My Buddy, Your Time Has Come

Vallabam Gajaananam Yeka Thandham

It is a very powerful mantra. Especially it works on the hips, for example when you are standing for a long time your hip will pain. You will find plenty of time to do any task. Time will be at your disposal. Physically it helps to handle skin related problems.

A single tusker Elephant!

How time is available at your disposal? Why Gajananam (Lord Vinayaga) was called Eka Thandham (an elephant with one tusker)? When Vyasa wanted to write Mahabharata he was searching for somebody who can put it in paper as fast as he dictates. The concerned person should understand the subject as well, without stopping the dictation by interfering it. He should understand and never ask to repeat again what was already said (Vallapam).

Vinayaga was the only person who offered to do the job. In the midst of writing the pen got broke. Imagine how much he would have written by then! He couldn’t find another writing pen nearby. Therefore, he broken one of his tuskers and used it as a pen.

Opening up to the divine time

This mantra makes a person to value time.

‘Time didn’t come yet for our daughter to get married’, is the expression of some parents. There is always a difference between our time and divine time. We don’t know it. Therefore, we become impatient. We start believing in what the astrologer says. We approach them to find out when the time will come for us. To open up to the divine time chant this mantra.

Waiting for a Good Result

“I have applied for the job. Yet I haven’t received a call for the job interview. I don’t know when it will come for me!” Wherever you think time has to come, think and chant this mantra.

I have created this mantra based on Lum and Vum bija mantras.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naranji,

    Namaste! Thank you for sharing this mantra. Plan to start from 1st Jan. Do add more mantras to your blog.

    I am undergoing severe in-law issues so though I was reading all the articles in your blog, I didn’t leave any message. I have also a torn cartilege in the left knee.

    Jayanti Bhaskar Rao

  2. Thank your mother. do the forgiving exercise
    I jayanthi forgive you my mother…… (name). you please forgive me and release me. chant this for 300 times daily.

  3. sir
    1.My grand daughter (4 years residing in USA)is having lactose intolerence due to which she has wheezing problem
    Can you suggest a mantra so that her parents can recite?
    2.My son who is doing his post doctoral programme (USA) has applied and waiting for a suitable job.Due to recession he has not got the right opportunity.
    Please suggest whatever I can do from here.
    3.When we say change divine order what do we mean by that?

  4. For your son:
    find divine order count now done.
    for lactose intolerance: Tapping can help. you have to learn it and do it.
    Change divine order can be chanted for the child. change divine order means change to divine order. Whatever you want to change, dont try to change yourself. if you chant, Change divine order it automatically happens.

    • Sir
      Thank you.
      1.I have started reciting Find Divine Order count now done.Keeping his photo on left hand.(after reading your articles)
      2.Tapping:From where do I learn?

  5. Will the mantra be helpful for me(I am in early thirties) to chant for my marriage?I am not yet married and i want to get married?

  6. jyotika,
    you can chant sweetchestnut, walnut hornbeam.

    • Om SaiRam!!!!!!!!!
      Naran Sir,
      Thanks alot for your suggestion…I would like to ask a few things:
      1)How many Times should I Chant “sweetchestnut,walnut and hornbeam”?
      2)Can i use concentric circle method(i came to know from other topics)?
      Thanking you once again…

  7. for 15 minutes a day. yes you can. but in addition to chanting

  8. dear naran sir,

    my borther is in 12th class. he is having boards these year. he is very poor in studies and even doesnot listen to parents.
    kindly help me out and suggest me a mantra and method to do so.
    i will be really thankful.

    • namaskar naran ji,
      my son has cleared all the subjects in his BTech except the first year maths which he is unable to clear inspite of many attempts. We keeping tuition masters, etc.
      To be frank with you, he doesnt seem to be focussed while studies and not serious. I think thats the reason why even our efforts (by way of cash) is becoming futile.
      I will be very thankful if you can give me some remedy and solution to help my son get out of this situation. he is again preparing for the forthcoming exam in Nov. 2010.

      • to understand any subject give Mustard flower remedy one dose of 4 pills daily in the monring.
        For focus and concentration while studying: chestnutbud clematis. put 6pills of each in aglass of water and let him sip every one hour during the studies.
        On the date of examination: give him Gentian,oak larch- 5 pills of each one dose.
        larch for self confidence. gentian not to think about previous failure.
        oak He has to know how to present the answer. To try differently.
        after the xamination: gentian honeysuckle. Not to think about the past and he has to think about the next step.This combination, you can give daily one dose of 4 pills.
        Best of luck for your son

  9. sir,
    i have a daughter who is looking for job since few months, she has been called for interviews by many good compainies, but at the end they reject her. she is all time sad.
    kindly suggest mantra for my daughter and how many times should she do?

  10. For any interview she can chant AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA, ASWAROODA, APARAJITHA any number of times before the interview.
    she can write RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW ON for 51 times daily
    best of luck

  11. God Bless us.
    Can you please give me a mantra to heal my hurting heart. My partner has left me and I miss him terribly.

    Thank you

  12. ramam, ramabadram, ramachandram chant this continuously. you will come out of victim state

  13. can u suggest some mantra/switchwords/remedy to manifest a good life partner very soon in one’s life?

  14. you can chant vallabam gajananam ekadhantham.
    write sweetchestnut walnut for 51 times daily.

  15. thanks and will do dat…

  16. Sir help me !!! AM in my 30’s, unmarried, life seems to be stagnant, in every aspect , Please suggest me with a mantra for a good partner &, early marriage,

  17. write sweetchestnut walnut hornbeam 50 times daily.
    chant lalitham padmanabham, lalitham parameshwaram for 15 minutes(minimum) in a day

  18. thank you very much narenji. where can i get the Mustard flower, chestnutbud clematis. Gentian, oak larch gentian honeysuckle in Hyderabad sir.

  19. Dear Naran Sir,
    Thanks a lot for your reply. Will do accordingly.

  20. is there any mantra for nerve compression and numbness

  21. Dear Sir,
    My Mom is badly suffering from arthritis pain in her knees, lately she has nerve compression & numbness, Please suggest some remedy.
    Is there any remedy for weight loss??.

  22. Res. Sir,

    Is there any mantra to stop hair fall and to strengthen hair and promote new hair growth ?
    I also want to know a mantra for spotless, glowing skin and which can stop pigmentation on skin.
    Thanking you in advance.

  23. for hair fall:
    om praam preem prowm saha shanaye namaha

  24. dear naran ji

    i have a son who is going to giving 12th board exams this year. he doesnot study seriously, he is failing in every subject and even act careless towards studies and us. all time interested in going out and doing nonsense things. suggest me some remedy through which i can make him study and he can clear boardsith gud marks and become responsible and respect us. he has got bad attitude.
    suggest me as soon as possible so tat i can start doing it for him
    thanks in advance

  25. My sister name is M.A.JAYANTHY.her date of birth is 02/01/1981. We searching for alliance for her last 4 years. which mantra(remedies) are helpful to early marriage of my sister.

    • Respected Sir,
      Thanks for giving remedies for my sister. All of our family members chant this mantra for her. Lot of Thanks to you.

  26. take the flower remedies sweetchestnut cerato walnut oak Gentian each 3 pills three times a day. she has to take these remedies. the parents also can take.

  27. naran ji
    you are not replying to my post

    dear naran ji
    i have a son who is going to giving 12th board exams this year. he doesnot study seriously, he is failing in every subject and even act careless towards studies and us. all time interested in going out and doing nonsense things. suggest me some remedy through which i can make him study and he can clear boardsith gud marks and become responsible and respect us. he has got bad attitude.
    suggest me as soon as possible so tat i can start doing it for him
    thanks in advance

  28. dear sahiba,
    give your son scleranthus wild oat walnut Rescue Remedy. Three pills of each four times a day.

  29. dear naranji

    ypu suggested me this remedy for my son
    dear sahiba,
    give your son scleranthus wild oat walnut Rescue Remedy. Three pills of each four times a day

    kindly tell me what is the process of getting these medicines from you for my son? what is the amount and payment procedure ?

  30. If you are not in chennai, you can get these remedies in any Homeopathy shop.

  31. Dear Sir,
    Is there any mantra to stop hair fall and to strengthen hair and promote new hair growth ? I also want to know a mantra for spotless, smooth, glowing skin and which can stop pigmentation on skin and pink lips.
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Manjula
      there is no mantra. i have a combination of flower remedies which will help you. The cost of one month dose is Rs.100/ per bottle. plus courier charges

      • Respected Sir, I am not settled at a place for long. So is it okay with you to name the remedies so that I can purchase them while I am at any place. If not okay, then pls let me know.

  32. dear manjula,
    if you r in chennai, i have a flower remedy, which you can take.
    you can pray to sun god daily, ” sun god you are my healer. you are my vital force.
    please send me solar indigo rays to my head..visualise indigo rays filling up your head.
    Intend, “with each and every inhalation, i continue to receive solar indigo to fill my head.
    visualise the indigo rays massaging your head, rejuvenating all the hairfollicles and visualise yourself glowing with full hair. while visualising, your breathing should be slow and deep. do this for 5 minutes daily. then intend

    • Sir, I am not in Chennai, I am from A.P. My hair is thinning out terribly. My lips are very dark and th eskin around my mouth is also comparitively dark. One more thing is I always feel that I am bad. Eg. if I am helping a person, I feel that I dont do it whole heartedly though I do it very happily.

  33. hello sir..i’m 22 yrs old married woman…recentently i’m xperincing severe hair fall & my hair line is receding…being a woman i would luv 2 hv shiny,lustrous,thick hair…please suggest me a mantra…& if u can plzzz explain me the entire process in detal coz this is the first time i’m lukng 4 such kind of treatment…i practise accupressure i.e, rubbing nails technique daily bt no result..sooo plzzz help me sir..i trust u…

  34. sorry sir but i couldnt understant it properly….plzzz tell me where can i get WALNUT CRAB APPLE in hyderabad…& sir vat is blue sapphire…

    • dear nidhi,
      they are flower remedies available in all homeopathy shops. dont touch the pills by hand.
      just chant blu sapphire. you need not what it is. it is a gem stone. the stone is around Rs.15000/- Even by chanting you get the energy of the stone. the colour it emits is helpful for hair growth.

  35. thx alott sir…now i undrstood evrythng clrly..i’l follow ths & let u knw d results vry soon..

  36. hello i read ur post for nidhi regarding hair loss…i’m a woman too suffering from severe hair loss…i hv a can just by chanting blue sapphire we can get the power of the stone without wearing it…

    • all the physical matter have their counter parts in etheric world. e.g. if blue sapphire is the stone found underneath the earth, its counter part should have appeared in ether “prior” to its formation.In other words, any physical matter is the child of ethric stuff. By repeating Blue sapphire, you are tapping the energy from the ethric world. Instead of wearing, you are getting the energy of blue sapphire. The energy only grows the hair.

  37. thx alottt sir 4 ur description…earlier vn som1 askd a mantra 4 hair loss…u told thm 2 chant”om praam preem prowm saha shanaye namaha”…cn any1 chnt ths…4m net i fount tht ths is shani mntra…hwz ths related 2 hair fall?

    • dear tara,
      either you can do this. or blue sapphire. the gem stone belongs to shani.
      If the hair fall is too much, one looks older. this is done by the afflicted energy of saturn.
      hence the prayer to STOP the hair fall.
      Praam: stop

  38. is it necessary 2 chant mantras louder r cn v say it 2 ourselves…cn v chant mantras even while doin som wrk r travelling r anythngels….i want a mantra 2 buy an own hous…

    • you can chant within,
      chant mantras even while doing some wrk, or while travelling or while doing anythng else.


  39. Naran Sir
    I have attended interview for one s/w company and did well but they have still not come back to me. I was hopeful I would have got that job but they have not yet called. My current job is also not at all saTisfying.Pay is also less. I want to shift to a better company but no more openings in the city I live in.I want that company to finalise my result for the interview i attended. What should I do.

  40. Vidya


  41. Dear sir,

    I have been reading all your answers to those who seek help in getting married. But I see some differences in the mantras you give. Is it becos of the individual circumstances? I would like some help too. I’d like to get married and would also like to migrate to New Zealand. Is there any mantras I can recite or write?
    Thank you


  42. Helen,
    Yes it is as per the mental state.

    Write 100 times, “Sweet Chestnut cultivate divine love within me and around me”.

    • Thank you very much Mr. Naran,

      I will follow your advice. Incidentally do I need to write down New Zealand as well? I’d also like to state that I am suffering from psoriasis and arthritis. Is the same words applicable for this too? Also while writing, does one have to visualise as well?

      Is there a specific saying just for migration, in case I can help anyone else who wants to go?

      Thanking you


  43. Dear Sir,

    I hope you can shed some light on my queries.

    Thanking you very much.


  44. if this statement is repeated 1000 times, change will happen in your life. I have not given anyhthing specific for you.
    This will address physical problem. But this is not the cure.
    you can take two flower remedies CRAB APPLE PINE. These are available in all homeopathic shops.
    Put 10 pills of each in a bottle of water daily. Take that water in small sips throughout the day.

  45. Myself and my husband are trying for a second baby.We have a 9 year old boy.We were caught up with life here in the USA so never thought about a second one.Please help us out.Thanks for ur help.We appreciate it.
    I want to consult u thru email abt other things too.will write to u in details.

  46. Rita,
    have a rabbit picture in the bed room.thank the child which is to be born

  47. Namaskar Narenji,
    I am Vanaja from AP. I have problem with weight, please provide me help. I was weighing 72 kgs 3-4 months back. Recently, when I checked my weight, I am 82 kgs. I am very much worried about this issue. My life style is same as before, no change. I am 44 yrs female height 5’4″. Please guide me sir.

  48. Take the flower remedies CRAB APPLE, ROCKWATER, OAK. Put 6 pills of each in 200 ml water. Take that water six times a day. If you do it for 6 months, you will reduce weight.

  49. Dear Sir,
    I have had an interview for new job with other company a week ago. I did well and everybody were saying that they want me there, but I still have not got offer from that Company. In my current position I am under payed since I am in process of getting green card and my company does not want to speed up my proces. If I get mew job I can get Green card less thena year. Please advice some chant for job and green card. thank you.


  51. Respected Sir,

    I had posted few months back regarding hair fall and you replied saying you have some flower remedies. Pls specify what to take so that I can buy them here.

    One more thing is that I feel very low and less confident about my studies. I am forgetful and lack seriousness. Pls suggest me some way to work harder and achieve success in examination or interviews.


    • Sir, my eyes are always itching and I constantly rub them. After every sleep I catch cold. I I feel tired all the time and lack the vigor and enthusiasm. Awaiting your reply.

      • Manjula,
        the remedies are not avalable anywhere.
        it is a combination of bach flowers and gem remedies.
        the catching cold symptom may be because of allergy.

  52. the remedies are not avalable anywhere.
    it is a combination of bach flowers and gem remedies.
    the catching cold symptom may be because of allergy.

  53. Naran sir,
    I am stucked up in life.
    I am unable to complete my study.
    Not able to find the job which can give me satisfaction.
    I am unable to make correct decison.
    Please help


  55. Dear Sir,
    I lost job 2 yrs 6 mts and cannot find anything,financially bad at this time.
    Which mantra can i chant fir help for job and finance.

  56. Manjula
    There is no mail in that name. please resend.

  57. Thank you,Should I write Ruby Citrine 100 times daily.
    Thanks for your help

  58. naran sir.

    My son is in 8th Std. He doesn’t study seriously, and is careless about his academics. All time interested in playing and wasting time by watching TV. he is very short tempered and back answers me. Kindly suggest me some remedy to make him feel responsible and obey his parents.

    thanks in advance

  59. Geethika,
    give him SCLERANTHUS WILDROSE -flower remedies 3 pills each three times a day.

  60. Thanks a lot, Sir. For how long should I give him SCLERANTHUS WILDROSE?


    Please clarify.


  61. Geethika,
    if you make him chant it is well and good. Then you chant over a glass of water 108 times and give that water to him. He will mend his ways and keep away from any bad company

  62. Dear Sir,
    I’ve been experiencing great hairloss for about 3 yrs,after i took a medication for growing more hair, it contained minoxidil,i used it for around 1 year,i noticed alot of new growth which stayed only for 2 months after that my hair began shedding and has continued till now. I’ve previously taken homeopathic medicines for 1 and a half year but it didnt hlp.. I’m currently on Ayurvedic treatment but still no hlp..Plzz hlp me with some mantras or medicines to stop hairfall and grow back hair

  63. sanaya,
    contact and get the remedies

  64. Sir,
    I am experiencing much hair loss. I am 39 yr old woman. This is very embarrasing for me. What chant or medicine can you recommend for me?

    In Gratitude,

  65. gaberiella
    bu hair strong remedy from the center.

    • Thank you. What is website? I live in USA. Is this your website? What about any Mantras?

      • No, it is the email id of Shobana.

        • Ok thank you so much. I have contacted the i.d u gave me I am just waiting on a reply. I also want to know what can help me to lose weight. I eat very healthy but it is hard to lose weight. I have sluggish adrenal and sympathetic system also hypothyroid. What medicine is good for this? I think it may be mental? Also what mantras can I chant or switch words to help me please! Also the hair loss! Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you. Also I am reiki healer and work in holistic healing.


  66. Gaberilla
    take B56 drops (baskson’s) homeopathy. 10 drops in water three times a day.
    It will correct your thyroid problem.

  67. I am taking blue sapphire and nine gems for back pain and I have good relief. I forgot to take the pills for 2 days and pain became very
    severe. I am taking them again. How long do I have to continue taking the pills?

    I am very insecured. Money is the reason. I was working until 2 yrs back and never had any money problem. I had to quit due to personal reasons and not working now.

    My husband’s income has also gone down and things are becoming very difficult to the extent that paying monthly bills is tough. My husband’s efforts to start a new job/business are also not satisfactory. I used to take help from my mother, but now even she is not doing well financially.

    I read the Animal spirit guide that kingfisher would help, but it didnt
    help me. Will squirrel help? I have taken a lot of help from “Wolf”

    I am interested in teaching students and conducting workshop, but nothing seems to materialise. I have to dependent on many people to get my things done. This reduces my energy level.

    Kindly help me on what I need to do/chant to get things moving for both my husband and myself and generate an adequate income.

  68. continue the remedies till you mentally f eel secured.
    Insecurity is the main cause of back ache. chant RELEASE RESISTANCE MOVE ON.COUNT NOW

  69. Hi naren sir,
    Once my engagement was cancelled. Now again my marriage is fixed , how can I have a hassle free marriage and a happy married life there after?are there any mantra for that?

  70. Tia,
    chant sweetchestnut gentian hornbeam

  71. sir
    please suggest a mantra to find mr.right and get married to him soon.i really miss a good relation in my life

  72. Sir I am waiting for my transfer to my nearaest branch. Already I submitted request. Kindly suggest me mantra for my transfer to my nearest branch.

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