Alpha Inducing Meditation CD

Experiences and Benefits of listening to them

When The Mind is at Peace, The World is at Peace!

Understanding Meditation

Week One Experience

As you go through the meditation you may get distracted easily having multitude of thoughts.

  • Just observe and release those thoughts.
  • Say “Release” as and when a thought arises.

Week Two Experience

After a week of meditation, you experience moments of concentration, instead of distraction.

Week Three and Four Experiences

  • You start feeling engrossed in keeping quite and silent.
  • All your plans and fears go off.
  • A state of equilibrium will set in and a feeling of satiation will be there.
  • No wanting or desiring while meditating.
  • You start experiencing freedom.

The Buddhist Monks and Meditation

When Buddhist Monks were observed during meditation, using latest technologies, the left prefrontal lobes of their brains were greatly active. This area of the brain is said to be the centre of peace and acceptance.

To understand meditation, we need to understand different types of brain waves

It is important to understand types of brain waves that each one generates throughout his life time.

1.      Beta Waves

When one is active, the brain generates Beta waves.

2.      Alpha Waves

When one is relaxed and calm, the brain produces Alpha waves.

3.      Theta Waves

When one is more creative, Theta waves are generated.  To access creative part of the mind one should be in Theta state.

4.      Delta Waves

Delta has the longest frequency.  During the deep sleep, Delta waves are produced by the brain.

Benefits of listening to Meditation CD

While listening to Naran’s series of meditation CD, your brain will generate Alpha waves, which is a relaxed state.

  1. The research shows that when this area of the brain is active consistently and regularly then we are highly motivated with positives emotions.
  2. Through regular meditation, the left prefrontal lobes become more active. The regular meditators will be more enthusiastic, relaxed and feel content.
  3. The regular meditation which increases the alpha waves – the research indicates – improves immunity. Patients also heal four times faster if they meditate.
  4. With regular Alpha meditation, a positive outlook is natural. Health and well – being will follow.

Of course you are interested to go deeper into Theta and Delta

The good news is Naran will be releasing CDs, starting from Alpha level 1 and then going deeper up to Delta level 3. There will be eight levels of meditation CD – each level going deeper and deeper than the previous level.

We need to listen to the CD for a month at each level – starting from level one, before going to the next level.

This will definitely take you to places you had never been – both inside and outside (world) you.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. dear sir,

    i wish these cds are available in mp3 format so that people like me (i live in US) can easily be able to use it.

  2. They are in Mp3 format only.

    • no i am sorry sir, i forgot to mention online. i meant available online so that we could access it easily.

      thank you for all your wonderful efforts to make differences in everyone’s life

  3. Hi SIR I would like to buy cd’s online. Also kindly let me know if you have meditation cd’s for reiki and also would like to know if these alpha meditation cd will benefit in any way mental retarded kids. Thanks to reply

  4. you can buy Cd online. mention your city and country i will wok out the postal cost and let you know what to do. It cant be used for mentally retarded children.
    What Reki Cd you want. please specify.
    mail to or

  5. Sir, what is the cost of the c/ds?? and how and when to use??

    thank you,


  6. The cost of cd is Rs.100/- only one will be sent at a time.Though the pack is 10 Cds.
    After listening to the first Cd for one month you can place the order for the 2nd and so on.

  7. i have been looking to buy this Alpha Inducing Meditation CD for long time but knowing how and where was very frustrating to me. can you help me establish contact in Bangalore to avail this CD.

    if you write to my mail,i will inform you about the bank details.Transfer the money to my Bank account.i.e. the cost of the cd plus courier charges.
    then i will courier the Cd to you.

  9. ரா நடேசன்

    i am in deaddiction and during after office hours i am treating alcoholics thro counselling and meditation especially poors and workers.i f you arrange me a alphameditation cd i will be really grateful i send reasonable cost.
    rnatesan cuddalore

  10. is it for you?

  11. rajabhau chavan

    dear sir,
    i have ur solar medi.,bach flower,chakra medi. cd’s,considering these cd’s pls suggeest me that which wave cd’s i should use for higher stage of meditation to achiev.i m using chakra meditation cd abou 2 months i want to go on deeper,pls guide and coat the total price of required wave cd’s i want to purchase at a time.

    thank u


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