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Lalitham Lambodaram

This mantra is an Obstacle Remover. If there is an unresolved problem and there is no end to the problem, chant Lalitham Lambodaram. If you say Lambodaram it will remove all obstacles – whatever type it may – spiritual or life problems.

Who doesn’t have obstacles anyway?

Hari Narayana Gopalam Hari Narayana Govindam

Refer the blog for a detailed explanation on the mantra:

Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Hari Brummendra Sevitha

  • To remain content and be happy
  • You will provide unconditional love to others.
  • When you regret about anything or life, for example when you feel, “My life is nothing but a routine. Why should I lead this life? I am just like a machine“. We  may not ask like this every day. But on those days when you do feel so, then chant this mantra.

For Marriage and Relationships

Chant the mantras in the following order: Om Hum Namaha, Om Yum Namaha, Om Rum Namaha, Om Vum Namaha and Om Lum Namaha. For some more explainations refer:

Lalitham Sridharam, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Sudarshnam

  • It will fetch us abundance of money, happiness and comforts. Opens our eyes to abundance.
  • Our capacity to love others will increase. When the heart is bubbling with love by chanting Lalitham, we can also become as beautiful as Lalitham.
  • There won’t be any regression or setbacks, whether it’s your life or your career. Always you will move forward in life. No need to fear for demotion and degradation. Confidence will be built. In turn, when you have confidence you will get promoted.
  • Removes obstacles – including known and unknown obstacles (can be present in your life; for example even after all your efforts you may think there seems to be no solution on hand).
  • Will burn away all the previous karmas. Whatever sins and mistakes you may have committed, Lalitham helps one to forget (release) and be forgiven. We say our obstacles are due to karma – which can be released thanks to Lalitham. Once they are removed, then the obstacles are removed too.
  • For Shade Sani – Saturn – it means delay restriction and obstacle.
  • Knowing oneself – self revelation (Darshan)
  • They vibrate with the right brain. It’s the right brain that has to guide our lives.
  • If there is confusion, it gives clarity. If you want to know the truth and something fishy happening, chant this mantra.

For some more explainations refer:

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  1. How long do you chant (minutes)
    or how many times do you chant the following mantra:
    Lalitham Sridharam,Lalitham Baskarm, Lalitham Sudarshnam

    And for how many days before you see results.

  2. My married life very disturbed my husband got so many affairs he is physical with them also.he never sleep with me even we have no physical relation nd financial also he is not supporting he want that I should leave his house please save my married life nd give me some mantra that stop butting me nd leave other woman’s nd start loving me my marriage is 11 years old

    • chant
      i am sorry please forgive me. i love you I thank you. as many times as possible.
      Chant CORAL YELLOW SAPPHIRE WALNUT 100 times over a glass of water and give that water to him.

      • Thank you very very much sir i will always thankfull to u. May god bless for helping all needy nd poor people like us. Thanks a lot sir

  3. Respected sir please give of my problem. I m suffering from very bad marriage . He bits me a lot nd having affairs nd he is physical with them nd he don’t even talk to me nd nor any relation with me. Please give me solution for my problem I love him a lot otherwise I want to die. My marriage is 11 years old. Thanks

  4. Respected sir please help me my marriage is very distrubed last 5 years my husband is having affairs even he is also physical with them.he has no love with me even he don’t sleep with me nd no financial help he is giving please suggest remedy as soon as possible I’m early waiting this will be act of kindness for me. Thanks. Rashmi

  5. Hello Sir,
    I would like to purchase Special mantra CD for my parents.Does it include these two mantras
    Marriage and Relationship mantra
    Lalitham Sridharam, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Sudarshnam.mantra.


  6. Hello Sir,
    I would like to purchase Chakra Activation and Balancing CD for my parents. I happened to check this link about benefits.
    Can we just listen to the CD without being in those chakra positions as my parents will not be able to do it or is it mandatory.Please let me know.


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