Be an All-Time Winner

Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa

Aparaajithaa means invincible. Aparaajithaa is a winning energy which always will bring success to you.

When I loose my control, Ashwaroodaa will bring back the composure to me. Ashwaroodaa is the one deity that rules the mind. Ashwa means horse, which represents our mind. Like horse, our mind will go fast here and there. To control it, we have to sit on top of it and control the reins. By chanting this mantra, you are activating the Devi inside you – that part of you which controls your mind. We can definitely have a control over mind like Ashwaroodaa.

Ambika means universal mother.

If your mind is controlled then you are always the winner. That energy is sleeping within you. The winner energy is activated by chanting the mantra and you become the Winner.

Application of this Mantra

When your child is studying for the exam, he may not be willing to chant this mantra, which would help him to do well in the exam. Therefore, take a glass of water, hold it in your hands and chant this mantra. The water will get energized with this mantra. Give the mantra water to your child.

If your child is staying outside the city, then spray the water on photograph of your child. Or take the photograph and chant the mantra.

This mantra is useful for all interviews and competitive exams.

With the help of the Universal Mother your heart expands and therefore you will be Winner All the Time and Anywhere!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I have applied for my L1 – B Visa. But there are alot of rejections. Please give me some mantras or remedies that I get my approvval for Visa without any Problems

  2. sir. namaskar. i have accute problem of acidity and gas. particularly in summer due to acidity and gas i feel suffication and feel difficulty in breathing. pl tell me the mantra for relief from gas and acidity. thanks. ajesh

  3. Kirtitha (kindly do not publish my name)

    Guruji, please help… there’s one Muslim girl at our work place. Who since her joining has created lots of quarrels and misunderstanding amongst the staff. Now her aim is to be the incharge i.e the head. by deceit she has taken into confident the top level people. Here also at the top level she has created conflicts amongst themselves. The most shocking thing is that she creates enemity between two and herself remains good to both. which she has done successfully within the staff as well as the high level also. And top of it there is chances of her becoming the incharge though she is the junior most and the most incapable having less knowledge about the work. Before she joined our organization, the place was like a temple all were living like family members. but now everybody has lost faith and looks at each other suspiciously. The heart bleeds because some of us who are the senior most has given our sweat and blood to bring up the organization to this level. We have a strong feeling that she is into black magic (once while talking she mentioned that her uncle and aunty is into it) that is how she escapes Scot free inspite of so much lies and deceits. Please give a mantra where in her lies, wrong intentions, deceits gets exposed. and also to remove her black magic.

  4. Kirtitha
    CHANT waterviolet rockwater rockrose holly hornbeam in a paper and keep it with you. chant this while in the office.
    write in another paper and keep it under the pillow and chant while in bed. “A MOTHER’S EYES ARE ON THEM. AND HER ARMS STRETCHED OUT IN LOVE.” -Savitri, page no 613

  5. Sir, My husband business agreement was complete in Nov 2012 and now we are confused as to what business to start as it involves huge investment. Please tell us a mantra to help us proceed.
    My child is a very poor eater and refuses to eat. She finds excuses not to eat, and falls sick very easily. Please advice me if there is any mantra I can chant. I will chant it for her

    I am very stressed because of this and having a severe lower back pain. I want to come out of all this . Please advice.

  6. VIdhya
    chant willow chestnutbud for your daughter.
    i dont understand your problem regarding husband

    • Thank you for your reply Sir. I need my husband to be successful in starting a new business. Pls let us know
      if there is any Mantra to chant.

  7. Vidhya,
    chant GENTIAN LARCH HORNBEAM 100 times over a glass of water and give him

  8. i have so many problems. problems with childrens. i have no good thinking and talking realtionship with problems language problems.

  9. Hello Sir,
    My daughter had congenital cataract in left eye, she got operated when she was 6 months old, now her left has low vision has a squint, please suggest me some mantra for this.
    I shall be very thank ful to you.

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