Mantras for digestive tract

Digestion Related Mantras


Chant Om BUM Namaha many times. This is a very important mantra for healing intestine. This mantra heals bowel related issues, which will be indicated by a pain in the left abdomen because of the accumulation of gas in the intestine. When children have colic pain, you may notice them cry. Buy can be used for cold, cough also.


EEJO is wonderful remedy for gastric, digestive problems and head aches. After eating food, if Belching happens, then it means the Apanan – a type of prana that is supposed to flow down, is coming up. It will also bring down your head aches – which could be happening due to too much worry and thinking. One may also do Chin Mudra while chanting the mantra for better relief.

Digestion Mantras

Do Acceptance Mudra Variation 1 and 2 (5 minutes each before or after eating, or both times) and chant, “Rum Bum Lum Dhum”.

Refer the link for Acceptance Mudra variation 1:

For variation two, the left hand position is same as variation 1. The right hand thumb should touch the little and the ring fingers, while the other two fingers are extended.

This mantra reduces your sugar level and therefore it’s good for Diabetic patients also.

  • Rum activates Liver, Stomach and pancreas. It kindles the fire to digest the food.
  • Bum activates Spleen.
  • Lum activates absorption and assimilation functions of  the digestive tract.
  • Dhum is seed word for comfort. After eating, one should feel comfortable.
  • You will be able to digest any type of food. You can  chant the mantra anytime – not necessarily after taking your food. If you chant this mantra before taking the food, it helps you eat properly.

Elimination Process

Chant Vum Pum Lum Bum. This mantra is also good for dry skin. Do Varun Mudra, while chanting.


About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thanks very much for the mantra, but we would like to know of the pronunciation, it would be much appreciated if you could write the hindi version so that we have an idea of the pronunciatiion, thanks a million

  2. How to chant EEJO?

  3. Lata
    how do you pronounce alphabet E ? say like that. ejo.

  4. Sir,

    Should we chant om and end with namaha while chanting “RUM BUM LUM DHUM.?

  5. Hello, sir,

    I have several health problems like :
    Stomach problems (ulcer and gastric ebb)
    Memory loss and focusing problems.
    Can you please tell what type mantra i can use. Thanks a lot.

  6. pirnavan,
    chant WU CHI JO for your stomach problems.
    insomania: om lam namaha
    for memory and focus contact me in person

  7. Hello,
    I am suffering from hyperacidity since 6 months. I took medication but the effect remains for some time and then I start facing acidity problem again. I sometimes suffer from constipation also. Can you give me mantra for parmanent relif. Thanks

  8. Pleace I wantw contact without Nara ji

  9. Dear Naranji.
    Doe you have a telefoon nummer
    So i can contact you

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