Mantras for Eyes

Eye Operation Cancelled – a Case History


My mother’s left eye needed an operation. Surgery was to be conducted in next two days. Naran S Balakumar asked me to chant the Lalitham Mantras for eyes.

I was confident about mantra healing practices, while my family members didn’t have any faith in them. So my mother and I were chanting like mad people the whole night in spite of my family members making fun of it. They asked me whether Baskaram is a doctor or what?

Next day, my mother was admitted in the hospital as per doctor’s earlier instructions. The doctors did a check up and said my mother did not need an operation for now.

Interestingly the doctors couldn’t believe how the problem disappeared by itself without an operation. I am surprised too.

My mother called Naran and expressed her thanks to him. Now my family members are consulting Naran for any problem.


It’s an indication that it works in the eyes. Though, we should not wait for an eye operation to chant them. We should chant them every day as eyes are important to us.

Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Balachandram

The Lalitham Lambodaram mantra is good for eyes and specific for them. They strengthen it and strengthen the vision. Lambodaram will remove toxins. Lalitham removes obstacles (to vision) in the form scar tissues or any tissue formation like cataract in the eyes. It will be removed by Lalitham Lambodaram.

Lalitham Baskaram means sun and Lalitham Balachandram means moon. To have light we need both the sun and the moon. So we need them for eyes too. If they are not there, its will be darkness only.

The combination of mantras is important. So chant all three of them in the order mentioned.

Develop Understanding, Gain Knowledge

To know the matter or a subject these mantras are useful. There is darkness in the matter (ignorance). To get the light of the matter chant these mantras.

When we don’t understand others or when others don’t understand us it means we don’t understand ourselves. This mantra will help us to understand ourselves better.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,
    I am a regular visitor here and find your teachings and suggestions simply DIVINE!


  2. thank you

  3. H S Shiva Prakash

    pl let me know how I can get lalitham mantras as I need them to stop the deterioration of my eyesight
    shiva prakash

  4. H S Shiva Prakash
    GET THE LALITHAM LAMBODARAM cD SPECIALLY PREPARED FOR EYE PROBLEMS WITH EYE FREQUENCY. YHOU CAN GET IT FROM THE CENTRE. the cost of the Cd is Rs.150/- plus Rs.100/0 courier charges within India. Transfer money online.

  5. myright eye is affected with aging weakness which needs long treatment .l pray to be cured by the lalitham mantrat

  6. Naranji, Wish to speak with you. Would be really grateful if you could mail me your number.

  7. Naranji
    which mantra can get oneself rid of eye glasses or contact lenses and give excellent health to the eyes?

  8. madan,
    lalitham lambodaram, lalitham baskaram, lalitham balachandram

  9. magesviji,
    what is the diagnosis of the doctor?
    chant mustard diamond

  10. what to do for removing spectacles of -4 power

  11. Gud morning sir, Im Jason from da Philippines a Filipino, I wish u help even f I cant get ur cd, bcoz I hav no work for now. Sir plez send da exact pronunciation of Lalitham for eyes, I hav Benign Vitreous Floaters, w/c makes me a weakest person, expencing depression,hallucination bcoz of my floaters. What mantra for me.

  12. jad jason,

  13. sir
    i am 21years of age
    i am a kiratokonus and floaters patient
    too young to bear these kinda disease
    day by day my condition is getting worse
    is this mantra realy help?
    please help me sir i am very depressed
    i want to acheive so many things in my life
    but due to my eye disease
    i am not able to concentrate
    i dont know what to do
    what should i do sir
    please help me

  14. thank you sir again …i want to know one more thing there is a word given baskaram …if we pronounciate it wrill start from B ….but as it is surya manta should be BHASKARAM !..what should i pronounciate ?

  15. Sir, can we change for others? my mom has cataract and wish to chant for her “Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Balachandram”

    Is that correct? how many times we need to chant..

  16. Manjula krishnan

    Sir I would still ike to know where and how i can get the three Lalitham Eye Manthras thank you

  17. Sir, my husband is diabetic patient and he already loss his left eye now his right eye
    getting same problem with blurry visiion. please help me and my husband i want him to get back his vision even he went for several tratment seems the problem repeating. Could we chanting this mantaram? Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Balachandram”

  18. Good Morning Sir. I want to know in this Lalitham Mantra.. What is Correct word ‘BASKARAM or BHASKARAM ?? Please reply me Sir. And please give me your Mobile Number. Thank You Sir. Vinod purohit, NEW DELHI

  19. How can i order the eye cd. I am from the US and i am not familar with the currency, also i am very grateful for the eye mantras

  20. How can i buy your eye tone pills and some of your cds and other products. I live in the. US.

  21. Ramammah Vengadasamy

    Dear aiyah what is ambika mantra for exams to pass withflying colours. can your good self send to me the mantra for my daughter’s exam. i want to use. please help me. thank you.

  22. Sir,
    I am 44 years old.
    i am suffering from cataract and please advice how many times to chant for “Lalitham Lambodaram, Lalitham Baskaram, Lalitham Balachandram”

    And also advice how can read ir.

  23. Nwaolise Spencer Ndubuisi

    I am Nwaolise Spencer Ndubuisi from Nigeria. I here by to give a lot of thanks to this Mantras I so much like them. This is my contact +2347068017569. But I still want to ask for your help. Have been trying to travel Abroad but is not working out a lot of friends have promise me so many time but still yet Nothing so please what Mantra will I used? I need Money, Visa to travel Abroad and to have Job over there. So what can I do De Great Naran. Thanks and this is my email

  24. Swaaminathan Narayanan

    Is it necessary that this mantra needs chanting verbally or will it produce the same result if chanted mentally without lip movement ?

  25. Naran Sir,

    Please help need to know if there is any mantra or switch words which can help me as am suffering from Dibetic Retinopathy. Plz Sir pls help me.

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