantras,im unable to buy ur mantras now.if ur mantra works 4 me,i will be replying u soon.

  173. ok Guruji i will try,but is there any mantra to save from giddiness due to swelling in my neck,and for my weight,as i also want to reduce my weight ,and swelling in my body,because these are the main problems in my body,please guruji tell me the remedies for these as soon as possible,thank you..

  174. Thanks 4 replying me,can i take that paper to examination hall or can i put this paper near me while studying.

  175. ihackeerz,
    you can

  176. Little Arthritis came in the Report,and sometimes Swelling will come in the Whole Body whenever i eat any sour food,and sometimes not,but no thyroid is there in a report,i dont know what it is?,in Report there is also a Gap in my Legs,that’s why it pains all the time,due to this only i’am not be able to walk straightly,i always walk like a Limp,and also few days before doctor said that there is a swelling in my kidney and gap in my Legs as per as test report,so please suggest me guruji,i dont know when i will be free from health problem.

    • sroj
      you have to meet me in person

      • But Guruji it is not possible for me to meet you personally because i’am far away from you(in Jabalpur[M.P],ya but one way is there,if you do not have any problem with chating these problems through phone then give me your cell no here or send it to my email,or advise me online only,please guruji advise me some mantra that vanishes all these problems as given by me at NO.339,please Guruji,i’am waiting for your response..

        • saroj,
          chatn KAALAHANDRI SARVA VYADHI PRASHAMANI as many times as possible

          • Thank you so much Guruji for giving me such a powerful mantra from “Durga Saptasashi”,but Guruji my final question-What is the meaning of these 2 words “Anaadhi Niddana” of “Ambika Mantra”,please guruji its my Last Question and its my Humble Request,please??

  177. Thank u a lot.I passed my entrance exam.I used ambika mantra and wrote on paper too

  178. Gurugi my class 11 is running since 2 just entering my class by tomorrow.i have to pick up all the lessons and subjects.First term exam is going to be taken in october 1st.Is there any way to do better in this grade cuz if i fail in second term exam,i will be drop out by the college.

  179. ihackeerz

  180. Namaste every0ne, i am yash studing in 12 level, since my childh0od i was facing lotz of problems in my student life.i cnt set my mind for study alot and my memory also weak,i want to be successful in every path of my life,so please help me by giving your helpful suggesti0n,i also tried ambika mantra 108 time bt it didn’t work for me

  181. I don’t understand MUSTARD OAK HORNBEAM.please tell me in very far from also weak in mathemathics,plz plz tell me a solution.

  182. Guruji you didn’t replied to my Question NO-339??

  183. saroj

  184. Guru g my question is pending.plz look it.

  185. Namaste, placements are going on in my college. But it seems I am not able to crack neither the written exam nor interview. I try to study everything but don’t know I am not able to do well I can’t even solve the questions. I feel very dishearten when people see me as if I am very poor mind and pity on me. Although I constantly overcome these feelings. But I want a job this year, crack all the tests of companies and interviews and also do very good in academics also. I try to study but nothing understand correctly once and it takes lot of time to complete a topic. What to do for all these things? Also, if I can’t take 398 written on paper in exam then can I write 398 on the answer paper in small font?

  186. shuchi,
    398 write in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  187. Namaste Naran Ji, ur mantra helped me so much,i did excellent in my exams.thank you!i am going to the university now,is there any mantra i could talk which could help me keep performing excellent?

  188. Guru G,Please look at my question numbers 344 and 348 and give me a solution.

  189. Today was the result day. Company announced the results but I didn’t got selected. I gave my best in exam. I don’t know why. I chanted the mantras also. Even I chanted ambika mantra before going for test. I don’t know why these kind of obstacles comes into my path.

  190. Guruji its KAALAHANDRI or KAALAHARNI?? in 342??

  191. Sir,
    I am continuously facing defeats and faliures in tests what to do. All the opportunities will go from my hand. Plz give me some solution urgently. Plz refer to 358 no. comment too.


  193. Naranji, I am chanting FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY. But no improvement. I have asked the same in 257. But there is no reply. I am awaiting your reply. Thanks & Regards Somayajulu

  194. Thanks I will do it.

  195. hello sir ,

    i have severe back pain (spinalcord) due to disc problem. and knee pain like health problem and easily getting tired not able to work continuously. what mantras i have to chant.


      There is one Nisa Amalaki available in Ayurvedic shops. Take two tablets on waking up on empty somach. This will reduce your tiredness. It is a combination of amla and turmeric powder.
      Listen to circular breathing Cd and inhale and exhale as per the rhythm of the voice. This will increase your oxygen level.

  196. You have said that i have to chant mustard oak hornbeam in Q.N.202.Is this itself a mantra or title of the also weak in matemathics.This mantra helps to improve my maths or not and how many times i have to chant this mantra?

  197. Dear Sir, I have asked in 206. I am awaiting reply. Regards Somayajulu

    • Add Release Resistance – dont you understand the words? i want you to release your resistance in getting the clients. add it before the other switch words. in your next question, your resistance came out. You have said, that others are doing well whereas i dont. This mentality is to be released. Therefore CHANT WILLOW RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND COUNT DIVINE CLIENTS EVERYDAY.
      thank the client before meeting him. Dont criticise him if he does not give business. Thank him.
      Your criticism and blaming of the one who did not give you business, will spoil your future business.Your criticism of the previous person will prevent you from getting business from the next client. It is a chain reaction.

  198. Dear sir, I have asked Q 372 waiting for your kind reply.
    Thank u


  199. Thank youuuuu I got a very good job. Amazingly that too in first week of placement. I could have never thought of that……. Thank you…….
    It was really a miracle for me…

  200. Hello Sir,

    My son is in a crucial year in high school. He seems to be working very hard on his studies but it doesn’t seem to reflect in his grades. What can I do to help him? Any advice from you would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • aNU MENON
      chant WATERVIOLET OAK CHESTNUTBUD HORNBEAM over a glass of water and give that water to him.
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow

      • Sir…iam getting well marks in xam.wat i read i used to forget quickly though iam in12 std….i wan ur help……sir…that ambika mantra should i chant daily or during xam…..and wat abt tat 398 i should kept tat daily or during xam under the pillow …..if there iz any other simple remadies plez say….sir i want quick rply frm u….ples help me……u can msg me 8763714025 on this no…..pies sir help me….through my xam r running ples msg me in tat no……ples help me sir

  201. Hiiii Sir, read about you…. sir am giving competitive exams for the last 3 years…..i hv dne my llb and llm ….i am trying for judge exams which are knwn as judicial aervices exams am not able to clear it bcoz of the high cut offs i get gud marks but bcoz of the high cut offs am not able to clear the prelims…… plzzzzz help me am chanting ambika mantra and 398 …….my result can cum anytime plzzzz help so that i can clear it……

  202. My mother is always in tension and she always get irritated very fast. She always quarrel with my father and at last she herself ends in thinking wrong for her and murmur in her mouth something. She tries herself to be stable but can’t remain. She never says anything to anybody outside but she many-a-times put out her flow of thoughts and others anger in house. I love my mother very much and can’t see her in this state. I want her to be happy always. She is very nice. Please tell me something to bring harmony between my mother and father and hence. in family. I ask her to not to care of anything but she thinks a lot for everything, her mind never remains calm and always thinking some or the other things.

  203. shu,
    contact and get harmony remedies.

  204. u have not answered my question no 395

  205. resp sir,
    I m the student of compuer engg.In class i can’t concentrate.I always think that i hv to study hard and pass each exam.but whenerver i start to study i can’t mind start to think from here and there.from 4-5 years , no moment i seen that i concentrate.upto 10th std i was really study well as i nw it became very impossible for me to get succss in my friends who were scoring less than me they all scoring well more than me.but i don’t know why i am not?i m getting failure in nw my parents and also i feel that i never become engg.also sir i felt that people are thinking negatively about me.i am experiencing from their behaviour.also my mind started to think negatively,which is affecting on my whole life and progress.
    sir,plz plz help me to overcome all these problems.really i am in need.plz plz help me…

  206. minal,
    chant change divine order

    • sir,
      what would i hv to chant? means the word”change divine order”?if it is then for how many days and how many times?and with this ambika mantra is needed or not?and if it is needed,then for how many times?

  207. hi sir,im very weak in maths/can u give me a mantra

  208. sir,my heart is broken n im unable to forget my ex bf who has cheated me…;is there any mantra?help me plzz

  209. nish,
    take the flower remedies star of bethlehem holly agrimony cherryplum each 3 pills three times a day

  210. Dear Naran, 1. I have lost Rs.1,400 today when I was travelling in Auto Rickshaw. I have been chanting REACH. 2. My wife last one year ago 1 gold ring. She kept it somewhere but we could not able to find it. Please suggest some remedy/Mantra..Regards Somayajulu

  211. Dear Naranji, I am awaiting for your reply about 413 question. Regards Somayajulu

  212. Respected sir /madam
    I am a final year engineering student , I used to very good student till 10th std. After then there was a steady decline in my results though i managed to enter into an engineering college but the collage is not very renowned and but since I was a very good student me and my parents both expects much better result from me.
    I know I need to score good marks and for that I have to study extremely hard and before every exam I try to commit to my self that this time I will do hard work but as I sit for study my concentration deviates and thus I am not able to score good marks.

    my question is is there any mantra to increase my concentration and will i get a Job in next year…????

    plzz help

    • Ami,
      for concentration you have to take flower remedies.
      Write SLOW CARE in a paper and keep it under the pillow

      • Are these 4 different remedies and can all of them be bought from homeopathic stores…???
        what are the dosages and how to take them..and I have my exams in coming months so will this flower remedy work for me so fast ….???

        • Yes they are different remedies. Take two pills of each of them with 5 minutes gap.. Two dosages a day.

        • aMI,
          YES. Buy the pills from a homeopathy shop. without touching by hand put 5 to6 pills of each in 200 ml water. (once a day) allow them to dissolve. have small sips every two hours.

  213. Dear Naranji, Ambika mantra helped me to pass my MBA. I am very grateful to you sir. Regards Somayajulu

  214. Sir, I am employed in another location away from my family and am able to visit them once a month. Please tell me a mantra to chant which I can recite so that my son gets a suitable job. He has completed his education. Further is there any mantra I can chant so that I get promoted and transferred back.

    • suuny,
      for rejoinging your family walnut star of bethlehem.
      chant find divine order count now done for your son.

  215. Dear Naranji,

    My daughter will be appearing for her 10th Boards in another 4 months. Pl suggest some mantra so that she focuses well and gets good marks.

    M Laxman

  216. Dear Naranji,
    I am very please to know the effect of maa ambika mantra. with very sadness i want to tell you that despite of all effort i am failing to crack competitive examinations. so please tell me the actual procedure for sidhi in this mantra. means how many time and how to chant this mantra and what should be the procedure to do it.
    thank you

  217. Iam a BCA student ,in class test i score 18 out of 30 ,but i hardly prepared for that exam but i didn’nt get enough mark,recently iam not active in the class,so pls gave sowe mantra for better result and being a active student

  218. Hola buenas tardes soy de Venezuela tengo un niño de 7 años esta en segundo grado el a sido muy enfermizo desde pequeño en la escuela no va muy bien lo esta viendo spicologo y spicopedagogo pero el niño no retiene usted le da la lectura y la aprende a los cinco minutos le da repaso y no sabe nada es hiperactivo y pero es muy cariñoso le gusta que lo abrazen mucho que mantra me puede ayudar en este caso

  219. Rita,
    chant lam vam ram yam ham 100 times over a glass of water and give him daily.
    write om eim namaha in a paper and keep it under the pillow

    • Dear Naranji,

      My daughter is afraid of Bombs, Crackers etc., related to Diwali which makes big noise and also Balloons. She is at the age of 11. Since childhood, she is suffering from this type of fear. Please suggest any manthra . I will chant on behalf of her and I can give with water. Tomorrow is Diwali. Please help me.


  220. soma,
    for fear of crackers you have to give flower remedies MIMULUS and Rescue remedy.

  221. Dear Sir, Thank you for your reply. The pills were not available in Homeopathy shop on that day. It may come today. I will take the pills today. How many days I should give the same to her and what is the procedure. Thank you in advance. Regards Somayajulu

  222. soma,
    whenever she says that she is afraid of anything, give this

    • I am very weak in studies.i cant be able to concentrate in my studies.i get bored when i start learning. plz help me by giving the mantra or any other solution…

  223. surbi,
    chant 662 as many times as possible

    • plzz sir refer comment 442 … many times shall I chant and at which time of the day…also is there any switch word or any mantra for concentration and remembering the correct answers…..??? any Lalitha devi mantras….for good luck and remembering correct answers……!!!
      thank u….

  224. my son not study well its like 20% having preparation for his upcoming exam can ambika anadhi mantra help him for pass the exam?

  225. dear sir ,
    hi , i am doing study and i want that to qualify my CDS exam , but my memory or mind power of study is very bad , plz gave me any powerful tantra and mantra to get my objective or made my memory sharpe an powerfull, plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me, plz help my CDS exam is to near and i am forget every thing which is learn by me

  226. and plz write mantra in hindi because english create many pronouncation

  227. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest any mantra for my daughter to chant, her husband who is american national and well qualified is without job for more than 20 months now. He will not have any belief in this, so my daughter can do something for his future to get good job. please advise.

  228. Sir i am a software engineer and i am preparing for competitive exams for last 3 years. but every time i get disqualified at very first stage in screening tests by 0.5 to 10 marks.
    many of my friends are getting through these exams. Due to financial problem I cant leave my job, that’s why I get maximum 6 to 8 hours daily for studying (which i think is sufficient as one topper earlier said that he used to study only for 6 hours a day).
    another problem is that my concentration has become very low.
    my mind gets diverted only after studying for half an hour continuously. also i m having lot of dreams while sleeping, which i feel has increased my sleep. even after sleeping 7- 8 hours in night i feel very much exhausted and sleepy, which is hindering my studies.
    I feel very bad that even after working 16-18 hours daily on continuous basis (job + coaching + self study) i could not do this, while my friends who left jobs studied with freedom got the success. with job i am working harder than them.
    Sir now i don’t only to get through these exams, but i want to top these exams, so that i get satisfied that though my friends got success before me, but i got the best success.
    is there any mantra to get my this aim.

    • sir I am putting this hard work for last 3 years. i don’t meet my friends. i watch movies, whatever time i get, i just devote that to my study. so please help me.

    • please answer in hindi or sanskrit…. as english creates confusion of pronunciation.

    • arvind,
      write Mustard clematis aspen in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      chant willow chestnutbud together.
      Your comparison with your friends works against your concentration.

      • no sir that is not the reason of my low concentration, actually for last few days worldly pleasures attracts me a lot, and i cant stop myself..
        please clarify whether “Mustard clematis aspen” should be written in capital letters or as it is.
        and please tell me again whether i need to chant “willow chestnutbud together” or “willow chestnutbud”.
        And do not i need to chant ambika mantra.
        Dear sir, I want to top now, the solution you gave me is for this or only for increasing concentration.
        please give me a solution so that i can top this exam.

  229. Hello sir, i need ur help for improving my studies. i do exams n dnt get gud marks n fail, nd i get very negative results contrary of expected. its strange.nd ii need a mantra tht i can chant tht helps m improve it nd me do wel in exams. plz sir help ne i have anthr exams very soon…plz…

  230. Hello sir, i need ur help for improving my studies. i do exams n dnt get gud marks n fail, nd i get very negative results contrary of expected. its strange.nd ii need a mantra tht i can chant tht helps m improve it nd me do wel in exams. plz sir help ne i have anthr exams very soon…plz…

  231. sorry again, me in 2nd year nw of Mba wil have some exams in nxt days 1 in 8th decembr. i really need to passss ths exams n do well nxt year in 3rd year n othr to cme. i need ur help very much sir, i failed in many subjects its giving very bad results plz help me…. nd number to fulfill my wishes…plz help me

    • Puja,
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow.
      chant MUSTARD CHESTNUTBUD OAK over a glass of water and drink it.
      after writing the exam, till you get the result chant TOGETHER DIVINE

      • ohk thank u sir, but do i have to drink everyday that chanted water? nd how long shld i cnntinue this chanting. nd how manytimes shld i chant in that water?

  232. My son will be turning 6 yrs old in January. He doesnot have interest in studies and doesnot concentrate on simple homework he is asked to do. He doesnot remember things which are not of his interest eg. we ask him to write the spelling of 1,2,3 etc, he doesnot remember, though kids of his age should be able to write and tell the basic alphabets and numbers.Because of this we are afraid he will not be able to get admitted to class 1 in any good school since the schools conduct written test to assess and select the students. He also speaks fast and because of that some words where the syllable ‘ra’ is used, the words are not pronounced correctly.For your information my son is a left handed person. Kindly give us a remedy, wherein he gets admission to a good school and also develops concentration.

  233. no sir that is not the reason of my low concentration, actually for last few days worldly pleasures attracts me a lot, and i cant stop myself..
    please clarify whether “Mustard clematis aspen” should be written in capital letters or as it is.
    and please tell me again whether i need to chant “willow chestnutbud together” or “willow chestnutbud”.
    And do not i need to chant ambika mantra.
    Dear sir, I want to top now, the solution you gave me is for this or only for increasing concentration.
    please give me a solution so that i can top this exam.

  234. Hello Sir,
    I am student of MCA. I have back logs in two subjects and I want to clear the Exams in both papers. Pls help me. My exam will be on 26th December, 2012 and 11th January, 2013. My writing speed is also slow. What should I do now? I am housewife now and need your help to pass the exam.

    • And now a days, so many questions arise in mind whenever i take book in my hands.. so i cant read and remember properly what ever I read. Pls help me.

    • Rathore,
      write 398 TOGETHER in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  235. My son is 12 years old. He is very weak in studies. He doesn’t concentrate and have a poor memory. In all subjects he got very low marks. I don’t know what to do.

    Please tell me the mantra so that I can chant behalf of him.

  236. Sir GM,
    Please help me out for a proper earning in my life, either by change of a job / business something. My earnings is not suficient & not even for sustaining. do help me out.

    Waiting with a great enthusiasm for your guidance.

    thanking you

  237. Naren,

  238. Sir ,Wish you & all followers an Happy & prosperous New year 2013

  239. I am Adaikkappan. I have my 12th board exam from 1st march. I am neither prepared for board exam properly nor competitive exam.Till now I studied but failed in almost all subjects in class exams. Now I am keen to get 95% in board exam and get into good engineering college like IIT. But now time is less. Please help me to achieve my goal in short time. Please

  240. Adaikkappan
    write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  241. Sir,
    I have one of my cousin, Who is educated & was working, has good experience in his field of around 8 yrs. but from past 2 to 3 yrs he is not going for any job & he is just staying at home. We none of us are able to understand his problems neither he tries to share it with us.
    He also do not exhibit any interest towards job. He is married & she is working. We also do know that whether she is happy about this. We never tried to discuss with her. We want him to be settled himself by doing something

    Do suggest something

  242. i want to loose weight but i cant…is there any mantra to recite and how many time to recite

  243. mantra to loose weight pls

  244. what mantra to be chanted for love and affection

  245. Hello sir,
    I got benefit from your mantras. I got a placed in a very good company. My joining will be in this year nearby July. Presently I am doing thesis at my college. Its has been 2 weeks since I started. I know that the teachers’ panel that is going to sit at end for acceptance for my thesis are really very strict. Last year of out of our seniors some didn’t got through and their thesis was rejected. Plz give me solution that this doesn’t happen with me. I should get good ideas and do good work for my thesis and it get accepted.

  246. hi this is ma my son is in std xth and board exams are almost near starting on 5th march 2013 sir pl help me my son has to complete his portions but when sits to study he cant concentrate properly and makes lot mistakes while writing his marathi answers pl help me so his graspng power wd increase and he should be confident in solving his algebra and geometry sums he has aim to score around 80% but is helpless when he sits for studing he is unable. pl help help as only month is left and i fear afterall i have lot of ambitions pursuing to his carer n success.

  247. Sir . I m having a height problem . All my friends are more taller than me. Im 5”0 please sir can you suggest me a mantra .

  248. Dear Naran ji, I’m am a house wife with two kids. I have done my graduation but that is not enough to get a job these day . So I’m thinking to do a pg course this year ( the course have 14 papers) but according to me if i work hard also that never shows in my results , so im always depressed n im scared that will i pass the exams. My husband is ready to pay the course fee .but im again scared that his spending of money shouldnt be worthless. I want to go for a job and for that I want to do this course. Sio can u plz help me to pass this course without much delay. Hoping for the best . Thank you sirji.

  249. Sir my daughter is studying in 6th std but she dosnt concentrate on studies she says she feel blank while attending exam she is always playful plz suggest any mantra to score more marks

  250. Sir i am working under collection field plz suggest me a mantra to achieve my target without tension .and pressure.

  251. sir I was intelligent student till tenth and now am doing my engineering 1st year but am not able to concentrate and understand things andwhole night I study but I won’t remember anything while writing in exam am not able to pass also so which mantra I can chat and what should I do

    • kavitha,
      chant Mustard oak chestnutbud over a glass of water and drink it before sitting to study.
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  252. Sir,
    Me & my wife have understanding problems. she never understands what i say.or any of my actions she always feels that i’m not supporting her . even though i do it a lot. You had suggested me bach flower remedy of beech willlow walnut cheery plum. i took the remedy things were looking fine.though sometimes there were arguements.
    Now again I have started facing much more problems with her in the same fashion. Do help me out


  253. Naren,
    correct the mistake you make. chant together divine

  254. hello sir, my name is pooja and i need help in exams so that i can score very good marks in exams… i m in 10th. i remember everything before the exam but whenever i go for exams i forget everything i prepared for exams… please help

  255. hello sir, my name is pooja and i need help in exams so that i can score very good marks in exams… i m in 10th. i remember everything before the exam but whenever i go for exams i forget everything i prepared for exams… please help!!!!


    ,Sir my son is studying in7th std but he dosnt concentrate on studies he says he feel blank while attending exam he is always playful mood …Every teacher has complained to me regarding my son Ayush ,s study..I am feeling guilty to be as a mother,several time i have started to crying,whenever i’m alone bcoz i hv two son bt both r not good in study…..plz sir help me…thanks sir….

  258. hello sir
    pooja again…. can u please tell me how will it help me to score high marks… and where will i get it?

  259. can you help me to get concentration power increased

  260. hello Naran,
    I am a 29 y.o student. I worked for 5 years to be able to save money in order for me to continue my studies. and now i have graduated as an accounting student. I already take the board exams last October but unfortunately failed. I really wanted to passed this board exam so that I can helped my parents and my sister to go to school. I am trying very hard to review for the exam but I think I am having a hard time concentrating and studying because of my age. Please help me.. can you please provide a mantra for me.. I am really hopeless right now. Please help me… I would really appreciate it. thank you in advance.

  261. hello sir this pradeep here. I am a n 12 student, i am having trouble studying for exams, whenever i take the book and sit i don’t feel like studying and it bores me of within minutes and i am also not able to concentrate while studying… I hope there is a mantra for this i would also like to score good marks in my exams and my exams start in a month so please help me sir.

  262. Thanks. Can i also use angel numbers,, 398 and 662..

  263. thanks guru,, can i also use angel numbers like 398 and 662.. Also should i chant elm oak chestnut bud gorse 100times?

  264. thanks guru,, Also should i chant elm oak chestnut bud gorse 100times?

  265. Dear Sir, In continuation of 526 question, As per your advise, I am asking wolf. I have not received any response. If I do not complete my LIC target by the end of this month, I have to lose my agencyship. Please help me.

  266. Sir, My daughter is studing in 1st MBBS. Though i see her studying hard she is not able to pass in the exams. Can you please help me with a mantra for memory power and doing good in her exams.

  267. Sir, I am studying in class 11, and my exams are so near and i don’t know what to do,i am studying well but i fear that i won’t get good marks please tell me someing i can do about this. how much i study i won’t remember a thing in my exams, please help me… please….

    • shilpa,
      Take the flower remedies gentian larch chestnutbud impatiens.
      Buy these pills in a homeopathy shop . Put 6 to 7 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that every one hour

  268. dear sir,

    i am going for an interview on the 18th February, this is an interview for me to open and own a pharmacy, so the interview is basically to test on my product knowledge and sales skill. i been studying about the products. I need your great help on what mantra i can chant to ensure my interview goes smooth and i pass the session. I need your help sir in order for me to open up my own business in this way. Thank you.


  269. Sir, My daughter is studying in 1st MBBS. Though i see her studying hard she is not able to pass in the exams. I am worried that she may not get eligibility to attend her final exam which is in June. She has one more internals in April. In case she does not pass this, she will not be eligible to write final exams. Can you please help me with a mantra for memory power and doing good in her exams. Pl help. I am really tensed and worried. Thank you

  270. Respected sir,
    i m studing for medical enterance examination which is at month of may, i want to get sucess in it, can u give me mantra to get sucess and to perform well in my exam.plz, Give the mantra in devnagiri text.

  271. Sir how to get rid of pimples and marks within 2 days on face bec there is my brthday so any mantra

  272. Sir my sis is already in marriage age but matches r not fixing soon so pls giveme a solution so that shegets good match who doesn’t take dowry and he should be good and take care of my sis

  273. KAVITHA,
    give her the flower remedies sweetchestnut walnut oak hornbeam

  274. Hello sir my name is pradeep. I will be writing my second PUC exam in 30 days and don’t feel like studying, even if i try to study i get bored. I need Help with this problem sir, is their any mantra that i can chant before starting to study so that i can gain interest in whatever subject i take and start studying for exam.

  275. pradeep,
    take the Bach flower remedies gentian hornbeam scleranthus walnut chestnutbud. Put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water and have small sips while sitting to study
    Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  276. sir how many time i chant this ambika mantra plzz reply

  277. Pls.send the full ambika mantra to my emai address

  278. Pls.send me some tips and mantras to improve my attention

  279. sir
    i want to clear the phd entrance exam,, and i am studying regularly but everyone is saying u cannot clear this exam. this thing is distrupting me again and again while studying. please suggest me the mantra to get concentrate and clear the exam…pls pls pls

  280. bhavana,
    take the flower remedy elm impatiens.
    Put each 5 pills in a glass of water and have small sips from that water every one or two hours from morning to evening.
    In the night take whitechestnut before sleep. take 5 pills

  281. Sir/mam
    i am an average memory and served in defence force i preparing for department exam i want to perform above 80% so please gave me mantra for better memory and hard work without lazyness.

  282. I cannot score good marks in exam and i failed in my board exam is there any mantra which helps me in exam.hope u will response me.

  283. sambidha
    chant the ambika mantra

  284. hey god bless u all of u my friend everyone is equal now the the problem is that i want to become world best dancer and singer and a knowledgeable person how can i become and i have also a problem of doubt like i want everythig hygenic and clean i cant survive in dirty place

    take crab apple, bach flower remedy regularly

  286. hello sir..
    i am working on a project… earlier it was going on a good pace..but now its not progressing… one or the other obstructions are coming in the way………i am afraid i will not be able to meet the dead line… i want to increase the speed and efficiency and want to complete the project on time…. plzzzz help me…
    what should i do so that i complete my project before deadline and can score good marks…!!!!!


    • tuli
      chant scleranthus impatiens halfway done

      • I need help to complete the project from the instructor… but due to some reasons like time problem etc… he is not able to help us…
        what should i do now…??

        • tuli
          chant vervain scleranthus impatiens.
          call wolf

          • sir i again need your help……
            my projetct is 80% complete…but the matter of concern is that the presentation dates has been preponed….now every thing is in the hands of the faculty who will check…
            i know i dont deserve to get full grades but i wish to score atleast the second highest grade….. kindly help me so that the faculty who will check be lenient with me and my project and give good grades….
            plz help..!!!

          • This blog is full. Comment in some other blog

  287. sir, i am a computer science student.I am facing problem in memorizing and in understanding critical and complex subjects. I have to write one exam in the next month in which i have to succeed at anycost .I have also lost enthusiasm in studies. please suggest me what i should do ?

      TO UNDERSTAND THE concepts take the flower remedies MUSTARD OAK
      buy these remedies from any homeopathy shop and take regularly.
      Write SLOW CARE in a paper and paste it infront of you while studying.
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow
      on the date of exam take the flower remeides gentian larch honeysuckle

  288. I am in 1st year only 5 days left for my exam and i can’t concentrate on my study and i haven’t study yet plz help me ……I want to get 60% in my exam plz give me a mntra for my exms

  289. Sir ,
    i am very interested in learning reiki .since my childhood mother have learned its two stages but could not continue it …and i was not able to learn it cause of studies and all…sir i am in delhi …your last sessions were in march …but i was not able to attend them..can i get to know when again in delhi u will give the sessions so that i can join it..

  290. i want to win IAS exam can u help me

  291. how many times chanting ambika mantra in day .and what i do for winning my ias examintion. plz give a detailed reply. this is my last chance.plz help me

  292. Use other blogs to post your comments.

  293. Naran I send msd on Apr 6. You suggest me Togather. Find divine buyer give count now. But nothing is happening. I want to increase sales and sell my store asap.I am call wolf and all animal to help me.pls advice me so I get help

  294. i want win IAS exam plz help me. which mantra i chant and how many times i chant plz give a reply through my mail or here.

  295. sir,
    my b.e. exam is near means after 10 days.and i am trying to concentrate on study bt not possible..I want to clear the exam in all subjects.whenever i try to study i cant concentrate just for 5 min.also i am mentally disturbed due to my personal problems.24 hrs i feel disturb.i don’t know what to do..sir please give me any mantra for chanting to concentrate in study ,to get success in exam and to solve all problems of my life..sir plz help me..

  296. my dream is to get rank in my engineering exam it was starts on julay i know i can do that but some problems alerting me please tell me about ambika mantra and give me that mantra

  297. sir,pls suggest good mantra to activate my brain…i’m very good at studies but can’t pass competitive exams. and also i feel very lazy sometimes even when i want to study.pls help me

  298. hi, sir,
    m a 2nd year student doin bsc. Honors. From the past two year i am failing in 2nd year only with 1 or 0.5 marks in 2 or 3 subjects. I am working hard to clear my all subjects bt i failed with few marks. M not undestanding what is going with. I am appearing it for the 3rd time again. I have lost my confidence, and is very tensed. Please help me and suggest some mantra. I want to pass this time in 2nd year as this my last chance.

  299. Use some other blog to post your question

  300. my son is appearing ca exam, he is very serious about his studies, he could not get through in 2 attempt and in exam he get nervous and forget what he has to write in answere paper.can you help us plzzzzzzz……

  301. vandana
    on the date of exam give him flower remedies Mimulus larch Rescue Remedy. Put 6 to 7 pills in 200 ml water and let him sip in small quantities from morning. if he wants, he can carry the bottle of water to the exam hall

  302. dear sir .. I always face the problem of getting less marks than Wat I expect ..
    I dunno if expect more ..
    n I plan to study well then fail to execute them .. I get distracted ..I forget things in exams ..I feel helpless n lost .. I feel alone n go to dispersion many a times .. I always aim to get excellent marks but I have not reached so far ..
    kindly help me sir ..

    • Rao
      chant GENTIAN TOGETHER TRANSFORM ELATE UP DIVINE SKY, to let go limitations and to reach top

  303. sir, my son vijay a 11 year old boy has been diagonised with ADD/ADHD and is also having hand eye coordination problems. his attention span is very limited to seconds. he is not able to complete his class works and not interested in studies . want to sit in front of TV or play computer games. do not have friends. no goals. wants to have only fun and nothing else.very incordial relation with his younger brother. thinks he is going to rule the whole world and is the form of vishnu who had come to this world. gets very less marks. what should i do ?

  304. i forgot answers in exam.i can get university first rank.please give me a mantra

  305. Sir,
    My son is studying in 10th std (ICSE). He is not studying at all. pl guide me as his 1st term exams are approaching from 16th Sept. I need him to concentrate on his studies and score excellent marks for this 1st term exam in all subjects as his teachers has already warned him for getting very low marks.

  306. Hello sir, im doing 2nd year degree. im having problem in my studies. i cannot memories the things im study. i also cannot remember what had i study before n hard for me to concentrate during study. when enter d exam hall i jst blank . plz help me sir.

  307. pls help me 2 days im going sit for the exam….

  308. It’s very hard for me memorize something after reading it once. And after so much hassle if I remember something I forget it if read something else. Please provide me some really good mantra to get rid of this weak memory.

  309. Sir, what should I do to increase my brain power? I find myself many times struggling to grasp basics. I want to accelerate the rate I understand things and increase brain power. Your reply would be appreciated.

  310. Guruji,

    I got miscarry on last oct ..after that i’m planning for kids. But, no luck.
    Can you please suggest me any mantra.


  311. I am doing ICWAI. This is my last chance to get pass in this exam.I have maximum 4 hours to study daily . But i cannot able to concentrate in my studies.
    Please suggest me any mantra for concentration and memory power

  312. It’s very hard for me memorize something after reading it once. And after so much hassle if I remember something I forget it if read something else. Please provide me some really good mantra to get rid of this weak memory. i hv post last week but no reply sir….

  313. excuse me sir if u dont mind iam not your enemy that you dont reply …. waiting for your precious reply 😦

  314. i think there is no solution to my question

  315. pranaw:hello sir ,my problem is that i work hard but there is no result infact worst is happeing to me. I help other in there study they get very good marks .i am now frustated what to do to improve my result.this is happening to me from last 6-7 years.what do to suggest me.

  316. sir can u help me please I am failing in my subjects I am not able to concentrate I really want to study I just want to workhard and concentrate but it is not there from four years I am struggling this is my last chance please help me

  317. hello sir I am an engineering student final year I have 15 arrears and as well as I have to study present semester also sir please help me please please because I have only this one semester to clear all my arrears I have to clear my 15 arrears as well as I have to pass my present semester not only passing even I have to score good marks sir please help me and I am a short tempered unable to control my anger and I am pickle minded sir unable to stick to a decision so sir please help me with mantras sir pleaseeeee

    • Take the remedies “SCLERANTHUS, ELM, OAK, HORNBEAM”.

      These remedies are available in homeopathy shop. Take two pills each, thrice a day until you finish the exam. It will help you to handle so many papers (ELM), study smarter (OAK), without getting mentally tired (HORNBEAM), not to postpone your studies and remember as well (SCLERANTHUS).

      Chanting the ambika mantra is essential.

      Chant “SLOW CARE TOGETHER HOLD DIVINE” in general to hold your anger and focus on your studies. HOLD will improve self-discipline.

      Keep 398 written on a paper and keep it with you.

  318. Respected Sir ..

    Hello, My name is Dinesh , i want concentrate in my studies, please sir this mantra is give me in sanskrit language . because i have fear in my studies become exams . sir please help me ..


  319. thank you sir for replying me..sir I don’t know whther it is possible for me to take that pills because I don’t know where I will get them and moreover I was under many tablets so can u tell me is this mantra sufficient if I am not able to get the pills please sir help me and even can u help me in weight loss I am too heavier as I was in my physchartic dosage for 1 and half year almost now I am 80 at the age of 21 so can u please help by mantra to loose weight

  320. sir can u give me any mantra for being active I am getting tired so early as I have lot of backlogs I have struggle hard I have to study more but I am not able to sir please give me any mantra sir please

  321. Hello sir, would like to know how to do well in medical PG competitive entrance examinations. also to improve memory power and concentration??


    Sir i am in 10th std i have fear for maths and during the exam when i see the paper i forget to do the sum please give me a mantra to do my exam well on monday. This is urgent sir.


    Sir, my daughter has nerve pulling in her jaw and right side headache and there is a pulling in the right leg after her wisdom tooth was removed . right now she is taking homeopathy but not much of improvement please give a remedy.she is 22years old.


    Hello sir, i am 47 years old and having cervical spondylosis and get severe giddiness very often and i am on homeopathy treatment but not much improvement is there please give me a mantra to get rid of the pain and also giddiness.

    • From Naran’s class:
      He is unable to turn this side or that side. Pain while turning neck means that not able to understand other man’s point of view: Beech.
      Neck becomes stiff. Neck pain, another remedy: Water violet.
      People if they say, ‘I find heaviness in my head’ (anything to do with head): Water Violet. He has superiority complex.
      The combination is Water Violet, Beech, Rock Water and Hornbeam.

      Chant “Blue Sapphire, Rescue remedy”. Take rescue remedy if you have them.

      I hope you are doing shoulder strengthening exercises as prescribed your physio.

  325. hello sir I have 15 backlogs of my past and 6 of present total 21 I have to clear them by this novemebr as I am in my final year I am scared and I am not able to concentrate remember or understand please help me to get passed in all of them with the mantra sir please please help

  326. Sir, my husband has given money to his friend when he was in need 5 years back but now when we are asking him he is not giving us back what should we do to get it back please give me a mantra to chant to get back our money.Sir pls help us .
    thank you

  327. Sir i am doing my MBA sometime i feel so low and depressed and sick all the time pls give me a mantra to chant to get over this feeling be healthy.


      Gentian: to come out of depression
      Wild Rose; to be merry
      Crab Apple: mental and physical cleanser (for feeling sick)

      In general, chant “TOGETHER BE DIVINE” should be your lifetime mantra



  330. sir thank for your reply will I get them in Hyderabad as Iam in Hyderabad

  331. sir I am really sorry if I am troubling you I had a fire accident in march and it is too big I want to get rid of those marks as it is on my stomach right side my parents so much worried about please help

    • Two scenarios based on Notes from Naran class:

      1. Immediately after any type of accident: Rescue Remedy, Crab Apple, Rock Rose (for burns)

      2. After sometime (as in your case), Star of bethlehem, Crab Apple and Rock Rose (for burns)

      Take them thrice a day, two pills each, separately, one after another until the marks are healed.

      Star of Bethlehem: trauma due to accident
      Crab Apple: self-conscious due to marks
      Rock Rose: fire burns
      Rescue Remedy: is the accident remedy, take it for a week. Keep this remedy with you all the time.

  332. where can I get them are the available in Hyderabad..if I can get in Hyderabad can u please provide me the address

  333. sir , i am finding it hard to earn an income for myself . there is some block which is preventing me . how do i remove this ? pls help me

  334. Sir I wrote my problam here plz plz help , I want change ..plz do some for me

  335. Hello sir Aisha here , sir m trying to get admission in DU law . And prepraing for civils services exams , I m 20 year old , I dun kno what happen sir , I lost my Concentration power , focus power , hard labour all , I feel like dead n lazy , i wants to sleep all the time whn I go to take book in my hand, my mind stopped wroking , my study n success suddenly break , I cudent clear my MA exams even , cuz I dint study .. I wants to study but whn I start reading with full focus , I dun kno what turn me off , sir I wants to do hardcore study n like to being a studious girl will full focus , n get top success in exams plz plz .. Make me alive again …plz help me

  336. hello sir I need your me and my lover brokeup but I want to marry him onky may be mistakes or on my part I want things to get settled pleas help me .I dnt want anything to happen again between us sir please help me

  337. sir I amr eally sir but here they don’t know what these are can u suggest any particular homeopathy shop in Hyderabad pleaseeeee

  338. hello sir can we record and hear agin and again will that help

  339. hello sir please fo help me i was in a relationship now mylover broke up with me but i want him only please i want to settle things are on my part but he is jobless he s financially weak i want to support him and make him raise want him back in my life please help me

  340. Deepika Tiwari

    Sir, I am a candidate facing lot of problems. I want to get job in Research field of Research fellow and want to do Ph.D so that I can become either scientist or a professor. Research is my dream job. I did MSc. in Genetic Engineering that is Biotechnology in 2012 from a reputed university and scored very good marks. but after that I am sitting at home. I didn’t yet clear any competitive exams such as CSIR-NET or GATE. Also I had given many JRF (Junior Research Fellows) interviews but didn’t got any positive reply as positions are already fixed. In between I had qualified one exam to get admission in Ph.D but can’t get admission becoz I am facing financial crisis and also I lost my younger sister as she has committed suicide and now I m very depressed. I am not getting my desired job though I m having potential and can’t able to bring up my family from financial crisis. I had lost hope. I am already of 27 years and after crossing 28th on 18th december 2013 I will not be able to give JRF interviews as I will become overage and will not be elligible.Can you help me or can me give any positive hope.

  341. Deepika Tiwari

    Please give the mantras both in hindi and english fonts and also tell how to get success in competitive exams such as CSIR-NET, GATE and others.

  342. sir my boyfriend is stucked up in life he has no job I want to help me I want to change him as he is lazy but he know everything I just wanna remove his laziness and want to see him successful please help me in making him get his job

  343. sir please give reply sir please

  344. Deepika Tiwari

    Sir, I am a candidate facing lot of problems. I want to get job in Research field of Research fellow and want to do Ph.D so that I can become either scientist or a professor. Research is my dream job. I did MSc. in Genetic Engineering that is Biotechnology in 2012 from a reputed university and scored very good marks. but after that I am sitting at home. I didn’t yet clear any competitive exams such as CSIR-NET or GATE. Also I had given many JRF (Junior Research Fellows) interviews but didn’t got any positive reply as positions are already fixed. In between I had qualified one exam to get admission in Ph.D but can’t get admission becoz I am facing financial crisis and also I lost my younger sister as she has committed suicide and now I m very depressed. I am not getting my desired job though I m having potential and can’t able to bring up my family from financial crisis. I had lost hope. I am already of 27 years and after crossing 28th on 18th december 2013 I will not be able to give JRF interviews as I will become overage and will not be elligible.Can you help me or can me give any positive hope.

  345. Deepika Tiwari

    Sir, u please also suggest me mantras as u suggest others

  346. sir..
    my brother has completed his in 2009. he is not able to get any job. if in case if qualifies written exam he get rejected in interview session. he is getting into depression day by day. i dont want to see him like this.
    sir plz give me some solution wat to do.

    plz help me.

  347. Hello sir, I really need help. I’m a university student, I have always scored good marks until this semester, I worked very poorly in two subjects. I studied well for both exams but don’t know what happen. I feel that when i study at home, I’m like in my comfort zone and I get to refer to books but in exams I got a sort of blackout, I could not concentrate on the paper after that.
    Please help me, I need a solution that can help me to keep my mind focus and strong so that I can work well in exams.

  348. sir ,u said to get the pills instead I don’t know I got the liqids of bachflower remedies in what proportion should I take them sir the shop person told me to take 15ml in a half cup of water but I am confused how to take all together or every medicine in half cup of water sir ..I have elm,oak,hornbeam,scleranthus sir please help me


  350. Respected sir namaskar, my name is ruchi sahay. I am a 43 years old .sir !last week I have diagnosed uterus fibroid that size are very big. now a days I am feeling very low and depressed also …so please give me some mantra and remedies. …

    • Respected sir namaskar, my name is ruchi sahai. I am a 43 years old .sir !last week I have diagnosed uterus fibroid that size are very big. now a days I am feeling very low and depressed also …so please give me some mantra and remedies. …

  351. Respected sir,
    I’m in a very depressive state of mind and feel like ending my life or leave my house.I’m the mother of two kids where both my kids are very poor in study and my daughter who is going to appear for her board this year is getting 4o%marks.and still doesn’t study .my married life is a hell where my husband hates me abuses me and I’m made fun of in the family.I’m the most talented person in the family but I’m always rebuked everywhere.because of so much unhappiness I’ve lost my health also.I request you to kindly help me as I came across your blog while searching the web for increasing my daughters concentration and thought that you might help me with some mantra,……., please help me,……plzzzzzz

    • Until Naran Sir or Mohan Sir Replies.
      chant “love thanks divine” as many times as possible
      Also chant “together divine”

  352. Sir, i have earlier written to you about my daughter having pain on the rightside of head and jaw and some kind of pulling she feels on the right side leg and you told to give her rescue remedy for 2 weeks and she has been taking it but there is no improvement and she still feels the pain on the right side of her body pls help us she feels very depressed now with this pain all the time as she is not able to attend college and study.

    • Lakshmi madam ask Naran sir about the Mudras like Vayu mudra and dhyan mudra which should give releif to your daughter if practised regularly along with the medicines.

  353. MADAM


  355. Naran sir plz help me with some mantra to get out of the situation fast……..lm waiting for you’r reply desperately…….plz plz help me and my daughter….

  356. DEAR SIR,

  357. SIR


  359. hello sir,
    I am a CA Final student.i failed the exam 2 times and i am very weak at studies when ever i try to study am lost .i dont feel like studying at all i am irritated most of the times and my mind is always filled with negative thoughts and i always fear i will fail the exam .my memory power is decreasing day by day.plz help me most of the time am filled with lazyness..Please suggest me mantras to improve my concentration and confidence so that i clear my exams in the next attempt.

  360. hello sir,i am dedeepya.i have completed my and got placed in a company.but suddenly the company canelled our cal i am trying to get a job in govt. bank…please tell me a mantra which will help me to get a good job in bank and also please mention how to use the mantra…pls…….

  361. sir pls reply me

  362. Dear Sir,
    I have written my exam yesterday(16-11-2013) and I feel i can’t pass this paper, though i have attempted full paper but unfortunately 30 to 40% marks answers I wrote are wrong and I feel it will be tough for me to clear the paper Please advice me is there any mantra or anything i could do to at least pass in this paper.I really and badly get through in attempt.
    Please advice me …..

  363. my daughter will be appearing for her class Xth boards in Feb’14 . she is weak in maths and science , we keep telling her to study more concentrate and prepare for her board exams she has her tution in these subjects , she even doesnot listen to us and study the way she should be studying for her boards, she is overconfident that she will pass without puttting in efforts . Please provide me some mantra which can be done by me so that she can start studying and do well in her exams

  364. Hello, my exams have already started i’m chanting the Ambika mantra and wrote 398 as well but still i feel i’m losing focus on the revision when i study i can’t concentrate there is always something that distract me. I have very important and tough papers in the coming days. Please suggest me something to remain focus on my studies!

  365. I am doing job as a accountant, but having law salary, I want increase my salary high plz. Suggest any mantra

  366. awaiting ur reply

  367. i am a 3rd year student… my 5th semester exams are going on…. i wish fr a very good results this time…so please help me out…
    And i am also in a very strong relation with a guy for the past 1 year… n i wish to marry him at any cost…i am a Hindu but he is a christian … but i need him in my life at any cost…. please help me…
    please reply to my mail id…

  368. I am a B.Ed student.
    my exam is starting from 17 th December 2013.
    wat happens with me is I study only one answer for 3days and then 2 unable to recall.
    not able to finish the topics and subjects.
    I cant concentrate and not also confident.
    please suggest me something to focus on my studies

  369. hello sir,
    i’m working as a in one private college, what to do for good salary and for promotion. pls provide remedies for me. want to pass net/ slet exam too.
    often getting problem with my husband. pls give some good solution to this. waiting for your reply.

  370. I m suffering from kala jadu. Please koi tarika batav k main issay najat pavon

  371. Can I spell it on own on glass filled with water and drink it?

  372. Sir
    My son is going to write his 12th cbse board exams , please tell me what i can do on behalf of my son to get good marks in his board exams

    • jay,
      write 398 in a paper and keep it under his pilow.
      chant SLOW CARE over a glass of water and give him

      • Sir , thank you very much for your response i will definetely follow this. Please sir one more
        doubt, SLOW CARE is the mantra itself, or it is the name of the mantra.Please clarify.
        sir please pray for my son to get good marks in 12th, his name is P.S.Akash.

  373. sir….i am about to appear for my competiton gpat examination …….i donot work hard and concentrate on my studies……but want to score good rank so as as to get a good college…….please suggest what should i do……!!
    And will 398 no. Would work for me……?

  374. Namaste Sir, My daughter is doing her 10th preboards and as per your advise i am giving her Mustard and oak bach flower remedy before going to her exam and also Ambika mantra over a glass of water but still she says she has not written her exams well. Pls sir give me any switch word or mantra or Bach flower remedy for my daughter to do her Board exam well.
    Thanking you

  375. nice mantra .

  376. Namaste Naran Sir, Is there a switch word I can chant for my son to increase his chances of securing admission in a competitive school, we will know the results in mid-March. Thanks.

  377. Namaste Sir, My daughter is appearing GATE on 16th February and my son is appearing CBSE X exam from 1st March. Both are good in studies. Kindly suggest some mantra for parents and children for getting best marks and crack the exams. Kindly help Sir.

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