Drive Away Cancer

How to Avoid Getting Cancer

How Cancer gets activated inside our body? How to win over it? Everybody has cancer cells. They thrive in the absence of oxygen in the cells.

Two mantras can help here to restore the situation:

Om Yum Namaha

Om Rum Namaha

The benefit of chanting these two mantras is: your stress levels are reduced.

When you are stressed out, the cells are not in the receiving mode of oxygen, as they close themselves. If they are closed for 36 hrs, they turn cancerous.

Our life style demands us to be in AC filled rooms, where there is less oxygen. Also, reheating the food drains out oxygen in them. This results in less prana – the energy required by us. When our oxygen level is increased, our stress level is reduced. Our life style changes will happen automatically, all because of chanting the mantras.

How do they work? Yum – will expel carbon dioxide from the cells and Rum – will make more oxygen available at the cellular level.

What about Patients Afflicted by Cancer

Chant the mantras:

Om Lum Namaha

Om Vum Namaha

Om Rum Namaha

Om Yum Namaha

Om Hum Namaha

How do they work?

Om Lum Namaha reduces solidity of cancerous cells.

Om Vum Namaha makes the cells into liquid and making it ready for evaporation.

Om Rum Namaha increases the fire element that burns away the liquid cancerous cells.

Om Yum Namaha will eliminate carbon dioxide and the waste cells.

When we increase space, they will have to go. Om Hum Namaha will increase the space. The cancerous cells will go out. Don’t worry whether others will be affected by them, for cells are inert now. Therefore, they will not affect others.

Lalitham group of mantras can also help as they have all the Bija mantras inside them. Chant them in the order:

Lalitham Sridharam

Lalitham Baskaram

Lalitham Sudarshnam

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Mr. Naran, can I repost this in my blog?

  2. yes you can !

  3. Thanks Mr. Balakumar.

  4. Do I need attunement before I chant the above?
    How many times should i chant and is there any special rules to be followed while reciting the above mantras and the heart mantra.


  6. what problem?

  7. I am developing a program for teaching about the effects of chanting OM on our bodies and the universe, I have three main goals for the program.
    1. what is Om
    2. how to chant Om
    3. what are the effects of chanting Om
    Would you be willing to look at my program to advise me?


  9. Naran sir,

    Do i have your permission to spread your divine helping switchwords to other people through my blog also?
    i will also guide them to your blog for more details.


  10. Kishor,
    nothing is my property, once it is published here. Help as many people as possible.

  11. Thank you for such wonderful knowledge and help

  12. sir,
    i have been chanting the mantra u said,,i do see positive things n my clinic is also doin well,,but still,sometimes i m sittin idle in my clinic,,could u suggest some mantra for increasing my monthly income and number of patients entry pe day,,,plz help me,i do have lot of commitments…thank u sir

  13. indumathi,
    pink tourmlaine and mimulus will help. you have to take those pills. contact the cnetre

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